Searching for someone

by Hawklan

Summary: A robed man reaches Sunnydale after a long while.

Story Notes:

Disclaimer: BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon and Merlin to BBC. I just write this for fun and not for money, so suing me is just not worth your time.

Timeline: Somewhere after The Zeppo for BVTS and a couple of centuries after Merlin.

Status: Currently not betaed, because that bunny bit me as I wanted to write more of my story "The reading". So if you like to beta-read feel free to go over that short bunny and send it to me and also if you would like to beta following chapters.

Chapter One

At the city borders of Sunnydale

A man in a long black robe walked along the highway, which got him from LA to Sunnydale, as he reached the sign 'Welcome to Sunnydale' he kept standing for a while lost in his thoughts, 'Finally, I'm here, the home of the Hellmouth, another one . I just hope I find him here and that he is worthy. I'm just too tired to search for him much longer.' Taking a breath he walked into the town.
Silently cursing, "Damn that Hellmouth, it's to strong and I can't sense much. I hate asking for directions."

After he walked a bit further he finally saw four men and a women who were coming in his direction. He waited for a few moments until they were nearly directly in front of him and then stepped out of the shadow of the house where he waited before.

"Good evening Madame and Sirs. I was hoping you could tell me where in this nice town I can find the local school? I'm looking for someone there, he said to the strangers.

Surprised the group took a few steps back and one of the men said, "Woah old man, where did you come from so suddenly? We didn't saw you at all and it's down that way," he pointed down the street, "but you won't need the direction anymore because you just presented yourself as a free meal to us," he said while grinning like an evil clown. Without another word he tried to jump the robed man, but before he could reach him the man just looked at him and suddenly his eyes changed color for a moment and the attacking vampire suddenly started to cry in agony before he first burst into flames and then to ash.

"The bastard killed Jake. Kill him," one of the others yelled.

Just a few seconds later there was only the robed man and five piles of dust left, shaking his head the man mumbled, "Stupid beasts, sometimes I wonder why there are still some of those stupid things left, they still are as stupid as the first one I had to kill a few centuries ago."

Without losing anymore time he started to walk into the direction the vampire gave him and around an hour later he saw the sign of the Sunnydale High school, speeding up his steps a bit he reached the closed doors (it's in the late evening after all), he shortly waved his right hand and the doors opened before him. Without pausing he walked through the corridors of the school until he reached the library, there he paused for a moment to listen.

After he did that for a minute or two he smiled and thought, 'Well, looks like the slayer is here also."

He raised his hand and knocked at the door, then without waiting for an answer he entered into the suddenly very quiet room. "Good
evening ladies, I was told I can find a Mr. Giles here who could help me to find someone I am looking for."

"GILES!" The blonde girl who he guessed was Slayer, because of her standing in a combat ready stand and a stake in her hand, yelled, "here is some guy for you."

The door of the back offices and a man left it.

The robed man took a couple of steps back and said in a surprised tone, "Uther?"

Chapter End Notes:

End Notes: I know its short, but that just wanted out *g*