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Naruto: You just did.

Me: Shut up!

Naruto: Make me!

Me: Fine! *gets into fight with him*

Sakura: ^^' Enjoy the story.

Shania sat on the front steps playing with the kitten she had found early that morning. It was going great until she heard people yelling. Shania looked to the left and saw a four people walking this way. She also noticed the leaf symbol on their headbands.

'Just like papa but without the slash through the symbol.' She thought. Shania went back to playing with the kitten before it ran away.

"Ah! Wait!" Shania said before following it. When she finally caught it she didn't notice the runway cart. The only time she noticed it was after the blond leaf ninja grabbed her and pulled her out of the way of the cart. Shania watched as the cart crashed into a tree.

"Good job Naruto." The oldest of them told the blond.

"Put me down!" Shania said angrily. The blonde called Naruto put her down. She glared at him.

"Hey, I just saved you and you glare at me." Naruto said glaring back.

"Papa said not to trust leaf symbol people." Shania retorted.

"Oh yeah, where is your dad?" Naruto asked.

"Dead." Shania said plainly. Naruto opened his mouth to say something but the pale pink haired girl punched his head.

"Um, do you have any relatives?" the girl asked. Shania thought for a little bit before nodding.

"Yep! Uncle Sasuke." Shania answered. All four people stared at her.

"You're related to Sasuke, then Itachi must be your father." The older one said. Shania nodded.

"Um, how old are you?" Naruto asked.

"Six!" Shania said happily.

"Have you ever met Sasuke?" the pink haired one asked.

"No." Shania said looking at the ground.

"Do you have anyone else who takes care of you?" the older one asked. Shania shook her head no.

"Yamato, we should bring her back with us." The pink haired one said.

"By the way, that's Sakura, Captain Yamato, Naruto and I'm Sai." The really pale one told Shania.

"Shania." She said pointing at herself. Sai did one of his fake smiles.

"Hey, Shania…. do you want to come back to Konoha with us?" Sakura asked.

"Can I?"


"Then okay!" Shania said hugging Sakura. Sakura hugged her back and picked the six-year-old up. Shania was grinning happy someone had offered her a place to say. Naruto on the other hand had no idea what to say. He was still kind of shocked about Shania being Itachi's daughter.

Yamato: I got called 'the older one'

Me: Well, you are kind of old looking.

Sai: It is better than being called 'the really pale one'

Me: You are freakishly pale.

Sakura: Quit complaining! I got called 'the pink haired one'


Naruto: *opens mouth*

Me: *death glare* If you say anything... I'll hurt you beyond repair.

Naruto: Review!