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Chapter 4:

Somewhere deep within Knockturn Alley where the more shady businesses are conducted and usually where people sells illegal things through the Black Market. A squat balding man with bandy legs was seen selling things that he had stolen from homes and other places that he had ransacked.

As of this year his employer had told him to keep a low profile due to the re-emergence of the Boy Who Lived into the magical world. Because of this and his problems concerning tobacco and alcohol he was soon out of money.

Unfortunately for him the things that he had stolen wasn't worth much and soon out of desperation he started pulling out photos that he had secretly taken from these past ten years. A majority of those photos were given to his employer but Mundungus Fletcher was no fool. He knew just how much these valuable photos were worth, after all the photos are about the most famous boy in the magic world.

Smiling to himself after successfully selling a photo of a two year old Harry Potter to some rich witch who then went off squealing in joy. He decided it was time to go for a drink at the local pub so he gathered his things and left his stall.

Not long after he was soon ambushed by a group of wizards who then hit him with the stunning spell and the last thing he saw before darkness was the group advancing towards him.


Mundungus Fletcher was soon awakened by a splash of water to his face. Instincts kicked in when he found himself in a dark room and immediately he tried to run but soon found out he was unable to as he was tied to a chair. He then nervously looked around only to find a group staring at him. Due to the darkness he was unable to see their faces but not long a man's voice was soon heard through the darkness.

"Mundungus Fletcher…"

"Please let me go… I'll do anything, just don't hurt me!"

"Now we need you to tell us something. We need information and you are going to provide it for us."

"Any… anything just don't hurt me."

"Good… now tell us how and where you got these photos of Harry Potter…"


Over the course of the month after solving those mysteries the gang tried many things to prevent Quirrel from harming Harry and Hagrid. Things like never allowing Harry to go anywhere alone and frequently visiting Hagrid whenever they could much to the delight of the half giant.

Turns out Hagrid was very lonely and doesn't seem to have any friends or visitors other than them. Most people tend to avoid him or are scared of him due to his size and the gang knew Hagrid is a very intimidating man. It is due to this reason that he took interests in beasts and monsters as companions instead of humans.

According to him the beasts tend to be drawn to him more than the other humans and that they find him cute and they can be quite affectionate with their love bites and such. Of course the group could only nervously smile when he told them that, no one had the heart to tell him that the beasts probably just view him as a huge chunk of meat.

Another thing that the group tried doing was spying and trailing Quirrel hoping to find any evidence that they can use to alert the Professors or Susan's aunt who turns out to be Amelia Bones the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

At first they decided to split into two groups of three who will then take turns trailing Quirrel but soon they found out that Harry can't stay near Quirrel for too long as Harry's scar will then start to burn causing Harry immense pain. They didn't know why at first but after coming up with many theories and such Hermione proposed that Harry's magic must be reacting to Quirrel alerting him of the danger. At first the idea was brushed off but as Harry's scar started burning whenever Quirrel's around they began to take the idea more seriously. When asked how she came up with the idea, Hermione then began telling them of a comic book superhero called Spiderman that had an uncanny ability to sense danger called the Spider Sense.

After accepting that as a possible answer they then wondered why Harry's ability to sense danger didn't activate at the beginning of the year whenever Harry was around Quirrel. Tonks then came up with the idea that Quirrel must have become more agitated from failing to steal the package on Halloween as well as failing to kill Harry, therefore leaking more bloodlust thus making Harry's Spider Sense tingling off the charts.

So Harry was soon forced to stop trailing Quirrel and therefore leaving the others to do the job. But after awhile problems soon arose like portraits trying to get them into a chat or ghosts popping out of nowhere and asking what they were doing. Worst was when they ran into Peeves who then caused a ruckus nearly alerting Quirrel to what they were doing and so they were soon forced to stop trailing Quirrel altogether.

So with that plan failing miserably everyone then focused more on their studies and with Hermione and Tonks's help; the quality of their performances sky rocketed much to the shock and delight of the professors. Well all but Snape the Potions Professor. Turns out that as Harry's performances increased so did Snape's torment on Harry.

"Well Mr. Potter it looks like your performance lately was due to pure luck after all…" Snape sneered as he looked at Harry's attempt at the newest assignment. The potion wasn't the exact color that it was suppose to be but it was close, unfortunately the potion was a failure in Snape's eyes. With a sigh Snape continued "That's ten points from Gryffindor for raising the little hope that I had left in you."

In the background the Slytherins was snickering and Malfoy looked on in glee. Snape of course chose to ignore them.

"But sir the potion…" Harry tried to say.

"That's another ten points from Gryffindor! Mr. Potter, are you challenging my authority?" Snape said with a glare at Harry.

Harry with clenched fists and grinding teeth managed a "No sir."


As the days went on Potions were getting increasingly difficult for Harry to bear to the point that Harry was convinced that Snape must be the mystery man behind Quirrel.

"I swear Snape is the mystery man! The guy hates me with a passion, other than Quirrel he's the only one that would want to do me in!" shouted a frustrated Harry.

