Author's Note: Hello to everyone that is reading this story. First off, I just want to say "thank you" to everyone that reads this story and as always do feel free to comment on a chapter(s). Just to get the legalities out of the way, none of these characters are mine, they are all J.K. Rowling's creations. I want to give a special recognization to my beta reader, Eris R. Lebeau. Thank you Eris for all of your help in assisting me to create a wonderful, fantastic story. Without your time and patience, this story would nto be possible. This is a Harry / Draco themed story.

Synopsis: In the aftermath of the battle of Hogwarts, can a Slytherin and a Gryffindor truly unite, or will a new dark power force them apart forever?

Rating : M

Chapter Warnings: This chapter does contain character death and is dark, but it is a pre-chapter sequence that is explained in Chapter 2.

Chapter 1: The Vengeance of Truth

Memories are just where you leave them.

The pale moon illuminated the horrific scene below. It seemed like the images from a nightmare, but this dream was something more. Students and Death Eaters lay dead on the grounds outside of Hogwarts Castle. The village of Hogsmeade had become a crumbled pile of destroyed houses and shops. The beautiful, majestic Hogwarts Castle was now a ruined heap of rubble. Devastation surrounded Harry as he surveyed the damage.

Harry walked by many bodies, some unfamiliar and others he recognized. Most of the dead students stunned looks in their eyes from when the last few breaths of life had slipped from their bodies. Harry turned his head, trying not to look at the corpses, but he then came across a scene that made his knees buckle.

"Lumos." The tip of his wand began to glow, illuminating an image so gruesome his mind could not process it. The tableau came to his awareness in pieces as if he were working some macabre puzzle.

Red hair fanned out to frame a pale face with wide, empty eyes. Limp fingers extended toward the wand that must have fallen from their grip. Golden brown curls cascaded from a head bent at a sickening, unnatural angle.

"Ginny, Hermione… no!" Harry sobbed as he kneeled down next to his motionless friends. He placed his fingers upon the necks of both hoping, praying that there was still life within their bodies. His hand shook a bit as he lightly closed their eyelids. Looking for a sign of the girls' assailant, Harry turned in a slow circle. A few feet away from them sat Draco Malfoy, his lifeless body slumped against a marble column. The blood that marred his silver-blonde hair had already begun to congeal, matting the thin locks to his forehead. More blood trickled from his nose and lips. The cracked pillar behind Draco had been splattered with blood from the back of his head due to the force of the curse that had hurled the Slytherin into it.

"Draco," Harry mumbled to himself. "Somehow I knew it would have been you." In his mind, Harry could hear the taunts from the Slytherin about Hermione.

'You'll be next, Mud-blood!'

It was all too much for Harry, as he broke down and wept for his friends. Finally, he regained his composure and slowly raised himself back to his feet. He knew that he had to go on.

A bloody and battered Harry surveyed the battlefield for any survivors, especially his friends from the DA and for Ron, but they were nowhere to be found. Harry's heart beat a bit faster. There was still hope that Ron, or one of the other members of the DA, had survived.

They had lost, and the darkness had been victorious. Dumbledore and the Order's attempts to thwart this from happening had failed. Voldemort's plan had been so marvelous and brutal that any resistance that the Order had made had been futile.

Harry walked on and saw his future ahead of him. Waiting in front of him were Voldemort and a number of his Death Eaters. Harry could see, as well as hear Bellatrix Lestrange torturing Ron with the Cruciatis Curse. She laughed madly with the enjoyment of hearing Ron beg and scream for the torture to stop. Several of the Death Eaters laughed as Ron's shrieks echoed off the ruins of the castle. They watched as Harry Potter approached. One by one, they each stepped back forming a circle with Voldemort and Bellatrix at the center.

"Yes, that's right, allow him to come closer. He is our, special guest,"

the Dark Lord said, and he laughed his evil, raspy laugh as a broken-spirited Harry stood in front of Voldemort. The will inside of Harry was gone, having fled the thoughts that ran through his mind. Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived, had failed. The Prophecy would be correct and now he would die by the hand of Voldemort.

Without taking his eyes from Harry, Voldemort pointed a finger at Bellatrix. "Cease your fun for the moment. I believe Mr. Potter has something he wishes to say to me."
The Death Eater did as she had been ordered. Ron's screaming stopped as he sagged to the ground.

"Harry." Ron's hoarse voice cracked as he tried to reach out to his friend.

"I know, Ron. I know," Harry said as he raised his head up to meet the Dark Lord's cold, red stare.

"Defiant to the end, are we?" Voldemort tilted his head to one side as if regarding a strange animal.

Harry did not acknowledge Voldemort, but instead he looked back down and focused on the fear in Ron's eyes. "Look at me, Potter!" Voldemort hissed.

The Dark Lord flicked his wand, and an unseen hand wrenched Harry's head upward, forcing him to stare into Voldemort's cold eyes. The young Gryffindor desperately tried to move his head to focus his attention on anything other than Voldemort, but his attempts were no match for the power of the Dark Lord. Harry finally managed to focus his eyes on the shambled remains of Hogwarts Castle. Voldemort, sensing this, released him from the paralyzing spell.

"You're still so stubborn, just like your mother and father. Dumbledore and his Order cannot help you, nor can any of your friends." Voldemort looked at the destruction of Hogwarts Castle before turning back to Harry. "He never told you, did he?"

"Told me what?" Harry snapped back at the Dark Lord. His spirit may have been defeated, but there still was the fire that burned within his eyes. "He told me everything that I needed to know."

"Exactly right, Harry," the Dark Lord said. "He told you everything that you needed to know, but he failed to tell you everything that there is to know."

