Chapter 5

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Niesse POV

As I was setting up the tent, pasta was cooking on the make-sift cooker. Ever since I got here, she has been silent, asleep I hope.

I decided to study her face. Her features were soft yet you could see experience, wisdom in her face. Her eyelashes, black as coal lay gently on her cheek. I studied her more as the sunrise shone lazily over the vibrant wild red hair. The blood glistened. I knew I should get her to Carlisle soon. The blood stopped oozing out but her breath was getting slower and heavier. She looked so fragile in her tattered clothes. Alice wouldn't be proud. I didn't want to wake her yet she needed food. What she needs is a doctor… I could get Carlisle to come here. Grr if I went back I wouldn't be aloud come back here. I looked at her again. I jumped up, carefulnot to make any noise. As I lifted I noticed her spine wasn't meant to be jutting out like that, nor was her leg meant to be snapped in two.A millimetre off the forest floor I put her back down; she may look fragile but she ain't light. Emmett… but if I went back dad would hear me. I ran. If I give Emmett puppy eyes and Carlisle an image, they would help me.

Only 300m to go and I hit a brick wall. To put in nicer terms a bear hug.

"Emmett" I choked.

"Neisse, Neisse, Neisse! I'm so glad I fo."


"Sorry. Are you okay?" Emmett searched me over.

"I'm fine. Look I need your help. The girl." I pointed in her direction.

"I know. Alice had a vision. But you need to come back! Your dad is going crazy. He was nearly going to kill me!"

"I'm sorry but the girl needs help! Look if you help me I'll get dad off your case." I boar my puppy eyes into him. "Fine" he sighed. I ran back and he followed always at my heels. I stopped at the tree. Emmett looked at her. Could I see a fondness? Heartache? Does he know her? Before I could ask he bent down and picked her up. She looked like a doll in his arms, lifeless.

The house came into view as soon as I felt a calmness wash over me. Dad must be fuming. I opened the door for Emmett. Carlisle came straight away and brought her up to the room where I was born. I went to followed but I felt a hand on my shoulder. "I'm sorry" I whispered. I felt disappointment as I looked up to meet my fathers stare, "I really am". A human wouldn't have heard me. "Its fine just don't worry us like that again." We went to sit on the couch and I feel asleep in my mother's cool arms.

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