"Harry I think you're being a little bit biased… Snape's a Professor he wouldn't…" Hermione tried to reason.

"Earth to Hermione, Quirrel's a Professor and he has no qualms with killing students." Harry said as he glared at Hermione causing her to flinch.

"Yes Hermione, you need to stop thinking that Professors are perfect because they are not…" Tonks said as she shook her head "And Harry you need to calm down because Snape is not the mystery man."

"What? How do you know?"

"Because your Spider Sense or Danger Sense or whatever it is isn't going off when you are near Snape." Tonks said.

"But, but… aww man…" Harry whined because he wanted a reason to kick Snape out of the school when they get Quirrel. He had hoped that Snape and Quirrel would be connected with this thus he could get rid of both Professors at once.

"But didn't Snape also looked like he was cursing Harry during the Quidditch match?" asked Susan.

This raised Harry's hopes up "Yeah she's right!" Harry said as he gave an appreciated look at Susan.

Hannah then shook her head "No, it wouldn't make any sense if Snape is the mystery man because Snape has been here teaching for a decade and he couldn't have known about the package being transferred here when he applied for the job, unless he's a seer."

Harry shoulders then sagged but once again Susan asked "But then what did Snape do at the match?"

"We don't know and we probably won't ever know." Neville said with a shrug and a frown as he too hate Snape because of the way the Professor picked on him in Potion classes.

"Well… one thing is for sure…" said Harry drawing everyone's attention back onto him "Snape's a jackass." Harry smirked causing everyone but Neville to sweat drop. Neville on the other hand was nodding furiously in agreement.


As the month went by snow soon covered the grounds therefore marking the beginning of December and students were then seen discussing what they would do for the holidays.

The gang then started talking about what they would do for the upcoming holidays thus temporarily putting Quirrel out of their mind for the first time in weeks. Susan and Hannah told them that they would be celebrating Christmas and New Years together. Neville would then tell them about his family gatherings during Christmas and how festive his house would be during this time of the year. Meanwhile Hermione would be going home for Christmas as her parents missed her dearly. Tonks would also be going home for Christmas and she was quite delighted as well. She said this Christmas is a very special Christmas and that she can't wait until then.

Harry opted to remain silent not wanting to ruin the good mood everyone was in. Seeing everyone smile for the first time in weeks made him happy since it was due to him that everyone was worried.


Finally the week when McGonagall would show up to take names of those students staying at Hogwarts over Christmas arrived. Harry was sure that he would be the first one to sign that list as no way in hell would he be going back to the Dursleys for Christmas.

Sure he would feel lonely especially since he would be the only one in the Common room as even the Weasleys are going back for Christmas. He had hoped that he could hangout with the twins when he heard them say that they were going to stay for Christmas. Their parents were going to visit one of their brothers Charlie in Romania, but something happened and their parents weren't able to go. With that change in plans their mother demanded them to return for Christmas and so with an apology they wished him good luck.

After classes one day Tonks unexpectedly came up to him and with a big smile on her face said "Wotcha Harry!"

"Hi Tonks," Harry replied with a smile.

"Harry I got something to ask you."

Harry with a confused faced asked "What is it Tonks?"

"Harry… would you like to spend Christmas with me and my family?" Tonks asked nervously.

Harry's eyes widened as his body froze in shock "What?"

"Would you like to spend Christmas with me and my family?" Tonks repeated.

"Are, are you sure it's alright? I, I wouldn't want to intrude…"

"Nonsense I'm inviting you aren't I?" Tonks said with a smile.

"I'm not dreaming am I?" asked Harry.

"No you are not dreaming. I really want to you to spend Christmas with me… unless you don't want to…" Tonks said as she looked down towards the ground.

"NO! That's not what I meant! I would love to spend Christmas with you and your family. It's just what did your parents say?" Harry said as he tried to get his point across.

Tonks then looked up with another smile "Mum wants to see you again and Dad wants to meet you."

Harry then smiled and soon he found himself hugging Tonks with tears in his eyes. Tonks originally shocked by the embraced soon smiled and returned the hug.

"Thank you Tonks, thank you…" Harry said as he released Tonks from the hug.

"No need I really want to spend more time with you. After all you are my first real friend… Besides I wouldn't want to leave you here alone with Quirrel now do I?"

"No, no I guess you don't. Oh I can't wait to tell the others that I would be spending Christmas with you!" Harry said happily.

"Um… Harry they already knew…" Tonks said as she looked away with a playful smile.

"What?" Harry replied as his eyes widened in realization.


Soon the last day of classes arrived and everyone was excited because they could finally see their family again and celebrate the holidays. After visiting Hagrid for the last time and wishing him a happy holidays the gang boarded the Hogwarts Express ready to go back home.

It was an uneventful trip where the gang decided to relax and enjoy the scenery as the Express traveled through the countryside. About half way through the boys had to leave the compartment so that the girls can change into muggle clothing while the boys went into another compartment so that they could change as well.

