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Chapter 3

Just as Xander touched the skin of the man's hand for the handshake a small white flash was seen for a second and with a painful yelp Xander was thrown backwards trough more than half of the room. Luckily for him Faith was already on the move and caught him in midair before he could crash against the wall of the room. After she lowered him slowly to the ground she pulled a ceramic knife she had hidden away and looked at Hanako and Xander's so called Uncle, ready to strike at a moment's notice. "What the hell was that? What have you asshole done do Xander?" she yelled at the man, while not leaving the Asian beauty out of her eyes.

Xander's Uncle looked at the girl and at Xander a bit shocked himself. He then tumbled a bit and Hanako quickly supported him so that he stayed on his feet. "Sorry Miss Faith, that wasn't expected at all," he answered a bit out of breath and with a bit of pain in his voice. He carefully rubbed about the red armband he wore on the right arm and then he continued. "It looks like Xander inherited the gifts our family had for generations, but someone had tampered with it. My bet would be on my sister or some of her friends."

"Gift?" Faith asked. "And what do you mean tampered with it?" she finished.

"Miss Faith, if you don't mind let us wait until Xander wakes up again so I only need to tell it once," he said while Hanako placed him carefully into the comfortable chair behind the desk.

After Hanako had helped the man she picked up a canter full of water, poured some into a glass which she quickly gave the man. Then she came into Faith and Xander's direction. While Faith watched her warily she put a bit of the water onto a towel and then asked, while pointing at Xander. "May I?"

As Faith nodded she knelt down beside Xander and placed the cold towel on his forehead and after that she let some of the water dribble down on Xander.

It took a moment, but after a while Xander moaned and opened his eyes again. "Did someone get the plate of that truck?" he asked.

Hanako only smiled while Faith pulled him up to his feet. "On your feet X, you can sleep later," she said in a tone which tried to hide her worry.

After Xander stood on his feet, still a bit unsure, he looked at his hand and then at his uncle. "What happened?" he asked.

"As I started to tell your girlfriend it seems like you inherited our family gift, but someone tampered with it," his uncle said.

"Gift?" Xander asked. "And what do you mean tempered with it?" he finished and then looked confused as Faith, Hanako and his uncle started to snicker.

"What?" he demanded to know.

"Ohh nothing X. You just used exactly the same words I did before," Faith replied still snickering.

"Sit down you two and I will explain," the man said, pointing on a nearby couch.

"I'm Gordon Black, a quite successful lawyer here in New York and the latest heir of the Black-Inverness clan," Gordon began and after a small pause he continued. "But that isn't all as you might have guessed. Our clan is and was fighting the Darkness in this world, just as Miss Faith here only on a different level. Most males of our clan inherited the gift for Celtic white magic. So did I and as we just saw you as well."

"You must be wrong," Xander interrupted. "Me and magic? We don't work very well together."

Gordon looked at his young nephew for a while and finally continued. "Yes, I would have bet on that. Our short contact showed me that someone tampered with your abilities and so it isn't a surprise magic reacts strange around you. Someone is or was harnessing your power for quite a long while."

"Harnessing my power? What? Why? Why would mum do that?" Xander asked quite confused.

"Simple Xander…for the power, as I said before most of our male family members inherit the gift, a female only does so very seldom. Your mum, my sister, was one of the very few who did, but it was only a very minor magical power she had and she was never satisfied with it. She always wanted more power and then she fell in with a bad crowed in her quest for power. She did quite a lot of unspeakable things to increase her power until our father had enough and threw her out of the family," Gordon replied.

"Threw her out?" Xander asked. "What happened then?"

"We are not really sure. She vanished with one of the young men she had put under her control and we haven't heard from her in a long while. After my father died in a car accident while he was here in the USA I took over our family business and always kept my eyes and ears open for signs of her. Without any luck I must say, until an old friend contacted me who had quite a strange adventure on one Halloween night in a town called Sunnydale. I then started to investigate there a bit, but only on a low burner because Hanako and I were quite busy in our fight. Finally a friend who was working for me reported back from Sunnydale and told me about having found my sister and about you. We planned to come to Sunnydale to have a talk with my sister and you, but a week before we planned to come I was hurt badly in a fight against three dark witches, from which I'm still recovering and so we brought you here," Gordon finally finished.

"Why?" Xander only asked.

"To get to know you and to see what you are made off. We got quite a few interesting reports about you and your friends' endeavors in Sunnydale and I simply am hoping that you will take over my mantle, because my wounds were to severe and I probably will never recover to my full health."

"Take over your mantle?" Xander asked in astonishment. "How? I'm just me and nothing special," he finished.

"First of to being nothing special, you survived as a 'normal' human for quite a while against odds that were unbelievable and if we can break the bounding of your powers, training you in its use won't be hard, because most of our magic is instinctual and the rest is easy to learn," Gordon explained.

"How are you planning to break the bounding on Xander's powers?" Faith asked.

"That Miss Faith is a good question and sadly I can't really answer it yet. That's why we invited you here, to see how the bounding works and how to break it, which should be much easier here than on the Hellmouth and under his mothers presence," Gordon said.

