Chapter 5 – Uprising

Trish Williams here, bringing you up to date information about the attack occurring here in Angel Grove and across the world. The President has declared a state of emergency and has order all National Guard and other armed forces troops to be deployed across the country to combat the unidentified extra terrestrials. So far the troops have only been able to contain the ET's in a 10 mile perimeter downtown, but as time passes they are not sure how long they can continue to keep them back, but there a multiple incoming reports of colossal damage to the downtown area and countless casualties. The mayor has ordered a mandatory evacuation of everyone to protected sites across the city. The Youth Center, High School and City Hall are among the safe zones for evacuation. There is no word of when reinforcements will enter the area or what the next steps will be. We will continue to monitor the situation as long as possible, good luck everyone.

"Come on Brian, we will set up over here." Suzie Scott instructed her younger son as they made their way through the crowd at Angel Grove High School.

It was increasingly difficult to stay calm as frightened people continued to flood into the school and explosions could be heard in the distance shaking the very foundation of the building. There were families huddled together, people praying, crying and others trying to help, but the uncertainly of the situation filled the air and threatened to explode at any moment.

"Mom where is Jason and dad?" Brian Scott asked. He was excited and scared at the same time at the possibility of aliens.

"Jason is at the Youth Center with his friends and your father is protecting us." Suzie answered shakily, her answer only what she hoped was the truth. She had tried calling Jason, Kim and everyone else, but all cell service was down. Jason was smart and strong; his friends were too, she could only pray they were safe along with her husband.

"Are we going to be okay?" Brian questioned as he and his mother settled into a corner of a classroom.

"Of course we are sweetie." Suzie replied wrapping an arm protectively around her son. "We just have to trust the ones out there fighting will succeed and everything will be okay."

"I hope you are right mom." Brian sighed enjoying the safety of his mom's embrace.

"Me too…me too." Suzie whispered as she said a silent prayer.

"Keep firing! Do not let them get past the perimeter!" Colonel Scott ordered as he ducked behind a tank.

"Sir I don't know how long we can keep this up." A solider to Colonel Scott's right yelled over the explosion six feet from their position.

Carefully looking around the corner of the tank Colonel Scott surveyed the damage and situation surrounding him and his troops. The metal creatures continued to come no matter how hard they hit them. Things were getting worse by the second and he could only pray his family was safe and reinforcements were on their way. "We have to keep trying until the reinforcements get here. We can't let them reach the evacuation safe points."

"There are reports of casualties across the city. I hope they get here soon." The solider said as he ran off into the battle.

"Me too…me too." Colonel Scott said softly as he looked to the dark sky littered with fire.

Views are a funny thing. They shift throughout your whole life starting with your childhood and only changing as your grow older and hopefully wiser. Although sometimes, a life changing event occurs and forces your view to change. We never know when these events will happen or what particular moment will cause the change. All we know is the view will change and we will have to react.

The view from atop Angel Grove National Bank roof looked like a scene from the latest summer action flick. Dark brown eyes looked through the tinted visor of a helmet; it was the screams, the explosions and the sight and smell of human bodies and blood that made it reality.

Standing tall in a suit made of bright red armor with white diamonds and an engraved gold medallion with a Tyrannous Rex, Jason took a deep breath, hoping to calm his nerves. Logistics, statistics, and tactical information about weapons, geography, the aliens and their craft were scanning across his helmet. The power, the knowledge, and the connection to his dinosaur spirit ran through his very blood. He knew what he had to do and prayed to the power to help guide him and his friends against this enemy.

Flanking his left side were Tommy, Zack and Trini, each their own respective colored armor. A gold and black chest shield ran across Tommy's white armor, which also held an engraved gold medallion with a White Tiger. Zack's armor was black as night with an engraved gold medallion of the mighty Mastodon while Trini shined in her bright yellow armor with an Sabertooth Tiger engraved on her gold medallion. To his right stood Kim and Billy, Kim in her own bright pink armor, a gold medallion engraved with the fierce Pterodactyl on her chest while Billy turned his head to calculate every possible attack position, his vivid blue armor with a gold medallion of a Triceratops reflecting the light coming from the battle below

"Okay guys, remember the plan. We will do this together." Jason commanded.

"Protect the citizens at all cost." Tommy added, his right hand gripping the sword at his side.

"Let's kick these guys off our planet!" Kim yelled, everyone suddenly noticing Kim had backed a few yards on the roof top.

The newly minted pink ranger took a running start from the roof of the bank and went sailing and flipping through the air much to the dismay of white and red rangers. Every one of her senses were on fire, the Morphin power running through her veins as her body which felt light as a feather, gracefully touched down the concrete ground below. "She was never one for a subtle entrance." Tommy smirked as everyone else began to jump off the roof.