Soon the train arrived at Platform 9 and 3/4's. Neville, Susan and Hannah then said their goodbyes and holiday wishes before joining up with their family. After a while Tonks spotted her parents and nudged Harry while pointing towards a certain direction. Harry and Tonks then said their goodbyes to Hermione and after watching her go through the barrier they then went towards Tonks's parents.

Harry was starting to feel a little nervous as Tonks lead him towards her parents. He had met Mrs. Tonks before and she was a nice person, this Harry can tell. But he wasn't sure if Mr. Tonks would be the same. His experiences with the Dursleys especially his uncle Vernon, Snape and Quirrel have left a bitter taste and he found himself less trustful towards adult men then women, except for Hagrid who would always smile whenever he saw Harry.

As they made their way through the crowd Harry saw smiling faces greeting them. Mrs. Tonks looked as stunning as he last saw her with her noble aura radiating around. Mr. Tonks was wearing a very nice suit, he had fair-hair and a big belly but what strike Harry most was his voice when he addressed his daughter.

"Hey Dora, how's my little pumpkin," Mr. Tonks said as he beamed at his daughter with pride. His voice was very pleasant; different than Dumbledore's whose voice seemed unnatural. It was different to Vernon's voice which was always full of anger and rage while Snape's voice carried malice and hatred.

"Dad, I am 17 for god sakes!" Tonks said with a little red on her face feeling quite embarrassed in front of Harry. Harry on the other hand couldn't help but chuckle at Tonks's predicament.

Andromeda after seeing Harry laugh, smiled and said "Why hello there Harry, how are you?"

Harry then bowed and said "I'm doing very well Mrs. Tonks. Tonks has been taking very good care of me, how are you?"

"Why I am doing very well myself. Let me introduce my husband Ted Tonks."

Ted then turned towards Harry and while extending his hands out he said "Wotcha we have here, you must be Harry. Tonks have told us much about you in her letters."

Harry turned towards Tonks with wide eyes before turning back to face Ted "It's very nice to meet you Mr. Tonks." Harry said while shaking Ted's hand.

"It's getting late so I think we should be going now." Andromeda said as she gestured towards the barrier.

After reaching the parking lot and putting in Harry and Tonks's bags into the car's trunk. Harry and the Tonks's were on there way back towards Tonks's house. The chat in the car was quite refreshing for Harry as this is the first time where he wasn't either ignored or being glared at. The Tonks's would ask how he was doing on his subjects and how he thought of Hogwarts. To which Harry happily replied that he thinks Hogwarts is simply amazing.

Harry also told them of how Hermione and Tonks helped him through things he didn't understand and how bad of an instructor Snape is. Harry was surprised and delighted when Ted agreed with his statements of the greasy haired Professor.

When they had reached the house, Harry was surprised yet again when he saw that this house was even bigger than the Dursleys. There are portraits of the family hanging on the walls, and expensive china's sitting on cabinets that would make aunt Petunia seethe with jealousy. Overall the Tonks's are quite well off.

"It isn't much when you compare it to families like the Malfoys." Ted said as he saw the look on Harry's face.

"It's enough, I doubt the Malfoys house would be this welcoming and having this warm family atmosphere."

Andromeda smiled at Harry and said "Thank you Harry."

Tonks then showed Harry his room and after unpacking his bags Harry then went back downstairs towards the kitchen where Andromeda is making dinner.

"Is there anything I could help with Mrs. Tonks?" Harry asked as he entered the kitchen.

"No Harry you should go back to the living room and watch some television with Ted." Andromeda said as she shook her head and gestured towards the living room.

"Its fine Mrs. Tonks, I kind of learned to cook at a young age…"

Andromeda then frowned before asking "At what age exactly?"

"I think it was when I was about 5 years old…" Harry said sadly not wanting to be reminded of how the Dursleys would find ways to punish him and not feeding him is one of the frequent punishments.

Andromeda studied Harry for a few moments before replying "Alright Harry, would you mind washing and cutting the vegetables?"

Harry nodded happily as he began working on the vegetables. Secretly Harry wants to help out as much as possible as he is very grateful to the Tonks's for inviting him over for the holidays. He just wants to repay them for their kindness which to Harry is a very rare thing.

After dinner Harry and the Tonks's then went into the living room and started watching movies. Harry was very confused when almost all the movies are muggle movies and there was nothing magical in the devices which intrigued Harry considerably as the Tonks's are a magical family.

"Why are we watching muggle movies?" Harry asked.

"Because I'm Muggle-born, didn't Dora tell you that?" Ted questioned as he turned towards his daughter.

Harry seeing Tonks look uncomfortable reacted quickly "Er… yes… yes she did, I kind of forgot. I thought that magic and technology cannot coexist, I mean I don't see anybody using technology in Hogwarts or Diagon Alley…" Harry questioned.

