Black filled his senses. Water, that's all he could feel … water... he was wet, yes wet... at least he thought.

It was hot, oh so hot, but it was also cold, like a chilled thought, that filled your mind.

He was stiff... yes stiff. Confused.

Whats wrong with me...?

He heard breathing, rapid breathing, but the sound soon faded away, like in all of reality.

Fear got the best of him, it overturned his senses and fondled with his nerves. He should of just stopped him... but, he wouldn't let him take control.

He tried to open his eyes, but a force of some sorts stopped him... whose he?

Who am I...? who am I...?

In the blink of insanity...

He couldn't remember anything about, who he was. It was a strange feeling really... not knowing ,who you were but... he never had a name anyway.

He started to breath, to move, to feel.

He opened his eyes... and everything soon faded black...

Heat radiated on his body, and up his spine, making a sickening feeling dissolve in his stomach.

He turned around, to see nothing... as if he were floating...

Who am I?

No one, that's who he was.

Fear, was there, and he let it take control.

Looking back, reality wasn't real. It was all nothing, just filled in the same emotion.


He's gone now, taken, abandoned, overruled by it...

There's no one to blame for his cause but, himself.

Every things changed...nothing can be explained...

Kay... well this is a little poem sorta thing based on what happens when Ichigo's hollow takes over... well you can figure out the rest =) thanks fer readin it and review mutha fuckas =D