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Chapter 1 - Prelude

His skin, a deep crimson stretched over his bulging muscles and through the metal exoskeleton. Thin tubes were laced through the metal exoskeleton revealing a cloudy black substance. No eyes, no mouth, just a metal grill that encased his head leading to a shiny metal Z on the top. His hand reached out crushing my throat in its tight grip, the metal tip claws penetrating skin causing blood to seep through his finger tips. The air is ripped from my lungs as I desperately try to break free. All I can see is the crimson of his flesh, the metal covering his body and then finally a bright flash of red until the darkness surrounds me.

Jason Lee Scott awoke in a cold sweat, gasping for air as the nightmare that had been plaguing him for weeks had once again ripped him from sleep. Throwing his red sheets carelessly to the side he trudged into his bathroom and proceeded to splash cold water on his face. He barely recognized the reflection looking back at him in the mirror. Dark circles could easily been seen under his eyes and his usually tan skin had taken on more of a sickly pale color lately. He couldn't remember that last full night's rest he had gotten as this reoccurring nightmare just wouldn't go away. Sighing in defeat he walked back into his bedroom to see the clock read a little past six in the morning. Knowing there would be no way he would fall back asleep now, he pulled on a pair of loose dark blue jeans and a red crew neck t-shirt over his broad shoulders and toned abdomen. Walking down the stairs he could hear the TV on in the kitchen knowing his parents were probably already up and on their second pot of coffee.

"What are you doing up so early on a Saturday honey?" His mom softly asked.

"Couldn't sleep." Jason simply answered as he plopped himself down into a chair at the kitchen table. He looked cautiously over to his father who sitting on the other side of the table, his attention completely on the news before him. "Morning Dad."

"Good Morning Jason." His dad replied, but not without taking his eyes of the news.

Jason could immediately tell his father was preoccupied with something the news was showing. Being a Colonel for the army, Jason's father was always on alert, but something about his posture this morning sent warning bells off in Jason's head. Turning his attention to the news that had captivated his father, Jason began to listen to the reporter who was standing in front of some strange looking object.

"Reports are flooding in as an unidentified craft has landed here in the middle of city. More reports continue to come that smaller unidentified crafts have landed in cities across the country. No word from the President or the government as to what the craft is or where it came from, but more questions keep arising as an increasing amount of people keep showing up to take a look at the unidentified craft. So far there has been no movement from the craft, but the National Guard has quarantined it off from the public until further notice. We will continue to update you as more information becomes available. This is Trisha Williams for NBC 4 News, Angel Grove."

Jason continued to stare at the TV in bewilderment. There was something familiar about the craft and the pictures of the unidentified craft the news kept showing were unbelievable. No one knew what they were and not even the President had made a comment about them yet. Jason looked curiously over to his parents. His father seemed rooted in the same position as his mother paced around the kitchen. Jason could feel the tension radiating of both of his parents and the concerned looks didn't help either. Just as he was about to ask his father about the situation, his father's cell rang loudly throughout the kitchen causing everyone to jump at the sudden noise.

"Colonel Scott." Jason's dad said into his phone. "I understand. I'll be right there."

"What's going on Dan?" Mrs. Scott asked her husband.

"I need to report to the base Suzie. They are calling everyone in. Basically all hands on deck." Mr. Scott simply stated as he got up from his chair.

"About this thing on the news right?" Suzie Scott replied as she ran a hand through her loosely curled dark brown hair.

"Yes and I don't know how long they are going to want me there, but I will keep you updated." Dan Scott answered as he walked over and placed a hand on Jason's shoulder. "I need you take care of your mother and brother while I am gone."

"Of course Dad." Jason responded still confused by the whole situation.

"Please be careful Dan." Suzie Scott said softly as she tried to hold back her tears.

"I will be dear. Everything will be just fine, okay?" Dan Scott smiled at his wife as he wrapped his arms around her and pressed a soothing kiss to her forehead. About a half an hour later, Colonel Dan Scott walked out of his house, leaving his worried family behind.

