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I knew it was a lot to ask of Chris but I knew the only way to get our son back was to become our alter-egos. Chris, at first, was against the idea of becoming The Phoenix again, but after a lot of persuasion, his love for our son prevailed over his inhibitions.

I phoned Mindy as soon as Chris left to find his suit. "Hello?" Answer a husky-voiced Mindy.

"Mindy, it's me. I need your help."

"What's wrong?"

"I need you to be Hit Girl again and I need Dave to be Kick Ass."

"What?" She asked, unsure if it was some sort of prank call.

"Todd has decided he needs to be a superhero, I need my son back, Min."

There was a silence, "Give me a sec." I heard rustling. "Shit, Martine's gone too."

"Help me get our children back." I pleaded.

"I will. Let me talk to Dave. But what about the girls?"

"Bring them here, Reginald will look after all of the kids."

"We'll be over soon." Mindy said as she put down the phone.

Chris called down to reception to ask Reginald to come up to look after the children, while I squeezed into my old costume.

The old man appeared at the door and walked into the living room. I watched as Chris pulled out his costume. He stared at it for a few seconds and then started to put it on. I grabbed my weapons including my MPK5 and got ready to leave when the door went.

Dave and Mindy were in their costumes holding their girls in their arms. They put the children in Angie's room. I shook my head as I saw Dave properly, he looked awfully odd in his costume with a cast on his arm.

"Do you have any idea where they are?" Dave asked, he looked terrified.

"No." Chris sighed, walking into the living room.

"Wait." I said, walking into Todd's room. His phone was on his bedside table. I scrolled though, feeling bad for prying. I saw the message I hoped for; Meet me in the park by my house. M.


Martine and I walked out of the park, chuckling and feeling more at ease with each other than before. I held my hover board and walked beside my partner, Dave had put her bike away earlier so she couldn't get at it.

We walked into the middle of New York, no idea that help was on it's way in the form of our heroes.


We ran down to the garage to use Mindy's car and Chris stopped. "Chris, lets go!" I yelled.

"One second, maybe it would be best if we took… this." He said and pulled the cover off of a bright red car.

"The Firecracker?" Dave asked.

"I thought you got rid of it?" I asked.

"I could never quite do it. I loved this car. I also made a few improvements." He smiled. He climbed into the front seat and sighed.

I climbed into the front passenger seat and Dave and Mindy got into the back. He set of quickly and towards the park. "You are full of surprises."

"Once upon a time you would have called me a 'pussy.'" He laughed.

As soon as we arrived, Mindy jumped out, she ran towards the pond and I followed. "They were here." She whispered.

"How do you know?"

"I know my daughter… and these are her tracks." Mindy said with a glint in her eyes, pointing at the boot shape on the ground. "There is only one line of tracks here and then two lead away."

"Todd must have used his hover board." I muttered.

We walked out of the park and followed the tracks for a while, "They're going towards the centre." Mindy concluded.

We climbed back into the car and prayed that we'd find our children in time.


Martine and I strolled along hoping to find something soon. I couldn't wait to fight some bad guys, or more specifically watch Martine fight bad guys while I failed miserably to do anything. I felt so small compared to her, she was a better superhero by far.

As we walked along I heard a yell. "What was that?" I asked.

"Lets go and find out." Martine suggested.

In the middle of a street a man pulled his arm away from someone in a balaclava. He then ran as though being chased by a pack of hungry wolves. "Come on!" Red Dawn yelled as she ran.

I dropped my hover board, hoped on it and chased after her. It turned out that one man was part of a huge gang - all clad in the same balaclava and dark clothes- they all ran after the same man, holding different weapons (including baseball bats). We stopped to watch the line of people file out of the alleyway.

My mouth fell open as more and more men came out of the shadows, following the one guy. Martine seemed unaffected and just rolled her eyes at me. We followed them to an abandoned area, once inhabited by the homeless, which was surrounded by walls or buildings. The man who couldn't get away was trapped.

I watched, wanting to cover my eyes. Red Dawn seemed to want to go in, guns blazing. "We can't fight them alone."

"Who else will help?" She asked, almost desperately. "We have to do this or that man will die." She turned to me. "Are you with me or are you going to stand and watch?"