"She was even worse when we were kids." Jason replied as he and the others landed perfectly onto the hard concrete below.

"That was totally kick ass." Zack cheered, awed by the power coursing through his veins.

"Affirmative. These powers are extraordinary." Billy added.

"Where's Kim?" Trini asked as Tommy pointed to the red SUV to their right to see Kim standing on the hood of the car, frozen to the spot.

Bodies of soldiers and citizens littered the ground as the newly minted rangers surveyed the area. Jason took a deep breath as the smell of the charred remains before to his left overtook him.

"There's so many." Trini gasped as she tried to hold back the overwhelming sadness and horror that threatened to take control.

The sound of the metal string on Kim's bow suddenly brought everyone out of their stupor. The pink ranger remained standing on the car, her new power bow cocked and aimed for something before her vision.

Jason's eyes narrowed at Kim's target, there stood his dad and other soldiers surrounded by the alien creatures. "Weapons out!" Jason commanded, knowing it was time to figure out what these suits could do.

On the other side of the street, Colonel Scott was trying to fight off one of the alien creatures, his M-17 blocking the metal arm of the alien that had tried to strike him. He could feel his strength starting to fade until he heard the piercing sound of something as it soared through the air. Looking up at his attacker, he saw a metal arrow, tipped with pink, imbedded in the creature's chest. To his right he could see three other aliens that had cornered his men also with arrows imbedded in their chest. The aliens began to sizzle and shake as an electric current erupted from the arrows. Within minutes, all four aliens were down on the ground, charred and motionless.

"What the hell?" A solider to Colonel Scotts left questioned as everyone stared at the new comers and watched as a soft red glow came from the red one's right hand, a large sword suddenly appearing.

"The Eltarian Alliance demands you leave Earth at once or you will be held accountable for the breach in the treaty." Jason announced, relieved the helmet seem to distort his voice, knowing his father would have immediately recognized it.

"So bold to make demands." A female voice replied. The owner of the voice stepped from behind one of the tanks, she was almost as tall as the winged General and was adorned with the same gold armor, but that is not what bothered the rangers about their new opponent. The woman was holding one of the human soldier's by the neck, gold spiked fingertips digging into his neck, breaking the skin. None of the rangers dare move as the pink ranger turned her head towards the red ranger in worry as she saw his fist clenching and unclenching at his sides.

"Rangers." Golder hissed as he stomped past the other creatures. "So the Eltarian wizard has awoken the ancient powers."

"We don't pay much attention to the Eltarian Alliance and their treaties." The woman chucked, her long black hair cascading down her shoulder.

"Release him and leave our planet now." Jason commanded again.

Goldars red beady eyes narrowed at the audacity of the being before him. How dare he speak to a general of his lord's army in that manner? "You dare threaten me boy! I'll have your head on platter for Lord Zedd before I leave this rock of dirt!"

"I'd like to see you try." Jason growled, trying to not let the golden monkey get to him.

"Warriors attack!" Goldar commanded, sending the metal creatures charging.

"Rangers, take your positions. You want a fight! You got it!" Jason yelled as he charged towards Goldar as Tommy and Kimberly did the same towards the scorpion looking woman. Trini, Billy and Zack started to gather the remaining soldiers and escort them away from the escalating battle while also taking out more of the metal soldiers.

"It's pathetic how the Eltarians think they can protect the entire universe." The woman hissed as the pink and white rangers circled her looking for a way to rescue her prisoner. "Darkness will cover this land and my lord will suck the ancient power from you very bones. Nothing can stop us."

The pink ranger tried to ignore the woman's ominous taunts, her focus completely on the helpless man in her grasp as she and the white ranger continued to look for a weak spot. An explosion to their left quickly knocked them all off their feet. Fighting the momentary disorientation the pink ranger scrambled to her feet to grab the man that had been released from the creatures grasp. The white ranger had already begun attacking the woman as Kim kneeled down on the ground.

"Who are you people?" The man asked as he was helped to his feet.

"No time to explain Colonel Scott, you need to get out of here now." The pink ranger answered as she looked him over for injuries. Jason would kill her if he was injured.

"Can't leave the area, too many civilians still here…wait how did you know my name?"

"Shit." Kim cursed under breath as she tried to think of a reasonable explanation. "Umm…it's on your name tag and I can tell your rank by your uniform."

"Oh…okay, but we will not leave the premises till the area is clear. Backup is on the way and air support should be here any second." Colonel Scott replied.

"Fine, but keep your distance." The pink ranger retorted as she spun on her heel and ran off leaving the Colonel in a stupefied position.

"Sir who are those people?" A solider asked as he came running up to Colonel's Scott's side.

"Our fighting chance."