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Dukes of Hazard

Pair of Fools

Part five

By the time Bo, Luke, and Christy got arrived at the Duke farm not only

was the whole clan there -but the band was too. Jamie would have talked to

the lead singer, but there was just too much of a crowd around Christy to do


"Okay, will someone please tell me what happened to Andrew and,

especially, to Roscoe?" Christy was as curious as any farm cat to know

what had happened to those oversized rats.

"Easy, darling." Bo grinned as he stuck a piece of grass in between his

mouth, "Jeb played decoy long enough to allow us to get the moonshine out

of the car, and you back to Cooter's."

"What?" Christy was trying to process what they were telling her.

"Look, what he drove to this reunion." Luke pointed her gaze towards his

other cousins car.

"Okay, so ,that car does look like the one I was driving, but - come on,

Roscoe and my ex can't be that stupid. Surely, they can tell the difference

between Jeb and myself."

"Not if you have the right equipment and keep close enough to keep up

the chase, but not so close your chaser can get details." Jeb grinned and

sauntered up holding a strawberry blonde wig and a smock matching the

color of Christy's shirt.

"You wore that?" It was all Dukes' old friend could do not to laugh. "I

don't know what's scarier. The fact Roscoe, and Andrew - who clearly

caught up with the sheriff - fell for it, or that you actually put those

things on." That made everyone laugh hard.

"Christy, .." Luke started speaking once the laughter died down, "how

about stepping away and have that talk?" No one stopped them, but Christy

felt one particular set of eyes follow them and it made a tapping in her mind

begin. It would just have to wait - this needed clearing up.

Luke sat on a bale of stray hay as Christy leaned her shoulder against the

barn as she kept her back to the rest of the Duke clan. Involuntary tears

began to slide down her cheeks.

"I'm so sorry." Both Luke and Christy spoke at once.

Luke couldn't help but give a faint smile. "Christy, I know you weren't in

on the moonshine stunt, honest. I guess I was just…"


"That, darling, is an understatement. But, yes, I guess that's just as good a

word any. And I admit I can't help but wonder why Andrew wanted to set us


"He didn't." It had come to her while she was driving what the real deal

was. "I think he was running shine for Boss Hogg and when he saw me with

Daisy, he most likely told Hogg." Shrugging her shoulders she sighed and

continued, "Guess the two figured to kill two birds with one stone."

"Andrew would be able to get back at you for dumping him and Boss

Hogg would get us behind bars." It was something Luke easily followed.

"Luke..' Christy walked to the edge of the barn, but stayed standing. "I

didn't plan that summer night I swear. Every fiber in my body was fighting

against what my mind had begun to think." Nature's water faucet started

back up. "I tried to put all my feelings towards you. And I really did care

about you. I.." the gal lifted her shoulders before letting them sag.

"panicked when the triangle grew firmer. I didn't want anyone hurt. So, I


"You didn't come back for me did you?"

"Yes, and no." When he gave a lifted eyebrow she lifted up her hands.

"Yes, I wanted to make peace with you, and Bo. Well, I knew Bo wouldn't

be hard. Sure, he taught me how to drive, and we'd been on a few dates, but …" she grinned, "We never really clicked. You and I though… Closing her

eyes she let out a frustrated sigh. "You were a good guy and things were

going okay - even if I was a tad bit older than you. I mean it's not so large

you're friends would have heart failure. Only unexpected feelings began

growing for.." She couldn't bring herself to say the name - not because she

was ashamed but because she didn't want to risk dragging it through the

mud, or even just the dust.

"Christy, I wasn't upset over that -though I admit I was shocked." Luke

leaned towards her. "I was so mad because of the way you left. You never

even told anybody good-bye. That night when I turned the corner expecting

to meet up with Daisy I didn't expect to see you wrapped up …" Luke

paused to think about his next words as he stretched out his legs. "in his

embrace." He didn't say the name either. Not because he had any hard

feelings - those had already been worked out; it just felt to him as that

would officially be talking behind the man's back . "Tell me, if I hadn't

turned the corner would you have pulled back? I mean that was some pretty

heavy kissing you two were doing. And neither one of you were keeping

your hands very still."

"I don't know." Christy put all her emotions into what her next words

because she desperately wanted him to know she was speaking the truth. "Crud, I'm not even sure who started the whole thing. All I can say is I

really don't know for sure what would have happened. I just knew I

panicked.. I had fallen for a guy who everyone would tell me …" she

groaned. "It's as if a fishing hook had been tossed my way and I'd took it in


"So, you ran thinking it would fall out?"

"Ya, I returned intending to deal with the issue straight out, but.."

"I acted like an idiot and put a kink into everything."

"Yes, actually, you did. But I really couldn't find it in myself to hold it

against you. Therefore, I figured the issue between you, and me, needed to

be taken care of first. Then, I could deal with the ghost I'd come for."

"Do you want the ghost back?" Luke asked knowing the answer already

by the look in her eye.

" Taking a deep breath she finished off with, " I won't force myself on

anyone, Luke, if that is what you are asking. But - honest? I pretty much

figured if I came back I'd find the old feelings were vanished and he'd not

be on the other end of the hook holding the rod." By the time she'd spoken

the last part of the sentence she was feeling pretty worn out.

"Or I might just reel you in." The voice behind her made shiver, but not in


"I think.." Luke stood up giving a faint smile. "I'd best get back to the

reunion. And…" he gave them a smile, "I'll make sure no one comes near

the barn."

"Pair of fools aren't we? Could look elsewhere, probably should, but.. "

Soft eyes looked down at her as his voice lowered, "we don't want to? Do

we?" Christy found herself enclosed in Jesses' embrace.

"Not really." Her voice grew shaky and skin tingled as Jesse stroked her


"It's a good time of year for weddings." Jesse's breath got closer to her

skin as he lowered his head.

Balladeer: Now I didn't see that coming. Did you?

"Roscoe, you idiot!" Boss Hogg came out of the police station shaking his

fist at the sheriff right after Spike had driven off with Andrew in tow. "How

could you not know who you were chasing?"

"How long do you think he'll rail on Roscoe?" Christy placed her hand on

Jesse's chest at the same time she leaned her head on his shoulders as the

two sat in his white truck opposite the station.

"Oh, at least until after our wedding." Jesse chuckled and grinned as the

sheriff escaped the commissioner's holler by hopping in his patrol car.

"Maybe, a tad longer." Daisy grinned as she hopped in next to Christy. "I

heard Andrew just squealed on Boss Hogg. Guess it's costing him a bunch

of fancy footwork to keep his job." With that the trio left to join the boys at

the Boar's nest.

Balladeer: If anyone thinks Boss Hogg and Sheriff Roscoe are going to

start being polite to the Duke clan just Jesse is marrying Christy all I can

say is they are loonier than my grandmother's pet coon.