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Sinning on Sunday

Written by: Justina aka rAiNwAtEr

Summary: Sasuke was well aware that he was surrounded by his fellow classmates while they listened to morning Mass. He was also aware of his growing hard-on as he stared at the blonde a few pews ahead of him.

Chapter dedication: To all of you who have encouraged me, and never gave up on this story. It is to you, that this chapter was written and posted. Thank you!

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Author Note: I just want to express my deep thanks to everyone who has taken the time to review and share a piece of themselves. One of the best things a writer can receive is knowing that their work has truly touched their readers, and for that I thank everyone who has lit a fire under my ass and got me to continue to write this amazing story.

Song inspiration for chapter XIV:

"…Lips that need no introduction

Now who's the greater sin?

Your drab eyes seem to invite

(Tell me darling) Where do we begin?

Was this over before

Before it ever began

Your lips, your lies, your lust

Like the devils in your hands…

Everybody's tired of someone

Our eyes wander for help

Prayers that need no answer now

I'm tired of who I am

You were my greatest mistake

I fell in love with your sin

Your littlest sin…"

Anberlin – The Feel Good Drag

Chapter Fourteen: The Feel Good Drag

*& $%&*

Karin sang off key as her feet ate up the pavement; her IPod providing her with the tunes to bob along with. It was another typical December day in New England, the kind that made you feel like every breath brought you one step closer to a pair of frozen lungs. A startling contrast to the fifty degree weather she had woken up to, but nothing Rhode Islanders weren't use to.

Nevertheless, she kept her spirits high with a little help from Dunkin Donuts. All the while the coffee shops catchy slogan, 'America runs on Dunkin' kept repeating in her head. She was a girl on a mission. Today she was going to get Naruto to crawl the fuck out of his shell and either confess that he has feelings for Sasuke, or otherwise at least set the raven haired boy straight so he can move on. The time for dragging ones feet was over. It was clear to her that there was something more between them.

For a brief moment she felt sadness before pushing it a side; chalking it up to foolishness. If things actually worked out between those two she would support them whole heartedly. She knew a long time ago that she never had a chance with Sasuke hell; she was never even in the running. But still, a part of her felt a pinch of longing. She was after all, human, and flawed just like the rest of her race.

Karin tugged herself away from self depressing thoughts as she belted out the next verse to the song playing loudly in her ears, ~ Everybody's tired of someone our eyes- "HOLY FUCKING DEAD CAT!" she screeched mid lyrics as she jumped over the flatten fur ball. In the middle of the street she had been crossing laid the remnants of what could have been a cat, or maybe a raccoon. With a cross look between disgust and pity, she said a Hail Mary in passing before rushing on.

"I think I'm going to be sick," She proclaimed queasily as she placed a hand on her stomach. Her journey ended quicker than she had thought. Naruto's house had come into view. No longer flustered, she walked up the pathway and jogged up the few steps to the front door. Before she could even ring the door bell, the front door swung open revealing a sleepy eyed Naruto holding a bag of garbage.

Pleasantly surprised to see his favorite red-head, Naruto greeted her happily, "Hey, I wasn't expecting to see you up and about this early. I thought bats were nocturnal?"

Karin rolled her eyes at the blonds joke before giving her rebuttal, "Yeah, and your ass smells like a water Buffalo," Her eyes purposely looking him up and down – taking in his messy appearance.

"Touché," Naruto supplied with a bow before a chuckle escaped. The blond quickly disposed of the garbage bag in the proper receptacle on the side of the porch before letting Karin in. "To what do I owe this lovely visit?"

The red head followed the other boy into the house, closing the door behind her. "I came to fuck you."

Naruto barely caught himself from slipping and splitting his head open on the parlor table.

Karin couldn't hold her laughter in as she elaborated, "Easy Casanova. I meant 'Mind Fuck You' as in to get the truth out of you."

Before Naruto could give his own forked tongue come back, the blonde's father walked in from the kitchen. "Oh hey Karin, It's good to see you," Minato said honestly.

"Greetings Mr. Uzumaki," Karin responded politely.

