The Truth

Chapter One: The Mishap

Summary: Rukia and Orihime switch bodies! Who could have thought that taking a piece of candy from kind Kisuke Urahara could have such disastrous effects? IR & IO

Character focus: Rukia K. and Orihime I. towards Ichigo K.

It was a gorgeous morning. There was not a cloud in the sky; a soft breeze was blowing by, cooling people consistently under the hot sun that was high in the sky. However, Ichigo and his friends were not outdoors at all. In fact, they were underground, with a fake blue sky and clouds painted on the cavern ceilings. They were training.

"Damn it Ichigo!" Renji exclaimed, wiping the sweat away from his forehead. Ichigo panted with a smirk.

"What? Frustrated that you can't beat me?" Renji glared at this remark, and whipped his sword at the annoying orange-haired teen once more.

"Of course not! Just stop running around!"

"Renji, what do you expect? Speed is his forte," Rukia laughed, as she happily sparred with Tatsuki in hand-to-hand combat.

"Hard to believe that the crying Ichigo I knew is now some power monster," Tatsuki rolled her eyes.

"You shut up!" Ichigo yelled, pointing his sword at Tatsuki. Renji took this opportunity to punch Ichigo across the face. The teen fell to the ground in surprise.

"You never point your swords at women!" Renji said, smirking confidently.

"Tatsuki is not a woman, and please you're only saying that because she's your girlfriend," Ichigo said, dusting himself off as he stood up.

As rowdy as this training session was, it was still serious. Ichigo practiced his newly learned attacks from the winter war. Though there seemed to be no war in sight, the teens were always practicing; it always warmed Urahara's heart.

"Well, that's it for today, you all need to rest," the ex-captain called out.

The teens bowed in gratitude for letting them use his massive training cavern. As they left the doors of the dusty shop, Urahara held Rukia and Orihime back.

"What is it?" Rukia asked, her usual fierce air around her.

"Now, now, I just wanted to offer you girls some candy, you worked very hard today." Urahara said as pulled out a bunny shaped sweet. Rukia gleamed.

"Thanks! Have some Inoue," she smiled as she plopped the sweet into her mouth.

"Ah… it's really okay?" Orihime asked, as she took the pink sweet from his hand.

"Of course, I wouldn't offer it to you if it wasn't okay right?" Urahara smiled, "Go on, I'll see you a few days from now… for training of course."

They nodded and ran off to catch up with their friends.

The next day was just as beautiful as the previous. Sun shining, birds singing and everything! That was until Orihime's scream rang through the sleepy air of Karakura town.

"What! What am I doing in this body?" Rukia exclaimed, glaring at the mirror. Unfamiliar grey eyes met her, she was frazzled, how did she get into Orihime's body? This had to be a dream… a really really weird dream. She slapped herself, she splashed her face with water, and she even told herself to wake up. Nothing. It wasn't a dream, this was reality.

"You've got to be kidding me," she said, looking at her hands. She felt Orihime's soft skin against her fingers, looked at her large melons as if they were a curse. "How does she manage to wear clothes with these things?" She muttered to herself. She looked at her feet, well… after several attempts. "I'm so tall now."

Rukia sighed, well; she might as well go to school. As she looked through Orihime's closet, she found her uniform neatly hung and pressed. She put it on, while closing her eyes; she didn't want to see Orihime's body without her consent.

Suddenly it hit her. She looked at the mirror, if she was in Orihime's body… where was Orihime?

Rukia's eyes fluttered open; she sat up with a long yawn and suddenly paused. She looked around, her eyes wide in shock and realization. She wasn't at home! Orihime's mind was blank, not knowing what to do. She recognized the sleeping figures around her. Karin, Ichigo's little sister was sleeping in her bed, and Yuzu beside her.

"What am I doing here?" She whispered to herself, she suddenly realized how small she was in her blankets. "What?" She gasped.

Her chest was gone! Her hair was black! She quickly got up, and tiptoed out the door. She ran into… Ichigo.

Ichigo looked down at Orihime, "Oh morning Rukia, why the rush?"

He was topless. That was all that ran through Orihime's mind, her prince, topless.

"Rukia?" Ichigo asked. Right! She was in Kuchiki-san's body.

"Uh, nothing's wrong," Orihime said as 'Rukia' as she possibly could.

"Are you sure? You seem a bit off midget," Ichigo said, looking into her eyes. Orihime shook her head quickly while blocking her face and blushing.

"Nothing! Nothing's wrong Kurosaki-kun!" She exclaimed, and suddenly realized what she said, she covered her mouth… or Rukia's mouth… whatever.

Ichigo's worried face changed into an annoyed one, "Jeeze I was just asking you what was wrong and you pull your fake high voice thing on me." He scratched the back of his head. "Anyway hurry up and change." Ichigo walked away, glaring at her.

What did I do? Orihime thought frantically, should she apologize? She turned to say something, but Ichigo had already closed the door behind him. Orihime figured that it was the washroom. She made her way down the hall and saw a familiar door, the 15 screaming out at her. It was Ichigo's room.

