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Harry was rescued out of his nightmare by Lily again. He held her close, quieting his heart and trying to match his breath with hers. She clutched Harry's shirt with her small hands, curling into his chest.

"Feeling better, Daddy?"

Harry's heart nearly broke at the soft question. He kissed her hair, thankful for the little wonders of life. "You're my angel, you know that, right?"

Lily giggled into Harry's chest, wrapping her arms around his neck. "And you're my angel," she said, slobbering on Harry's cheek with a wet kiss attached to the end of it. Harry laughed quietly, grabbing his daughter by the arms and rolling over so she rested on his chest while he looked up at her. He marveled at how like her mother she looked - the same red locks and brown eyes with a sly smile that refused to go away. He sighed as he tucked her tangled hair behind her ears. He lay on the bed for a few more moments, collecting himself. Lily didn't make a sound, seemingly content with lying on Harry's chest. After a minute, Harry sat up, dragging Lily with him. They sat on the bed, staring at each other. Lily was wiggling her eyebrows, causing Harry to burst out laughing. It appeared she had somehow mastered the art her brothers were so awfully good at.

"And where are the little devils?" he asked with a twinkle in his eye that mirrored Lily's sneaky smile.

"Still sleeping," Lily answered, her smile growing into a full-blown grin. The two chuckled darkly. Harry got out of bed, pulling Lily along with him. They tip toed dramatically towards the boys' room, Lily with a hand covering her grin.

"What should we do?" Harry whispered, kneeling down beside Lily. She shrugged like she usually did, waiting for her father to surprise her. He winked, opening the door slowly.

"Gah!" He staggered back as two soft bodies pushed him to the ground and started tickling him. Lily was jumping up and down in the air, clapping her hands and giggling with excitement. Albus and James knew all the spots to hit, causing Harry to writhe on the ground with laughter.

"Not - fair," he gasped through his mirth. He grabbed his boys in a hug, crushing them to his chest. That stopped the tickling. He glared at Lily accusingly.

"It was a trap!" she said, eager to explain her idea.

"I noticed," Harry said. Albus and James giggled, pressing warm kisses on Harry's cheeks.

"I want French toast," Albus said into Harry's ear.

"Of course you do," Harry replied, shaking his head. The kids were going through one of those stages, where all they wanted to eat was grown-up food in the morning. French toast was as grown-up as it got. And Harry was getting awfully sick of it.

"Me too," James proclaimed.

"But I don't," Harry said, pouting at Lily.

"That's okay, you don't have to eat it," James said helpfully.

Harry chuckled, getting up off the floor and toppling his boys as he did so. "Fine," he said, folding his arms on his chest in a mock dejection. "But you have to help," he said, turning on his heels and walking down the stairs to the kitchen. James groaned while Albus and Lily followed eagerly. Making breakfast with the children was a clamorous affair, but it was a daily ritual. The children had to help cook at least one meal a day. Thin layer of cinnamon and butter coated the counter as Harry watched the toast sizzling on the pan. James was setting the table and Albus was filling the cups with juice. Lily was happily dunking the bread in eggs and sugar.

"What do you guys want to do today?" Harry asked loudly.




"Okay," Harry sighed, feeling tired just thinking about it.

"What do you want to do today, Daddy?" Lily asked, licking her hands free. Harry yelped, grabbing Lily's hand and wiping it off with a towel. She pouted, running her sticky fingers down her pajamas to clean them off. Harry chuckled in defeat, shaking his head.

"Whatever you guys want to do," he said, plating the last of the toast and wandlessly floating it to the table. Lily followed him into the dining room, where Albus and James were already seated, sniffing the breakfast. "French toast," he announced. The boys grinned with hunger. The plates were polished off in under an hour, syrup riddling the table and juice sloshed over the sides of the cups.

"You guys have to be the messiest kids ever!" Harry said as he finished his toast and leaned back on the chair, surveying the carnage.

"Aunty Hermione said we got that from you," James said, sipping his juice.

"And how I wish you hadn't," Harry smiled, piling the empty plates and sending them into the kitchen. "Okay, I want you guys to wash up and put on some play clothes. We need to get you cleaned up before we can get you messy again." The children trounced back up the stairs as Harry cleaned the table and the dishes.


Harry's stomach fluttered and his heart clenched. He rearranged his face into a faint smile as he turned around.

"Oh, sure, now you're awake," he said sarcastically, eyeing the portrait.

