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Chapter 4

(Somewhere in the airspace over Colorado Springs)

Dawn was in her element and she just loved the technology they now had. She also just loved to be a Rigger. The only thing better than being one with your vehicle was mind blowing sex, but flying rigged into a chopper was nearly as good and she just enjoyed the feeling of flying.

Suddenly her sensors registered a missile on her six. She jerked the machine right to the left and fired one of her countermeasures against air-to-air missiles. Luckily for them, the missile fell for it and exploded a bit behind them. Dawn flew a few more hard turns just to be sure and then two enemy blips appeared on her radar, one just coming into firing range. She quickly aimed the heavy machine guns of her chopper and opened fire at the same time she spoke over the internal com system.

"Passengers...this is your captain speaking. As you may have noted or maybe not, we have encountered some air turbulence. Please stay seated and keep your safety belts on. I have everything under control and I will inform you as soon as there is a reason to panic."

Grinning at that lame joke she flew another evasive maneuver to get the second enemy fighter into her sights after she downed the first one with her first volley by sheer luck.

Some fancy flying on both sides later Dawn fired her last missile. At the same time as the enemy fighter exploded she felt a searing pain and her internal sensors showed her that one of her starboard stabilizer had been blown away. Pulling every trick she knew she tried to bring her machine down as gently as possible. "Prepare for a crash landing!" she yelled into the com system.


(Somewhere unknown)

Xander looked around and only saw white. He was completely surrounded by it and nothing else could be seen. 'What now' he thought. The last thing he remembered was a searing pain in his chest and then nothing until he opened his eyes only to see the all engulfing white surrounding him. He waited and waited, but had no clue for how long because he had nothing to measure the passing of time. It could be a minute, an hour, a day or years, he just couldn't say. Finally, after what felt like several eternities or maybe just the blink of an eye, he heard something. Hear or just imagined? He wasn't sure, but there it was. A voice, a deep and dark masculine sounding voice, speaking. What did the voice say, he asked himself, not sure if he was really hearing it or not. He concentrated on it as much as he could and finally understood what the voice said. "Hello Alexander. In trouble again, I see? But that isn't something new, is it?"

Xander spoke or did he just send thoughts out? He didn't know. "What? ... Who're you? Where am I? What happened?"

Laughing, the voice replied, "You mortals...Always so many questions and always so impatient. We have met before young elf. I'm Le Metatron, the voice of god. Every time someone claims he has spoken with god, he or she has actually spoken with me. Or is just a lunatic speaking to themselves. I speak for god because your simple brains would explode if god would ever actually speak to you. Your brains are just too primitive to handle it."

He was quiet for a moment and then continued. "And as to what happened, you were just killed by your wife."

Xander looked at the angel in shock for a moment and then asked, "What? You can't be serious."

"Sadly I am, but lucky for you, your punishment that God gave you still stands and so you have to return soon. But first listen for a moment. Danger is coming for you, but in the end that is nothing new for you, or is it?" the Angel said with a smile.

"No, it isn't. As you know, my friends and I are always in danger. So what are you talking about now?" Xander wanted to know.

The angel smiled at Xander and told him. "Your friends and you are planning to open the so called Stargate, which is currently stored under Cheyenne Mountain. The danger you will have to face in the future will come from beyond the gate. So you should prepare for a new adventure that will be more than interesting for you all."

Xander thought over what the angel had told him for a few moments and then said, "So are you telling me that we shouldn't try to open the gate?"

"Not at all," the angel replied with a smile. After a moment he continued. "The gate should have been opened several decades ago. Sadly someone threw a wrench into our plan for this and now it is your turn to fulfill our plans. This is why we arranged that Dr. Jackson, Jack O'Neill and Samantha Carter joined your company several years ago. Those three should have been in the group that would have traveled through the gate at the end of the last millennium."

"Don't tell me that God has cursed them as well," Xander said, shocked.

"Okay I won't," the angel said with a smirk. "But all fun aside, you will need them in the future and you can trust all three."

Xander just nodded in agreement and so the angel said, "And now it's time for you to wake up again Alexander."


(Seattle, Headquarters of Slayer Inc. UCAS)

After a quick run Jack finally reached the hangar, where Sam and the rest of his team already waited for him. The quick response team they always had ready for emergencies contained 12 members.

That would be him, Jack O'Neil, as the commanding officer, his wife Samantha Carter-O'Neil, five young slayers, the dwarven rigger Pete who was the pilot of their transport helicopter, the heavily chromed street samurai Indra and Steve who mostly gave the slayers heavy fire support, the beautiful elven mage Drew Eddington and last but not least their team decker Marius Clouddancer.

After he quickly inspected all off his team he yelled, "What are you waiting for? Slot and run. I'll brief you on the flight."

And so the helicopter was in the air only a few moments later and on it's way to Colorado Springs.


(Paris, Headquarters of Slayer Inc. Europe)

Xander opened his eyes and looked into the surprised face off his wife. "Hello beautiful, long time no see. Did you see the truck that ran me over?" he asked with a smirk.

"Xander? But how? You aren't immortal like me, so how can you be alive again?" Amanda asked, still not really able to believe her luck that her husband had revived.

Xander pulled her face down to him and after he gave her a long kiss, replied, "That, my most beautiful sword swinger, is a long tale and I can't really tell you now because it isn't only my secret to tell. But I promise you to tell it soon."

At first Amanda was a bit annoyed but then nodded in agreement. After all she could relate to her husband's situation a bit. "Ok Xander, but you own me a long shopping trip for that," she finally said with a smirk.