I didn't answer, I just walked forward with purpose. I pulled out a sword which I had stolen from the garage ( I had sneaked down earlier in the day and found one). I span it around and moved closer to the group, I could feel Red Dawn beside me. "Hey! Douce bags!" I yelled, the group turned around as one unit.

They moved towards me and I stood in my start position, my sword in front of me. I jumped forward and lunged. I heard someone laugh from beside me and swung around to hit them in the stomach, I felt flesh on my sword and the person touched where I had hit gingerly.

I lunged forward again, this time unafraid of hurting anyone. I swung the sword above my head and made my way to a person stood not too far in front of me. I swung bravely at their arm and I felt my weapon hit something that wasn't armour. I heard men scream as Red Dawn laid into each person with no mercy. I wasn't finding it quite so easy, each time I cut someone new I felt awful. Those people had friends and family, a life.

I stabbed and slashed with as much bravery as I could muster but they were slowly pushing me and Red Dawn into a tight circle. We suddenly bashed into each other and turned to hurt each other until we both realised who we were about to attack. I could see panic on Red Dawn's face and gulped, "We'll be fine. We can get out of this." I told her as I turned my back to her.

She asked "How?" As she pressed her back against mine.

"Let me think." I whispered. We turned in a tight circle, staring up at each member in the gang.

"What have we got here lads?" Said a booming voice. "Two children?" He asked as he pushed through the crowds. "All this over two children?" He put his head in his hands.

"They're unnaturally strong boss." One person said. The man with the booming voice shot the man without even looking at him.

"Anybody else got a comment?" He growled. There was silence. "Good. Now go home children, if you know what's good for you." He turned away.

"No." Red Dawn whispered.

"What did she say?"

"She said 'no.' We are going to stop you from harming that man." I spoke up.

"You are dealing in things you don't understand." He sighed.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Martine whispered.

"We will die fighting for what's right."

"Big words for one so young." The man turned back to me. "It's a shame really, you could have been a great man." He turned away again, "Kill them." He ordered, walking away.

"What are we going to do?" Martine whispered.

"We are going to go out fighting." I said as I took out my sword again.

"Stop." Came a low and intimidating voice, from above us, there was a bright light which dazzled us all. "Touch a hair on their heads and you die."

"On second thoughts," A higher and obviously a woman's voice rang out. She stood in front of the light and her shadow was huge and showed that she was wearing a cape. "why wait until then?" The woman jumped and span in the air towards us and started fighting.

Three other people appeared out of the darkness. Two joined the woman in fighting and the other person ran towards us and stood beside us, "Don't worry, we've got this. Go home, don't come back." The person was very familiar.

"Hit Girl?" I gasped.

"Go!" She yelled as she pulled out two batons with knives on the ends. We pushed through the wall of people and started to leave. "Wait!" I yelled.

Red Dawn stopped and turned to me. "We have to go back, we have to save the guy and they need our help." I told her.

"You heard Hit Girl. We gotta go!" Red Dawn shouted over the noise of men and women screaming.

"I thought you wanted to fight?"

"They've got it covered. Please, Todd." She pleaded with me.

"No. I'm going to help." I replied stubbornly. I ran back into the crowd and pushed through.

I ignored Red Dawn's cries. I needed to prove myself to her, to everyone. That I could be a superhero.

I ran past a blur of red in the wall of black but I carried on running, I had to get to the man before he was killed. I arrived, tired out and wide eyed at a brick wall and there was the man. The one with the booming voice. "I thought I told you to run." He sighed.

"I don't run. Leave him alone and no one has to get hurt." I puffed out my chest so I looked more intimidating than I was. It didn't work.

The man scoffed and brought forward the man I was supposed to help. "You think you could hurt us."

"I have help."

"They seem to be a little preoccupied, boy."

I turned and looked around me, I gulped. I was alone. "Then I will save him myself."

"With a sword."

I pulled it out of it's sheath on my hip. I positioned myself, trying not to show my terror. I ran forward and the man shook his head, taking out a pistol. I stopped in my tracks, "You've bought a sword to a gun fight, boy."

I looked at the man slumped on a wall behind him, he was beaten up badly and was clutching his leg. I took in a deep breath and sheathed my sword before taking out a gun, the gun Martine had given me, the gun I really did not want to use.

"Do you know how to use one of those?" The man asked. "I don't think you could shoot me. Could you live with yourself after murdering me?"