"Oh that's very wrong; it's a common misconception that magic and technology cannot coexist because people just don't see them together at the same time and place. There are reasons for that but the two biggest reasons are the fact that muggles don't believe in magic and vehemently denies its existence. While witches and wizards just don't understand technology, there are some that would even degrade technology and its usefulness like most Pure Bloods… except for you dear…" Ted quickly corrected while giving his wife a peck on the cheeks.

Harry nodded and said "Yeah I can see that. The Dursleys and the Malfoys are perfect examples."

Ted nodded with a frown "Yes, it's very unfortunate as technology and magic combined can bring wonders. Technology can do things that magic cannot like sending people into space while magic can protect the technology from dangers in space as well as bring supplies to the astronauts. You have seen food appearing out of nowhere from the tables right? Well food cannot be transfigured with magic but they can be transported and that's how food magically appears at the tables. They are transported from the schools kitchen to the great hall."

Ted then turned to face the television before continuing "If magic does cause technology to malfunction like most believe then it is essentially impossible for muggles to have technology in the first place because magic is everywhere. The difference between muggles and magical people are how they connect with nature, magical people are more in tuned with nature than muggles thus allowing them to see, hear, feel and use magic. It is due to this reason that muggles can give birth to magical people while magical people can give birth to people known as squibs."

Harry nodded in understanding and looked towards Ted with a smile "And Muggle-borns have the best of both worlds."

Ted then looked back to Harry with a smile of his own "We definitely have an advantage."

'I bet Hermione will be ecstatic when she finds out.' Harry mused.


Albus Dumbledore relaxed into his chair as he let out a deep sigh of relief. He was finally able to relax a bit after going through all that chaos in the last two months. The Triwizard Tournament plans are finally on its way and the meetings he had with the other countries Ministers, Headmaster's and Headmistresses' have gone on smoothly. Sure there were a few arguments here and there about which schools should host the Tournament and the safety precautions that were brought up. But overall the meetings were quite successful.

Unfortunately there are still no signs of the Shadow Lord or who the Shadow Lord could be. But Dumbledore isn't going to let that get in the way of his high spirits because after all it is the Christmas holidays!

Dumbledore then remembered something he hasn't done in a really long time and so he got up and started toward a chest. Opening the chest he pulled out a silvery cloth and went back towards his desk. Laying the cloth on his desk he started running his hands down the cloth carefully examining its details and the magic it holds.

"For ten years I have examined the Cloak of Invisibility and I have yet to unlock its secrets. How is it that something so simple is at the same time so powerful? I have tried to reproduce it or clone it but none of the results are the same! Just what magic was used to create such elegance? Will I ever unlock its secrets? Am I not worthy? No I have sacrificed too much for the cloak to reject me! I have lost my dear sister Ariana and have made my only brother hate me! My best friend left me when I needed him the most… I have lost everything. I will not allow you to reject me!"

Pulling out his wand and setting it right beside the cloak, he then sat back down onto his chair and glance at both objects with admiration. He was so focused on the objects that he did not notice someone coming into the room.

"Albus the Christmas decorations have all gone up. You look tired; you really should take a rest once in a while you know. I know the Tournament has taken its toll on you but it won't do you any good to worry over it." McGonagall said as she saw the Headmasters tired looking face. Her attention was then drawn towards the silvery cloth on the table "Oh my, is that what I think it is? Isn't that James Potter's invisibility cloak? It is! Lily showed it to me once; boy was I shocked when I found out that that is how James and Sirius got around the castle undetected…" McGonagall mused.

"Hmm?" was Dumbledore's only answer while not looking away from the two legendary objects.

"Albus, is that what you are doing? That is so wonderful, giving young Harry his father's heirloom for Christmas. Harry will be so thrilled when he sees this!" McGonagall exclaimed as she grabbed the cloak. She then proceeded towards the door with the cloak "You don't need to worry Albus I will get this sent to Harry right away! Knowing you, you probably don't want him to know that it's from you. I know the perfect thing to write! This is such a wonderful idea!" With that said she was gone.

It took Dumbledore a couple of seconds to register what just transpired in his office and with wide eyes he rushed towards his door. Unfortunately for Dumbledore, he was in such a rush that he tripped over his own feet and fell down the stairway. It would be another 30 minutes later until McGonagall came back from the Owlery after sending the cloak to Harry to find Dumbledore at the bottom of the stairs with arms, legs and back being twisted at impossible angles. After inspecting the Headmasters injuries; Madam Pomfrey would then declare that the Headmaster would need to spend the remaining holidays in the Hospital wing.


Molly Weasley was not happy when her vacation with her husband was cancelled and that she was not able to see her second son. But upon seeing her other children returning from school for the holidays her anger soon vanished.

After returning back to The Burrow she instantly grabbed her youngest son and led him to her room. "Well Ron how was school?"

Ron shrugged and said "It was alright."

Molly then looked around her room to see if there was anyone else inside the room other than herself and Ron. When she was sure they were alone she then whispered "So did you make friends with Harry Potter?"

Ron then nervously shook his head and said "No I never had the chance. Harry has been avoiding me especially after Halloween."

Molly's eyes then widened "Does Dumbledore know that you failed?"