A couple streets over, Kimberly Hart awoke once again to screaming and shouting of her parents. Groaning into her pillow, Kimberly sleepily lifted herself from her bed noticing how early it was on a Saturday morning, yet her parents were at it again. Running a hand through her wavy caramel colored hair she slowly made her way into her luxurious bathroom and began to go through her normal morning routine. Minutes later she left the bathroom and first threw on a pink leotard and then a pair of black Capri sweats and dark pink hoodie over her leotard. She walked around her large room and threw multiple random things into big black Coach Tote, thinking she may not return home tonight after hearing another thing crash in the living room below her. Not wanting to talk or even see her bickering parents, she opened the doors to the balcony connected to her room. She threw her bag to the ground, two stories below. Taking a couple steps back away from the opening to the balcony, Kimberly took a running start and leapt off her balcony flipping herself easily through the air and landing gracefully like a cat on the ground below. Looking around her backyard to make sure no one had seen her; Kim threw her bag on her shoulder and proceeded to walk over to tall brick wall that surrounded the back of the Hart mansion. Her eyes surveyed her surroundings once more before she threw her bag over the wall and then proceeded to climb over the wall, creating as much distance as possible between her and her shattered home life.

Crossing over a few streets, Kimberly made her way into one of the more modest neighborhoods in Angel Grove as she headed to the place she always felt was more of a home than her own. Knowing it might be a little too early on a Saturday morning to be knocking on their front door, Kimberly made her way to the back of the familiar brick house and began to crawl up a tree she knew like the back of her hand. Easily opening the window next to the tree, she quietly crawled through and gently lay her bag down on the floor. The petite girl sighed in frustration as she noticed no one was in the room, which this early on a Saturday morning was quite out of the ordinary for the owner of the room. Just as she was about to flop herself on the red sheet covered bed, the door swung open revealing a surprised looking person.

"Jesus Kim…scared the shit out of me." Jason cursed as he noticed he had spilled a little bit of the orange juice he had brought up from the kitchen.

"Sorry Jase, I thought it would be too early to knock on the door." Kim sheepishly replied.

"So you thought breaking and entering would be a better idea?" Jason asked raising an eyebrow at the girl standing in his room.

"Oh whatever. I've been climbing that tree to your window since I was six years old." Kim waved him off as she plopped herself on his bed.

"Fine, so what do I owe the pleasure of your company this early on a Saturday?" Jason smiled as he plopped down next to the girl he considered his sister in everything but blood.

"Same thing as usual." Kim sighed as she leaned back on the bed and closed her eyes. She had always felt safe in Jason's house. They had known each other since they were born because their mother's had been best friends since grade school.

"They were at it again this early?" Jason replied looking down at the tired and sad girl on his bed.

"Yup, I think they were even louder this morning and I believe mother dearest was throwing things again." Kim snickered sadly.

Her parents had been fighting for years now. The first time was when she was six years old and she had been awoken in the middle of the night by both her parents screaming at each other. Being a little six old, the screaming scared her so she ran away from her house and climbed the tree into her best friends' room, Jason. He of course thought nothing of it and had her crawl into the bed next to him just like she always did when they had sleepovers. The next morning Kim's parents had awoken to her empty bed and were frantically searching for her when Suzie Scott had called them and told them Kimberly was at their house. Her parents had come running over, upset at her for running away, but when she had blurted out in front of everyone, including Jason and his parents that they she had gotten scared of their screaming her parents had immediately shut up. They had taken her shopping later that day, hoping she would forget the whole thing and kept reassuring her everything was okay, but it only lasted a few days before they started arguing again, this time at the dinner table. So since then, Kim would sneak off to Jason's. Now ten years later they were finally getting a divorce which most people would think would help alleviate the situation, but the situation was far from resolved. Both her parents were very wealthy and neither one of them wanted to give each other any of their money so the divorce proceedings had been going on for two years now and Kim was stuck right in the middle. Both of her parents only saw her as leverage against each other so her relationship with them had gone downhill years ago. She basically ignored them now and all they did was throw money at her thinking it would make everything okay.

"You want some breakfast?" Jason asked finally breaking the silence.

"I'm not really that hungry." Kim answered trying to block out the memories of her past. "Why are you up so early? Usually you are sound asleep at least until nine or 10 on Saturdays when you don't have tournaments or practice."

"Couldn't sleep." Jason replied avoiding eye contact with his best friend and jumping off the bed.

"Bullshit. I know you better than that. You're had that nightmare again." Kim retorted jumping off the bed after him.

"It doesn't matter. I don't know what it means."

"Maybe you should talk to someone about it."

"Yeah right, they would think I'm crazy. Anyways have you heard the news yet?"