"Mr. Uzumaki was my father," Minato said with a slight grimace, "Just Minato is fine," he finished with a smile.

All silliness a side, Minato unknowingly dropped a bomb on Naruto. "So Karin, are you going to Sasuke's house for Christmas Eve dinner tonight as well?"

"Wait what!" Naruto choked out. He must have miss heard his father. As far as he knew the 'as well' did NOT mean that they were going. At least he hoped.

Minato paid no attention to Naruto's outburst, and Karin answered right over him, "Nah, I have plans with my family so I won't make it."

"Did I miss something?" Naruto asked in disbelief.

Turning to Naruto as if just seeing him there, Minato gave him a small smile. "Mikoto asked if we had had any plans. I told her we didn't, so she invited us over."

"But dad-" Naruto began but Minato continued over him.

"I know you and Sasuke are - for whatever reason - on bad terms, but I wasn't going to be rude to his mother. You two will just have to work things out. If his friendship with you is as important as you say it is, then why aren't you fighting for it?" Minato said calmly.

Karin watched on silently. She was well aware that Mikoto was going to try and get those two to reconcile. And if everything went according to plan, the ball would be set in motion. Things were bound to get very interesting.

Naruto had nothing to say to contradict his father. Deep down inside he knew he was going to have to face Sasuke again if he wanted to keep their friendship intact. His father, who knew nothing of how deep the issue between them went, couldn't possibly understand how wound up he felt. Even so, something had to be done, and answers have to be given.

Without further ado, Naruto led Karin up to his room and closed the door behind them once inside. He sailed through the air to do a belly flop onto his bed, landing with an audible exhale of air. He turned onto his side and watched Karin take a seat on the bed beside him.

"How are you holding up?" Karin asked casually as she made herself comfortable.

Naruto had to take a moment to actually think about his answer; which was stupid of course seeing as how it wasn't meant to be a brain buster. When he stopped trying to rationalize everything the words came effortlessly, "I miss him you know. I miss the three of us hanging out."

Karin nodded her head in agreement. She missed how effortless their friendship had been. But there was no going back, things would either change for the better or stir towards tougher waters before sinking. "Is the idea of being with a man that disturbing?"

The blond didn't know what to say, it's not every day someone asks you if you WANT to be gay. He could honestly say that he never felt a sexual urge towards another male. When he was younger he had always just thought he would marry a beautiful woman, and start a family. He had had sex before with his ex girlfriend Sakura and it had been pleasurable which naturally never raised any red flags. And certainly, he had never looked at any of the naked guys in the shower room in a sexual way. But COULD someone love another person regardless of gender?

As if reading his conflicted thoughts, Karin rephrased her question, "You can love Sasuke as a partner for WHO he is and NOT because he is male. Wanting him simply because he is the person you love doesn't make you a raving fag."

Naruto gave his red headed friend a quire look in skepticism.

"All I'm saying is that it's rare for anyone to find their soul mate in this world. Are you really ready to pass that chance up just because it's not with a woman?" Karin said seriously as she looked into Naruto's eyes.

Seeing that she had given the blond some food for thought, she stood from the bed without an answer and walked over to the door. Before leaving she turned to Naruto and said, "So how does it feel to be mind fucked?"

She quickly dodged a pillow flung at her head and closed the door behind her. The ball was in Naruto's court now, and it was up to him to decide how the game would be played.

Karin smiled to herself as she let herself out of the blonde's house. She put her ear buds back in her ears and turned up her IPod as she started down the street towards her next destination. She had a raven haired boy to antagonize God damn it and it wouldn't do to have her Cinderella late for his own ball.

*& $%&*

Sasuke rolled over in his bed and moaned into his pillow. He had had a long sleepless night plagued with thoughts of a certain blonde boy with cerulean eyes; Just remembering the other boy made his general stand to attention. With another moan – this time due to aggravation – he rolled onto his back with his eyes closed.

Steady hands ghosted over his chest, down over his mid drift, and slid into his boxers. As his hand made contact with his stiff length, a hiss passed his lips. All the while he kept a picture of Naruto in his mind's eye as he worked his arousal into a frenzy.