Ron then smiled evilly and said "No he doesn't, he thinks that I'm Harry's best friend. In fact…" Ron then pulled out the bag full of galleons and showed it to his mother "He paid me 300 galleons to watch over Harry."

Molly then let out a sigh of relief "Well if Dumbledore thinks that you have done your job then there is no point in angering him with the truth."

"Oh good I thought that you would be mad at me for failing."

"Oh no Ron, you got the money and that's all it matters. We just need to keep Dumbledore from finding out that you have failed and everything will be alright."

"So um, have you told dad yet?"

Molly shook her head "No, your father would never agree to do something like this. The two of us are the only ones who know about this. Your sister and brothers don't know about this so we need to be extra careful from now on."

Ron then groaned "You mean we have to keep this a secret from everyone while tricking Dumbledore at the same time?"

Molly then nodded causing Ron to once again groan in annoyance.


After having dinner Ron was happily tossing his bag of gold into the air while whistling a happy tune. The twins then walked in after hearing Ron's whistling and upon seeing the bag Fred instantly snatched the bag from the air.

Ron then growled and said "Give that back!"

Fred and George then opened the bag and to their surprise found galleons, a lot of galleons. George then asked "Where and how did you get this? There are 300 hundred galleons in here!"

"I'll tell you if you tell me something else in return…"

Fred then asked "What do you want to know?"

"Where and how do I get to the Hogwarts kitchen, I have seen the two of you disappear only to return with food during the Gryffindor VS Slytherin party."

Fred and George then exchanged glances before nodding. George then began telling Ron where the Hogwarts kitchen is located and how to get in.

Ron having already thought of an excuse ahead of time calmly said "I won the money from a bet."

Fred then asked "What bet?"

"You know the match between Gryffindor and Slytherin. I betted on Gryffindor and when they won the match I won the bet. Ever since Charlie left Hogwarts, Gryffindor has never won a game against Slytherin so the bet was in favour of Slytherin. I have seen how Harry flew the day he was made a seeker, and so I alone betted on Gryffindor. The result is 300 galleons."

George then said "Is it the end of the world? Little Ronnie-kin's actually did something smart!"

"I don't know George but I'm scared…" Fred said while shivering.


Arthur Weasley came back from work the next morning after having spent 24 hours in the Ministry giving his report as well as having to answer questions due to a crisis that came up about a month ago. He and his wife was planning on visiting their second eldest son Charlie in Romania when the Ministry sent him an emergency owl telling him his vacation was canceled and that he is to return to the Ministry as soon as he can.

"So father what was the problem?" asked Percy.

Arthur's face then turned red in anger "Ask your mother! MOLLY!"

Molly Weasley then came out from the kitchen and asked "Yes dear?"

Arthur then turned towards his children "Go back to your rooms now!"

The Weasley children knew that when their father tells them to go to their rooms then something big must have happened. So with haste they all with the exception for Ron as he is still sleeping, scrambled up to their rooms but each made sure to leave a little opening in the doorway allowing them to listen in on their parents.

Arthur by now was shaking in fury "I don't believe it! My own wife broke the Statute of Secrecy! Do you know what I have been through yesterday! I faced an inquiry because my wife couldn't remember the platform number to board the Express to Hogwarts! My daughter had to scream the number several times for you to remember!"

Molly's eyes grew to the size of dinner plates quickly said "But that was 4 months ago! Why would anything start now?"

Arthur then glared at his wife "So it is true! Tell me Molly just how is it that you can forget a platform number when you and I have been to Hogwarts for seven years! Bill and Charlie have already left Hogwarts, while Fred and George are still attending said school? How many times have we walked through that barrier to bring our kids to school?"

Molly now in tears said "I, I don't know Arthur."

Arthur took in a deep breath to calm himself before saying "Apparently the muggles that were witnesses that day remembered a red haired lady asking her children about the number of a platform. The lady's daughter then repeatedly shouted out Platform 9 and 3/4's for the entire world to hear." Arthur said as he glared at his wife therefore making her flinch "Those muggles thought that it was weird for a family to talk about a platform that did not exist. Some of those muggles have then begun forming cults, some of these cults view Platform 9 and 3/4's as a gateway to another dimension. While some of the other cults think that Platform 9 and 3/4's is a gathering place for aliens! It started out small at first but for some strange reason these cults have expanded at an alarming rate in the past month!"

Molly then wiped some sweat from her face and asked "So what is the Ministry going to do?"

Arthur then sighed and said "I have been assigned to lead a battalion of Ministry officials and we are given orders to wipe the memory of every muggle who has ever heard of Platform 9 and 3/4's. I have also been warned and fined a hefty sum for breaking the Statute of Secrecy…"

Molly then nervously asked "How much?"

Arthur then said "300 galleons."

Molly fainted instantly.


Later that day when Arthur has left for the Ministry, the Weasley house was eerily quite. Even the twins was dead silent, they all knew that the family is in trouble and that they needed to find some way to get that much money in such a short amount of time.