Ginny winked, running her hand through her smooth red hair and yawning. "'Morning," she said. Her eyes focused on Harry after a second. "You look bloody awful!"

"Thank you." Harry rolled his eyes and checked his reflection in the mirror by the hallway. He frowned in consternation at his dark circles and untidy, black mop of hair.

"Nightmares again? Harry, you really need to get past them."

Harry sighed in frustration. "I can't handle this right now," he muttered, running his fingers through his hair.

"Fine, fine… I love you."

"Love you too," Harry said softly, returning to the kitchen without turning back. This was another part of his everyday life – a part that hurt as much as it helped. Some of the conversations brought him to stitches while other brought him to tears. But today he needed to focus on his children, not on his wife.

"Don't forget Ron's birthday! It's in a week."

Harry stifled his groan, resisting the urge to smack his head against the wall. Ginny didn't know, but his relationship with the Weasleys was far from cordial. Birthdays were the perfect setting for things to go wrong. And since the Weasley family had doubled in number, the entire year consisted of birthday after birthday, anniversary after anniversary, and celebration after celebration. Each happy occasion with the Weasleys only added to Harry's grief. He knew he was being unreasonable, but he couldn't cheat his emotions. He'd tried many times. But whenever he saw Molly, he was reminded of Ginny's warm eyes. When he saw George, he was reminded of Fred's wide grin. And when he saw Ron – Harry felt his eyes stinging and noticed that he was grasping the counter with white knuckles. That family had been wrenched apart because of him. He let go of the counter, calming himself down. Focus on the kids. And that's what he had done for the past year. He'd thrown himself at his children, relying on them to drive away his pain and guilt.

"Daddy!" Albus whined from upstairs.

"James, stop tormenting him," Harry shouted up from the kitchen.

"I'm not! He's just being a baby," James shouted back. Harry heard scuffles and yelps coming from the boys' room, which was a usual occurrence. Harry groaned when the thuds were soon followed by angry sobs. He ran up the stairs and walked down the hall to the boys' bedroom, folding his arms in front of him and tapping his foot. Albus was crying on the floor and James was looking guilty on his bed.

"What happened here?" Harry asked James.

"He – he pushed me," Albus answered dramatically.

"I barely touched him!" James said adamantly, scowling at his younger brother.

"See!" Albus sobbed, pointing at his arm. Harry didn't see anything on it. "It's a scratch," Albus clarified when Harry was silent. Harry nodded solemnly, pursing his lips at James.

"What? He was being a baby," James said sullenly, staring at his hands.

"What happened?" Lily asked, running into the room. "Aw, are you okay, Ally?" she ran up to her brother, crouching down beside him. Albus showed her his scratch importantly. "Oh no! Look, Daddy!" she said sadly, holding up Albus' arm. Yet again, Harry couldn't spot the elusive scratch. He eyed James expectantly. The boy rolled his eyes and got up from his bed.

"Sorry, Al," he said morosely, hugging his brother. Albus didn't deign to reply, apparently still mad at his brother.


"It's okay," the boy said begrudgingly, inspecting his arm.

"Are we done with the drama for today?" Harry asked his children, titling his head in reproach. They nodded quickly. "Get ready. We're leaving for the library in one hour, okay?" Harry said. "And James, we're going to have a little chat," he added, jerking his head towards the hall and walking out of the room. James followed moodily. Harry knelt down, clutching James' hand. "You know you can't push Al around like that, don't you?"

James nodded, not meeting Harry's eye.

"Because it makes him sad. And it makes you sad too, doesn't it?"

James stared at his socked feet.

"And nobody likes bullies."

"But he started –"

"I don't care who started it. You finished it. And I don't like the way you finished it. If he started it, come to me and I'll talk to him."

"But –"

"James, no hitting, okay?" Tears dripped down James' face and Harry had to use all his power to stop from comforting his son. He stared at James' downturned face. "James." The boy lifted his head up and nodded at Harry, his lips trembling. Harry sighed, brushing away the tears from James' cheeks. "Awful way to start the morning, huh?" he asked.

James nodded again. "I'm sorry," he said, kissing Harry's cheek. Harry's heart melted at the gesture.

"I know," Harry said, smiling. "Now, get ready for today. We have a lot to do," he gently pushed his son back towards the bedroom. He got up, watching his son fiercely wipe away the tears and shuffle to his room.

"I really am sorry, Al," he heard James say.

"I know. I'm sorry too," Albus replied. "See, it doesn't even hurt!"

"I'll kiss it better," Lily said helpfully.

"Ew," the boys said in unison.

