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~ Not in a zillion years had he thought that he would admit it to himself, but there might be a small chance that he was...in love with her. ~

Z. - Zillion

Steel blue eyes were fixed on her (with such an intensity that it was a wonder that her hair didn't catch on fire) as he looked at her quietly. She seemed to be reading some notes. The way the sunlight hit her midnight-colored hair, giving it an almost silver glow, practically made him stop breathing for a moment. When he realized that he'd been watching her for quite some time, he willed himself to concentrate on something else. It was a small miracle that she hadn't looked up at all (and no, he wasn't disappointed).

What in the world was she doing that was so important, anyway? He'd been sitting here at least an hour and not once had she looked away from those pages...

Squall sighed lightly, running a hand through his chocolate-brown locks. He honestly wished he didn't care what was keeping her busy, but the opposite was true. No matter how much he discovered about her, it still wasn't enough to him. It was pretty pathetic and weak, and he'd rather die than tell anyone, but he couldn't fight it anymore. Somehow, she'd found the way to his heart. She'd just barged in unannounced, taking all the room he had to offer, and by the looks of it, she wasn't going to leave anytime soon.

Not in a zillion years had he thought that he would admit it to himself, but there might be a small chance that he was...in love with her.

At first, she'd been so annoyingly robustious (which was kinda cute at times, he had to give her that. Usually, however, it was just plain annoying). She'd kept bombarding him with questions and other stuff that he didn't really care about, and it went on like that until she'd finally realized that maybe he didn't like all the noise and fuss about nothing. That was when a Silent Communication grew between the two of them. They didn't need to use words to understand each other. Instead of that, she used deeds to get his attention. Those deeds were little things that made a whole difference. It was simple and effective. In fact, he had no idea when this need of silent communication had turned into something akin to-

At that moment, Rinoa caught him staring at her. Almost at once, she smiled warmly at him and that made her eyes lit up. The corner of Squall's mouth curled upwards lightly before he looked away in slight embarrassment. He really had to control his emotions, he was making a complete idiot out of himself in front of everyone!

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