"Do you think I have? Remember I woke up to the daily death match and ran over here."

"Oh yeah…right…well my dad just left awhile ago to report to the base."

"Why, what's going on?"

Walking over to the TV that sat on his dresser in front of his bed Jason quickly turned on the news that was replaying the earlier report he had heard. Kim turned her attention to the TV and numbly sat back down on his bed. Jason watched as a mix of emotions crossed Kim's face until she finally looked over in his direction. "This is a joke right?"

"I don't think so. They've called everyone to report to the base and the President is supposed to make some sort of announcement later today." Jason responded as he opened a drawer of his dresser and began to pull out some workout clothes.

"Holy shit. Do you think it could be aliens?"

"Who knows? I bet Billy is going nuts waiting to hear more information."

"Oh yeah, he is probably calculating the possibility that it is little green men." Kim giggled as she pictured another one of her childhood friends William Cranston aka Billy sitting in his lab at home calculating something.

Jason and Kim had known Billy since kindergarten. He was being teased about his glasses and the way he spoke, which was usually with a very big vocabulary no one understood, and Kim told the three boys that were picking on him one day to leave him alone. The boys quickly turned on her and started calling her names, mostly ones pertaining to how small she was. Finally one boy pushed her to the ground and as Billy tried his best to help the little girl that had come to his aid, one of the boys took his glasses leaving him practically blind. Suddenly a taller boy with brown hair and another boy, who was African American appeared at the scene and immediately told the boys to back off. The three boys reluctantly gave Billy his glasses back and left. Jason helped Billy while the other boy, Zackary Taylor, helped Kimberly off the ground.

"Seriously. So what do you want to do then?" Jason replied also reminiscing on when they were little.

He had met Zack in one of his karate classes and the two had immediate become inseparable. They had come to Kim's rescue at first that day on the playground, but Kimberly had quickly explained she was trying to stop the other boys from teasing the boy with glasses who they later found out was Billy. The four of them were inseparable for years until second grade when another friend joined their group. Trini Kwan had joined Jason and Zack's karate class and at first the boys scoffed at a girl doing karate with them, but when Trini took down Jason one day in class, they could no longer laugh at the petite Asian girl with long silky black hair. Trini convinced Kim to take some karate lessons with her even though Kim insisted she was a gymnast, but Kim picked up on the moves quickly. She loved being able to occasionally beat Jason. Trini and Kim immediately became like sisters and they soon made their own little family going everywhere with each other and knowing each other better than anyone else.

"We could head to the youth center? I think everyone else should be there this morning." Kim answered as she got up from her seat on Jason's bed and grabbed her bag.

"Whatever you just want to see Tommy." Jason laughed as he threw some stuff into a red duffle bag.

"That's not why." Kim retorted as they walked down the stairs of Jason's house.

"Yes it is. You know he is there teaching a karate class." Jason snickered.

"Shut up Jase." Kim said smacking his arm as her thoughts drifted to her boyfriend Thomas Oliver or just Tommy.

Tommy had moved to Angel Grove when they were freshman in high school. He and Jason had fought in a karate tournament and Kim had immediately felt a pull towards the other teen. She remembered everything about that day she first saw him. He had long dark brown hair that was slightly curly and wavy that he usually kept in a ponytail. He had a nice strong body, but his eyes are what really captivated the petite brunette. She felt like she was looking into his soul through his soft dark brown eyes. The day after the tournament Tommy had gallantly come to her rescue from the constant annoyance known as Bulk and Skull. She was about to punch Skull in the nose when Tommy had come over. Kim then asked him to join her and her friends at the Youth Center after school and he gladly accepted. Tommy quickly integrated himself into their tight group, which was hard to do, but everyone quickly liked the new kid in town. For about three months Kimberly and Tommy danced around each other and their mutual attraction much to the delight of everyone else who constantly teased them every day. Finally before Christmas there was going to be a winter ball at the school and Kim had prayed Tommy would ask her, she even turned down lots of other offers hoping Tommy would ask her. He did finally ask her, but not before he kissed her for the first time. Now two years later, they were still happily dating and Kim was endlessly in love with the six foot black belt.

"Oh hello Kimberly." Suzie Scott greeted, snapping Kim out of her daydreaming about her boyfriend.