"Fuck, so good" he couldn't stop the words spilling from his lips, "just like that, aahh"

Fire was raging within him. The world was about to tip on its axes, and the Gods were about to unleash the Titans. Sasuke was just about to cum but then – by some cruel fate – the unthinkable happened.

Without knocking, Mikoto walked right into Sasuke's room without a worry in the world, "Sasuke I was just – OH MY GOODNESS!"

"For the love of Christ, MOM!" There were no words in the human tongue that could express Sasuke's embarrassment. Someone kill him now, he just wanted to die.

Quickly he covered himself modestly, and sat up faster than a whore trying to mount a pole. Face flushed, he couldn't look at his mother. Taking into consideration his mothers tendency to never respect her sons privacy, he always knew this could happen. Although, never in a million years did he actual think it WOULD.

At the sound of Mikoto clearing her throat, Sasuke's head snapped towards her direction. Like a deer caught in the headlights, he could only watch in horror as his mother made a terrible situation worse.

"It's a lot bigger than I remembered-" She began before Sasuke cut her off in mortification.

"MOM" Sasuke hollered in disbelief! Seriously, she just needed to stop.

"What," Mikoto said with her hands upon her hips, "I just meant I haven't seen it since you were a baby and-" She stopped herself from continuing upon the disgusted look her son had on his face.

"Mom seriously, I'm going to kill myself," Sasuke threaten.

"Ok, ok, I get it. Chalk it up to another embarrassing mom moment," Mikoto said casually as she put the matter to rest.

If Sasuke could dig himself to China he would. This was NOT how he was expecting to start his day. A little Naruto wank yes; possibly a nice big breakfast too, but having his mother walk in on him having a little 'Sasuke Time' NEVER.

The silence was pliable between them. Sasuke couldn't take it, "So, do you need something?"

Mikoto gathered herself before responding, "I just wanted to tell you not to make any plans tonight because I'll be cooking dinner. Oh and I've invited Naruto and his father over."

Sasuke couldn't help thinking that his mother's words were like a stealthy bomb going off. He was well aware of how meddlesome his mother could be when she felt that she needed to 'help' him, but this was on another chart altogether. Was she trying to make him commit suicide?

Before the raven haired boy could get an edge in otherwise, the doorbell rang.

"Oh dear, let me get that," Mikoto said pleasantly as she turned to leave. Before closing the door behind her she turned back to Sasuke and said, "You've inherited SO much from your father."

Sasuke hummed a pen at her head but it simply bounced off of his now closed door with a 'ping'. The only sounds echoing through the house was the doorbell, which sounded once again, and his mother's evil cackling.

"One of these days I'm going to poison that woman," Sasuke said jestingly. He slid his briefs back up and hopped out of bed to pull on a pair of black sweat pants. He barely pulled them over his ass before his door came busting open revealing a smiling Karin.

"Does everyone woman in my life not know the meaning of 'privacy'" Sasuke said as a welcome to the beaming red head.

"Where's the fun in that," Karin said as she took a seat on top of his computer desk; swinging her legs back in forth well above the carpet.

Sasuke sent her a mocking glare before walking over to his dresser. He began pulling draws out in search of something to wear. Karin - never being the quiet type - took the initiative to start a conversation, "So Big dinner tonight huh?"

He immediately stopped what he was doing, and turned to look at his now smirking friend. "How did you know about that?"

"Does it matter how I found out?" Karin asked back. "The point is now you have to face Naruto."

Completely abandoning his search for cloths, Sasuke marched up to Karin. "What is with everyone fucking meddling in my life?" He hissed.

Karin didn't back down, "And what's with you running away from things when they get complicated?" She knew her words were a low blow, but she needed him to see that he was slowly destructing himself from the inside. Ever since losing Itachi and his father, he had barricaded his heart under lock and key.

"What's that suppose to mean," Sasuke asked angrily. He was not fucking running from anything. He just didn't feel like fighting a war that he couldn't win.

"It means that it's not about winning or losing; it's about fighting for what's worth fighting for. Doesn't Naruto deserve that effort; stop being afraid to fail!" Karin said with emotion. She wasn't going to let her friend close his eyes and block his ears any longer.

