Chapter 1

Jeremy walked through the door and the sweet aroma of perfume hit me instantly. I turned around and regarded my husband intently.

"Hi, Jer. Been out with colleagues?"I asked. He blushed and hesitated before answering me. "Yes you know how they get"

He chuckled falsely and motioned to take off his scarf and jacket. He took off the holster and gun around his waist. He pulled me in for a tight hug and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. The scent was almost over powering that I almost gagged.

I decided I wouldn't confront him unless it happened again. My mind suddenly filled with images of him with another woman. I felt the distinct pang of jealousy in the base of my stomach. So I decided to ask him what he wanted for dinner. But he didn't answer, I asked him again, all of a sudden he got angry. I started to cry.

"I'm sorry, honey " he said to me.

I walked out the door and did not look back. When I was outside I decided to go to my mate's house for a drink. I finally got to my mates house, I knocked on the door. It opened and there was my mate totally drunk. I asked if I could come in for a drink.

"Come straight in" he said. I said thanks.

He went to the fridge to get me a beer. He asked why I was there.

I answered " I think my bloody husband is having an affair."