One day in Mushroom Kingdom Princess Daisy decides to go shopping. As Daisy was about to leave she saw Peach watching TV.

"Aren't you coming Peach," asked Daisy.

"No I'll stay here why don't you ask Luigi to go with you," Peach said while flipping the channels on the TV.

"Luigi and Mario are at their cousins for the week, remember."

"Oh, well bye," Peach said waving at Daisy.

Daisy then leaves, but when she arrives something starts to turn bad. In the clothes isle there was an exotic dress that was very, very expensive. She wanted that dress the first day she saw it. Desperate for it she decides to steal the dress. She grabs the dress and tries to stuff it inside of her bag. No one has seen what Daisy has done. She walked out of the store and arrived back home.

"Hi Daisy, you're back very early," Peach said still watching TV.

Daisy ignored Peach. She ran inside her room to check out the dress.

"Ooooh this dress is too cute," Daisy said very excited.

Daisy hangs the dress inside her closet then Peach walks inside the room.

"What are you doing," said Peach.

Scared, Daisy told Peach to leave.

The next day Daisy strikes again, this time it's the jewelry store. She saw this beautiful glitter necklace that was very valuable. Daisy couldn't control herself, she took the necklace and walked out of the store. No one saw her. Back at the castle Peach was watching TV again until there was a breaking news. The news was about the same dress that Daisy stole yesterday. Daisy then arrived back home.

"Daisy the news just came on they were talking about some dress that got stolen."

"Oh well, their loss," Daisy said stammering.

"What is up with you lately you're acting very secretive."

"Who's secretive not me," Daisy said stammering again

Daisy ran out of the living room and rushed inside of her room. She tried on the necklace that had fit very well. The news came on again this time it was about the same glitter necklace that Daisy stole earlier today. In a crazy twist the news was talking about where the suspect had lived, it was Peach's castle.

"That kinda looks like my castle," Peach said wanting to see what will happen next.

The police broke the door down and rushed inside.

"Whoa, cool the police are inside the suspect's house," said Peach watching the news that was happening now.

They ran upstairs into Daisy's room and saw Daisy putting on the stolen dress and necklace.

"There she is," a police officer said pointing at Daisy.

She tried to escape through her window, but below were hundreds of police officers. With nowhere to run she decides to give up. Another police officer grabbed and handcuffed her.

"You have the right to remain silent.."

"Yeah, yeah I know," Daisy interrupted.

Meanwhile on the news that Peach was watching she saw the suspect (that was Daisy) finally caught and was going to jail.

"Peach help me," Daisy screamed dragged out of the castle by the cops.

"Now she's asking someone to help her, oh man she's screwed she kinda look like Daisy though, Peach said still watching the news.

(The End)