This is based around thirteen years after The Purple Eradicator 3,75. You know why it's rated 'M.' It will start off being Penny's point of view but it will swap between Penny and Todd later on.

I sat wrapping a birthday present for a child, I had only heard of, for my daughter's birthday party the next day. "And there's gonna be a bouncy castle and, and a swing and, and cake and, and-" The long list went on as Angie, my four year old, became more and more excited.

"That sounds lovely dear." I humoured her. I hadn't expected my daughter to be such a girl but it was strangely endearing. Her tight brown curls hugged her face and her small, slight body bounced around. She had eyes that were so deep brown they seemed to melt.

She was trying out a new belle costume her father had bought her. All of my children had an American accent with a British twang but Angie's little innocent voice could make her father melt.

I stood up and walked into the living room, my two boys were playing on the brand new Xbox, but they were playing on old school games like 'Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2.' "Todd, get your feet off of the table." I scolded my eldest son tiredly, he was twelve and was the only one who liked his martial arts, archery and fencing classes. Not that I had sent Angie to any yet.

Todd did what he was told, not taking his eyes off of the screen. I walked into my younger son's bedroom and growled, "Keith!" I yelled. My nine year old walked into the room, silently. Breath, Penny. I sighed, "I thought I told you to tidy your room, it's a tip!" I said through my teeth.

"Well, I thought that the cleaner-" He whispered. I hated scaring my children.

"The cleaner won't clean your whole room. Put away your clothes, your toys and your books. Now." I looked at the most sensitive of my children and he nodded slowly, doing my bidding automatically. I walked out of the room and my two other children averted their eyes.

The penthouse looked unusually tidy that day, my children's godparents were arriving shortly. The door opened and my husband walked in, looking a little tired. Chris grinned as Angie ran to hug him, all of our children looked like him. "Hello baby." Chris cooed. He had changed his name back from Keith because I was awful at remembering his new name. Our surname was still Adams though.

"I am not a baby." Shouted the toddler.

"Well, you're my baby." He laughed, tickling her under the chin. The girl squealed with delight and he put her down. "Hey, Penny." He sighed, kissing me passionately.

"Ew." Said both our boys.

We ignored them. "How was work?" I asked, Chris only went in once a week so we were a pretty close family.

"It was alright. Dave and co. coming over tonight?"

"Very soon." I shooed him into our bedroom to get changed.

Maybe you're wondering how the once murdering, crazed superhero became a full time (loving) mum. Well I'll tell you it wasn't easy. The day I decided I wanted to be a mother I quit being my alter ego, afraid of the effects it may have to my womb. I often had to stop myself from screaming the house down but I actually was happy.

Todd was a good kid who liked to bend the rules, he was also turning out to be the most likely to be a hero. He had floppy black hair with bright green eyes, similar to my own. He was as skinny as Chris had been but was a lot shorter than his friends.

Keith was a sensitive, reserved boy. He had bright hazel eyes and short light brown hair. He liked reading and the only thing he enjoyed more was fencing, because then he felt like Peter Pan.

Chris came back into the sitting room and sighed, pulling his 'baby' onto his lap.

"Wanna play?" Todd asked, he was in a surprisingly good mood.

"Ok." Chris took the control and smiled.

I walked into the kitchen to check on the take out menus, I had never been good at cooking.

The door went and I ran to answer it, telling Keith to get out of his room and into the living room. I closed his door, so no one could see the mess.

I opened it and a gaggle of children grabbed my legs. "Penny!" They cried. The triplets let me go and an eleven year old gave me a quick hug.

Dave and Mindy walked in behind them and embraced me. "They've been so excited about this." He sighed. His arm was in a cast. "Not what you think it is." He grinned. "Never agree to make a tree house." He laughed.

Mindy sighed and held me, "It's good to see you."

Dave and his oldest daughter joined Chris and Todd on the Xbox, immediately. The Lewinski's have four beautiful daughters, three of them were seven. They were all blonde haired and blue eyes but in different degrees of colour. Angie latched onto Mindy immediately.

I sighed, "What do you want for dinner? Chinese, curry, fish and chips?"


After a lot of talking and dining the children started falling asleep. Keith and Todd slept in the first boys bedroom and Angie slept in Chris's and my bed. The Lewinski's slept in Todd's room while Mindy and Dave would sleep in the guest room.

While getting tipsy the adults started talking about the 'good old days.' "Do you ever want to go back?" Asked Mindy.

"Sometimes, but I love my life now and I was messed up back then. This is so much better." I told her, sort of honestly. Chris and Dave were glad to be rid of it.

"Do you want your children to follow our footsteps?" Chris asked.

Dave said, "No way. No I don't want them to go through that."

"I would make sure they were safe. It's there decision." Mindy said and Chris and I got the idea that it was a sore subject.

"I don't want them to but I'd make sure they were safe." I said honestly.

"I've never thought about it. Angie no. Defiantly not. Could you imagine Keith being a superhero?" He scoffed. "Maybe Todd. I think he would be sensible. But until there's another craze they won't do anything."

"I was the one who started the craze." Laughed Dave. "Do you still have your costumes?" It turned out all of us did, though we hadn't used them since we had disbanded.

The conversation somehow then changed to what would happen if Todd and Mindy's oldest, Martine, would get married. They retired to bed soon after, laughing hystericaly.

That was the first chapter. I hope you liked it, tell me what you think.