Harry shook his head and laughed quietly. Thank goodness for the kids.


At the library, Harry had managed to get Lily settled down on the plushy couch with a brightly colored book.

"You, stay," Harry said. Lily giggled, nodding. Harry started out into the depths of shelves and musty tomes in search of his other two children. He wasn't surprised to find James deeply engrossed in a book about Muggle contraptions. The boy was running his hand down the pictures, sitting cross-legged on the floor. His mouth was gaping open at the large words and elaborate explanations. Harry let him be, knowing that James could stare at the same page for hours on end, trying to figure it out. A few rows down, he spotted Albus languidly looking at books on mythical creatures.

"Hey," Harry whispered, joining his son. "Looking for something?"

Albus shrugged. "I want to own a dragon. But I need to learn about them first," he said casually.

Harry looked down at his son with amusement. Albus liked having his head stuck in the clouds. Being the eight-year-old he was, Harry knew Albus had no idea what all the words on the spines of the books read. "Okay, how about this one – Tails, Spikes, and More," he asked, pulling out a book from the shelf. He flipped through it, slightly disturbed by the images in them. He glanced down at Albus' expectant face. "Um – maybe not," he muttered, putting it back on the shelf. Albus pouted. "This one looks promising – Everything about Dragons," he said, flipping through the smaller book. He showed it to Albus, who was nodding furiously. They walked back down the rows to find James and drag him out of his stupor. The three then settled down beside an enraptured Lily, lapsing into silence and occasional giggles.

"Daddy, which one's your dragon?" Albus asked after a few minutes. By Harry's dragon, he meant the Hungarian Horntail. No matter how many times Harry's showed Albus the picture, the boy never grew tired of it. Harry flipped through the pages of the book, identifying the terrifying black dragon with bronze horns. He handed the book back to Albus, pointing at the moving picture.

"Is that the one you want to have?" Harry asked vaguely as Lily clambered onto his lap.

"No. That looks scary. I want to have this one," the boy pointed out Antipoedean Opaleye. "This one is nice. That one is scary," Albus said. Harry smiled, nodding in approval.

"I want it too, Daddy," Lily said, eyeing the white scales and gemstone eyes of the dragon on the book.

"Hmm… If I ever come across one, I'll make sure to let you guys know," Harry said. The two children nodded solemnly, taking Harry's word for it.

"Dad! Why don't we have this at home?" James asked, pointing to the Muggle television.

"Because, James, it apparently rots brains," Harry said.

James looked at his father with wide eyes, then looked back at the picture. "Really?" he asked in awe.

Harry chuckled quietly. "I'll see about getting one. Although, I doubt Mum would've approved," he said.

"Yeah, if it rots brains, I don't think Mum would like it," James mumbled faintly, flipping the page.

Harry stifled his laugh in Lily's hair, looking down at the book she was holding. "How's the book?" he asked. She shrugged her shoulders. "Good to know," Harry said.

It was an hour later that the kids started to grow antsy about sitting in one place for too long. Harry noticed his daughter's agitation and decided it was time to pack up. They were out of the library in five minutes, the children's hands piled with books. They Apparated to the park, much to the kids' enjoyment. Harry wasn't sure why the kids enjoyed Apparition so much, especially since he hated it. They walked down the well-worn path that was surrounded by trees and other wizards and witches.

"Dad, I'm hungry," Albus whined, straggling behind Harry and Lily.

"Which is why we're going to find a picnic spot. Come on," Harry said.

"Yay!" Lily exclaimed at the word picnic.

They came upon the perfect spot. Harry threw down the blanket and the kids sat on it readily, looking through Harry's bag for the food. They pulled out the sandwiches and were happily munching on them when they heard loud cheers and happy laughter coming from the small Quidditch pitch near them. Harry glanced towards the field, noticing the abundance of parents and children wandering around it.

"Do they have a match?" James asked. The field was a frequent spot for friendly Quidditch matches and informal games. Harry shrugged, looking up at the sky. There wasn't a single broom in the air.

"I don't think so," he answered.

"Can I go?" James asked hopefully. Harry eyed the pitch and his son.

"After lunch, yes," he said, nodding. James wolfed down his lunch in two minutes flat. He jumped up and ran to the field, waving bye to his family. Albus looked at his father with his puppy dog eyes. Harry sighed, nodding at him. With a flashy grin, his second son was up on his feet too, running after his big brother. Harry looked at Lily pointedly. "I suppose you want to go too," he said.