Sasuke couldn't believe what he was hearing, "Stay out of it Karin, it's none of your business!"

"Yes it is," Karin persisted. "I love you Sasuke! And I care very much for Naruto too. I'll be damned if I'll watch you both through away something that's bigger than you two alone!"

The raven haired boy paced away from her. He didn't want to deal with this. Karin grabbed him before he could march away.

"It doesn't make you weak to be afraid to fail, but it does make you a coward to give up before you even give it a chance," Karin said at a lower volume than their shouting match. She meant every word as she stared him in the eyes.

Sasuke didn't know what to say. He knew he was acting childish, but this situation was spiraling out of control. He didn't want to lose Naruto's friendship, so he thought he could swallow down his feelings. He wasn't expecting them to come back with a vengeance.

"I love him Karin," the words flowed from his mouth like a dame rupturing. "I don't want to lose him over this. I couldn't bare it," he said honestly. It wasn't in him to share his thoughts and feelings freely, but certain things needed to be said.

Karin couldn't help pulling Sasuke close for a brief hug and then letting him go, "He's stronger than you give him credit for. He won't pull away."

He could only nod his head. Words were stuck in his throat. He was overly sick of feeling this way; constantly bashed between rocks of emotion in a fearsome storm that was brewing within him.

Karin, ever his saving grace brought him out of his distressing thoughts, "Let's go grab a bite to eat hot stuff, my treat."

Sasuke gave a brief smile before grabbing some cloths up off the floor to change into. "Are you going to turn around so I can get dressed?" Sasuke asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No," Karin replied cheekily, "I think I'll watch."

Sasuke only gave her a flipped middle finger and a wide smile before stripping down, "Suite yourself."

*& $%&*

Sasuke ignored his cell phone for the hundredth time as he stuffed his face with sushi. To hell with whoever was blowing up his phone, he had an eighteen piece combo to polish off. To top it all off, his irate red headed friend was paying for it. Free ALWAYS taste better.

Karin scowled at her unsympathetic friend; clearly he wasn't modest enough to mind her wallet. When she had offered to ante-up for the bill she was expecting to head to WacDonald's or Burger Dirt, and certainly NOT Sushi from Jackie's Galaxy!

After ANOTHER failed attempt to steal a piece of one of his California rolls, she exploded with, "You ungrateful bastard, share!"

"Die," Sasuke responded oh so elegantly.

Upon hearing her retched friends cell go off again, she snapped, "Are you going to fucking answer that?!"

Sasuke briefly looked up at her and raised a finely shaped eyebrow up in response.

Karin was going to kill him. Without asking, she snatched his cell and answered it for him, "Hello?"

Thwarting off Sasuke failed attempts to reclaim his cell phone, Karin waited to hear who was so adamant at getting a hold of her loose friend.

"Karin?" A hesitant voice asked before continuing, "Listen, I know Sasuke doesn't want to talk to me right now but could you please relay a message for me?"

Slightly confused, Karin agreed and waited patiently to hear the message. Discretely she put the cell on speaker phone.

The silence was defining over the line as Gaara took a moment to sort through his feelings and turn them into words. "Tell him," he paused once again licking his lips, "Tell him he was never a replacement."

"Gaara what does that-" Karin began before Gaara cut her off.

"Tell him, that I want to be the one to put his pieces together. That I could be the one he can turn to when the world as taken its best shot at him. I want him for HIM, and not because he resembles Itachi," Gaara said honestly.

Stunned, Karin didn't know what to say in response. She felt like an unwanted middle person as she stared across the table at Sasuke's unreadable expression. "I'll let him know," She lamely said before hanging up and sliding the phone over to Sasuke.

"I don't want to talk about it Karin," Sasuke said while reading the look on his best friends face.

Not wanting to let the subject drop, but realizing a losing battle when she saw one, Karin didn't press any further.

"Another combo please," Sasuke said the waitress in passing.

"Evil, fat, bastard," Karin said to Sasuke without any real heat behind her words. Really, her wallet was crying in angst. "You're paying for that one."