Before Faith could ask her next question a loud grumbling sound coming from Xander's direction interrupted them. Xander blushed a bit and quickly said, "Sorry…the last thing I ate where those peanuts on the plane."

Hanako smiled pleasantly and said, "No problem I prepared something to eat for all of us and after that we can make plans of what to do next."

After they all quickly agreed she turned to Gordon. "I nearly forgot Xander had a tracking charm on him and if it worked well enough we might get company, who will look for him."

"Our wards should be up to the task, but nonetheless I will increase them just to be on the safe side," Gordon replied.

The four then went to the dining room where they had quite an enjoyable meal and a bit of small talk where they all got to know each other a bit better.

After they finished eating they agreed to meet again in the morning to make plans on what to do. Because for now Xander and Faith were quite tired from the long day and Gordon still had the wards to increase.


(Sunnydale, Harris Household, later in the night)

Jessica just got home after her trip to LA and just as she entered the house she felt like something was wrong. She concentrated her senses and could only detect Tony in the living room, as she entered the room she saw that he lay passed out on the couch with a nearly empty bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand. She shrugged her shoulders, turned around and went upstairs to the attic. As she reached the door she mumbled a small spell to open the lock on the door and then entered her 'Magical Room'. She went around the silver pentagram on the floor and quickly stored all the supplies she had bought in a huge black cupboard.

After she finished that task she went over to her desk and sat down behind it. She took a deep breath and relaxed herself. 'Time to check on Alex,' she thought and then took a clear crystal ball out of a drawer and put it on the desk. She put both her hand around the ball and quickly mumbled a spell. As nothing happened she looked confused at the crystal and then spoke the spell again, but still nothing happened. She looked in disbelief at the crystal for a while and then took a map of Sunnydale out of the same drawer the crystal was in. She placed it on the desk as well and then activated the tracking spell she had placed on her son, but just as with the crystal nothing happened.

"That cannot be," she cursed out loud. "What the hell happened? I can feel that he is still alive, so why do the spells not work?" she asked herself.

She thought over it for a few minutes and then she quickly jumped up and stormed down into the living room, yelling, "TONY!" But she got no reaction. As she reached the couch her 'husband' lay on she slapped him several times, but got no reaction except a small moan.

She hurried into the kitchen, grabbed a glass and filled it with water and then back in the living room splashed it into Tony's face, but except an "Whaa..What?" and then a snore she got no reaction.

She cursed a bit as she realized that she wouldn't get anything out of Tony until he was sober again. She cursed a bit more and kicked Tony so hard into the ribs that she heard a small 'crack'. Then she grabbed her mantle and stormed out of the house again. "The stupid brat is possible over at Willow's home or that Summers bitch," she said into the night.

She quickly reached the house of the Rosenberg family, but found it dark and no one reacted on her ringing the bell. She cursed her bad luck again and then wanted to head over to the Summers family as she heard voices nearing the house.

She quickly hid behind some bushes and watched as Buffy Summers escorted Willow to the door. Not seeing her son with them she waited until Buffy had left and then rang the bell again.


(New York, Back Residence, Xander's room)

Xander lay in his bed asleep and was tossing around as if in a terrible nightmare. Sweat was gathering on his forehead and he mumbled, "No mother… leave Willow alone… don't… don't hurt her...please…" he repeated that several times until he nearly jumped out of the bed, loudly yelling "NOOOO!"

Only a few seconds later his door was tossed open and Faith, dressed only in panties, but with a stake in her hand stormed into his room. Looked around and as she saw nothing but Xander she lowered her hand with the stake in it and asked. "What happened X?"

Xander who hadn't turned around to her yet replied. "A nightmare, just a nightmare, Faith."

With a smirk on her lips Faith said, "I have just the cure for a bad nightmare."

"Huh?" Xander said and turned around, his eyes going wide at seeing the beautiful dark haired and nearly nude slayer before him.


(Sunnydale, Rosenberg Residence)

Willow let out a scream as she was back handed to the floor by Xander's mother. She had been shocked when she had turned up on her doorstep asking about the location of Xander. Thankfully she was no vampire as she had walked right over the threshold, even if she had not actually invited her. But as soon as she had said she didn't know, the woman had changed and began to shout and demand the truth before actually hitting her. She felt her lip and noted she had actually drawn blood. She looked at the woman in shock. Jessica mealy glared down at her before she reached down and grabbed her hair and pulled her roughly to her feet, she slammed the door shut before she rammed her fist into her chest winding her and sending her to the ground.

"I never liked you Willow," Jessica growled out as she stared down at her. "You're like a mouse, so timid and uneasy with your place in the world," she added cruelly. "I never understood what my son saw in you at all and neither do I see what he saw in that annoying blond you both hang around with," she spat as she jammed her foot down into Willow's chest, making her moan and cry out in pain. "Now where is Alexander?" she demanded to know.

"I don't know Mrs. Harris, I swear," Willow answered while gasping for breath. "We haven't seen him since we kicked him out of the group," she admitted.