She walked in cautiously, looking around. It wasn't the first time she was in his room, it was the second time, this time though she was in Rukia's body and Ichigo wasn't unconscious. She looked around, and then opened his closet; there she saw a neatly folded pile of uniform.

"I'm guessing that this is Kuchiki-san's uniform," she muttered to herself. She picked it up. "It's so small." She smiled, thinking it was cute.

She closed her eyes while putting the clothes on. She didn't want to see Rukia's body without her permission.

"If I'm in Kuchiki-san's body… is Kuchiki-san in mine?" She thought to herself, suddenly she blushed wildly. "Ah but the house is a mess! What if she-"

The door opened.

"Are you done changing?" Ichigo asked, walking in with his eyes closed. Orihime turned and saw him in his towel. She flushed bright red.

"Ah, yes?" Orihime replied. Ichigo opened his eyes with a smirk.

"Well, either turn around or get out, you know routine," Ichigo said. He turned to look at Rukia, and blushed slightly. "Why are you red?"

Orihime cursed to herself silently, and shook her head, "Nothing Kurosaki-kun- Ah! I mean-"

"Tch, whatever, just get out midget," he said. Orihime left the room, still red, and embarrassed, not knowing what to do about the current situation.

"I should go talk to Kuchiki-san… probably at school…" Orihime said.

Ichigo's door opened, and he looked at her in surprise.

"What are you doing still waiting here?" He asked, looking her in the eyes, something Orihime wasn't used to.

"Ah… I don't know where my bag is," Orihime answered.

"Oh yeah, I brought it out with me, you left it in the room last night," Ichigo said, "K, we should go now."

I'm walking to school with Kurosaki-kun…Orihime thought, her heart pounding.

As she followed him down the stairs, she saw him suddenly get attacked by his father.

"Kurosaki-kun!" She exclaimed.

"You asshole!" Ichigo yelled, his dad who was laughing.

"You were off guard son! Some shinigami!" Isshin exclaimed. "Ah Rukia you-" he looked up and suddenly stopped, staring at Orihime who was staring back with uncertainty. "Well you two better get to school! And be on guard Ichigo!"

"Dumb shit," Ichigo muttered as they left the house.

Rukia ran down the streets, which she found difficult due to the assets bouncing in time on her chest. She found that it hurt, thinking that she didn't use the right bra. As she raced down the streets, following Orihime's rieatsu, she found them, walking down the street. Her heart suddenly hurt, just a little. She cleared her throat, took a deep breath, and walked gracefully towards the two.

"Good morning Kurosaki-kun, Kuchiki-san!" She said cheerfully, aware of Orihime's usual character and air.

Orihime looked at Rukia in surprise, suddenly seeing her body for the first time in front of her. She was tall! Well, at least from this angle.

"Good morning Kuchi- Inoue," Orihime stumbled, though Ichigo didn't notice.

"Oh, hi Inoue," he smiled slightly.

"Kuchiki-san, may I talk to you for a bit?" Rukia flashed Orihime's smile at Orihime. Orihime nodded, and stepped to the side.

"Well, I'll go ahead, see you guys at school," Ichigo muttered, without turning around to look at them.

Rukia waved Ichigo away with a smile, and then turned to Orihime in all seriousness.

"Are you okay? Are you hurt in any way?" Rukia asked, looking at Orihime in worry.

"Not at all Kuchiki-san… do you have any idea how we ended up in this situation?" Orihime looked up at her.

"Yes I do, before coming here I talked to Urahara… apparently he handed us some test candy," she sighed in annoyance.

"I guess it worked…" Orihime laughed, scratching the back of her head.

"Apparently." Rukia shook her head. "Urahara said the candy should wear off in five days, there's no way to make it wear off any faster." Rukia sighed. "I guess we'll have to stay in our bodies, and tell everyone what happened."

"Ano… I'd rather not Kuchiki-san…" Orihime said, Rukia looked at her in question.


"You know that I… towards Kurosaki-kun…" She trailed off, Rukia smiled in understanding.

"Of course, if that's what you'd like Orihime," she replied. Orihime blushed. "But you've got to stop that," Rukia said. Orihime looked at Rukia in surprise.

"Stop what?" Orihime asked.

"Stop blushing and acting panicky, you've got to put up a strong front if you don't want anyone and especially Ichigo to find out."

Orihime nodded, taking a deep breath.

"Good," Rukia smiled, "by the way, are you okay with me like… showering and stuff?"

"Oh yes of course, I don't mind, and you?" Orihime asked, a little embarrassed to ask.

"Go ahead, we are girls aren't we?" Rukia laughed.

Rukia and Ichigo made their way out to the roof with everyone for lunch; the group lounged around and ate their lunch casually.

"Orihime or Rukia?" Chizuru repeated, Keigo waited for her answer.

"I would say Orihime, she's just so cute!" She exclaimed, grabbing the girl's large breasts from behind, but this was Rukia. Out of Reflex, she punched Chizuru while she blushed. The group looked at Rukia (Orihime) in surprise.

"Ah… I just I-"

"Lay off you guys," Ishida said, looking at Rukia with a smile.

