Living in a New World

by Hawklan

Note: Thanks to Inachis for making this fic more readable.

Living in a New World

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Note: As with the last story Razial is to blame for this one, because he didn't know enough about Shadowrun, and so I got the idea stuck in my head instead.

Note2: Everything in BVTS happened like in canon, until Season 7, then it goes AU from a certain point. Shadowrun happened like it did except there will be a few secrets a lot of people didn't know *g*

Summary: She just tried to awake the Potentials in Sunnydale...really that was all she wanted, but ...

Chapter 1

A nice mansion in Seattle 2054, Headquarters of Slayer Inc. UCAS

Xander sat behind his desk with a fine glass of whiskey, enjoying it while listening to his longtime friend Willow, who sat at the opposite part of the desk. He still enjoyed her company after all these years, even if they had had a lot of rows in those decades. They were still friends. Sadly, the current topic of 'conversation' for the Red Witch, as she was known as in the Shadows, was annoying to him, but as a faithful friend he listened to her anyway.

"But Xander...It is important. As the head of Slayer Inc, you can't just ignore the day. It's simply not possible. You have certain standards to uphold and so you simply just can't ignore your 73rd birthday next week. There is a big party planned for it and a lot of VIP's will be there and now you tell me you don't want to throw a party?"

Xander just nodded in reply and then took another sip out of his glass.

Willow looked at him in disbelief. "But...but..."

"No buts Will, I have other plans to enjoy my birthday. Maybe you and the rest should have asked me, before planning such a big event? If you would have, I would have told you that I plan to spend the next week in Paris together with my wife, so no party."

"But what do we do now? It's all planned and all the invitations have been sent out," Willow asked in near panic.

"Use my double. That would be my suggestion. Then you can have that party and I can enjoy my first vacation for over 20 years with my beautiful wife," Xander told his lifelong friend.

With a sad expression Willow nodded. "Looks like that's the only thing to do. Will you fly or use one of our teleportation circles?"

Xander shrugged and answered, "Originally we had planned to fly, but if you have to use my double, that idea would be bad, because someone could see me, so I think we'll use one of the circles, even if I still dislike them."

Willow nodded. "So, how is Amanda doing? I haven't seen her for 4 months."

"Good as always and she had a few things to do in Europe, with one of our teams. That's why we both look forward to our small vacation," Xander answered her.

Willow stood up, went to her friend and gave him a hug. "Then enjoy it, both of you. You both have earned it. I still sometimes wonder at how far we have come since the thing in '03."

Xander nodded and replied, "We will and yes, a lot has happened since then and who would have guessed that we would still be alive now and still look as good as then?"

After Willow left his office he stood up and went into the adjoining room. There he took a sports bag out of a cabinet, which he threw on his bed, then he opened a hidden panel in the wall, where you could see a small armory for which every shadowrunner would kill his mother. He quietly looked over the weapons he had collected during his career, first as a demon hunter and then as a shadowrunner.

He selected a few and put them into the back. As the last piece he took an old looking axe, which was his favorite weapon for over 50 years and had never failed him so far. He sat down on his bed and started to clean the axe. After a while he smiled as he began to remember the time of the real first awakening, which happened in 2003 and not like most of the world believed in 2011. Even after all this time it was still one of the secrets in the world only a few people knew about and that was a good thing. After smiling a bit more, he sank even deeper into his memories.

Xander's memories of Sunnydale, CA, USA 2003

As Xander sank into his memories he began to think about what had happened then.

It all began on a nice sunny day. The First Evil had awakened because Willow, me and a few others pulled Buffy out of heaven. With that act we destroyed the balance and as we learned later, we also angered a few higher beings while we were at it. The Bringers, the minions of the First, had blown up the HQ of the Watchers Council in London and killed most of the Watchers and Potentials and the next plan was to open the Hellmouth and to raise an army of uber vamps. Our chances were next to nil to survive that fight, never mind win it, so Willow came up with a desperate plan. She had found a way to awaken the Potentials into full Slayers. If that worked, our chances would still be very bad, but at least there'd be a chance.

So we all decided that Willow should try this one last gamble. She started the ritual, for which she needed the scythe and the Slayer and so she continued it together with Buffy. All went well until near the end of the ritual, when the scythe began to glow in a deep red and Buffy started to scream. Then suddenly a ball of red light exploded out of the scythe and the shockwave threw us all down to the ground and the only thing to hear for quite a while were screams of agony.

I don't know how long we lay on the ground, but let me tell you, it felt like an eternity to me and it hurt like hell. Finally, we heard a pissed off voice.

"FOOLISH MORTALS! Haven't you done enough with nearly destroying the balance? Now you have ripped it apart and pulled events which should have happened much later, to this point of time and now she has decreed that you will be punished for it. From now on, until she decides otherwise, you all here will have to carry on the fight and you won't be allowed to move on until you have atoned for what you have done today. I haven't seen such fools as you since 300 Spartans gave up their lives in a fight they couldn't win. Oh and of course those two prophets," the voice grumbled.

Still hurting all over, I had to open my mouth. "Um, mister, who are you and what happened?"

"Me? I am the Voice of God and what happened? Do you have beans in your ears? You shattered the balance and now The First Awakening has taken place."

"Uhh we know, that's why Willow was trying to help us out with the fight against the First," I replied.

"Fool, that wasn't what I meant. I talked about the awaking of the new world, which should have happened in 2011 and not now. Your foolish attempt to turn all Potentials into Slayers pulled on parts of the old magic which should have started to resurface in 2011. If you'd actually used the Slayer, it might have worked, but no, you had to use Miss Summers, who isn't the Slayer anymore, since she died that first time in the Masters cave," the Voice answered.

"WHAT?" Buffy screamed in disbelief.

"The Slayer spirit left you at that moment and you've been a human changed by the supernatural since then. The moment you died, Kendra became the only Slayer and after her death, it was Faith," the man answered the bewildered Buffy.

"What now?" I asked the man.

"Ohh, your fight with the First is over, the explosion that hit you all actually killed off all bringers and uber vamps and the First is asleep again, for now, but you will see what you have to do soon," the man answered, "And by the way Mister Harris, have you looked into a mirror lately?" With that question he disappeared again.

"What?" I asked.

They all looked at each other and after Willow and Faith looked at me for a while they both yelled, "DAMN."

"What?" I asked in near panic.

"Oh nothing," they said in union. "You just look like an elf out of The Lord of the Rings, is all."

"What?" I asked for a third time.

Seattle 2054, UCAS

Remembering the last bit he pulled himself back out of his memory and smiled again about the start of the new world and then hurried to finish his packing so that he would not be late to meet his wife. After all, you don't keep someone like her waiting. He could think more about the past later.

Note: Currently I am not sure if I should continue this one or not... I think that depends on how well it is received by you all.