New Ending

Summary – Bella goes to save Edward with Alice but when she meet's the kings she catches their hearts immediately. None of the kings are mated in this story. Who is the Forth leader are the Cullen's who they say they are.

Disclaimer – I do not own any twilight content or their characters

Chapter 1 – Meeting the Kings

Bella's Pov

I ran as fast as I could to stop Edward, jumping in his arms he was mumbling

"I'm not dead Edward look at me" I said he opened his eyes slightly "Neither are you! Please Edward; we have to move they can't be faraway" He quickly moved back inside the hallway hiding me behind him as he tensed slightly. I could hear footsteps

"Greeting's Gentlemen" Edward spoke I walked around him looking at the two who were now in front of us edward tried grabbing my arm to pull me closer to him but I moved away. One of them snickered "Aro would like to see you again Edward" Edward looked to me

"Bella why don't you go enjoy the rest of the festival" I looked at the two gentlemen before I looked to Edward "No the girl come's with us" Edward snarled

"I don't think so" his voice flat and icy. I looked to the gentlemen when I heard skipping we turned to see Alice coming down the hall

"Now boys there are ladies present" Alice saw me not with Edward she looked angry slightly especially since I hardly spoke to her the whole while she's been with me. I moved closer to the gentlemen when another set of footsteps approached us.

"Aro asks me to come see what was taking so long" I laughed the young girl looked to me confused slightly I stepped closer to her

"Asshole here is being complicated im Bella" she smiled I went fully over to her now before she laced her arm threw mine

"I'm Jane I thought you guys were the perfect couple" I laughed again as we began walking the other two guys following

"Not anymore" I turned to the other "What you names" they looked to each other before answering

"Im Felix this here is Demtri" I nodded we carried on walking till we reached an elevator we went inside both Felix and Demtri stood around me and Jane as edward and Alice looked pissed at me. I smirked

"So Bella how old are you" Jane asked

"Eighteen" she smiled "What about you Jane how old are you physical"

"Sixteen" I nodded the elevator opened we stepped out before walking down a corridor past a reception heading to another door. Demtri and Felix opened the doors before standing back around me and Jane we skipped in

"I want you to meet my twin Alec he'll love you" we skipped over to a boy with a little spiky hair

"Jane we send you out for one and you come back with two and a half" I laugh with Jane we stop in front of the boy. Jane smiles

"Alec this is Bella, Bella meet my twin Alec" he smiled holding his hand out to shake. I shook his hand

"Pleasure to me you Bella I thought you were in love with young Edward here" we broke into laughter as Edward and Alice snarled

"Not anymore" he nodded I held my other arm out he laced his threw mine as we walked over to another door Demtri and Felix opened the door before going back to around us

"What happened with him anyway" Jane asked as we walked I laughed

"Oh I cut myself on my birthday in their home, Jasper was about to attack me but dick-ward their sent me flying into a table with glass making my arm cut more. Luckily Carlisle was their he took over the situation quickly" Jane nodded as we walked to another set of doors before we walked in

"Why you hate them too so much"

"Because I realized how controlling they were to me after they left, I Love Carlisle and Esme as parents Emmet still a brother. Rosalie acted like a normal person would. Jane have you ever feel real protective of you brother or anyone here"

"I have"

"That what Rosalie did she want protect her family and herself but also myself because she knows consequences of this decision. I don't hate any off them they treated me like a person even Jasper even after my birthday I didn't blame him who would he had didn't beginning to all the Cullen's he drank human blood it going to be hard to resist. But these two controlled everything I did I realised how bad the relationship was" she looked shocked a little

"I've heard someone talk about us that way you really care for the other Cullen's apart from these two" I nodded she smiled "I like you" we laughed before we reached the last set of doors they opened we skipped in the three in the chairs didn't seem to realize that Jane, Alec, Demtri and Felix stood with me to the side as Alice and Edward stood in the middle

"Ah young Edward and Alice to but were your Bella" the five of us burst out laughing he looked to us his smile grew

"You're not having her" I let go off Jane and Alec going over to Edward

"What makes you think im yours Edward you left I moved on sorry but you did say to" he looked shocked

"You're not staying here with them" I laughed looked to Jane before back to him

"You have no say in the matter" I walked back over to Jane, I looked to Aro he was smiling

"My dear you truly amazing"

"Jane which one's which I remember a painting of Carlisle's but their names are muddled" she laughed

"Master Aro in the middle Master Caius to his left and Master Marcus to his right" I nodded

"Now I remember sorry about him always dramatic" they laughed I looked to edward he looked pissed he grabbed me but alec used his power on both Alice and edward as the kings took me out of Edward's grip placing me on Aro's throne, sitting on his lap as marcus and Caius sat down next to us before they started touching me all over, I got a little worried I looked to Jane she was smiling at us

"Don't move there showing everyone else your theirs" I nodded letting the kings carryon

"Felix takes Edward and Alice to the cells place in separate one's we will deal with them later" Felix grabbed Alice as demtri grabbed Edward. Alec followed them out; the kings were looking at me with love in their eyes as they carried on stroking my body.

"Little one lets go some were more private" I nodded Aro stood me up Jane came over the kings nodded she took me over to a corner of the room were a couple other vampires stood

"Bella this is Heidi and Chelsea" I nodded

"Hi" they smiled I looked to the kings they were speaking with each other, as they looked towards me

"Bella we want to talk before the master's take you" I nodded

"Bella you need to remember do as they say, don't disobey them there your mates all three. They anything to protect you, don't be frightened to what happens they want to mark you as theirs but they won't turn you today not till you're ready." I nodded,

"Isabella" Aro said I walked over to him he wrapped an arm around me before we were out the room his brother's following.