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Dukes of Hazard

Facing Her Ghost

"Anyone ever tell you musicians aren't supposed to be able to drive, or

make jumps, like that?" Linda was holding her chest - pretty much to make

sure her heart was in place.

"So, I've been told." Christy looked out her side mirror and laughed

when she saw the sheriff -along with the county commissioner - shaking

their fists.

"Guess that's one ticket I won't have to pay."

"Just get me back to the band," Christy's friend shot her a glare,

"preferably in once piece." Continuing to give the driver a you're-nuts

look, Linda asked, "Who taught you to make a jump like that anyway?"

"A ghost that still haunts me." Christy wasn't about to tell her friend who

had taught her. That was none of her business.

Linda chose to refrain from any remark and reminded her where she

wanted to be when the band's lead guitarist, and back up singer, looked as if

she might want to turn around and have some more 'fun' with those two

men - still shaking their fists.

The rude jolt of the bus woke Christy up. "Mind watching the potholes!"

she hollered at the new bus driver. "I'm not unbreakable you know!"

'Doc' chose to ignore her and kept on driving, but the rest of the band

members murmuring showed their sentiments were with Christy.

A siren going off did not surprise the lead singer. Ten to one it's Roscoe

Christy moaned to herself -sure enough it was.

Praise be, the driver had enough brains not to tell him who was in the

back. And, not shockingly, the corrupt law man gave her group a choice of

a ticket, or have the band perform in order to get out of one. Everyone opted

to play as they were almost flat broke. The singer - conveniently - stayed

hidden. Only when they were on the road again did she make an appearance.

"Thanks, for not telling him I was back there."

"How did you know that was going happen?" Mike - a look alike for

Waylon Jennings - spoke up.

"Trust me, you don't want to know." Christy spoke as she sat down across

the isle from him. None of the band cared - they'd enjoyed pulling one over

on the law officer.

"You know he's going to expect me to sing."

"If he believed you were faking that western accent, then he deserves

what he gets." The singer's rolling her eyes, and sincere grinning, told them

she was going to enjoy the whole thing.

Balladeer: The band may have found amusement in the situation, but

Christy knew her face in Hazard County was going to upset at least one

person, maybe, two. Question I have is …who's?

I hope I can keep this story line going. I've tried others and they've never got this far.