She shrugged. "Not really…"

Harry laughed, kissing her plump cheek. "Then you can keep me company," he said. Lily was always with him. After Ginny's death, Lily had been quite shaken up. She rarely left her father's side anymore. Harry was fine with this. He liked having her within arm's reach. He lay on his stomach, opening up the book Albus had been reading in the library. Lily sat quietly, eating her sandwich and watching the park mildly.

"You want this one, huh?" he asked, reading up on the Opaleye. Lily crawled over, resting her chin on Harry's shoulder and breathing down his neck.

"Yes. I like white. It's so pretty. So it's nice. That's what Ally said."

"Yes, it must be nice," Harry repeated.



"Want to see what I can do?"

Harry smiled, turning his head slightly to look at his daughter. "What can you do, honey?"

"This," she said. Harry watched Albus' half-eaten sandwich float up off the plate. It flew up in the air slowly, moving towards the tree that shaded them. Harry followed it up until it reached the leafy boughs. Then it disappeared from his sight, hidden between the leaves.


"I gave it to the birds!" Lily said dreamily, staring up at the tree.

"I – how did you learn to do that?" Harry asked, frowning slightly.

"Now I'm like you, Daddy. I can float things too," she said, hugging Harry's neck.

"You are one bizarre little girl, Lily," Harry said faintly, watching the tree to make sure the sandwich didn't fall on his head.

"I'm bizarre!" Lily chimed, rolling the new word in her tongue.

Harry was pulled out of his amusement by quiet sobs. "Daddy, someone's crying," Lily whispered loudly. He nodded, getting up off his stomach and kneeling on the blanket. He looked around, but didn't find anyone in his vicinity. "I think he's behind the tree," Lily said. Harry got up, nearly stumbling as he stood on his numb legs. He shook them free of pins and needles, then walked around the trunk of the large tree.

Harry came upon a small boy who was sitting on the ground with his knees pulled up to his chest and his face hidden in his arms. Harry bit his lip, looking around. When he couldn't spot anyone who looked like the child's parent, he knelt down beside him.

"Hey, you alright?" he asked gently. The boy didn't bother answering, but his sobs stilled. Harry waited beside him. He heard Lily's soft footsteps rounding the tree and walking up to them. She clutched Harry's hand, looking at the boy with wonder.

"Is he okay?" she asked Harry. Harry sighed, shrugging. "He's bizarre," she noted, using her newfound favorite word. Harry chuckled, squeezing Lily's hand.

"I'm not bizarre," the boy said thickly, his voice nasal from the crying.

"Oh, so you do talk," Harry said, hoping to entice the boy into lifting up his head. It didn't work.

"Yes, I talk," the boy retorted.

"Hmm…" Harry looked the boy over, noticing the dirt on his jeans and a hole on his knee. He frowned at the bloody knuckles. He reached for it, holding onto the small hand tightly before it could be pulled away. The boy looked up angrily. "Oh," Harry inhaled, staring into sharp grey eyes. Now he noticed the feathery platinum blond hair and expensive clothing. He noticed the slightly pointed features that showed underneath the soft rounded cheeks.

"Let go," the boy said vehemently.

Harry held onto his hand, now inspecting the red, scraped knuckles. "You were fighting?" he asked quietly.

"Yes, is that a problem?" the boy asked haughtily. He kept trying to tug his hand away from Harry's.

"Yes, it is," Harry said, looking back at the child's grey eyes. The tugging stopped as the child took in Harry's warm green eyes and grim mouth. "Are you hurt anywhere else?" Harry asked, pulling out his wand. He noticed the boy flinching at the sight of it. He hesitated, unsure of what to do. The boy didn't answer the question, his sight on the stilled wand. They sat in silence for a few seconds before Lily took initiative.

"Do you want me to kiss it better?" she asked, lightly touching the boy's tear tracks. The boy shook out of his trance, staring at Lily in bewilderment.


Lily planted a firm kiss on the boy's pale cheek. The boy stared at Harry with wide eyes, unsure of what to do. Harry winked and smiled at him. "Thank you, Lily. I'm sure he feels loads better now," he said. Lily smiled triumphantly. Harry took the confused moment to quickly heal the boy's split knuckles and assess him for any other injuries. The charms found faint bruises on the ribs, which Harry healed as well. The boy had his eyes clenched shut during the whole process. Once Harry was finished, which was a few seconds later, he stared at the boy's familiar face.

"You know, you look so much like him," Harry said impulsively.