"Good Morning Mama Scott." Kim smiled; she had been calling Mrs. Scott, Mama Scott for years now as she considered the gentle woman more of a mother than her own.

"Dreaming about lover boy again?" Suzie Scott teased, causing Kim's face to turn as red as Jason's shirt.

Jason erupted into laughter at his mother's dead on perception of his friend. Kim's head immediately snapped back to Jason's direction giving him a death glare he had seen multiple times over the years. He knew he would pay for laughing at her later, but right now it was too funny. "We are headed to the Youth Center now Mom." Jason quickly said hoping to run away from the fuming brunette standing next to him.

"Are you sure you should be going out Jason…I mean with these things going on…"

"Mom, we'll just be at the Youth Center, you can my cell or Kim's if you need us and if all else fails you have Tommy, Trini, Zack and Billy's cell phone numbers too and you could call Ernie at the juice bar." Jason reassured his mom as they began to walk out the door.

"Okay hun, just be careful and take care of each other."

"We always do." Jason replied.

"Bye Mama Scott!" Kim waved goodbye as her and Jason walked away from the house.

"I've got a weird feeling about all of this." Suzie Scott sighed as she watched the kids jump in Jason's red F150 truck.

"Okay class, that is all for today." A deep soft voice announced as he bowed to the small children before him.

"Thank you Sensei." The children yelled back.

Tommy Oliver walked over to his white duffle bag retrieving a green towel and water bottle from it. Wiping his sweat soaked brow, he took a big gulp of his water thinking about how well his beginner class went this morning. He had been a little distracted in the beginning thinking about those weird crafts he saw on the TV when he walked into the Youth Center earlier that morning and then he became even more distracted when his beautiful petite girlfriend walked in with his best friend. She just had to look beautiful like she does every day and she just had to wear that tight pink leotard that drives me nuts. Tommy thought as he took another sip of his water bottle. Although he could tell something was bothering the pink wearing girl. She had a strained look on her face the whole morning and he had only seen her smile once when she had fist entered the Youth Center and looked in his direction.

"You ready to spar." A familiar voice asked behind him.

"Always." Tommy answered as he turned around to see his best friend Jason standing there in a red tank top and a pair of black mesh shorts.

Although before they could begin Tommy took another quick glance over in the direction of the balance beam on the other side of the gym. Gracefully gliding across it was the object of his affection and the only person who could get him to open up.

"You can quit drooling you know." Jason teased smirking at his friend.

"Whatever, I was not drooling." Tommy retorted, reluctantly taking his attention away from Kim.

"Sure you weren't, just like she wasn't daydreaming about you this morning when she broke into my room." Jason chuckled as the two friends bowed to each other in preparation of their sparing match.

"Her parents were at it again this morning?" Tommy asked as he ducked under a punch.

"Yep, bright and early, crawled through the window looking tired as usual." Jason sighed and he spun to miss an attack.

"I don't think she can take much more of this. They don't even notice she is there anymore." Tommy growled in annoyance at Kim's parents and the way they treated her.

He had spent many hours comforting his girlfriend when she would show up at his door or at the Youth Center in tears after a bad argument between her warring parents. His heart broke every time he saw her tear filled eyes and he felt helpless that there was nothing he could do to make it stop. As Tommy continued his sparring match with Jason, he also kept one eye on Kim. He knew she would take her anger out on the beam, but he could also see how tired she was and was on alert in case she fell or needed a spotter.

"Dude, if you want to go over there and spot her, just go." Jason chuckled.

"No, I think it's okay. I'm just worried about her." Tommy responded trying to sweep Jason's legs.

"We can spar again later. Go over with her. She needs you more than I do. I'm worried about her too; the fighting just seems to get worse. They have started throwing stuff at each other. Her mom nearly missed Kim last night when she threw a crystal vase at her dad." Jason said.

"What?" Tommy cringed at the thought of Kim getting hurt. Jason quickly saw the distraction and took him down. Tommy hit the mat with a thud and groaned at the quick contact.

"Just go. I can kick your ass any time." Jason smiled as he looked at his annoyed friend.

"You wish." Tommy retorted as Jason lent him a hand back up.

"I'm going to get something to eat. Kicking your ass gives me such a big appetite." Jason chuckled as he walked away.

Tommy shook his head at his friend and then made his way over to the balance beam where Kim had just completed a complicated move and barely stuck it. "You might want to take a break there super star." Tommy grinned up at his girlfriend.

