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In the Snape residence a little girl sits in front of the door that is her brother's room. The girl rocks back and forth knowing that her brother doesn't like getting dressed up, not one bit. They were going to someplace 'fancy' and she had a pretty dress that screamed pretty. Then her brother looked at her with this look that made her start to whimper and hide her face in her dress. Severus, when she looks up is right by her.

"Don't cry," he says, softly.

The girl nods but doesn't say anything else. When they are about to leave the little girl gets her jacket and runs over to Severus to hold his hand when they go outside. The two were very close and almost never went anywhere without each other.

"Sev," she whispers to the boy beside her.

"Yes, sis what do you want," Severus answers her, squeezing her hand a little.

"Will you make me a promise," she said quietly.

"Whatever you want," he said looking at the little girl he called 'sister'.

"You always protect me and when I go to Hogwarts don't interfere with who I like," she said, clearly not sure what her brother would do.

Severus looks at her and doesn't say anything. The eight year old Severus just couldn't comprehend the request but knew he had to fulfill it because his five year old sister asked him to do it.

Sorrel through those years grows healthy and strong, while her brother just stays his usual self. She keeps to herself, though she plays with her brother once and a while.

*Three Years Later*

Severus is getting ready to leave to go to Hogwarts. The little girl like before is outside his bedroom staring at him getting his stuff together. This time the girl is now eight and doesn't seem to be like a baby like three years ago. Severus then looks at her with a cold stare making her hide behind her knees. Then she looks up and sees Severus looking at her.

"You behave, got it," he said sternly, looking at her.

"Got it Sev," she answered, looking up from behind her knees.

"You do, Sorrell? I also want you to continue to practice with magic especially the Dark Arts," he said.

Sorrell nods solemnly before Severus gets up and goes downstairs. Sorrell runs downstairs and before Severus leaves to King's Cross he walks over to Sorrell giving her a hug.

"Bye Sass," he whispers to her, then going in the car.

Sorrel stays there watching as her brother leaves to Hogwarts. While her brother is away at Hogwarts Sorrel becomes lonely, she is not used to not being with her brother all the time. When it is time for her to go to school, she is very excited to go and leave her personal hell she called hell.

*Three Years Later*

Sorrell is at King's Cross with her brother who is now a fourth year. They go on the train and go their separate ways seeing that Severus is older than her. While she is looking for someplace to sit she gets called by an older student to come over to where they are sitting. She walks over to see that it was Regulus Black who called her over. She sits with them until her brother walks over and takes her to sit with him. When she sits down she starts to squirm under their gazes.

"Sev, do I have to sit here," she asks, trying to not look at the inhabitants of the compartment. They were not friendly and being in the same area made her uncomfortable. "Oh, why must I be here," she thought to herself.

"Yes," he said sternly, looking at his younger sister. "Why won't she just relax?" he thought to himself.

"So that I can't wander, right, is that, your reasoning, you know you can't restrict me forever," she said, her eyes never leaving her brother's own. "I will never understand him," she thinks exasperatedly.

"No, of course not," he countered angrily. "I will not allow you to see Potter even if it's the last thing I do." Silently and mentally face-palms self, annoyed at what he just said. "Why did I just say that, now she will think something that is not good?"

"That's your reason, ha, I'm going Severus if you don't mind," she said leaving to go find where James and his group were sitting. "The formality I used with him was just plain awful, I shouldn't have done that."

When she finds them she knocks on the compartment door. Finally when they let her in she happens to close the door so hard that it trembles a little.

"Be careful," warned a sandy haired boy, looking up from a book that he must have been reading. "Wow, she must be angry right about now, I wonder why though."

She rolls her eyes at him and sits down. After a long silence no one attempts to say anything else to her.

"Are you Severus's sister," asks the only other girl in the compartment. "She sure looks like it with her black hair and pale skin."

Sorrell nods knowing that this girl must be Lily Evans. "Hi Lily, my brother told me a lot about you."

"Really, well Severus told me a lot about you too," she said, smiling warmly.

"So you are Snivel- I mean Severus's sister," asks a boy, who she thinks is Sirius Black. "She's cute for being Snivellus's younger sister," he thinks.

"Yes I am, why," she answers.

"Because you're different than him, you seem nicer," said James. "Also she doesn't seem as weird as him," he thinks.

"What house you want to be in," asks Lily, nicely.

"Ah, well I want to be in the same house as my brother," Sorrel said, calmly.

"Why would you want to be with him," said Sirius, laughing. "I want you with me," he thinks.

Sorrell starts to pout. "My brother made a promise to me and I want him to keep it." "So then I can say thank you."

They look at her weirdly.

"Well whatever," she said, quickly becoming her normal self again. "That was a close call," she thinks relieved.

Finally when she is in the Great Hall, she stands in line with the rest of the eleven year olds. Sorrell scans the room for her brother and finds him tucked away in the Slytherin table, if you didn't look for him, he would've disappeared. Then she is called and she moves to the middle of the room where the stool is and sits down. While the hat comes to life she looks for the boys she sat with. She finds them in Gryffindor and becomes slightly sad; she liked that Sirius boy now she won't be to see him very often.

"You are brave, you would be good in Gryffindor though Hufflepuff would also be good because of your noble thoughts," said the sorting hat, aloud.

"No, I want to be with my brother," she thought.

"Why do you want to be with your brother if you're so different," questioned the sorting hat.

"Because I want him to protect me," she thought back.

"But your heart doesn't say that, I wonder why, you are keeping a front," said the sorting hat.

"Please don't say the reason," Sorrell, internally begged.

"Your ambition supersedes all those other qualities," the sorting hat said.

"Slytherin," the sorting hat shouted.

Sorrel sighs and goes over to her brother and sits next to him. Severus at this point breathes a sigh of relief.

Throughout those three years she has been getting good grades, while keeping her eyes on a special someone who she found out dated almost every girl in his year of course except a few people like Lily Evans but to Sorrel Lily did not count to her, she knew Lily was just for either her brother or James Potter.

*Three Years Later*

Sorrel walks into the Great Hall with Sirius by her side. Lately they had become inseparable; even Sirius's recent playboy status had begun to diminish a bit as well. Before they depart for their respective tables they kiss each other affectionately, making Severus gag looking at the two. It wasn't something they usually did seeing that Sorrel was more of the reserved type of person only doing that once in a while.

"Bye Sirius," Sorrell coos to the older boy. "Oh, I love him so much," she thought dreamily.

The day couldn't have been better, the weather was nice and she knew that the rest of the day would be a good one.

Severus watches in disgusted dismay, he did not like his sister doing that in public let alone when no one was around. She had been influenced by Sirius way too much for his liking. That Marauder always got what he wanted even when it came to his sister; he got her too, when will he let her go harshly like Black always does to girls.

"Bye Sass," he says lovingly back to the younger girl.

Sorrell walks to the Slytherin table and sighs. She did not like being away from Sirius for a long time, but even when they were away she never got terrible sad.

"Have enough of snogging Sirius," said Severus, annoyed about the relationship. "You finally want to actually eat with us this beautiful morning." "I mean really she hardly ever talks to me or anyone else anymore!"

"Uh, no Sev I haven't had enough of Sirius, and I always eat at the Slytherin table," Sorrell said, sitting down and starts to eat her food. "Why must he be so annoying and in my business!" Sorrel thought annoyed her good emotions now slowly fading away from her mind.

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