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Project: Hydra

By TsurugiNoMiko

Chapter 1

I love my mother, I really do. She is always so kind and gentle with me. My loving mother...I cant think of anyone else who could ever take her place. Whenever I had problems she helped me, whenever I felt down she comforted me, whenever I was unsure of my abilities she encouraged me. My beloved mother...I will never forget her.

"Mama?" I called out as I ran through the lab. I knew it was bad and mama always told me to avoid touching things but...I just felt most at home when I was around here.

"Alicia, what a surprise" a man called out to me as I continued from one room to another. "Looking for your mother?"

"Nnn~" I nodded before looking around some more. "Is she busy? I want to show her the results of the test I did today!"

"I see" he looked at me as if he were thinking about doing something. "Tell you what, Alicia. Since you seem to have done well with your test, how about I give you a little reward?" he smirked to himself

"Really?" my eyes widened at the thought of receiving something "What is it?"

He smiled and held out a necklace containing a rather peculiar-looking dark gem. It was so odd that it didn't seem to be reflecting the very light that was shining on it. He carefully placed it around my neck before looking at me then down to the necklace, a victorious grin plastered on his face. I picked up the gem and held it in my hand, my eyes instantly lost in its dark depths.

"It is called the 'Demon's Eye'." he said, snapping me out of my trans "Take good care of it...and it will take care of you." his smile became bigger and bigger.

"Hai!" I placed it under my shirt enthusiastically "I will!"

"Scaglietti" my mother's voice interrupted us "What are you doing?" she asked as she walked over.

"Your daughter is here to see you" he responded, straightening his back and turning around to look at his research once more "I was just commending her on the progress she's made"

Mother frowned at him a little bit before turning to me with a smile on her face. She brushed her long mauve hair aside and carefully tucked it behind her ear as she knelt down to eye level.

"How was your day sweetie?"

"It was fun!" I beamed back at her "Look!" I held up my test score

"Come dear, lets talk in the cafeteria ok?" she smiled and stood up, carefully taking my hand and leading me out of the room.

"Bye Papa!" I waved over to Scaglietti as I left.

"Take care, Alicia" he waved at me. I could have almost sworn that he had the most dubious smile on his face.

We walked through the busy halls, past several experimental rooms, and into the large Cafeteria. Mom then sat me down and ordered some Orange Juice for me and a cup of tea for herself. I looked around and noticed that only several tables had been occupied. I wondered if it was a good idea to visit mom at this time due to the amount of work, but I was so excited to show her that I couldn't resist. Our refreshments came a few moments later and we were finally left alone.

"So what brings you here today, Alicia?" she asked as she raised the cup to her lips.

"Oh!" I put my OJ glass down. "I wanted to show you my exam score!" I raised the paper up in front of me.

"Wow, very well done Alicia" she placed the cup and saucer down and took the paper, reading the results. "Well done indeed." she patted my head

"I studied very hard just for you mama" I smiled up at her

"Thank you my dear" she smiled back "So what were you and Scaglietti talking about?"

"Ah!" I jumped with excitement once more "Papa gave me this!" I pulled out the necklace he gave me "He said I should take care of it."

"The Demon's eye..." she mumbled to herself


"Nothing dear" she shook her head "Now why don't you-" she cut herself off one she heard alarms going off. "Wait here, Alicia" she ordered as she stood up and looked around at all the movement of the other scientists

"Mama?" I started to panic a little bit from the tense atmosphere

"What is going on?" she yelled at one of the researchers that ran past.

"There is a problem in the reactor room! We're trying to seal it off now, but we need all personnel to help with the containment!"

"I'm on my way!" she called back before turning to me and looking me in the eyes. "Alicia, dear please stay here ok?" she ran her hand through my hair "Mommy will be back in a little bit ok?"

I nodded, a little worried as I saw her rush towards the hall with the other scientists. I felt so lost amidst all the chaos that was going on. Despite my mother's words, I was filled with fear and wanted to be with her. I got up from my seat and started to go through the halls looking for her.

"Mama? Mama?" I called as I ran everywhere looking for her.

The lights dimmed and the red Emergency lighting took over. My fear escalated and I began to run faster and faster, more and more desperately through the empty halls and lab rooms.

"Warning...All personnel evacuate the premises...Warning...All personnel..." a voice on the loud speakers began to echo everywhere.

I continued blindly around the entire facility, finally reaching an area with an emergency exit. Researchers were all scrambling for the door in a frantic attempt to escape. I didn't quite understand what was going on. All I knew was that I had to find my mother.

"Mama! Mama!" I cried out as I pushed through the crowd that was trying to go the other direction.

Of course being a little kid, I was pushed around until I finally got knocked into an empty hall. I noticed something peculiar and continued walking all the way to the end and noticed a room with an odd and eerie light. Oddly enough, the sounds of the sirens and the red emergency lights began to vanish as I continued down the corridor. It looked like a strange bright aqua color that I couldn't quite describe. I lost all fear as curiosity took over my body, making me step closer and closer to it.

"Do you like it?" a voice called out behind me, making me snap out of my trans and spin around

"Papa" I breathed when I saw Jail standing behind me and looking in from the doorway "You scared me. Did you see Mama?"

"She should be here soon enough" he walked up next to me and looked at the glowing ball. "Its beautiful isn't it?"

"It's pretty" I couldn't help but agree "what is it?" I asked out of curiosity

"It is the activation of one of the Lost Logia I have been working on" he explained happily, a little...too happily

"Lost Logia?" I tilted my head, not quite understanding what that was or what it meant.

"Mmmm~" he responded, not taking his eyes off the ball of light "This is one of the most incredible things ever" he turned his head over to me when something caught his eye "Interesting..."

"Hmm?" I looked down at my chest and noticed what appeared to be a dim black light emanating from under my shirt. I pulled out the necklace and saw that it was reacting to the mass of energy in front of me.

"Very interesting..." his smile got bigger and bigger

As if guided by some unseen force, my body slowly picked up the gem and walked slowly towards the mass of energy. I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but something-perhaps curiosity-made me keep going forward. Step after step I moved closer and closer to the aquatic energy. I reached my hand out towards it and-

"Alicia!" My mother's voice came from the hall and snapped me out of my reverie. "Alicia!" she called again as she entered the room "Oh my god! Alicia get away from that thing!" she screamed at me when she realized where I was

I was about to step back when the necklace began to glow even more extravagantly and meld with the energy in front of me.

"Ma..mama?" I called out to her with fear in my eyes as a mixture of the light and the necklace's shadow began to consume me

"Alicia-ugh!" she dropped to one knee as if being suppressed by an incredible energy

"Mama! Mama!" I reached out my arm to her as the room became brighter and brighter. I looked around the room for any sign of Jail but he was nowhere to be found.

My body began to feel hot and then feel like it was being torn to pieces. I grit my teeth as the pain shot through me. The only part of me that wasn't hurting happened to be the part that was holding on to the necklace.

"Take care of it...and it will take care of you..."

Jail's voice flowed into my mind and I gripped the item harder and placed it as close to my chest as possible. I didn't know what was happening, but I didn't want to let go. No matter what I didn't want to let go.

"Mama!" I screamed again once the pain lowered a little bit and tried to reach out to her again. She was struggling as well from the unknown energy and could not shake it to come help me.

A few moments later my vision darkened as my body began to lose consciousness. The last thing that I heard...was my mother scream my name...

A/N This inst intended to be a very long story so, sorry about that hehe. I dont know where this came from, but like I said, it was something that came to me at 3am. I always wanted to know what happened during that accident, but until 7Arcs decides to tell us officially...we may never know.