"Oh really and why is that?" Kim smirked as she surveyed her sweat drenched boyfriend who looked fantastic in his white tank top and green karate pants.

"Cause your incredible and sexy boyfriend wants to give you something." Tommy retorted as Kim jumped off the beam. She stood right in front of him about a foot shorter looking up into the eyes she had fallen in love with two years ago and continued to fall in love with everyday.

"Give me what?" Kim asked placing her hands on her slim hips.

"This." Tommy said as he swiftly wrapped an arm around her petite waist and pressed his wet lips onto her soft pink ones. Kim quickly responded to the kiss as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her smaller body into his larger one causing a small moan to come from Tommy. She was so happy Tommy was finally more comfortable with public displays of affection. It had taken her almost six months just to get him to hold her hand in public, let alone kiss her like he was now.

"Get a room!" A voice yelled at the two who had quickly got caught up in the kiss.

"I'm going to kill Zack." Kim smiled as she reluctantly pulled away.

"I'll help." Tommy smiled back as he pressed his forehead against hers. "You wanna tell me what happened last night and this morning?"

"Damn Jase and his big mouth." Kim sighed.

"Kim…" Tommy began to plead.

"I'll tell you later." Kim replied.

"I'll hold you to that." Tommy said as he placed a gently kiss on her forehead and the two made their way over to the juice bar where Jason was sitting with Zack, Billy and Trini.

"You are such an ass." Kim said as she smacked Zack upside the head for his earlier comment.

"Well maybe if you two didn't make out in the middle of the Youth Center and went and found a room to deal with such urges." Zack winced at the smack.

"We have rooms and we have used them plenty of times." Kim retorted smugly as Tommy quickly pulled her into his lap hoping she would stop talking about their sex life.

"I did not need to hear that." Jason groaned.

"Oh whatever Jase, it's not like its new information that Tommy and I…" Kim began to retort but Tommy clamped a hand over her mouth before she could finish her sentence.

"Beautiful…" Tommy hissed in her ear.

"Finally someone shut her up!" Jason shouted causing Kim to scream against Tommy's hand.

"Are you trying to get yourself killed?" Tommy yelled at him.

"I'm not scared of her." Jason smiled.

"Yes you are." Trini interjected as she laughed at the situation.

"I am not." Jason retorted as he looked over at the Asian beauty to his left.

"I have to agree with Trini's assertion Jason. Kimberly may be the smallest person in our group, but she is last one any of us would cross." Billy added.

"Yeah man, she is downright scary." Zack laughed as Kim's face continued to get redder.

"Maybe we should stop talking about this…ow!" Tommy suggested, but quickly jumped back in his chair shaking his hand. "Did you just bite me?"

"It wouldn't be the first time." Kim smiled innocently at her boyfriend.

"Oh hell…" Jason groaned at another one of Kim's innuendos.

"Shut up Jason Lee Scott. You are on strike two right now." Kim retorted as she spun around and pointed her finger in Jason's face.

"Ouch, full name, you are so dead." Zack whispered to Jason's right.

"How about we change the subject? Did anyone see the news about those weird craft things?" Trini asked as she took sip of her banana smoothie. It was always amusing to see Kim and Jason bicker, but she couldn't get the news about the craft out of her head. She kept getting this feeling in the pit of her stomach that she was supposed to do something about it, she just didn't know what.

"Yeah, it was quite peculiar yet stimulating all at the same time. I would love the opportunity to go downtown and take peak at the object in question." Billy replied happily at the subject at hand. There was something familiar about that craft and he was going to find out.

"Actually I wouldn't mind seeing it either." Tommy added.

"Do you really think that's a good idea?" Kim asked a little nervous about the whole thing. Something about that craft bothered her. It looked familiar; it looked like something from the constant nightmares she had been having lately. She hadn't told anyone about them, not even Jason or Tommy. Tommy had almost found out about two weeks ago when she had fallen asleep on the couch with him while watching a movie. She apparently had been moving in her sleep and suddenly had started screaming. She had woken up to Tommy calling her name and lightly shaking her. Tears were cascading down her cheeks and she had never seen Tommy so scared in her life. She instantly had leapt into his strong and safe arms. He rocked her for over thirty minutes whispering random reassurances in her ear. She told him it was just a bad nightmare and she didn't remember anything about it, but she had been having the same nightmare for months now. There was some scary looking woman with dark black hair and a monkey looking creature with gold armor that was choking her. Then a loud booming voice echoes around her making her feel safe and warm. Every time she can feel the gold creature ripping the last bit of air from her lungs, but before everything turns black a bright pink light engulfs her and then she wakes up. It scared her even more when Jason told her about the nightmare he had been having for a while now too. It was eerily familiar to her nightmare.

