The Prophecy's True Course

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AN: After reading a lot of Harry Potter fanfics, they have given me inspiration to write my own. If you haven't already noticed, I love harem stories (except anime harems as they make no sense with no plot, as well as some lemon stories with the same reason. I will never write lemons in my stories as I find them a waste of my time and they slow down the story considerably.) so it is not surprising to see this one will also be harem or multi since that word is that the Harry Potter fics seems to favor. Pairings will be Harry/Hermione/Tonks/Fleur/?/? Since those three are my favorite girls to be paired with Harry. Surprisingly there is not one fanfic that I read that has all three being paired with Harry only a combination of two out of the three and others. The two others are unknowns meaning undecided. Since this is a fanfic expect things to be different than canon…


"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches. … Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies … and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not … and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives. … The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies…"

July 30, 1980 St Mungo's:

"Congratulations Mr. Longbottom, your wife just gave birth to a healthy baby boy!" said the nurse who just came out of the room to inform Frank the good news.

Frank Longbottom was ecstatic; he quickly thanked the nurse and ran in to see his wife and new born son.

Seeing his wife holding his son, he rushed over and gave his wife a hug and a kiss on the cheek before saying "Thank you Alice, thank you!"

After a while of happily crying tears of joy his wife popped a question "So have you thought of a name for our son yet?"

"Yes, his name shall be Neville, Neville Longbottom! Yes! He will bring to us a new era, instead of just a new town he will give us a new world to live in!" he proudly shouted out.


July 31, 1980 exactly 24 hours later St Mungo's:

A panicky James Potter was pacing back and forth outside of the room; it has been hours since his wife went into the room. As he walked by the door, the sound of a crying baby can be heard.

A couple of minutes later, a nurse came out and said "Congratulations Mr. Potter, your wife just gave birth to a baby boy!"

James Potter quickly thanked the nurse and went inside to see his wife and new born son.

He quickly ran toward his wife and held her towards him thanking her and at the same time placing quick kiss all over her face. He then notice a little version of himself crying in his wife's arms.

"Hahaha! I have a son! Can you imagine? I have a son! Oh Lily thank you so much!"

"You're welcome James but what is gonna be the name of our son?"

James Potter stopped laughing for a minute to think before answering "How about Harry? Harry Potter! Yes I quite like that name." As he was saying this, a sudden thought came to him "Oh Merlin! The Marauders have a legacy! Isn't that great Lily? Sirius will be ecstatic!" said an excited James.

Lily smiled at her husband while shaking her head "Well if he's the son of a Marauder then its only fitting for him to be name after his father, hmm… how about Harry James Potter?" After looking at the brightened face of her husband she then continued "I just hope the two of you won't spoil little Harry rotten and I sure as hope you don't turn our son into a gremlin…" 'Such nasty little things they are.'


One month later:

An old grandfatherly man stood outside the Potter estate and rung the doorbell. He just finished telling the Longbottoms the exact thing that he was going to tell the Potters.

A moment later the door opened to reveal a surprised James Potter, suspiciously James questioned "Ah… hello there Albus what can we do for you?"

Albus Dumbledore having a very grim face on then with a heavy sigh he said "James I have very grim news for you it involves your son…"


Longbottom house:

"Are you sure about this Frank?" asked Bartemius Crouch Head of the Magical Law Enforcement.

"I'm positive Barty, there is no other I would trust to be our secret keeper" said a serious Frank.

"Very well, I will become your secret keeper. I would rather die than to break your trust in me. He who must not be named will never know of where you will live!" said a determined Crouch.


Potter Estate:

"Peter? Why Peter Sirius?" asked a nervous James.

"I know he really isn't very brave but he is still our friend James. Remus is our friend too but he is a werewolf, with You Know Who promising equality to the werewolves I just don't trust him as I used to. And you know that I am going to be a distraction or fake secret keeper so I can't be the secret keeper…" said a sad Sirius Black, James Potter's best friend and sworn brother.

With a heavy sigh James said "Very well Sirius if you think Peter is good then we'll go with him, I just hope you are right…"


Eight months later Crouch estate:

"Look honey I am busy tomorrow, you need to bring the supplies to the Longbottoms. Here is their address, make sure you destroy this after you look at it" said Crouch as he hand a slip of parchment to his wife.

"I will dear but you really need to talk to our son…" said Mrs. Crouch taking the parchment then taking a quick peek, she then put it on the table before she was silenced by her husband.

"ENOUGH! I know he has been up to no good lately, I will not allow him to jeopardize my position in the Ministry! I have worked very hard to where I am now and will not let him destroy all of my hard work!" shouted Crouch as he stormed out the room.