Sasuke canceled the order and asked for the check.

"Cheap bastard" Karin spat as she took out the money to pay. Before she could demand that he pay at least the tip, he was already walking towards the exit; leaving her to through down extra cash onto the table and followed him out into the street.

Honestly she couldn't understand him sometimes.

Catching up to his long strides, Karin didn't hesitate in her questioning, "What's going on between you and Gaara? A lovers spat?" Of course, she had never bought that their relationship was real. She knew it was a ploy to get Naruto interested. However, if she were wrong in her assumptions, than that would through a wrench in all her ploys.

Sighing heavily as he wrapped his coat tighter around him, Sasuke sent a brief scowl her way. Women were so mettlesome. Not wanting to drag out the inevitable, he delivered the truth with a beautiful blow, "Gaara was my brother's lover."

Karin came to a dead stop in astonishment. Seeing as the raven haired boy hadn't slowed his pace – if anything, he had quickened it - she jogged to catch back up. "What the fuck; Care to explain?"

As the two reached Sasuke's car and got in, snow began to fall in thick white puffs. They both watched the dancing flakes spin around them from out through the windshield. Christmas music played out from local shops. The streets were lined with white twinkling lights. Pedestrians consisting of: lovers, friends, and family members, dashed through the falling snow with laughter peeling from their lips; all scuttling around to cars and shops to get out of the white wonderland.

The blissful scene could melt the hearts of many men, Sasuke just wanted to be buried by the innocent looking snow flurries. Knowing from experience that Karin could pester for information like a piranha goes into frenzy for blood, he told her all that had transpired between him and Gaara. He explained how the other boy offered his help in getting Naruto, and how he had learned the truth between Gaara and his brother.

Silence reined for a moment. It was neither awkward nor overbearing; it simply existed between the two. As Sasuke brought the car to life and pulled out onto the street headed for Karin's house, the only sound came from the car radio playing music. Before the two realized it, they were outside Karin's home.

"I fucking love you Sasuke," Karin blurted out as she looked out of the passenger window at her house. She meant every word. He was her best friend and confidant, her right hand man, and savior. He was her everything.

Not being one for sentimental talks, Sasuke tried his best to respond. "Yeah me too, you fucking retard."

She couldn't stop the chuckle that escaped her as Karin thought, 'That's just like him.' Nevertheless, his words reached her. She knew that they both had shit to work out. Nothing in this life worth having is ever easy.

"Merry Christmas Sasuke," Karin said as she opened the car door. She knew that they technically had more than a few hours left before it was actually Christmas.

"Yeah you too, tell your brothers I said hi," Sasuke simply said as he waved her off.

Getting out, Karin stared up at the last few snowflakes falling from the heavens. She turned back to her friend and said in parting, "Fight for him," and then closed the car door.

Sasuke watched Karin make her way up the walk way to her front door before turning to wave goodbye at him, and dashed into her house. His earlier thoughts from this morning resurfaced about how meddlesome the women in his life were. This time however, he felt oddly comforted by it. That thought kept him warm, and the cold at bay all the way home.

*& $%&*

Sasuke walked into his kitchen and tossed his car keys onto the table as he eyed his mother wearily. It had been nice to grab a free meal with Karin and clear up some of the emotions that were running amuck within him. Mikoto, for her part, was humming to herself cheerfully as she prepped dinner. Already the house had mouth watering scents permeating throughout. Oddly enough some Celtic Christmas music could be heard playing softly from his mother's little kitchen radio. The sight of his mother flowing around the kitchen at work caused warmth to blossom within Sasuke's chest. Those warm feelings were washed away just as quickly as they had come when his mother opened her mouth.

"It was so lovely of Karin to stop by, I wish she could have stayed for dinner," Mikoto said with a small smile as she slathered a homemade glaze over her pineapple encrusted ham and popped it into the oven.

"What are you scheming now," Sasuke asked with a raised eyebrow.