"You lie! Dumbledore would never do that bec-" Harry stopped in mid-sentence as the memories came back to him like a flood.

"Ah yes, now you are beginning to put the pieces together, aren't you? Dumbledore used you and your name to leverage over the Ministry of Magic. Think about it, Harry," Voldemort taunted. "He had your legacy, the legacy that I gave you with that scar; he used it against you because he knew. He knew, Harry!

You see now what a great honor it was for him to add you to his extensive accomplishments, as it was he, Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster over the famous Harry Potter, who controlled you.
You were his puppet!" Voldemort paused to look back at Harry, and to see the confusion and anger upon the Gryffindor's face.

"Tell me Harry, did he keep secrets from you?" Harry's mouth was dry as his nemesis bombarded him with the truth.

"Oh yes, the truth does hurt, doesn't it?" Voldemort continued. "He kept many secrets from you and did not tell you things until he felt it was time for you to know. These secrets are facts about your own life, facts that you should know. He blinded you with his so-called, 'love' and 'care', only to use your own power against you for his own personal gains, for his 'greater good'. Did he really care about you, Harry?"

Harry attempted to stammer out an answer, but Voldemort cut him off before he could utter a syllable.

"No, he did not. He left you out in the cold so many times, yet you went back to him every single time, and for what good reason?"

Harry was boiling inside of his skin, yet the anger was not directed at Voldemort. Dumbledore had misled him, and the realization of the truth slammed into his gut. It made the young Gryffindor want to vomit. What made it worse was that he had suspected something all of these years, but had never acted upon his suspicions. He had been led to believe that Voldemort was the enemy for so long that he had become blind to everything else.

"Don't listen to him, Harry!" Ron shouted. This snapped Harry out of his thoughts and back to reality.

Voldemort looked down at Ron and then back to Harry. "Your legacy can live on."

"The Prophecy said that—" Harry began, but was interrupted by Voldemort.

"The Prophecy means nothing to me, now. It is the ranting of a crazy, old witch," Voldemort said with a casual wave of his wand.

Harry stared at the ground in shock. Voldemort watched Harry, staring as if he could see the thoughts churning through Harry's brain as the young wizard tried to put everything in order. "You still have a choice, Harry. Join me and rule the wizarding world."

Harry again did not know what to say as his past and the last few moments of truth all swirled around in his mind. "You can still be the great Harry Potter. A Prince of Darkness."

The young wizard looked up at the cloudless sky and whispered to himself. Then he brought his gaze back down and looked right into the eyes of the Dark Lord. "Yes, I will still be the famous Harry Potter," he agreed.

"And so you shall be. One day you will be my equal and carry forth my legacy. That is my prophecy!" The Dark Lord said, shooting the Dark Mark out of his wand. He observed in obvious amusement as it filled the night sky above Hogwarts.

"No, Harry, you can't do this, please!" Ron begged.

"Harry, I welcome you to the dark side." Voldemort said as he placed his hand upon Harry's shoulder and smiled. Harry met his smile with his own evil grin.

"My lord, what shall we do about this one?" Bellatrix asked. The Dark Lord glanced down into Ron's tear-stained eyes with a hideous, evil smirk.

"Destroy him. He is of no use to us."

Ron gasped in horror. "Harry please do something, stop them. You can't let them!" He closed his eyes as he heard Bellatrix cackle madly.

"Say goodbye wee, wittle, Weasley!" Bellatrix began to speak the words that would end Ron's life forever when Harry interrupted her.

"No, wait!"

A very tense and awkward silence followed these words. The surrounding Death Eaters murmured stunned responses to Potter's outburst. A few of them stepped further away. Ron quickly opened his eyes and gasped. He knew that his best friend had fooled them all, and would still rescue him from all of this.

"Give me the wand," Harry growled. "If he is to die, then it will be by my hand." A black fog of darkness had clouded Harry's mind. It felt so uncontrollable and so refreshing.

Bellatrix turned from Harry to Voldemort with a surprised expression upon her face. The Dark Lord motioned for her to allow this to happen. She cackled wildly, and the Dark Lord bared his teeth in a perverted semblance of a smile, enjoying the Weasley boy's fear, and the creation of the new Harry Potter. Ron shouted and screamed at his best friend, feverishly trying to prevent the inevitable from taking place. Calmly, and with a dark, green glow in his eyes, Harry hissed the fateful words that would end the life of his friend forever.

"Avada Kedavra!"

The green glow reflected in Harry's eyes as Ron made a final gasp when the curse struck him. A new feeling had been born inside of Harry. This sensation was unfamiliar to him, but it felt so good. The feeling was that of a triumphant victory of darkness against all those who had held him back from his true destiny.

Ronald Weasley was dead before he fell to the ground. His body was stiff from the after-effects of the curse. His eyes were wide with shock and terror as death ripped away the last of life's light. Harry stood over the body as a new wave of emotion rushed through him.

"Excellent, Harry, you're learning already," Voldemort encouraged as he led Harry on past the blood traitor's body and towards their black future together.

"I learned from the best."

"Indeed so, Harry. Now there is one more matter we must settle in order to make this completely official."

"Yes," Harry turned to the Dark Lord with a touch of curiosity in his voice.

"Hold out your left arm." Harry knew what was coming when Voldemort said those words. He braced himself to be labeled with the Dark Mark upon his forearm. He closed his eyes as the tip of Voldemort's wand touched his skin. A feeling of fire shot into his body as the mark stamped itself upon his arm. Harry struggled to maintain consciousness as the pain of the Dark Mark tainting his body and soul overwhelmed him. Quickly, all of the light in Harry's world diminished as he fell to the ground. Somewhere behind the veil of darkness, Harry heard himself screaming.