Ginny then began sobbing which drew the attention of everyone "I'm, I'm sorry it's my entire fault!"

Molly then hugged her daughter and asked "For what dear?"

"It was me that shouted out the platform's number and now Daddy is in trouble."

Molly was shocked but she soon figured out that the children must have eavesdropped on their conversation. "No, it isn't dear. Everything will be fine I promise."

Ron confused as he doesn't know what is going on decided to remain silent. His mind then wondered off to the Nimbus 2000 that he will be getting this Christmas. He then went upstairs to grab the bag of gold hoping that his mother would bring him to Diagon Alley so that he can get his new broomstick. He then pulled out a picture of the broomstick and started admiring the photo.

Back down in the living room there was a knock on the door and Molly went to see who it was. Upon opening the door Molly's heart sank as she recognized the person standing before her. He was a Ministry agent that Arthur introduced to her once.

"Hello Nickson."

"Hello Molly I'm sorry for what happened but I am here to collect the fine." Nickson said with a nervous smile.

Molly then sighed "I'm sorry Nickson but we just don't have the… Ron what is that?" Molly questioned when she saw the bag in Ron's hands.

Ron who came back downstairs started toward his mother hoping to ask her if she could bring him to Diagon Alley. "This? Oh it's the money…"

Before Ron could finish the bag was snatched away by his mother and given to the official "Here's 300 galleons."

After when the official counted the amount of gold he then nodded and handed over a parchment indicating that the Weasleys have paid the fine. With a bow he then waved goodbye to Molly and the kids and with a crack he was gone.

Molly feeling quite happy now that the fine was paid then went back towards her kitchen. Fred and George then exchanged glances and with a shrug left a stunned Ron standing alone in the living room.

It would be moments later when a scream of "NOOOOOOOOOO!" echoed throughout the house.


After inspecting what Harry had to wear during the holidays, the Tonks's then took Harry shopping for clothes as what Harry had for clothes made him look ridiculous.

Harry of course was against it but the Tonks's was adamant about it. So after several hours much to Harry's horror, and four bags full of just Harry's new clothes the group then went to Diagon Alley to buy presents. Harry made sure to get a present for everyone of his friends. He was surprised that the stores offered delivery and once all the presents were sent to the correct people, they then made their way back home.

After putting away the new clothes and throwing away all of Dudley's old ones the family along with Harry was once again back in the living room but to Harry's surprise each of the Tonks's look nervous.

"Harry…" Andromeda began "Nymphadora has told us of your situation with the Dursleys and we want to help you deal with them."

Harry noticing that Tonks didn't do anything when her mother called her by her first name instantly knew they were serious but he decided to remain silent.

Andromeda then continued "We have been gathering evidences and searching for witnesses ever since Tonks owled us a letter describing what you told her. With the amount gathered so far we are certain that we have a strong case against the Dursleys."

Harry suspiciously asked "So what are we going to do to the Dursleys?"

"Well we needed to ask for your permission to take action after all they are your relatives…"

Harry then interrupted "I want the Dursleys out of my life and punished for what they did to me."

Ted then spoke up "Alright, now that that is out of the way, we can begin our plan. We are thinking that the best way to deal with the Dursleys is to hand them over to the muggle authorities and let them handle it. Do you find that solution acceptable?"

Harry thought about it for a while before nodding "Yes that is fine."

"But it won't be that simple, because when we read the letter Tonks send us there were a couple of alarming things that you said that seemed unusual."

"Like what?" asked Tonks.

"Well the first thing that came to mind is who left you with the Dursleys? Your parents have never talked to anyone about your muggle relatives. So that led us to the question: who would know about the existence of the Dursleys?"

Harry and Tonks exchanged looks before turning back to face Ted "Then it hit us, there are only two places that have a record of Muggle-borns and their relatives. The two places are the Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts which records all magically born babies. From what we know the Ministry does not deal with children. They only deal with adults, magical beasts and creatures and other serious matters. Hogwarts on the other hand is focused entirely on children. When a magical child is born in the UK Hogwarts immediately detects and records the child's birth. When the child is 11 years old Hogwarts will then take the child in and teach them how to control their magic until they leave Hogwarts. It is only when the Statute of Secrecy is breached that the Ministry gets involved with children. So that led us to the conclusion that someone from Hogwarts must have known about the Dursleys and decided to leave you with them after the death of your parents."

Harry then said "Okay so someone left me with the Dursleys but there's nothing wrong with that, after all they are my only living relatives."

Andromeda then spoke up "Harry after when your parents died there were a lot of families that were willing to adopt you. But that person went against everyone's wishes and chose to leave you with the Dursleys."

Harry was shocked "What? You mean I didn't have to live with the Dursleys?"

Andromeda sadly nodded and said "Yes, you were the Boy Who Lived. It was thanks to you that the war against You Know Who ended. So of course there would be a lot of grateful people who wanted to adopt you. There are of course others that wanted you just for your fame but to deny even the good families the chance to raise you seems off."