"HONEY!" shouted Mrs. Crouch as she ran after her husband.

After the elder Crouchs left the room a young Barty Crouch Jr. snuck inside and picked up the slip of parchment. After taking a look at the address a wide smile spread across his face. Quickly he made a copy of the original, he then grabbed the original parchment and slipped it into his robes and put the copy back onto the table before leaving the room. Thinking about how happy he would make his new master.


One month later:

"It is time!" said Voldemort as he rose from his throne in the hall of the Malfoy Mansion. Over the past month he has planned out perfectly what he would do and how he would isolate the Potters making them alone ready for him to strike. The Longbottoms were not as great a threat as the Potters after all only the Potter boy was mentioned in the prophecy. Nevertheless the Longbottoms have been an irritating thorn at his side and today he could eliminate both! Yes, today would be a total victory for the Dark Lord.

"My lord surely you do not need to personally deal with the Potters, I can…" Lucius Malfoy began.

"NO! I must take care of them personally!" said an enraged Voldemort leaving a frightened Lucius backing away slowly not daring to raise his head. "As I am dealing with the Potters, the Lestranges here will be dealing with the Longbottoms…hmm yes Barty how would you like to join the Lestranges? This is your reward for bringing me the information on the Longbottoms."

Barty Crouch was happy this would be the first mission he would be doing for his new master. "I would love to my lord!"


Potter Secret House:

"Peter you traitor!" shouted an enraged James.

"Sorry James but the strongest will always win I am just choosing the side that wins…" said a smiling Peter Pettigrew. "The Dark Lord will be here soon, I suggest you give up now and maybe your deaths won't be quite as painful..." before he could finish he was struck by a beam of red light stunning him rendering him unconscious.

At that moment a dark demonic laughter entered the house. "Lily take Harry and run, I'll hold him off as long as I can!" said James running toward the front door.

"James! No Don't!" shouted a frightened Lily holding a crying Harry.

James stopped at the front door and turned his head towards his wife, smiling he said "I love you Lily, make sure Harry grows up to be a fine young man. Harry I love you…" then with great determination he ran out the door to meet Voldemort.

"JAMES!" screamed a now sobbing Lily. After a few moments Lily picked up her resolve and ran out the back door carrying a crying Harry.


Longbottom Secret House:

Boom was the sound of the front door being blasted into the living room, alerting the Longbottoms of intruders. Frank Longbottom ran into the living room to see Bellatrix Lestrange accompanied by her husband Rodolphus and his brother Rabastan along with Barty Crouch Jr.

"What…how…why?" was all that he could say at the moment.

"Longbottom you are guilty of crimes against the Dark Lord, and now you must be punished in the name of the Dark Lord" said Rodolphus.

After that has been said, several curses were sent Frank's way, but he was able to quickly react due to his Auror training, after all he was one of the best along with his wife.

He then started firing spells back towards the intruders making them scatter and jumping for cover.



Voldemort laughed as he watch James fell to his knees looking up at him with loathing in his eyes. "Surrender now Potter and I might make you suffer less when I kill you."

"Never! Up yours Moldymort, I will never surrender to the likes of you!" said James.

Furious Voldemort started casting cutting curses at James arms and legs rendering them useless and making James scream out in pain in the process.

"How dare you! Insolent fool! No one dares to make a mockery out of ME!" hissed Voldemort.

James looked at the furious face of Voldemort then broke out laughing before putting on a serious face and replied. "I dare because you are nothing Moldy, my son will destroy you!" After seeing the Dark Lord face falter for a bit he continued "Yes my son will be the end of you… You will fall at the hands of the Potters! Hahaha!"

Voldemort has had enough and hearing how he will fall at the hands of a baby made him instinctively use his most favorite spell, pointing his wand towards the laughing man he shouted out "AVADA KEDAVRA!"

Right before the lime green curse hit him James Potter closed his eyes with a single tear running down his face he thought 'I love you Lily… I love you Harry…' before his life was taken away.


Frank and Alice:

Frank and Alice have managed to take down Rabastan who was blasted into the wall and stun Barty Crouch Jr. who now lay unconscious beside a couch.

The whole living room is now in shambles as the Lestranges duel with the Longbottoms continue on.

The Longbottoms are now very exhausted having to duel four Death Eaters at the same time. Which eventually lead to them each having taken a cutting curse at their wand arm.

Now at the mercy of the Lestranges the proud Aurors stood facing death in the face with no thought of surrendering. No, they would go with pride and honor until Bellatrix went into Neville's room and took the baby out in her arms while smirking.