"The national guard are all over it, I doubt we be able to see much." Jason shrugged as he leaned back in his chair.

"Let's just go and see." Zack suggested looking at everyone nod in agreement except for Kim. "Oh come on Kim."

"I don't know…" Kim replied softly trying to block out the images from her nightmares.

"It's okay Beautiful, I'll protect you." Tommy whispered in her ear, the warmth of his breath sending a chill down her spine. He knew Kimberly didn't really need protection, she and Trini both had black belts, but he could see something in her eyes that unnerved him. Her soft brown eyes revealed some sort of fear and it was the same look he had seen before when she awoke from the nightmare he knew she was constantly having even though she didn't admit it to him.

"Fine. Let's go." Kim gave in putting a fake smile on her face that didn't fool Tommy or Jason who looked at each other in acknowledgement.

About thirty minutes later, the group had made their way down to the center of Angel Grove where the craft had landed and where a large group of people had gathered to also take a peek at the craft.

"Holy crap, there are a lot of people here." Zack said in awe. He tried to bite back a weird feeling he was having. Something about this situation felt familiar to him. Flashes of his strange dreams came to him, but all he really could remember about them was the flash of bright black light that always came at the end.

"Seriously, and look how many guards they have." Tommy added as he tightened his grip around Kim's waist and pulled her in closer. As he took a closer look at the craft, a cold chill ran down his spine, alerting him to something he just couldn't put his finger on. The feeling made him remember the constant nightmares he had been having. He hadn't told anyone, but his nightmares included some witch cackling at him, and being choked by some ugly looking monster. Every time he thought it was the end, he would be engulfed in a white light before waking up.

"So what do you think it is and where do you think it came from?" Trini posed as she tried to ignore the flashes of the nightmare she had been having that involved being choked, monsters, an evil laugh and a blinding yellow light.

"Who knows? It might be just some elaborate trick for all we know." Jason answered.

"But they are in every major city." Kim replied leaner herself back against Tommy's chest.

"Yes that is true. It is truly a conundrum." Billy replied also blocking out memories about his reoccurring nightmare that always ended in flash of blue light.

"Jason Lee Scott!" A voice yelled across the crowd.

"Oh shit." Jason winced at the sound of his name.

"Oh so not good." Kim winced as well knowing exactly who had called out Jason's name.

"Was that just Jason's…" Tommy began but quickly shut his mouth as he saw an irate Colonel Scott stomping his way over to them. "Shit."

"What do you kids think you are doing here?" Colonel Scott demanded.

"We just wanted to take a peak…sir…" Jason replied softly trying to avoid eye contact with his dad.

"You should not be here. We have been trying to get all these crazy people to go away for hours. We still have no idea if these things are a threat. I don't want you kids within twenty feet of this thing. Do I make myself clear?" Colonel Scott commanded looking each one of the kids in the eye.

"Yes sir." Everyone responded together.

"Good now go home. If you want you can all go hang out at our house." Colonel Scott said as his tone softened.

"Sounds like a perfect idea." Jason said as the group began to turn away from his dad.

A few minutes later Kim was sitting in Tommy's white jeep which was following behind Jason's red truck that held Trini, Zack and Billy. They were heading back to Jason's house to hang out for the rest of the day. Kim aimlessly looked out the window as Tommy sat silently to her left behind the wheel. Finally Tommy snuck a glace over at his girlfriend and decided to break the silence.

"You going to me what's going on in that pretty little head of yours?" Tommy asked.

Sighing and turning her attention back to her boyfriend she tried to put her thoughts together. "Just thinking." Kim softly answered.

"About what?"

"Lots of things."

"Kim…how about you tell me what happened last night with your parents."

"Ummm…it happened after you dropped me off after our date. I walked into the house and I could hear the screaming coming from the kitchen. I tried to quickly run up the stairs to my room, but my dad came stomping out after me…" Kim started.