The boy opened his eyes, staring at Harry curiously. "You know Dad?" he asked, shifting uncomfortably. "You won't tell Mum, will you?" he asked in agitation.

"Yes, I know Draco. And no, I won't tell Mum," Harry said, taking in the boy's expressions. "What's your name?"

"Scorpius," the boy said sullenly. "Stupid name," he muttered.

"Stupid!" Lily said. "That's a bad word," she chided.

"What do you want to be called then?" Harry asked, his lips twitching slightly.

"I don't know," Scorpius said in a moody tone.

"We'll call him Dragon, because he has nice hair and nice eyes. We can keep him. Albus and I would love him," Lily proclaimed.

Harry laughed at this and at Scorpius' confusion. "I'm Harry and this is Lily," he said.

"I don't want you to keep me," he responded to Lily's words.

"It's okay, we won't," Harry said, chuckling at Lily's crestfallen face. "That's not a dragon, honey," he explained, shaking his head at his daughter.

Lily rolled her eyes and crossed her arms in front of her. "I know he's not a dragon, Daddy. I was just pretending."

"Of course you were," Harry said. "What was the fight about?" he asked Scorpius casually.

"I don't want to talk about it," Scorpius said, hugging himself tightly.

"Okay, that's fine. Who are you here with?"


"Do you know where she is?"

Scorpius shook his head. "I know where Dad is. In the Quidditch field."

"What do you say, Lily, up for a little stroll?" Harry asked his daughter. She nodded, pulling Harry's hand. Harry looked at Scorpius, titling his head questioningly. The boy sighed and got up, brushing himself free of grass and dirt.

"You don't have to take me. I can find him on my own," Scorpius said sullenly.

Harry smiled at the boy's stubborn nature. Like his father. "I know you can. My boys are down there already. I thought I'd go see what it was all about. You can tag along if you'd like," he said. Scorpius bit his lip thoughtfully, then nodded.

"Good. Let's go."

Harry quickly packed up the half-finished picnic, shoving the books and food into his bag. "How old are you?" Lily asked Scorpius as they walked down to the slightly crowded field.

"Almost nine," he said.

"Daddy, how old is Ally?"

"Eight, sweety. Same as Scorpius."

"That's great!"

Scorpius rolled his eyes. As they neared the pitch, Harry noticed that it was a game. Except the players were around the ages of seven and ten. "Hmm… I didn't know they had Quidditch Minors here," he muttered.

"Oh yeah, Dad wanted to start one. It's the first day," Scorpius informed.

Harry almost snorted at the thought of Draco starting a Quidditch Minor team. Then again, he'd have snorted with amusement at the thought of Draco siring a child, and yet here was the proof, striding importantly beside him. "Oh, are these try-outs?" he asked.

"Yes. It starts today. I'm trying out too," the boy said, huffing up his chest at the last statement.

"What position?"

"Seeker, like Dad."

"Are you any good?"


Harry grinned at the concise answer. They entered the small pitch. The goal rings were lowered significantly to accommodate the children. Parents lined the edges of the field, laughing and cheering on their small wizards and witches. There were several boys and girls lining up on the field, jumping up and down excitedly. A few were already in the air, trying to follow patterns made by the instructor in front of them. Some of them were crowded around the coaches, listening to rules and regulations. A few were crowded around the chest that held the equipment, staring wondrously at them.

"Daddy!" Harry stumbled backwards as Albus and James knocked into him, talking rapidly.

"I want to try out!"

"I want a broom!"

"I want to be a Chaser!"

"I want to be the Seeker!"

"Can I do it?"

"I want Quidditch robes!"

"They're having so much fun!"

"Do you think I can make it?"



Harry laughed at his enthusiastic sons. "Actually, I was just going to ask you guys if you wanted to try out," he said. Albus and James cheered and ran to the table where they could sign up. Harry and Lily followed them, Scorpius looking lost by their side. "That was Albus and James, by the way. My sons," Harry filled in.

"Does that make you Harry Potter?" Scorpius asked slowly.

Harry smiled awkwardly. "Yes, I guess it does," he admitted, looking down at the pale boy.

"That's so wicked!" Scorpius exclaimed, his eyes wide open and his mouth slipping into an easy grin. "You're the coolest guy in the world!"

"Um… I – I don't know about that," Harry said vaguely, feeling the persistent blush creeping up on him.

"Wow, Harry Potter," Scorpius repeated, his eyes glazed in rapture. He quickly grabbed Harry's free hand. "I have to get you to meet Dad!" he said, tugging Harry.

