Set 82 years after Bella's 18th birthday party. Edward left, not knowing that one of his last actions had left Bella no other choice but immortality.

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82 Years Ago…

After Bella's disastrous 18th birthday party at the Cullen's, Edward goes back to Bella's room and that night they make love. The next morning Bella wakes up to a very sour Edward (AN: I picture this scene to be like their honeymoon night in Breaking Dawn, only Bella can't convince Edward he isn't a monster),Bella is covered in bruises. They talk and Edward leaves.

That night after school Edward takes Bella home. Edward tells Bella is leaving; without her. He says that he is a monster for allowing himself to put her in danger again, that he can't play the human charade any longer, and that neither he nor his family will ever be in touch with her again. Before Bella has a chance to argue with him, Edward walks out the front door for the last time. Bella is heartbroken, but she decides that it would never have been fair to make Edward play the role of human just for her; and making him suffer with the blood that would be around him. It would be like locking a lion up in a cage at the zoo and then taunting it with a lamb.

Exactly one week later Bella wakes up and runs to the bathroom covering her mouth. She spends the next two days there. Charlie is very anxious, but Bella convinces him to go to work. Once the nauseous feeling has passed, she opts to have a shower. It is in the shower that she notices the round bump jutting out from her stomach. Instantly she knows she is pregnant; with Edwards's child. Putting two and two together, Bella realizes that this baby will not be completely human (if the lump forming after only a week and a bit is anything to go by). It dawns on her that this child is at least some claim to Edward's love, and immediately decides that she will keep it.

Knowing she will be endangering Charlie if she stays with him, Bella packs two bags, one with clothes and another with photos and books. She writes a note for Charlie saying she is sorry and that it is not his fault she is leaving. Bella walks out the door, climbs into her truck and sets off. Bella drove around the outskirts of Forks for a few hours, stopping only at a small baby shop where she knew no one would know her to spend what little money she has saved on baby clothes, diapers, shoes, and formula. She gets back in her truck and begins her circle of Forks again. Then almost without knowing it, she turns down the Cullen's driveway. Getting out of the truck, she walks to the door. By some miracle, it's unlocked.

For the next few weeks Bella continued to live at the Cullen's house as her stomach expands. In a filing cabinet in Carlisle's old office, Bella found a bag labelled 'VENOM', which contained 7 stainless steel syringes, each with a name of a Cullen engraved on the side. Bella placed these, as many towels as she could find, bags of blood (which she found in the fridge), and a pair of leggings and a t-shirt for her to wear after the delivery.

Exactly four weeks after Edward left her, Bella felt something in her stomach break and soon after she began coughing up, and then vomiting, blood. Gripping the syringe of Edward's venom in her right hand, she lay down on the floor of Carlisle's office just as her stomach rips open. Out crawl 3 deathly pale figures. Bella uses the last of her strength to look at her children. A boy with Edwards features, his bronze hair and Bella's eyes. Masen Edward, she murmured. A girl with Bella's features, and Edward's hair and green eyes that were obviously human Edward's. Renesmee Elizabeth, Bella chocked out. And finally, another girl, with Bella's features and hair, one brown eye and one green eye. Charlotte Phillipa, Bella uttered and with that she picked her right hand off the floor and plunged the syringe straight into her heart.

For four days a fire ran through Bella's body. But she stayed silent; for fear of frightening the three bodies she could vaguely feel huddled to her side. Then the fire began to ease from her hands and feet, slowing easing its way back to her heart until the fire seemed to completely consume it. Her pulse began to race and she tried to stifle her writhing body.

Even slower than the fire took to her heart, it began it let up, like someone pouring a drop of water every second onto an out of control blaze. Then all of a sudden it the pain stopped, and Bella tentatively opened her eyes, only to have them met by 3 brown eyes and 3 green eyes.