This is the first time in their lives that they would feel true fear, it was not a fear for their lives but the fear of their young son's life and there was nothing they could do about it.

"My, my, my… little Nevy is quite the cute thing is he not? It would be quite a shame if he were to lose all of his limbs, the poor thing…" said Bellatrix before she broke out laughing with her husband joining her.

"Please we will do anything… anything just don't hurt our son" cried a sobbing Alice.

"I'm afraid it's too late now, you have defied my lord three times and he is not pleased. No, no, no only your deaths can please him."

"Bella stop playing around, we don't have the time for this" said Rodolphus.

"But darling we always have time for a little fun…" pouted Bellatrix.

Rodolphus rolled his eyes at his wife before surrendering "Fine, do what you want. I'll go check on the other two."

Bellatrix was now ecstatic, many ideas were now forming in her mind of how to have a little fun with the Longbottoms before the best idea she ever had hit her.

She slowly place Neville in front of his parents and with a smirk said "I wonder what will happen if I use the Crutiatus on a baby. Yes… I think a little experiment is in order."

Both Longbottoms were horrified after hearing this. Just as Bellatrix cast the Unforgivable Curse at the little baby both parents without thinking dived to shield their son.

Bellatrix was in heaven as she took turns using the curse on both parents wondering how long they would keep shielding their child until they could no longer stand it. The screaming was just an added bonus.



Lily ran never once stopping while holding a young Harry to her tightly. She knew that if she stopped then she and Harry would be in danger.

Moments ago her heart felt pain, pain like none other. She wanted to scream but she wouldn't because then she would reveal herself and Harry. She knew though what has caused her such pain. James her husband has died, died protecting her and Harry.

She would not let his death be in vain, it was now her job to protect Harry. But fate prove too cruel when she was hit by piece of rock to her legs causing her to fall. Instinctively she pulled Harry towards her chest as she rolled along the ground using her body to cushion out the impact to the ground. Looking around she saw the ground blown apart, leaving a gaping hole in the ground. Over the distance she could see a figure slowly approaching her.

She watched as Voldemort walked towards her with the most evil smile she has ever seen in her life.

"Do you really think you can escape me? No one can escape me! It takes great luck for you and your husband to have defied me thrice but no more! Your luck has finally run out!" Voldemort said as he laughed into sky. "Now surrender and I'll let you live, just hand over the baby and you get to live. This is the one and only time I'll let you a mudblood live!"

"No! Not Harry you'll never get him, I'd rather die!" said Lily as she held Harry even tighter.

"Very well" said Voldemort as he raised his wand and shouted the same curse that ended the witch's husband's life. The jet of lime green shot out of the wand and went blazing across to strike its target.

As Voldemort raised his wand Lily Potter took a last look at her son, kissed him on his forehead and with tears in her eyes said in a whisper "Daddy and I love you Harry, please live a good healthy life." Before the curse hit her and ended her life.

Voldemort now looked at the crying baby in her hands and raised his wand yet again "The prophecy ends here!" as he used the curse for the third time today.

But before he knew what happened, the curse that was sent to kill the baby has rebounded upon the boy and was sent straight back at him ripping his soul from his own body. With no more body he fled and swearing that one day he will return.

The baby now marked with a lightening scar cried as he was picked up by a sobbing man with bushy hair and twice the size of an average man.


Frank and Alice:

It has now been half and hour and Bellatrix was getting exhausted from repeatedly using the Unforgivable. Frank and Alice are now screaming silently in their unconscious forms refusing to move away from the baby.

Frustrated Bellatrix kicked the parents away from the baby and raised her wand one last time to use the curse that rendered the babies parents unconscious.

With a devils smile she cast the curse upon the baby but was later found screaming by her husband on the floor. Feeling the effect of the curse that she casted being rebounded onto herself but this pain is a pain she never felt before. This pain is many times the pain when her master used the curse on her.

Just as her husband bent down towards her, a group of Aurors rushed into the house pointing their wands at them.

Roldolphus knew that there was no point in fighting as he quickly surrendered to the Aurors dropping his wand towards the ground.

Moments later the baby was picked up by his sobbing grandmother who came in along with the Aurors, holding him towards her tightly.

"Mrs. Longbottom I am sorry for what happened to your son and daughter in law… what are you going to do now?" asked Amelia Bones the Deputy Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

"He will live with me along with his aunts and uncles at the Longbottom estates, there he will have the best care and best training, after all he is the heir of the House of Longbottom." Mrs. Longbottom said sadly.

