Liam stood outside the bedroom, staring in at the meat robot. Her arm was still bandaged and she was bandaging her abdomen where the stitches had been ripped open.

'Liam O'Connor.' She called out emotionlessly.

He jerked, knowing that he had been caught staring.

'Becks.' He answered.

'You need not worry.' She said. 'I will heal from this. I will have scaring on my arm but it will be minimal.'

'That's um, that's good.' He swallowed.

They stood in silence for a while before Liam asked 'Did you mean what you said, back with the dinosaurs? About the kiss?'

Becks looked at him, her gray eyes staring at him without emotion.


Liam nodded, moving away from the bedroom.


He turned to face the robot again.

'Thank you for worrying about me.' She said. 'Maddy told me you didn't want me to go back because I could have died.'

'It's ok.' Liam said. 'Becks.'

She nodded.

He walked away towards the statistics screen that Maddy generally stayed at. But she wasn't here. She was off with Foster. Sal was also out. She was off shopping for them all, especially Becks.

He let his head hit the desk. The coming months were going to be difficult with Becks being slightly flirty.

'Liam? Becks? Sal?' Maddy called cheerfully as she entered the archway. 'Is there anyone here?'

'Yeah, I'm here Maddy.' Liam answered tiredly.

'Are you ok Liam?' she asked as she took off her coat, and hung it on a coat rack that Sal had brought.

'Yeah.' He said. 'Just the aftermath of the mission.'

'I'm sorry Liam.' Maddy said, sitting down opposite him and grabbing his hand in hers. 'It was my fault.'

'It doesn't matter now Maddy.' Liam told her smiling wearily.

They sat like that for what seemed like minutes, but was really an hour and a half when Sal burst in.

She was grinning, and brandished a bag at him. 'Open it!' She cried happily.

He opened it, a smile leaking across his face as he did so, and pulled out the garment Sal had brought.

It was the Titanic steward outfit that Sal had seen in the shop. Liam looked at it for a moment, examining the seams and everything, before turning and hugging Sal. 'It's brilliant!' he said happily.

'I thought that you'd like it!' She said with jubilation.

Liam grinned at her. 'Yes, I do. Thank you.'

'It's ok.' She grinned back.

'Either of you want a drink?' Maddy called from the other room.

'You got any tea?' Sal called back.

'Yeah. Liam want any?'

'Yes please.' Liam called out.

Maddy came in two minutes later, carrying three cups of tea. She placed them on the table and the other two sat down at their allotted seat.

They drank in silence.

Just like usual, forgetting anything bad had happened for a little while.

Ignoring the aftermath.