"Kimberly Anne Hart, where have you been?" Ken Hart yelled after his daughter.

"I was on a date with Tommy. Mom said it was okay." Kim softly answered trying to avoid any conflict with her already irate father.

"So just because your mom said it was okay, means it was okay to go out with that no good long haired freak!" Ken Hart retorted.

"He is not a long haired freak! We have been dating for over two years now, so it's not like it's out of the ordinary to go on date with your boyfriend on a Friday night." Kim bit back angry at her dad's insult at Tommy.

"Well I should have been told." Ken Hart argued.

"Well maybe if you were ever around." Kim mumbled under her breath.

"What was that?" Ken Hart asked taking a few steps closer to his daughter.

"Leave her alone Ken. She didn't anything wrong. Stop being such an ass." Caroline Hart spoke up.

"Well someone has to make sure she's not out gallivanting with some low class hoodlum." Ken barked at his wife.

"Well I can't get her to date anyone who is suitable and it's not like you are around to help." Caroline argued back.

"I will not have my daughter out with that boy." Ken bit back.

"She's your daughter now, you aren't ever here!" Caroline yelled, her voice getting loud again.

"I'm working!" Ken yelled back.

"No you are fucking your secretary!" Caroline growled.

"Julie has nothing to do with this!" Ken fumed.

"She has everything to do with this, but then again she is just another one on the list." Caroline hissed getting right in Ken's face.

Kim just stood there silently on the stairs listening to her parents throwing hurtful things at each other. She had learned of her father's infidelity at a young age. She had been ten years old; her mother was away on a business trip, when she came home from school to find her father kissing a blonde woman in the kitchen. Kimberly had just stood frozen in her spot in the kitchen, the blonde woman quickly leaving the room while her father tried to explain what she had just seen. She had cried herself to sleep that night and for the next week didn't talk or eat. The next time she caught her father was about a year later, this time he was with a red head. It seems to be a new girl every year or even more. Kim could hear her mother sobbing at night in the master bedroom when her father didn't come home and now he had another girlfriend, who happen to be his secretary.

"Don't you dare talk to me like that." Ken hissed lowly to Caroline's face.

"I'll talk to you whichever way I want." Caroline smiled smugly.

"I should have never married you." Ken retorted causing Caroline's smug look to quickly disappear. She immediately looked like she had been punched in the face and she looked absolutely heartbroken. "I never wanted any of this."

Kim gasped softly at her father's last comment as tears streaked down her face. She had partially known her father never wanted her, but to hear the actual words come out of his mouth was like a dagger to her heart. She saw her mother start to walk away, but her father said another nasty comment and before she could react a large crystal vase was heading straight for her. Her mother had thrown it at her father and he had ducked to avoid the expensive piece. Kim jumped out of the way, but not without falling down four of the stairs and landing hard on her side. The tears kept falling and Kim tried to process what had just happened. Her parents stood very still, also shocked at what had just happened. Her mother was the first to move as she made her way over to her daughter.

"Kimmie, I'm so sorry…I didn't mean to…I didn't know…are you okay?" Caroline asked as she took a few more tentative steps followed by her husband.

Kim quickly stood up, wincing at the shooting pain going through her knee and elbow. "I'm fine." Kim softly said.

"You took a nasty fall." Her mother softly replied.

"And whose fault is that." Ken hissed under her breath causing Caroline to turn and look at him sharply.

Kimberly kept her head down as the tears continued to fall. She just wanted to close her eyes and pretend none of this happened. She wished her parents would stop fighting and they would be a happy family, but she knew that would never happen. "I'm just going to go to bed." Kim choked out.

"Okay sweetie." Caroline said as she watched her daughter run up the stairs.

Kim raced to her room as fast as possible. She slammed her door shut and threw a nearby book at the wall. Pressing against her door, she let her body slid down to the floor where her body began to shake with sobs. Within a few minutes she could hear her parents screaming again which only increased her sobs.

End Flashback

"Oh Kim, why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you call me?" Tommy said as he parked in front of Jason's house. The other's got out of Jason's truck and Tommy nodded at Jason that they would be in a little while. Getting the message, Jason nodded back and walked into the house with everyone else.

"It was late and I didn't want to bother you again with this." Kim answered dejectedly.

"Are you okay? Are you hurt?" Tommy asked.

