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"Vincent?" she asked looking up at him. "Why won't you talk to me?"

He shook his head and looked back down at the figure he was working on. She got up to stand next to him.

"Is it because you can't?" He shrugged his shoulders. She sighed and took one more step towards him.

"Why won't you let me see your real face, Vincent?" She asked quietly looking into his dark eyes.

He shook his head again.

"Because you think you're ugly?" He nodded sadly looking away again.

She caught his sleeve and smiled. "Why don't you let me be the judge of that eh?"

Vincent stared at his friend for what seemed like a lifetime before finally moving his hands up to his head and removing the wax mask plastered on his face. He cringed when the air hit his skin and looked down, ashamed. She brought her hand up to smooth his long hair away from his face; she smiled and ran soft finger tips across the contours of his face. Vincent flinched at the delicateness of her touch. He didn't understand why she didn't scream, runaway or shout abuse as Bo usually did. Her fingers still ran across his skin making him shiver. "You're beautiful" she said whispered quietly.

Beautiful. The word ran through Vincent's mind like alarm bells. He'd never been called beautiful before, why would anyone think I was beautiful, I'm not. Yet she meant it. Vincent closed the gap between them cautiously bringing his arms up around her waist pulling her to him in an embrace. She brought her arms around his neck and placed her head on his shoulder carefully feeling his heartbeat against her chest. Vincent rested his chin on her shoulder, her hair gently brushing his face. He had never lived such an intimate moment before, not with someone who didn't find him repulsive. Bo would always call him a freak, told him "no-one would stand being near you your too grotesque", he still didn't understand why she it didn't bother her, but at this point it didn't matter.

"Please say something Vincent" she asked quietly in his ear, hands stroking his hair.

Vincent swallowed his voice dry. "Thank you"