Taking up the arms

by Hawklan

Disclaimer: All things from BTVS belong to Joss Whedon and co. All things from Gordon Black belongs to Nocturna_Audio and all other xovers I might use belong to their creators.

Summary: Xander gets a letter from New York and the content really surprises him.

Timeframe for BVTS: After "The Zeppo" and Xander never went as a soldier at Halloween
Timeframe for GB: Unspecified
Note: Because it is a fanfic it is naturally AU. I know most of you won't probably know the xover because it is a German story, but you don't really need to for this story. All you will need to know will be explained.

Taking up the arms - Chapter One

Xander had just had enough. More or less betrayed by his friends and called the useless one. He still saved their asses the night before by disarming a bomb in the cellar of the school, while they fought in the library against the sisterhood of crazy bitches, who nearly opened the Hellmouth. The only reason he knows about that is because Faith just told him.

He looked around the cafe he was sitting in with Faith for breakfast, but didn't see anything interesting, so he took a deep breath and faced Faith again. He smiled, as he looked at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. "Thank you Faith. At least I can still count on you, even if you weren't so happy with me after I turned your offer down yesterday."

"Yeah, Xan, about that. Why did you turn me down? That wasn't very flattering and frankly I didn't like it at all," Faith said to that.

"Be truthful Faith, what would you have done after we'd had our fun if I had taken you up on that offer?" Xander asked.

Faith fudged a bit, but didn't say anything.

"Ok, let me guess. You'd probably have thrown me out, wouldn't you?" Xander said.

Faith just nodded to that.

"You see, that's why I turned you down Faith."

With a surprised look Faith looked at him and just said, "Huh?"

Taking a deep breath Xander started again, "You really don't understand, don't you?" Not waiting for an answer he continued, "Faith, I didn't turn you down because I don't like you and wouldn't have liked to have fun with you. The opposite is the case here. I turned you down, because I like you very much and would like to have more with you than just one night."

"Uhh Xander, you know I'm not girlfriend material," Faith said in a quiet voice.

"I know that you think that Faith and even if I think otherwise, as long as you think you aren't, you are not. So I thought about becoming friends first, because I think we both could use one and the others aren't really that friendly to either of us. So let's make a deal. We try to get to know each other better and if you ever think we could be more than friends and a one nightstand, we look at it further. Deal?"

Faith was quiet for a while and ate a bit of her breakfast and then nodded. "We can try that, but how do we start?"

"First off we finish our breakfast and then we go talk to Wesley," answered Xander.

"To Wesley, why should we talk to Wesley?" Faith asked, surprised.

"Because I saw that hole of a motel, where you live yesterday and I don't even want to know how you're paying for that. Seeing that I really got pissed, because no one should live there and you deserve better and that is why we talk to Wes. You're the Slayer and so the Council should provide a good place to live and enough money so that you don't starve for you. If they won't, they can go fuck themselves because you are no slave," Xander said in an agitated tone.

Before Faith could say anything a young man on a bike stopped near their table, looked around and then spoke, "Sorry to interrupt, but I'm looking for an Alexander Harris and I was told by his father that I could probably find him here?"

Xander nodded. "That's me, what can I do for you?" he asked.

"I work for MC Couriers and have an express letter for you." He offered him the letter and asked, "Could you please sign here?"

Xander nodded, took the letter and quickly signed the receipt. "Thank you," he said to the young man just before the man drove away again.

"An express letter for me? Strange, who would send me such a thing?" Xander asked, baffled.

Grinning Faith replied, "Open it Xander and you will know."

Xander looked up at Faith and with a grin said, "Wiseass."

"That's me and now open that letter or you will never know who wrote you from the Big Apple," Faith encouraged Xander.

"Big Apple? How do you know that it's from New York?" Xander asked, confused.

"Easy Xander, the post stamp and the return address. Remember...Slayer here, good eyes, awesome body and all those nice things," Faith said in a sultry tone.

Grinning, Xander opened the letter and started reading.

After a few minutes of silence Faith's patience was at an end and she asked, "So Xan, what is it?"

Xander shook his head and just replied, "Strange."

Baffled, Faith looked at Xander and said, "Strange? What's strange?"

Finally Xander looked up. After a moment of quiet, he replied, "This whole letter. It's from a law firm in New York and it states that my uncle, a Mr. Gordon Black-Inverness was hurt in an accident three days ago and that he invites me to come to New York, because he has some important things to discuss with me." Then he hold up two flight tickets and continued, "The letter also contained these two tickets on a flight this evening."