Kim rolled up her sweats and part of her leotard to reveal a large bruise forming above her knee. "Just the bruise from where I landed after falling down the stairs and my elbow is sore, but otherwise I'm fine." Kim answered.

"You told Jason you were fine." Tommy replied.

"Yeah, I didn't want to worry him."

"He is going to worry no matter what you say or do and I'm going to worry too."

"I don't want you to."

Tommy unbuckled his seatbelt and leaned closer to Kim, placing his fingers under her chin so she would look at him. He wiped the tears that had begun to fall from her cheeks and placed a kiss on her forehead. "I need you to know something very important…you are never a bother and I don't care what time it is or what is going on…I want you to call me and I'm always going to worry about you…okay?"

"Okay." Kim agreed softly.

"How about we go in the house and hang out with everyone and maybe we can all stay over tonight and watch movies." Tommy suggested as he got of the car and walked over to Kim's side.

"That sounds great Handsome." Kim genuinely smiled this time.

"Good." Tommy smiled back as he leaned down and pressed his lips against hers. Kim quickly responded to the kiss and nibbled on his upper lip and she slipped her tongue in. Their tongues began to duel with each other and Kim wrapped her arms around Tommy's neck and he put his arms around her waist pressing her body closer to his.

As they continued to kiss Tommy's hands roamed down to Kim's butt and gently squeezed causing her to moan into his mouth. He loved that he could be this affectionate with Kim, he used to be too nervous to show any affection and he was always afraid of crossing the line, but about eight months ago a make out session in his basement had become a little heated. They didn't have sex that night, but Tommy still remembers exploring more of Kim's body than he had ever before. The day after he had felt more comfortable in his affection towards Kim now that he knew she wanted him as badly as he wanted her. After that night, they only lasted another week before they finally made love. Both of Kim's parents had gone out of town so Kim had invited Tommy over. They spent the day by the large pool in Kim's backyard swimming, relaxing and making out in the water. Tommy had been scanning the fridge for something to eat when he thought he should ask Kim if she wanted to go out to eat or order food in. She was still upstairs changing out of her bathing suit when he entered her room. She had a on a pair of worn blue skinny jeans and a pink t-shirt and was walking barefoot around her room. Kim's hair was wavy and flying everywhere down her shoulders and she didn't have a drop of makeup on. To Tommy she had never looked more beautiful. His question regarding food was quickly forgotten as he quickly pulled his beautiful girlfriend into a sole searing kiss. Clothes were quickly shed as they ended up spending the next six hours in Kim's soft bed.

The first time had been a little awkward at first, being both their first times, but the later rounds were absolutely spectacular. Tommy had never felt anything more incredible in his entire life. They ended up ordering pizza later that night and eating it naked in Kim's bed until Kim initiated another round. It was a weekend Tommy would never forget and since then the two couldn't seem to keep their hands off of each other and they used any opportunity they had to be alone, not that he was complaining.

"Why you smiling so wide?" Kim asked breaking the kiss.

"Just thinking about something." Tommy smiled keeping his arms still tightly around her waist.

"About what?" Kim asked as Tommy leaned down and began to kiss her again, but this time he kissed her with an increased passion.

He spun Kim around and leaned her against his car, pressing his length into her center. Kim moaned softly into his mouth as her hands played with his ponytail. Breaking the kiss Tommy looked down at his girlfriend who now had kissed swollen lips and flushed cheeks. "Now I see what you were thinking." Kim smiled mischievously at Tommy as she played with the hem of his white t-shirt.

"Can't help it, I blame you." Tommy smirked causing Kim to giggle and stand on her tip toes to kiss him again.

"Oh hell, can't you two keep your hands to yourselves for just a little bit!" Jason yelled from the door. He thought he had given them enough time to talk about everything, but he just had to come out to check on them when they were kissing.

Kim giggled again at Jason's reaction and reluctantly broke the kiss laying her head on Tommy's chest. No matter how screwed up things were at home, she wouldn't change her life for anything. She had the greatest friends and she had Tommy. Now if she could only get rid of this nagging feeling in the pit of her stomach that something big was going to happen.

"My lord, our ships have landed and everything is in place. There also seems to be to no signs of that insufferable wizard and his pathetic warriors." An animal like voice announced as he kneeled before a large stone throne.

"Very good. The attack begins tomorrow." A deep, dark voice laced with venom responded as his stone throne turned away from his gold-armored minion.