That hit me, hard. "I will just be taking a piece of scum off of the street." I squeaked. I heard something in the distance, I wasn't sure what it was, it was too far away for me to hear. The sound of blood pulsed through me until I could hardly hear anything.

I placed my finger on the trigger, shaking violently. As I started to squeeze I was knocked backwards with a bang and then to the side almost at the same time. I could hear lots of short bangs and I saw someone with black and red hair lean over me. "Todd? Todd. You'll be fine, stay with me Toddie. Shit, shit!" I saw the figure look at his hand, I recognised the voice. "Kick Ass! Call an ambulance. You're going to be just fine. Please be ok." I saw another figure with a purple mask over her eyes, she was crying. I blacked out.


We were all busy fighting. I hadn't even noticed Todd come back to save someone. As I decapitated a man I turned and saw my baby with a gun, Martine was stood just behind him, shouting, pleading with him to put the gun down. I saw him move his finger and had a flashback to my first kill, I wouldn't let him feel how I did. Before I could move, I saw a red blur run towards him and tackle him to the ground. There was an almighty bang as the man Toddie was about to kill shot his gun seconds before The Phoenix got to him.

"No!" I screamed and ran, pulling out my MPK5 and shooting at the man who had just shot my son. He crumpled to the ground, a satisfied smile on his face. I then turned and shot at anyone vaguely near my family.

Kick Ass and Hit Girl ran over to Martine and phoned an ambulance. My face was sodden with tears as I knelt beside my boy. He closed his eyes. "Toddie. Please."

I heard Hit Girl walk over and talk to the man we had just saved.

We quickly took off the top layers of all of our costumes and Hit Girl drove The Firecracker back to the garage. I stared down at Todd, I had wanted to save him from killing someone but we didn't stop him from being killed himself. No, he's not dead. Not yet.

That night was the longest of my life. Mindy and Dave had gone back to ours to stay with the children. Chris and I had gone to the hospital with our oldest son, we held each other late into the night. "We were too late." I sobbed.

"We don't know that yet. He'll be fine. He's your son. You cheated death on many occasions." Chris murmured into my head.

"Mr and Mrs Adams?" A black doctor came to speak to us. I looked into his face and saw only disappointment and worry.

*A few days later*

"Angie!" I sighed as she ran around the house. "Please calm down. We don't want to overwhelm him." I half smiled.

"I'm sorry, but I'm so excited."

"We all are honey."

Keith walked in with a pile of games. "What have you got there?" I asked.

"He's not going to be able to do much, so I thought he might want to play these." Keith hadn't been sleeping since Toddie had gone to hospital, trying to think of ways to cheer up his brother.

"That's very sweet of you honey. But he can hardly use his left arm." Keith looked very disappointed in himself, "But I'm sure he'll try and play them none the less." I sighed and my younger son laughed.

I heard the doorbell go and the Lizewski's walked in. "Hello!" I smiled.

"I hope it's alright, Mindy wanted to come and see him." Mindy explained.

Martine looked up at me in awe. "Marty, remember what we said." Dave muttered.

"I know, I won't tell anyone." She sighed. She had worked out who we all were almost immediately. Especially as Kick Ass's arm cast was the same as Dave's.

"He's on his way. Chris went to pick him up."

Everyone sat around the living room and I put on the kettle. I stared out of the window and sighed. "Penny?" A little voice behind me asked.

"Yes Marty?" I smiled.

"He won't do it again. I promise, I'll make sure."

"Thank you." I hugged the girl and smiled at her.

"By the way, I think you were really cool. I wish I could fight like you."

"From the sound of it, you use a lot of my moves." I laughed softly and raised my eyebrow. She blushed and went to sit down again.

I heard scuffling noise behind the front door and I ran to it. There was my husband beside my staggering son. "Todd!" I yelled and hugged him.

"Ow." I heard him whimper as I hugged him too harshly.


"Dad did the same thing." He smiled weakly.

Lucky for all of us, the bullet had just missed Todd's heart by less than a centimetre. He was still recovering and he was told to take things slowly but as Chris said, he was my son and he'd recover quickly.

After a little while of talking to his brother about something or other I heard, "I swear to you, it was 'The Conservation Quad!' They helped us! Plus The Phoenix and The Purple Eradicator knew my name."

I laughed at his stupidity, "He's definitely got your brains." I said to Chris warmly. He rolled his eyes, smiling.

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