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Summary: Koushiro thinks on the death of the pineapple.

Joe told him that it was its time.

Mimi told him he should get his next one in pink.

Sora consoled him saying that at least Tai hadn't thrown up on it.

Takeru smiled somewhat confusedly when he told him, but this was expected from a boy who had a hat for every day of the week.

Hikari offered to lend him her old whistle.

Taichi typically thought a good shake would fix it.

Yamato had little interest in anything besides music and Sora at the best of times.

Davis thought he was talking about the fruit.

Cody offered an ear to listen, and his grandfather offered prune juice.

Even Ken didn't quite get it.

Only Miyako, with her passionate love of computers had any comprehension of how empty he felt the day the pineapple that had been with him through so much, helped them when they were trapped in the Digital World, gave its last feeble beep, and went dark forever.

It had been his first machine, and it had sentimental value. The computer had been his fathers originally, passed down to his son when he showed more than a passing interest in technology. The pineapple had been a birthday present two years later.

He couldn't remember any other gifts he received that day, what the cake his mother had made tasted like, whether there were candles on it. All he could remember was carefully peeling the wrapping paper off the rectangular box, having a very good idea what might be in it.

As technology does, it was soon on its way to being obsolete. He didn't care though. He upgraded and repaired when it would have cost less to replace it, and took better care of it than some people did their pets. It was the same as having a old dog, getting on in years, half blind and overweight but the happiest creature that could be. Even if it was useless, dead, the end of the line for it, he wouldn't throw it away, and even when he replaced it, it would be for nothing other than practicality.

He placed it on a shelf where he could see it, not out of sight. Because even sentimental value has its place.