For Bella, Masen, Nessie (Renesme) and Carlie (Charlotte) life was pretty good, except for the triplet's growth. At one month, they could each pass for a large one year old or a small two years old. It terrified Bella to death that they would continue ageing at this rapid rate, and in the span of a short few years leave Bella all alone again. So Bella took measurements of the babies every 6 hours, recording each child's stats into their own book. And then the growing began to slow, it was still not at a human level, but instead of minutes or hours between a noticeable difference, it began days and then weeks.

Not only do the children grow quickly, they –and there mother- had 'talents'! Masen could 'place' a thought into another persons head, Renesmee could 'show' people her memories, things she wanted or simply her thoughts by touching them, and Charlotte could read a persons mind, but only their current thought and only one person at a time. Bella had a 'shield' around her mind, protecting it from gifts that affected the mind. The only people who could get around her shield without Bella taking it down were her children, and even then their abilities only worked partially. Bella could also place her shield around other people, or block a particular thought out of people's minds. But for a vampire, Bella was even more unusual. As a newborn, she could be around humans, and more interestingly, human blood. She didn't have an overwhelming urge to drink it, nor did she have to hold her breath to (AN I know this isn't exactly how Bella is in the book, but I like to think of her ability to withstand human blood is kind of like a link to her human days when she couldn't deal with blood.).

Bella fed on a diet of only animal blood, while the triplets could eat and drink human food as well as animal blood.

Every few weeks, Bella and her kids would run by Charlie's house, just to make sure he was coping. This continued for the firs 15 months after Bella's change. Then one night as Bella ran to the house, she saw the police cruiser pull out of the driveway. So she followed it. The cruiser sped along before coming to a halt some 20 miles from Charlie's house. Charlie jumped out and ran inside the building. Bella waited outside; she would have gone in but it was better for her father to think she ran away, he and Renee could never know that she was alive or that she was an immortal vampire.

20 minutes later Bella was getting worried. There had been noises inside the building but Bella had blocked them out fearing she would run in Charlie would recognise her. Then there was a small 'click' and Bella jerked her head up towards the door. Then not even seconds later there was a loud 'bang', the kind of noise that comes only from a gun. Bella flew into the building as fast as she could, only to find Charlie lying on the ground, a dark circle growing on his chest. It was at that moment she decided she didn't want Charlie to die, but she wouldn't take his life away from him, he would get a choice. So she summoned up all her courage and walked over to. She dropped to his side. He recognised her almost instantly, and so when she asked him what his choice would be, he answered 'vampire'. With that Bella leaned down and bit his wrist, almost in the same place as James had bitten her. She carried his body back to the Cullen house.

For the next 15 years it was just the 5 of them. They moved town every few years when people realized Bella and Charlie weren't ageing. They kept the triplets away from prying eyes until they turned 8 and they stopped ageing. Then one day Charlie was coming back from a trip to the ocean (his blood of choice shark (I wanted to incorporate Charlie's love of fishing)) when he came face to face with a blonde vampire with red eyes. It was love at first sight! Charlie took her hunting for and then brought her back to the house they were staying in. Sue had been with them ever since, never once straying from her diet of animal blood.

Five years later a boy showed up at the door of their latest house. He was pushing 7 foot, had black hair, and high cheekbones (suggesting he was some part Native American). He was as pale as a vampire, but his skin had a russet colour under it. He knocked on the door and Nessie answered it. It was love at first sight. With that, Jacob became the next (and forth half vampire/half human) member of the family. Jacob had a gift as well, he could shape shift into a big russet coloured werewolf. (AN: I couldn't resist having Jake be half vampire/half human, but I wanted him to be somewhat the same, so that's why he has a gift. It's not because I like werewolves!)

The family had moved to Holly Ridge, North Carolina one year ago. Charlie was working for a small security company, Sue stayed at home, and Bella, the kids and Jacob went to the local high school. The story was the same as ever; Bella and Carlie were Charlie's children from his first marriage and Bella was one year older, Nessie and Mason were twins that Sue and Charlie had adopted, and Jacob was adopted as well. At school, Bella was a junior, and the others were sophomores.

It's been 82 years but Bella still loves Edward.

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