Hey to everyone out there.

If anyone is still interested in this story, I'm sorry to tell you that for the forseeable future, it will not be udated again.

I am so sorry for everyone who cared about where this was going, but I don't really have the time or motivation to update My Immortal. In all honesty, I can't see where this is going, and I would much rather be reading your stories, than completeing my own.

To all of you who reviewed, or added me/ My Immortal, I am so thankful to you for taking the chance with my story. And you never know, one day I may decide to complete it.

For the time being, my story will remain on , but I do not know if I will eventually pull it down.

Once again, I am so sorry to all of you out there (if there is anyone left!).

Love Lannaislusciousredd x