"The point Andromeda is trying to make is: why would this person turn down these chances for your happiness unless this person views the Dursleys as a better choice."

"Then this person might not be sane." Harry said bitterly.

"Okay so we think there is a person that is the cause of Harry's suffering but he or she might not have known about the abuse." Tonks offered.

"That then leads us to another unusual point. Do you remember Harry what happened when you first got to the Leaky Cauldron? Or when you first got on the Hogwarts Express with Tonks? What were the people's reactions towards you?"

"Well the barman recognized Hagrid and then greeted me with open arms. The students just kept staring at me, but I didn't care because Tonks was with me."

"And did Hagrid or Tonks ever tell anyone who you really are?"

"No, now that I think about it… how did those people know what I look like?"

"Exactly, the next point is: how did people recognize a boy who has vanished from the magical world for ten years when the last anyone ever saw of him he was only 1 year old?"

"Maybe they saw your scar?" Tonks offered.

"I doubt it. My messy hairs usually covers up my scar and unless you are really looking for it you wouldn't even see it."

"That question bothered Andromeda and I for a couple of months…"

"Until about six weeks ago I came upon a book that we have never read before while I was in Flourish and Blotts. By some miracle a little child was reading said book and happened to drop it. I then went to pick up the book and to my surprise…" Andromeda said as she got up from the couch and went towards a bookshelf. After grabbing four books she then handed it to Harry and Tonks "Skim through these books and see what you can find…"

Harry and Tonks exchanged confused glances before reading the book titles "The Adventures of Harry Potter. The Adventures of Harry Potter and Friends. What's going on here?" Harry asked while he gaped at Andromeda.

"Harry Potter Battles the Snake Lord. The Princess and the Boy Who Lived." Tonks read as her eyes widened before bursting out laughing.

Harry then shot a glare at Tonks "Would you cut it out!"

Andromeda then said "Go on open them."

Harry and Tonks then skimmed through the books and to their surprise there were photos of Harry on some of the pages, photos of Harry at different ages!"

After skimming through the book The Princess and the Boy Who Lived and seeing himself from a year ago Harry did not know what to say.

"And that Harry is how people were able to recognize you right away…" Ted said with a frown.

"Do you know what that means?" Andromeda asked.

"What? You mean other than the fact that others have been using his name to make money?" Tonks said with venom.

"Yes there's that but more importantly, there is someone who knew where the Dursleys lived and thus was able to take all these pictures of Harry growing up. This means that this person knew of the abuse Harry received from the Dursleys and chose not to do anything about it." Ted said bitterly.

Harry's eyes widened in horror "What?"

Tonks then narrowed her eyes "So by telling us all this, it means that you found the guy?"

Andromeda nodded and said "Yes about a month ago, we found a person by the name of Mundungus Fletcher selling a picture of Harry and with some convincing from our friends he told us everything."

Ted with a grim expression said "He was hired about ten years ago by the Headmaster of Hogwarts Albus Dumbledore to take photos of Harry. He had told Dumbledore of Harry's living conditions and what the Dursleys were doing to Harry but Dumbledore chose to ignore it. He said Dumbledore never told him the reason but Fletcher soon found out something else when he noticed some Harry Potter books appearing on the market and was selling like crazy. After picking up a book and scanning it he realised just where all the photos were going to."

Tonks eyes widened "No, it can't be Professor Dumbledore would never do something like that… he wouldn't..."

Ted then said with a sigh "I'm sorry, I know it's hard to believe but it's all true. Dumbledore was the one to give Harry to the Dursleys. He watched as the Dursleys abused Harry and did nothing about it. He then used Harry to make himself rich. Dumbledore is not the man I thought I knew…"

Tonks now shaking her head "But, but how do you know for sure that it was Dumbledore that gave Harry to the Dursleys?"

Andromeda then spoke up "Because I went to visit someone who I thought I would never see again. Sirius Bl… my cousin told me that it was Hagrid who had Harry last on the day James and Lily died. Hagrid told him that Dumbledore will take care of Harry and now we know how… by giving Harry to the Dursleys."

"But, we can't trust Sirius Bl… we can't trust him! He…" Tonks said before she was stopped by a cry.

Harry was crying, endless tears flowing down his face. All these years of his suffering was caused by the schools Headmaster Albus Dumbledore. Dumbledore gave him away to the Dursleys when they don't want him and others did. Dumbledore watched as he was abused and did nothing. Dumbledore used his name, parent's death and his suffering to make money! "Why? Why did he do this to me? What did I do to deserve all of this? What would make him do something like this to a baby? Why? Why?" Harry asked as he cried.

Andromeda immediately rushed to his side and pulled him into a hug, while comforting the crying 11 year old boy.

Tonks upon seeing Harry cry began having tears in her eyes as well. All thoughts of Sirius Black was gone in her head, instead it was replaced with sadness and anger at Dumbledore. The great Albus Dumbledore hurting her first real friend to this degree, he was responsible for Harry's pain and Tonks swore that Dumbledore will pay for what he did to Harry! After making this resolution Tonks then went towards Harry and her mother and joined them in the hug.