Xander groaned and looked at his wife in mock horror, but before he could say anything more Kristanna and a few of her sisters burst into the room. She quickly looked around and then directed her sisters to dispose of the dead bodies and finally turned to Amanda and Xander. "Xander, back among the living I see," nonplussed about him being alive again as she gave Xander a quick report on what had happened.

"Good, give me an hour. I need a shower first and then we interrogate the runners," Xander told her.

After Kristanna had left again Xander finally stood up and asked his wife with a smile. "Care to join me for a long shower?"

"Lead on McDuff," Amanda said with a smirk and so an hour and a hot (in more ways than one) shower later they entered the room where the surviving Runners had been placed in.

Xander looked the three over quickly and saw an elven male with long blond hair. The only thing standing out was the datajack on his right temple. Beside him sat a male ork who was obvious heavily chromed because his legs and right arm where currently just hanging around limp, which was the result of the deactivated cyberware. Xander had to smirk as the ork glared at him with his right eye only, because the left one was a deactivated cyberware as well. Then he looked at the last surviving member of the Shadowrunners, which was a very good looking and barely dressed human female not older than twenty. Currently she lay out cold on a stretcher beside her friends.

At this Xander looked questioningly Kristanna. The slayer grinned at him and said, "Sorry boss, we had to knock her out and then sedate her. Was the only way to get that slitch to quiet down. She just didn't know when she'd lost and she tried her mojo again and again until we knocked her out."

"A mage then?" Amanda threw in and as she saw Kristanna nod to this, she continued, "Ok, then it is better we keep her sedated for the time being. I guess the kreeb and the ork have to do for now."

Amanda turned to the elf, looked at him for a moment and then asked, "Ok chummer, why did you and your team break into our office here?"

The elf remained quiet for a moment and then babbled something in Sperenthiel.

Xander stepped forward and slapped the elf hard enough that blood was running out of the elf's mouth. "If you insult my wife again, you will soon wish that you didn't belong to the survivors of your run. Now answer the question."

The elf swallowed and after a moment he decided to talk. "We were hired by a Mr. Johnson, whom we'd never seen before, to extract a Dr. Jackson and any data in regards of something called a Stargate."

"I thought as much," Xander.

Kristanna looked at her boss and then asked, "Xander, what do we do with the trash now?"

Before Xander could answer he saw how Amanda, Kristanna and the other two slayer with them dropped to the ground and he himself suddenly felt tired and drained. He concentrated for a moment to fight off the effect and then quickly pulled out a Fichetti Pain Inducer out of his holster and fired.

Just a moment later he and the two runners heard the pain filled screams of the mage, who still lay on the floor as before. It looked like she had overcome the sedative and tried to stun them all with a spell, but to her misfortune Xander had been able to resist the spell. Now she was experiencing the painful effects of Xander's weapon. She tossed herself from right to left and was screaming herself sore.

"Stop it...please...," the elf begged, but Xander didn't seem to hear him and he continued to hold the weapon on the woman and kept the trigger pressed down. He only stopped as he felt a hand on his shoulder and the calming words of his wife. "Xander, we're all ok, you can stop," Amanda said and finally Xander released the trigger of his gun.

He looked a bit sick as he saw what he had done to the woman, who was still twitching and she seemed to be bleeding out of her mouth. Kristanna quickly hurried over to her and looked into her mouth. She then quickly turned the woman into a recovery position so that she wouldn't suffocate on her own blood. Kristanna looked at one of the other two slayers and said, "Mia, call a Medic, she has bitten through her tongue."

While Mia called for the medic over her headphone Kristanna asked Xander, "What are we going to do with them?"

"After the medic has looked her over, do what we always do with trash. Excuse us now, I have a call to make," he said and hurried out of the room, directly followed by Amanda.


(Colorado Springs not far from Cheyenne Mountain)

As soon as the helicopter stopped moving after it touched the ground, Faith ordered her team mates out of the chopper, while she herself went into the cockpit where Dawn had collapsed on to the front panel. It looked like she hadn't jacked out before the crash and the bio feedback had knocked her out cold. Faith quickly grabbed her, pulled the connection to the chopper out of Dawn's datajack and then hurried after her team.

She was only a few meters away from the chopper when the rest of the ammo and fuel exploded. The shockwave threw her into the air and while she grabbed harder onto Dawn, she prepared for her second hard landing in only a few minutes. 'I hope Dawn and I survive this or Buffy will kill me for sure,' Faith thought in the moments before she saw the ground coming rapidly at her again.


(Seattle, Headquarters of Slayer Inc. UCAS)

Andrew Wells glared at the wall of his room, hating everything about his life. He hadn't wished to live this long or fight so many evils, but he had allowed himself to be convinced to follow Buffy into something that had ended up getting them all cursed. At first he was fine with it all and had continued on as he did his best to help Buffy and the others combat the many evils they had faced, but the long constant fight had dragged on and on and now he was sick and tired of it. He wanted it to be over, he wanted some peace.

The anger he had begun to feel towards Buffy and her close circle of friends had quickly turned to hatred. Now they were heading towards another adventure which he was certain would entail a lot of dangers and fighting. He just hoped that there would be an opportunity to bring them all down, especially Buffy. He blamed her especially for his situation. He was fed up with her and her continuous preaching about hope and protecting people. He was sick of hearing it, it was time someone brought her back to earth and made her suffer, because it was that kind of thing that had gotten him cursed.