"Are you alright Kuchiki-san?" he smiled politely, Rukia looked at him in surprise, "don't worry, I'll keep it a secret. This is for Orihime right?" He turned to said girl in Rukia's body.

Rukia followed his gaze and there was Orihime, walking beside Ichigo as 'Rukia' as she possibly could. The sudden pain came back again, and Rukia bit her lip, staring at the two. Why was she hurt when she saw them like that? Maybe Orihime's feelings were left with her… maybe a little bit of the feelings were secreting into her soul while being in Orihime's body.

You're kidding right? Sode no Shirayuki suddenly said. You've got to be kidding Rukia-san.

Okay, maybe they weren't Orihime's feelings going into her body. But if that were so, why did she feel that way?

"Something wrong Orihime?" Tatsuki asked, looking into her eyes.

"Ah nothing, nothing at all," Rukia shook her head quickly as she ate her lunch.

"So Ichigo, did you finally ask Rukia out yet?" Keigo asked.

"What the hell are you talking about Keigo?"

"You know, at least to one date, you two are practically dating anyway!" He laughed. Ichigo glared and punched Keigo across the face. The group tried to hide their laughter.

"See you guys later," Ichigo said, as he walked away from the group with Rukia by his side.

They walked in silence towards the house, and he turned to her, a little worried.

"You were pretty quiet today, is something bugging you?" Ichigo asked.

"Nothing was bugging me, there are just some days where I like being quiet," Orihime answered, trying to guess what Rukia would say to such a question.

"Huh. That's quite an unexpected answer," Ichigo said, "What happened to the Rukia who hid almost everything from me?"

Orihime stayed silent, her mind frantic.

"Well, that's okay you don't have to tell me anything." Ichigo replied.

Rukia walked home alone, the pain in her heart ever growing. She cursed, why was she feeling that way? She felt particularly nothing for the strawberry, just respect and a hint of admiration. Though he was usually annoying and loud to the point where she was so used to it that the silence on the way home was scary.

"Hey sexy," a gruff voice from behind her called out. Rukia ignored it, continuing to walk home gracefully. "Hey, don't ignore me hot stuff."

"Yeah! It's pretty annoying when women pull that card on us." Said another.

"C'mon," said the first voice, his footsteps echoing closer and closer to Rukia. "Let's have some fun," at that he grabbed her butt.

Rukia turned with a glare, and punched him in the face with all her might. The man flew.

"You bitch!" said the man's companion; he pulled out a gun from his pocket, smirking, and then he said, "Not so tough now are you?" Rukia looked at him with an icy stare.

"I wasn't afraid of you in the first place," Rukia replied, and then the man pulled the trigger. Suddenly a bright orange shield appeared before her, surprised, but quickly adapting, she ran through the shield, and tackled the guy to the floor.

She punched him across the face, and kicked him in the jewels. The two lay on the ground, unconscious. She looked at them, thinking that she should maybe hide the bodies. But instead she grabbed their bodies and sat them up against the nearest fence, placing beer bottles in their hands and around them.

"That should show them," she smirked. She walked towards the still standing shield. "Thank you for protecting me."

"That's no problem, you are a friend of Orihime-chan's!" replied one of Orihime's shun shun rikka.

"Does that mean I can use you for the time being?" Rukia asked.

"Oh no you can't! Only that bratty princess can lead us," Tsubaki replied.

"Don't listen to him, use us when you feel necessary, you are inhabiting our master's body anyway."

"Thank you very much," Rukia smiled, and the fairies disappeared back to her hairpins.

Rukia walked into the apartment, and sighed. Loneliness greeted her once more. She imagined Orihime living by herself, her fragile personality living alone, staring at the picture of her brother at one of the small tables. No girl deserved that. She was familiar with the feeling of loneliness, and yet Ichigo changed it all.

She sighed.

That idiot better be treating her well, Rukia thought.

Ichigo knocked on the twins' bedroom door, food in his hands.

"Rukia! Dinner!" He said, opening the door before him.

"Oh, thanks," Orihime said. She decided to avoid calling him by his name for Rukia always called him by his first name.

"No problem, need any help with the math homework?" Ichigo asked, leaning over.

"Ah-" Orihime heated up.

"Huh. Strange, you got all those right," Ichigo said, "nice job midget." He chuckled.

How easily she made him smile, Orihime thought.

"Well I got the hang of it," Orihime replied in a small voice. Truth be told, she was good at math so such questions and things were easy for her.

Suddenly her phone rang. Orihime jumped at the phone in her pocket. She pulled it out, and stared at a screen that resembled a map. The blinking dot in the centre, seemingly pinging insults at her.

"Looks like a hollow," Ichigo said, grabbing his shinigami badge, "race you to it!" He smirked confidently.

"Uh… I'd rather not Kuro-" Orihime started, "I mean go ahead, I'll finish my work here."

"Alright suit yourself," Ichigo shrugged, then left through the bedroom window.

Orihime let out a breath of relief, that was really too close. Orihime had no clue how to use Rukia's sword and even doubted that Sode no Shirayuki may even let her. It suddenly reminded her how useless she was to Ichigo in the first place. She sighed.

Maybe trading bodies with Rukia made no difference.

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