"Oh, not a good idea," Harry said, pulling Scorpius back towards him.

The boy pouted, dragging Harry towards the pitch again. Harry stayed put. "Why?" Scorpius asked.

"I – I don't think – I'm sure your dad's busy with this," Harry explained vaguely.

"No, he's not. See?" Scorpius pointed to the edge of the field, by the three rings. Harry saw Draco leaning on the post, watching the proceedings lazily. He looked the same as he did in school, now with wider shoulders and more musculature. His hair was no longer slicked back, so it was free to fall wherever it pleased. His pale eyes were flicking back and forth, from one group to the next. "Dad!" Scorpius yelled. His voice was drowned by the organized chaos in the pitch. "Daddy!" he tried again. When he got no response, he stomped his foot and let go of Harry's hand. "Don't move, okay?" he said, looking up at Harry with adoring eyes. He ran through the crowd, waving wildly at Draco.

Harry groaned, pulling Lily up to his hips and hiding his face in the crook of her neck. She swatted him away. "That tickles, Daddy," she said, giggling. Harry thought of getting out of there as soon as possible, but he couldn't get rid of the look of innocent admiration in Scorpius' eyes when he had figured out who Harry was.

"This is so embarrassing," he muttered. Lily giggled again. Harry peeked out of the nest of hair he was hiding in. Scorpius had just made it through the throng of parents. Draco seemed to have finally heard him because Harry saw the man wrenching his eyes away from the sky and back to the ground. Draco frowned in confusion, then shook his head as a grin grew on his face. Scorpius launched himself at Draco. Harry watched Draco catch him easily and hug him. The grin quickly faltered and Harry knew Scorpius was probably rattling on excitedly about his chance encounter with Harry Potter. Draco was scanning the crowd now, a smile still fixed in place. Scorpius then pointed directly at Harry's half-hidden face. Draco tilted his head slightly, frowning through his smile. Harry sighed and moved Lily away from his face, shrugging helplessly at Draco. Lily waved happily at the blond man.

"He looks nice too, Daddy, doesn't he?"

Harry guffawed in amusement. "Right," he said sarcastically. He felt hands tugging at his shirt and he looked down at his boys. They were pulling him to the table. Harry let them lead the way, thankful for the interruption. The boys were signed up and ready to try out within five minutes, to their immense relief. Without a look back, Albus and James raced to the field, leaving Harry and Lily to fend for themselves.

"Want to sit up there?" Harry asked his daughter, pointing to the bleachers. She nodded excitedly. They made their way past the crowding parents and towards the almost empty bleachers.

"Potter," Harry heard Draco call out to him. He rolled his eyes at the familial tone, turning around.

"Malfoy," he responded wearily, watching Draco walk up to him with Scorpius trailing behind.

They stared at each other for a few moments. Harry was pulled out of memory lane by Lily's hand, which was squeezing him gently. "R – right. Good turnout today, huh?" he asked mildly.

Draco nodded, glancing at the field. "It was about time someone started a Quidditch Minor," he said.

"I can think of a few people who'd think so," Harry said, smiling at the children who were zooming in the air.

"Your sons… They're trying out?" Draco asked, searching the children to see if he could pick out Harry's kids.

"Yes, they are."

"Are they any good?"

Harry held back a smile. "Yes, they are."

"Like their parents, huh?"

Harry couldn't stop his smile from showing now. Hearing Draco compliment him and Ginny was definitely a new experience. "We were pretty good, weren't we?" he responded slyly.

Draco looked back at Harry with narrow eyes, realizing what he'd just said. "Where'd you find him?" he asked, titling his head at Scorpius. The boy bit his lip nervously.

"Oh, just wandering around," Harry said vaguely.

"He seems to be doing a lot of that," Draco muttered. Scorpius blushed himself pink at the comment.

"This is my daughter, Lily," Harry said, introducing the child attached to his hand.

"Caught the unfortunate Weasel bug, huh?"

Harry chuckled despite himself, looking at Lily's red hair. "I like to think of it as the fortunate Weasel bug," he said.

"Only you would, Potter," Draco said. "Well, thanks for finding him and bringing him here."

"Y – Yeah, no worries," Harry stammered, slightly baffled at the way Draco was talking. He watched the tall man walk back to the pitch, his son in tow. Scorpius turned around and waved at Harry, flashing a small smile. Lily waved back for Harry.

"Daddy," Lily said as they started walking to the bleachers again. "What's a Weasel bug?"