Jessica frowned at this before she snarled and kicked the red head in the ribs with enough force to break one or two. Willow cried out as there was a distinct crack and pain flooded her body. Her vision blurred a little before she refocused on the woman standing above her.

"By what right did you abandon my son, you bitch?" Jessica found herself growling out. "After all he has done for you since you first met, what made you think you had the right to turn on him?" she asked in a tone that sent shivers up Willow's spine.

Say what you want about Jessica and her quest for power, but in the end Alexander was still her son and the only one who had the right to hurt him was herself and the idea that this little red headed bitch had turned on him after so many years of been protected and helped by him made her all the madder. It seemed she now had two purposes here, one to find the location of where her son was and two to punish this bitch for her actions. It seemed she was going to have some fun after all. She always liked to give pain to others, even since she ripped the first wing from a butterfly at the age of 7.

Willow gasped for breath as she fought to answer. "Buffy said we didn't need him anymore. He was useless to our group," Willow said in between gasps. "He couldn't fight the vampires and demons one on one and he had nothing to really offer the group except to get in the way and maybe get one of us killed by accident," she continued the words tumbling out.

"So the blond made the call and you obeyed without realizing how wrong it was?" Jessica taunted her. "I was right, my son should have known better than to get involved with you. You're easily dominated and this blond clearly has your wrapped around her finger," she stated as she lashed out again, this time at Willow's left arm. Willow screamed as her arm was broken. She couldn't believe this was happening to her, especially as it was Xander's mother doing it.

"Please stop," Willow begged weakly.

"And why should I do that Willow?" Jessica inquired with a raised eyebrow. "You betrayed my son and while I'm pissed off with him for running away without permission and putting my plans on hold I find your actions to be far more annoying," she told her as she once more grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up, ignoring her pleas and cries of pain so she was looking her in the eyes. "Tell me where he is and I might spare you some of what I plan to do to you little ungrateful bitch," she advised.

Willow stared into Jessica's eyes and shivered again as she could almost see flames flickering in them. "I swear that I told you the truth. I don't know where he went, but I think Faith went with him as she is missing as well," she admitted, hoping this would spare her further pain.

"And who is Faith?" Jessica demanded to know as she took note of the new name.

"She's new to the group, but isn't well liked by most of us except for Xander," Willow answered. "I think I think he's sleeping with her," she added in a tone that suggested she was jealous. "Faith hinted about it before she vanished," she spat. Unaware the brunette Slayer had only said that to anger her.

Jessica rammed her knee into Willow's chest and allowed her to drop to the ground and curl up into a ball whimpering, this was all news to her. 'So Alex might have a new girlfriend and clearly his relationship with the cheerleader was finished for good. Still it didn't help her find her son. Where would he go with this supposed girlfriend? Who could possibly help him?' she thought. Finally something came back to her and she glanced down at the crying red head. "What do you know about vampires, demons and magic?" she asked.

Willow didn't even hesitate to answer. She told her everything she knew, even the fact that Buffy and Faith were Slayers. Her emotions were shot and she feared for her very life, when she mentioned she was training to be a witch she missed the pleased and sadistic look that crossed Jessica's face. "So Alex has been hiding far more than I guessed, I didn't realize he knew the truth of the world," she mused to herself. "It seems I'm due to a long overdue talk with my son when I find him, but first to deal with you Willow," she said, turning back to the red head who tried to crawl away. "You shouldn't have mentioned being a witch in training," she told her before she placed her hands on Willow's chest and began to chant.

Willow wondered what in hell Jessica was doing before a wrenching pain hit her and her entire chest seemed inflamed. She let out a cry of agony as something began to be pulled out of her. She tried to struggle, but found herself unable to do anything except jar her already broken bones. Her vision burred again and her breathing began to falter somewhat. She stared into Jessica's eyes that glared down at her with a sadistic and pleased look in them. Infact the last thought Willow had was that Jessica looked like whatever she was doing caused her pleasure, but before she could think more about that finally she passed out. A few minutes later Jessica removed her hand and stumbled backwards, just basking in the feeling of the power she had just absorbed from the red head and the orgasm that power rush gave her. Who knew Alex's little friend would prove useful to her? She had quite a bit of power in her and now it was hers.

"That was enjoyable for me, but somehow I doubt it was for you," Jessica mumbled as she glanced down at the unconscious red head. "Now to ensure you learn your lesson bitch, as I doubt Alex has the stomach to make you pay for betraying him," she stated as she reached down and broke both of the red heads legs, leaving her with only her fight arm still unhurt. "And to ensure you never tell anyone who did this," she cast a quick spell to ensure Willow would never be able to tell anyone who had assaulted her.

She turned to leave before she cast one last spell to ensure any prints she had left were removed, finally exiting the house she found herself feeling a bit more relaxed after having someone to vent her anger and frustration on. The information she had gotten out of the red head was interesting, but it got her no way nearer to find Alexander than she was before. She doubted the blond would be any more informative and the things Willow had said she was capable of were troubling. She would deal with her later. She had another idea on how to locate her wayward son first before going after the blond slayer.

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