His mother never made casual remarks. Even the most trivial of comments she made had more meaning to them than meets the eye. On more than one occasion Sasuke had to learn that the hard way. If his mother was mentioning Karin so off handedly than something was indeed brewing between them. When there was more than one hen in the hen house, things were bound to go amiss.

"Nonsense, I just miss seeing her that's all," Mikoto said dismissively as she began working on garlic mash potatoes.

Before Sasuke could get an edge in otherwise, she continued. "It's going to be so nice to see Naruto and his father again."

The raven haired boy couldn't stop his eyebrow from twitching. His mother was well aware that he and Naruto weren't exactly on speaking terms at the moment. Hell, Sasuke didn't really know where he stood with the blond at all. So many things were left unsaid, so many half hearted explanations. He wanted more from the blond but was afraid of reaching for something that might slip away. At the risk of losing Naruto forever he found himself uncharacteristically hesitating.

As if reading Sasuke's inner turmoil, Mikoto stepped in to release him from his inner demons, "Sometimes in life people try to halt the inevitable changes in our lives. We think that 'change' means for the worst, and as for the worst, we expect to get hurt. But change is what keeps the heart growing; it is neither bad nor good. The greatest mistake in life is believing that we can survive wholeheartedly without it, but the greatest tragedy in life is forcing the heart to a standstill."

Sasuke took his mothers words in sincerely. All the guilt he felt over telling Naruto about his feelings and possibly ruining their friendship; floated away like butterflies. He was simply being true to himself and his best friend. Why should he punish himself for moving forward? If things didn't work out between him and Naruto than he would deal with it when the time came; until then, he should stop mopping around like a teenage girl that just got shot down for a date to the prom.

Mikoto smiled as she watched her words unravel some of the inner pain her son was feeling. It was painfully to see her son go through so much anguish but that was what being a mother was all about. She had to be his fortress, and support him when he needed it the most. She also had to know when to let him fall and make his own mistakes. It was a difficult balance, but damn did she do her job well.

"So what's for desert?" Sasuke asked with a playful smile.

Visibly seeing the tension leaving her son's body language, Mikoto turned off her motherly lecture mood and jumped into her more lively self. "Brownies of course," she stated matter-of-factly.

"Without your special ingredient or course" Sasuke asked skeptically. He remembered all too well the last dinner they hosted for the Uzumaki's.

With a beautiful smile upon her lips Mikoto responded with, "What would brownies be without a little hash! Honestly Sasuke, I know I raised you better."

The two looked sternly at one another before breaking into laughter. And as Sasuke laughed out some of his built up apprehension over the dinner, he couldn't help but think, 'God I'm glad that this beautifully mad woman is my mother.'

*& $%&*

As Naruto got into the passenger seat with his father at the wheel, he couldn't help but feel the tangled knot in his chest or the cannibalistic butterflies within his stomach. The thought of coming face to face with Sasuke both terrified him and made him happy. He missed the raven haired boy more than he cared to admit.

Minato pulled out of their drive way and headed towards Sasuke's house. He couldn't help but take notice of Naruto's silent treatment. Honestly, he just didn't get what was going on between them two. Were they fighting over that girl Karin? Whatever it was, his son had taken on the persona of a zombie ever sense. It was clear to him that Naruto and Sasuke were very close, he just hoped that things would work out for them.

"What's going on between you and your side kick?" Minato asked as he pulled up to a red light.

Naruto couldn't respond, not because he didn't want to but because he himself didn't know exactly what was going on. There were too many shades of grey between them.

"You know the problem between you two won't go away on its own," Minato said as he took the turn onto Sasuke's street.

The younger blond kept quite as they pulled up to the Uchiha residence. Oddly enough his father's words seem to have a calming effect on him. The cannibalistic butterflies weren't as ravenous. The only thing left to do was face the raven and demand answers.

The blond duo walked up the path to the front porch, all the while the fresh dusting of snow crunched under their feet. A chill whipped around them forcing them to pick up their pace. With a quick push of the doorbell, Naruto was expecting to see Minato's smiling face. He never thought he would be staring into the dark pools that were Sasuke's eyes.