Faith looked at him for a moment and then asked, "So why is that letter from a law firm and not from your uncle himself, why two tickets and why is it strange?"

"The firm belongs to my uncle and the letter was written by a Miss Hanako, his secretary, because he can't write at the moment. Two tickets in case I want to bring some company with me and it's strange, because I never knew I had an uncle in New York," Xander replied.

"Ok, that is really strange. Maybe you should ask your parents about that," Faith said.

"Hmm yes, I could ask my father, but let's finish our breakfast first, then we talk to my father and after that we talk to Wesley," Xander said and went to grab something to eat from his plate only to find to his surprise that it was empty.

An innocent whistling Faith quickly said, "Looks like we are already finished. Let's go talk to your dad and skip on Wesley. We can talk to him after we come back from New York."

"We?" Xander asked, surprised.

Faith nodded. "Yes, we. You said you got two tickets, so I'll come with you to watch your back. Oh and shouldn't we also talk to the gang?"

Xander looked at Faith for a moment before he replied, "Thank you Faith and no, we won't talk to the gang. If you remember, they threw me out of 'their' gang and so they're not in a need to know. So let's go talk with my dad and then we go to your hotel to pack the things you need for the trip."

Xander stood up and Faith followed him. After they paid for their breakfast they left the café and walked into the direction of Xander's home.

Thirty minutes later they reached Xander's home and went inside. Xander looked into the living room and shook his head. "Strange, he isn't here, but his wallet is still on the table, so he can't be far," Xander said.

After looking around they found Xander's dad in the last place Xander would have expected, in the garage. Even stranger, it looked relatively clean. A bit surprised, Xander asked, "Dad? What are you doing here?"

Tony Harris looked up in surprise. "Your mother isn't around and I'm using the time to do something constructive for once Alex, but what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in school and who's the girl with you?"

Xander nodded. "Yes, I should, but we have two free periods and I wanted to make use of the time, because I have to ask you something. This is Faith, a friend from school."

Tony put away the things he was currently sorting and then stood up. "Hello Faith, nice to meet a friend of my son's. What do you want to ask Xander?"

Xander looked around for a moment and then said, "You said mum isn't around?"

Tony nodded with a bit of relief and replied, "Yes, she said she needed to get a few things in LA and so she won't be back before tomorrow."

Sighing in relief Xander continued, "Good. Dad, I got a strange letter today. Who is Gordon Black and why didn't I know that I have an uncle in New York?"

Tony paled for a moment and then replied with a shaking tone in his voice. "Yes, he is your uncle and you should never talk about him around your mother. She would get furious."

At the last statement Xander paled and Faith looked curiously at both men.

"Why?" Xander simply asked.

"Your grandfather disowned her two years before you were born and threw her out of the family. She still hates him and her brother for that and you know how she gets. So, what does that letter say?" Tony answered and asked.

"It invites me to New York because he was hurt badly and he wants to talk to me about something important," Xander replied.

Tony nodded. "Good, but you have to leave today before your mum comes back or she won't let you go. Follow me inside, so that I can clean up and then I'll drive you to the airport and buy you a ticket."

"Thank you dad, but we won't need tickets. He sent me two," Xander said.

"Great, then go and pack a few things, while I clean up," Tony said.

After that Tony went to take a quick shower and Xander and Faith went to Xander's room to pack a few things.

"So, what's up with your mother? Your father looked like he feared her?" Faith asked Xander.

"Psst, not here. I'll explain later, okay?" Xander said in a quiet tone, while he was packing a few things into a traveling case.

Faith just nodded and then they met Xander's dad a few minutes later downstairs.

"OK Xander, are you ready?" Tony asked.

"Yeah dad. Could we stop at the SD Motel before, so that Faith can pick up a few things as well?" Xander asked.

Tony just nodded and together they left the house.

After a quick stop at the motel they reached the airport and shortly before Tony had to stay behind, he pulled his son into a hug and said, "Take this and say hi to Gordon for me."

Xander just nodded, not able to say something because he was too surprised about his dad hugging him.

Shortly after that their flight number was called and with a "Good bye, Dad." Xander and Faith vanished deeper into the airport.

Tony got to the big window and after the airplane his son was taking had lifted off, he whispered quietly. "Good luck my son. I hope your uncle finally found a way to help us."