Ted watched as he wiped some tears from his own eyes. In his mind he promised that he would do everything he could to help Harry.

After several minutes have gone by, Harry then broke from the hug and wiped his eyes. He then looked at Andromeda and Ted with clenched fists and said "I want the Dursleys out of my life. I want Dumbledore to pay for what he did to me. Will you help me?"

Andromeda once again pulled Harry into a hug and with a smile managed to choke out "Yes, yes of course we will help you."

Harry then smiled and returned the hug, it was the first time he felt safe in an adults embrace. The feeling soon made him sleepy and not long later Andromeda found herself having a sleeping 11 year old boy in her arms. With a sigh and a smile Andromeda then looked towards her husband and with a nod, Ted then picked Harry up and carried him back towards Harry's room.


Harry awoke the next day still feeling tired from the amount of information thrown at him yesterday. The revelation of what Dumbledore did to him made him sick and angry but he knows that he is no longer alone and that he now has friends that will help him deal with Dumbledore.

After cleaning himself up he then went downstairs for breakfast. The Tonks's all smiled at him when he entered and in response he returns the kindness with a smile of his own.

After breakfast the subject is once again brought up by Ted "Andromeda and I have discussed what our plans are and what our problems are." Taking a deep breath he then continued "The Dursleys we can deal with fine but what worries us is that Dumbledore might back them up and even defend them…"

This caused a simultaneous growl from both Harry and Tonks.

"Dumbledore is just too powerful politically for us to take down. He is the Headmaster of Hogwarts, which is one of the most prestigious magical school in Europe. He is the Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards therefore giving him connections all over the world. But most importantly he is the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot which basically gives him control of what goes on during a trial. We simply cannot win against him if we attack him head on."

Andromeda nodded "That's why we will use Slytherin's approach and attack him when his guard is down. We will attack him in the shadows and not once allowing him to know just who it is that is attacking him."

Tonks seeing Harry's confused face chuckled and said "Mum's a Slytherin…" This caused Harry's eyes to widen "Harry, you must know that not all Slytherin's are bad and that not all Gryffindor's are good. The perfect examples are mum and Dumbledore."

Harry then nodded and gave Andromeda an apologetic look therefore making Andromeda smile.

"The two of you will be going back to Hogwarts and act like you still don't know what Dumbledore has done. Ted and I will be gathering more evidences against Dumbledore. We will attack when summer arrives and deal as much damage to his reputation as possible making the Ministry of Magic isolate themselves from him. The Minister for Magic Fudge is the kind of person that will go with whoever that makes him look good while abandon anyone who may make him look bad. We may not be able to take down Dumbledore for good but making a dent in his perfect reputation will hurt him. This will then make it impossible for him to defend the Dursleys therefore allowing the muggle authorities to do their job."

"But how can we damage his reputation? I mean with him being so famous and powerful whether in magic or politics, I just can't fathom it." Tonks said as she shook her head.

Andromeda then smiled and said "Nymphadora…"

"Mum!" Tonks growled.

Andromeda then shook her head but continued on "You are forgetting just who it is that Dumbledore has wronged."

Tonks eyes then widened causing Andromeda's grin to spread even wider "That's right, Dumbledore has wronged the one person who is just as if not more famous than he is. What is ironic is that Dumbledore helped boost Harry's fame with all those books on Harry. There probably isn't a single magical child out there who hasn't heard of the Boy Who Lived. Harry here will be the one to unleash the evidences against Dumbledore; he will be the one making interviews and once the news leaks out on what Dumbledore did to the Boy Who Lived. Well not even Dumbledore will be able to escape without a scratch. Oh Dumbledore will recover but he won't be viewed as Mr. Perfect anymore."

"But mum, I thought that we will be attacking in the shadows…"

"Oh let me rephrase my earlier statement. The ones in the shadows will be us but Harry on the other hand needs to be in the open or else nobody will care."

"But Mrs. Tonks I don't like the attention and my fame…"

"Sorry Harry but this is the only way to deal with Dumbledore and the Dursleys. Besides since you are a victim the muggle authorities will be asking you to appear on court, that's why you can't stay quite."

Harry sighed and nodded he really didn't want anymore attention but if using his fame will free him from the Dursleys and hurt Dumbledore, he's all for it.

"With us in the shadows Dumbledore will be pulling his hair out trying to find out who it is that is helping Harry. A confused and in the dark Dumbledore is a good Dumbledore."

Harry and Tonks then nodded indicating their roles in the plan.

Ted then said "Harry you have until summer to prepare for this battle, and it won't be easy."

Harry nodded and said "Yes sir."

Andromeda then smiled and said "Now that business has been taken care of we can now truly enjoy the holidays. After all it's Christmas!"

"Thank you Mr. Tonks, thank you Mrs. Tonks. You don't know how much I appreciate all of your help." Harry said as tears began forming in his eyes.

Andromeda then pulled him into a hug and said "Nonsense, we are glad to be of help."

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