Instantly the atmosphere around the two boys skyrocketed. It was so pliable that even Minato was feeling a little awkward. Both boys felt like they had been struck by lightning. Heats racing, pulse jumping, uncontrollable tension unleashed within them; and under it all, a blossoming happiness.

Minato cleared his throat loudly before saying, "Merry Christmas Sasuke."

Sasuke managed to break his steely gaze from Naruto's to respond to Minato politely, "Merry Christmas, please come in."

Entering their Sasuke's home Naruto and Minato couldn't help but take in a deep breath of the delicious aroma wafting from the kitchen. The created of such a heavenly scent came into the living room to greet them.

"I'm so glad you guys could come," Mikoto said with a friendly smile as she embraced Naruto and than his father.

"It smells absolutely delicious Mikoto! I see you've out done yourself once again," Minato said graciously as he followed her into the dining room.

"Please don't inflate her already insanely large ego," Sasuke said playfully as he and Naruto pulled up the rare. In all honestly, his comment was more of an excuse to keep his attention off the blond who was now standing dangerously close.

"Truth is truth, no matter how you butter it up," Mikoto said flippantly with a smile. "Please have a seat guys while Sasuke and I bring in the last few dishes."

Only after Mikoto declined both Uzumaki's offer of help, did the two blonds sit at the beautifully arranged dining table. Christmas candles were lit giving off a delightful ambiance. Christmas lights were strung up on the ceiling flashing festive lights down onto the guests and the soft sound of Christmas music playing in the back ground. The decorations looked like a scene out of a magazine, but they were nothing next to the sight of the beautiful spread of food.

A deliciously looking glazed ham, white fluffy garlic mash potatoes, spinach and feta baby calzones, whipped sweet potatoes baked with cinnamon and marshmallows, and meat pies; were surrounded by freshly baked rolls and sautéed vegetables. Everything looked heavenly.

Sasuke and Mikoto came into the room with some more rolls with butter and drinks for their guests. Quickly they took their seats. With a little coxing from Mikoto, everyone began to tuck in. The sounds of serving spoons hitting china as everyone helped themselves filled the room. For a moment, everyone was silent as they sampled their meal.

"Absolutely delicious Mikoto," Minato sang his praise as he tucked in wholeheartedly.

"Thank you," Mikoto said modestly as she sent a smile around the table. Her mind was on other things though, "Sasuke, please pass the rolls to Naruto."

Sasuke groaned mentally. He knew his mother was up to something but without complaint he did as instructed. "Here," Sasuke said calmly as he handed it over to the blond.

"Thanks," Naruto said as he reached out to grab the basket of rolls. As his hand reached for it his fingers accidently brushed Sasuke's; causing an odd feeling to settle within his stomach.

Silence reined for a moment until Mikoto broke it, "So Naruto, what shenanigans have you and my son been up to both of you to act like strangers," she asked with a smile as she took a sip of her water calmly.

Naruto almost choked on the food he was chewing! After a few coughs, and a couple well placed taps to his chest, he was able to swallow and breathe. Sasuke simply raised an eyebrow. He knew coming into this dinner that his mother was going to pry and try to make match maker. He learned long ago that there was no use stopping her so he intended to sit back and watch the show unravel.

"Ah nothing, everything is fine between us," Naruto said with an awkward smile as he returned the gaze everyone was giving him. His eyes stopped at Sasuke, "Right?"

Sasuke knew that Naruto was asking for a bail out of his uncomfortable situation, but even so he felt warmed at the thought that everything between them wasn't totally lost. Either way he wasn't going to make it easy for the blond, "I don't know is it?"

Naruto looked deeply into the other boy's eyes. Could he live without his best friend? Yes, but nothing would be the same. It would be like looking at the world through grey lenses. He also realized that they could stay friends until the giant pink elephant in the room was addressed. With those thoughts in mind and answered with "They could be."

Hope blossomed within his chest and without consent a small smirk appeared on his face, "I can work with that."

Minato, feeling a little awkward with the oddly emotionally display, decided to change the conversation, "So Sasuke, is there anyone you have your eyes on?" Certainly, a handsome boy like him had a few people interested in him; if he didn't have a partner already. He had hoped his question would lead into a calmer and lighter conversation.

