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Every day is the same, so much so that they've begun to blur together. I drift in and out of sleep without a clue as to what time it is.

They want to send us to jail for what happened, we've just turned eighteen. The Lady in Red thinks we're cold and unfeeling. I don't blame her, Zexion has been in charge when she's around and he is too calm for someone being accused of attempted murder. The reason Zexion is dealing with her is that Axel can't stand the lady; he loses his temper when she's around. Everyone agreed it'd be best if he didn't cause any more trouble. I feel bad for him, he's been so wound up, and too frantic since the day we were arrested. They still don't know who did it, and he's afraid we'll be sent to jail. He says we won't survive, and the old man (as Axel calls him) says he'd rather die before being anyone's bitch. Axel really worries me. Although he appears to be very strong, he's still just a kid, like me. I want to do something to keep him from worrying, but I can't seem to be able to move. I can't even talk.

An older man has been coming to see us. Our lawyer said he's a psyco-something. I think Mr. Strife, our lawyer, has noticed the others, so he called Dr. Mouse (the psyco-something). Axel really likes him, he says he's like the grandfather we never had. Our grandfather from Mother's side of the family never really liked us, because Mother's family never approved of her marriage to Father. Father was an only child orphaned at the age of nineteen. Axel told Dr. Mouse about us, he hasn't mentioned the others, though I think Dr. Mouse suspects their existence.

Our Lawyer wants to use an insanity defense. He said it's for our own good. He believed Axel when he told him he didn't attack Xehanort, but just because he didn't doesn't mean one of the others didn't. He says we need to be sent to Twilight's View (that's the hospital Dr. Mouse runs) to fix this.

The Lady in Red didn't like Mr. Strife's idea very much. She was pretty outraged by it, actually. Axel wanted nothing more than to smack her around, or so he said. Personally, I don't believe he would actually lay a finger on her, he isn't that violent. Maybe if she were a man…

Dr. Mouse was on the stand today. He said I have a psychological disorder. Is that all Axel and the others are? I always thought of them as separate, they are who they are and I am me. I just thought they couldn't have bodies of their own, I never thought of them as a separate part of myself. Yet, Mr. Strife told the jury we are parts of a whole, that I can't be accused of doing something when another of me did it, and I have no recollection of the incident. The Lady in Red was furious; you could see it in her face. When she cross-examined Dr. Mouse she tried to intimidate him for some reason. She wasn't buying our defense, and she definitely didn't believe I wasn't responsible for attacking Xehanort. To tell you the truth, it doesn't look good for us. The Lady in Red portrays us as a rebellious problem child, while Xehanort's record is as clean as Mother's kitchen.

Axel has asked the others if they know who did it. Demyx and Naminé were helping Axel calm me down. Zexion says the other three were attempting to open the door. Everyone says that when I rushed into the room the door flew shut and it wouldn't budge. I don't remember anything.

Demyx went up to the stand today. Mr. Strife and Dr. Mouse wanted the jury to meet us and allow the Lady in Red to ask us some questions. He doesn't do well under pressure; Zexion had to take over. No one seems to like her, not even the elder selves. She made Axel so mad, he pulled Zexion back in and yelled at her. Naminé had to calm him. Mr. Strife won't be happy about his outburst, but the Lady in Red seemed pleased.

Mr. Strife wanted me on the stand today. I wish I could, but I can't move. I've been able to speak, though, just not complete sentences. The others have all had their turn on the stand, although none of them even mentioned their name.

Mother was on the stand. She didn't look very comfortable up there. The Lady in Red made a lot of questions. She asked Mother how come she never noticed my multiple personalities. She couldn't have known. We never switched at home, and most of the others came after we were sent to Destiny Islands. No one had ever noticed there was something, I don't want to say wrong, but different about me. I think… maybe… He did notice, but it doesn't matter. Mother wouldn't look at me. She didn't even spare me a fleeting glance. This whole situation must've caused a lot of problems between her and Ansem.

Everyone wants to know who attacked Xehanort. Axel keeps questioning the others, but they don't know. Mr. Strife is losing patience with us, but Dr. Mouse always manages to get him to relax. I wish Saïx were still here with me. He'd know what to do…

The jury has come to a decision. They're sending us to Twilight's View to get treatment. I'm glad we're not headed for jail, for Axel's sake. Personally, I don't care what happens anymore.

The truth is I know who attacked Xehanort. It was the same self that made Saïx disappear. Saïx was only trying to protect me from them, and look what happened. There's nothing I can do. It's much stronger than me, stronger than the others. I just want to fade away before it makes me disappear as well… But, I can't just leave the others at its mercy. I have to stay for them. If I'm gone it would have the perfect chance to take over. I have to do something. I have to warn the others and leave someone in charge before I'm gone…

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