Then all of a sudden there was laughter, a very chilly laughter which caused the conscious people in the house to turn towards the source of the laughter; Bellatrix Lestrange.

Now Roldolphus knows his wife, sure she is some what of a sadist and she really enjoys hurting others which is a great trait considering their 'profession' but hey she was still very human, until now…

As he watched her, he could see her eyes was darting all over the room, her head twitching every once in a while with a maniacal smile on her face whispering the words "Little little Nevy, I'm gonna get you. I'm gonna get you…"

Yes this person right beside him is no longer the Bellatrix Lestrange he knew, she is a very different person, and she is now completely and utterly insane.


Crouch estates some time after:

"Barty NO! He is your son! Please forgive him! Help him!" cried Mrs. Crouch to her husband.

"I will not, he is a Death Eater and what is worse he sold out the Longbottoms to He Who Must Not Be Named! The Longbottoms trusted me and I have failed them!" shouted out Crouch as he stormed away towards the Ministry of Magic, leaving behind a sobbing wife/mother.

"I am sorry Frank… Alice. I have failed you… but I will set things right, I will deliver justice towards the person responsible. Even if he is my own son!" Crouch said quietly to himself.


Potter's Secret House:

Sirius Black arrived at the house only to find a lifeless James on the front yard where there seems to have been a very serious duel that occurred not too long ago. Slowly he began to walk towards the body of his best friend not believing what he was seeing. Crouching low he picked up the body and checked for any signs of life... there wasn't any. He then cried while holding his best friend's body.

After a while he went into the house to find it completely empty. Fearing for Lily and Harry he got back onto his bike and drove down the road. Moments later he found Hagrid sobbing while holding onto a crying Harry.

Relief spread all over him, at least Harry was alright. James son was alright. He then walked over to Hagrid and asked for the whereabouts of Lily, only to learn of her death. Sadness once again overcame him because Harry is now an orphan, immediately he asked for Harry but the half giant refused and said that Dumbledore will take care of Harry.

After a while he gave up and decided to search for the person responsible for the deaths of his best friend and his best friend's wife. All at the same time he kept saying to himself that this was all his fault. He will make Peter Pettigrew pay!

Longbottom Estates Neville's room:

A white cloaked figure snuck into the room and walked over to the crib. He watched the baby sleep while stroking his long white beard.

Pulling out his wand he pointed it towards the baby "I am sorry Mr. Longbottom but I cannot allow a second person that has the potential to destroy the Dark Lord exist…" as he said this he pondered for a moment 'Maybe I can… after all I am no murderer, yes maybe if I cast a spell that would hinder or interfere with his potential then maybe he will never be able to achieve the potential mentioned in the prophecy…'

"Yes Mr. Longbottom I will not kill you but just hinder you, yes… it is most unjust but it is all for the greater good. After all we cannot allow another Dark Lord to rise in the future now can we? Mr. Potter won't become a Dark Lord if all my future plans go accordingly. Yes…"

With that the white cloaked figure once again pointed the wand at Neville and said "Oblivia…" but before he could finish he was interrupted by a shout coming from the hall.

"Hey! Who are you and what are you doing in Neville's room?" shouted one of Neville's uncle.

There was a bluish green spark being ejected by the cloaked figure's wand which struck the baby Neville.

Having no choice the white cloaked figure jumped out the window and ran as fast as his old legs could carry him. Once he was past the wards surrounding the estate he quickly apparated back to Hogsmeade.

After watching the figure jumped out the window Neville's uncle rushed over to check if Neville is alright. After seeing nothing wrong with the baby he immediately alerted the family and a search for the figure was executed. Although many in the family wondered how the figure manage to sneak in without setting the wards off.

Once inside his office he thought to himself 'Although the spell was incomplete it should still be effective enough. Considering the target is an infant and the wand that performed the spell is the Elder wand… yes, Mr. Longbottom is no longer a threat, now I just need to plan out Mr. Potter's destiny and there will no longer be any more Dark Lords to threaten Europe. This is all for the greater good" said Albus Dumbledore as he smiled to himself.

AN: Wow finally done with the prologue. This fanfic is still centered on Harry. Neville is just given a larger role to play as I found him to be greatly undermined in canon and his character is just treated unfairly. Why would one of the child of the prophecy be so weak and given such a small role? Yes he isn't the 'One marked' but he was a contender at the time of his birth to the time of being marked, that counts as something in my opinion. His only shining moment was at the end of the seventh book which I loathe by the way. From fifth book and onwards I absolutely hated the pairings, so there will never be canon pairings from fifth book and onwards in my stories, sorry that's just me.