Sasuke smiled mischievously, while Mikoto let out a soft giggle. "Yeah, your son," he said calmly as the other two blonds almost fell out of their chairs.

Minato, taking the other boy's words as a joke, slowly began to smile after his astonishment. "Alright, alright, you don't have to tell me. I know how much teens value their privacy," He said with a grin.

Naruto wanted to melt under the table, as Sasuke sent him a knowing smirk.

Mikoto, seeing an opportunity asked, "Could you give me a hand with plating the deserts in the kitchen Minato? We'll leave the kids to clear up the table."

Minato agreed happily and followed the other woman out of the room. At first both boys worked in silence. Sasuke had grabbed Tupperware to put the leftovers in and aluminum foil to wrap over the ham. Once everything was clear off the table, Sasuke motioned for Naruto to follow him upstairs to his bedroom. There was no avoiding their confrontation now.

Naruto entered Sasuke's room first and took a seat by his computer desk. Sasuke entered and closed the door behind him and took a seat on his bed facing the blonde. Silence embraced the room as both boys collected their thoughts. Naruto was the first to speak.

"Do you remember the first time we hung out at the mall?" Naruto asked with determined eyes.

Sasuke remembered well. It was the first time that they had hung out as friends. It was also the time when Naruto had asked him if he had feelings for him. He wasn't stupid; he knew what Naruto wanted to ask him.

"Yeah, and my answer wasn't a complete lie," Sasuke said honestly. "I didn't know that my feelings for you extended as far as they did."

Naruto nodded his head in understanding. "And things between you and Gaara?" He asked with clenched first. He really didn't care for the other boy much.

Sasuke smirked sadly and looked away for a moment before answering. "There was never anything between him and I really. I just wanted to know if you were capable of showing feelings for me other than friendship."

Naruto sprang to his feet in anger, "What the fuck Sasuke! Do you even know how upset I've been over what's been going on with you two! I thought I was losing my best friend!"

The raven haired boy jumped to his feet to, anger filling his tone, "Fuck it! Do you know how much it pained me to see you every day and not touch you! Or tell you that I need you! Or how I've been worried that some dumb little bimbo was going to come along and take you!"

Sasuke's words seem to smack Naruto in the face, taking some of the wind out of his sails. Why were they both so worried about losing each other to someone else? "I don't know what you want me to say," Naruto said sincerely as he look the other boy.

The raven haired boy took a deep breath and exhaled. Looking deep into Naruto eyes he said, "I love you, and whether in this life or the next, there will never be another soul that loves you as fiercely as I do Naruto."

The blond couldn't stop the shiver that ran down his spine, or the odd palpitation that skipped in his heart at Sasuke's declaration. But did he feel the same? Seeing Naruto look confused and unsure what to do, Sasuke continued.

"Let me stay by your side. If things turn into something more than they are meant to be," Sasuke said with a pained smile.

Easing with Sasuke's words Naruto gave a small smile and replied with, "It's not like I could get rid of you anyways."

Sasuke smiled more earnestly and said, "This doesn't mean I'm giving up on you, so prepare yourself!"

The blond gave off a much needed laugh and said, "Bring it on bitch!"

"You're such a 'tard sometimes Naruto," Sasuke said while ruffling the other boy's hair.

"Who you calling a 'tard dickwad?!" Naruto called out playfully.

The boys playful banter was interrupted as Mikoto called up stairs "Come down for some deserts guys!"

Sasuke walked to his door and upon opening it looked at Naruto and said, "Ladies first" with a smirk on his face.

Naruto walked out first and as he passed the smirking raven haired boy said, "Beauty before peasants"

Before Sasuke could inflict pain onto said boy, Naruto ran down stairs laughing his head off. Sasuke followed with a genuine smile and small laugh. God did it feel good to have the idiot back. He would take Naruto's friendship for now, but he still had hope for something more. Now he could openly fight for the blond and Goddamn it if he wasn't going to win the other boy's heart!

'Things are just about to start heating up,' Sasuke thought devilishly as he followed the other boy.

*& $%&*