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"Cloud, are you sure about this? I think it's time for you to stop. This has been going on for the past four years…how much longer do you think this could last without Zack catching on?"

Cloud stopped walking and turned to face his best friend, Reno, with a smirk on his face.

"How ironic…the person who constantly cheats on Tseng with any piece of ass that catches his eye is encouraging me to end my affair with one person…"

"That's not the point and you know it! I don't have a kid and a husband waiting up for me every night to come back home safely!"

"No you don't, but you do have a lover."

"That allows me to sleep with others when he's on a long business trip!"

"Tseng hasn't been on a business trip in two years and that has yet to stop you from sleeping with someone else."

"That's my own sin to deal with Cloud. At least I feel guilty about it afterwards. I wish I could say the same for you…"

"Too bad you can't."

Cloud watched Reno's eyes widen in shock before shaking his head and walking into the bar they always went to every Friday and Saturday night. He knew that his friend was disappointed that he was cheating on his husband of seven years, but he couldn't bring himself to care anymore, but he did at first. Zack was a good man; there was no lying about that, but... Cloud sighed before opening the bar door. He glanced around for Reno and saw that he had already found his woman for the night before spotting his reason for being here. He smiled before walking up to the man sitting at the bar and gently ran his finger up the man's leather-coated arm.

"Sorry I'm late. Taka wouldn't let me leave without reading him a bedtime story."

Emerald eyes turned to him, full of amusement.

"I figured as much. How is he doing by the way? It's been a moment since I stopped by to see him."

"He's doing just fine…he looks more and more like you everyday…"

"That's a problem."

"I know… Zack has yet to question me about it but as far as I'm concerned, we'll get there when we get there." Cloud said before he wrapped his arms around his lover's neck and kissed him, moaning when his lover pushed his tongue into his mouth, making him forget about all of the other people in the bar. This was what he'd been waiting for all week: for Sephiroth to clear his mind and to make him feel alive again…

Seven Years Earlier…

Cloud remembered the first time he saw Sephiroth since he left him when he was 18 on the night they graduated. To say he was happy to see him was the wrong thing to say. He saw him at he and Zack's wedding reception, holding a glass of champagne in his hand while smirking as he stepped closer to him.

"What are you doing here?" Cloud said with his voice full of anger.

"Well it's good to see you too Cloud. How long as it been now since the last time we saw each other? Two…three…"

"It's been five years since you left me on the night of graduation saying that you had a business deal that you couldn't afford not take and couldn't spend the rest of your life with me. Now, I ask you again. What are you doing here at my wedding?"

Sephiroth chuckled before sipping his wine.

"Nice to know you still hold some resentment for me… But to answer your question, I was invited."

"By who?"

"Oh there you are!"

They turned to see Zack happily walking to them before wrapping an arm around Cloud.

"Cloud, I've been meaning to introduce you to my boss that I always talk about. Cloud, Sephiroth. Sephiroth, Cloud."

Cloud stared at Sephiroth with wide eyes. Had he had known it was Sephiroth he was talking about, he would've told Zack to find another job. He narrowed his eyes when he saw Sephiroth grin.

"We already know each other. We went to school together."

"Oh really? Were you two friends or something?"


"We were up until he had to attend his business deal right after graduation. We…fell out of touch." Cloud quickly said in order to stop Sephiroth from speaking. He had a feeling of what he was going to say and he didn't want Zack to know that just yet. Zack nodded before Cid came up from behind him and stole him away from Cloud and Sephiroth. It was an awkward silence between them before Sephiroth broke it after taking another sip from his champagne class.

"Are you going to tell him?"

"Eventually… There's no need to tell him that we used to date right now."

"Mhmm… Well, just make sure you mention it to him eventually. Wouldn't need for him to find out from someone else now would we?" Sephiroth smirked before walking away from him with mischief in his eyes. Cloud narrowed his eyes at the place that Sephiroth used to occupy. He knew why Sephiroth said that the way that he did. He knew that he wasn't going to tell Zack.

Cloud realized his mistake of not telling Zack three years later when Zack came home from work angry.

"Did you and Sephiroth used to date?"

Cloud's eyes widened as he stopped cooking and stared at Zack's narrowed blue eyes.


"Why! Why the fuck do I have to find out from a co-worker at lunch today instead of you!"

Cloud blinked at Zack before responding.

"I didn't think it would matter."

"Well it matters when a group of my co-workers think that the reason I got that promotion was because my wife used to fuck my boss!"

Cloud narrowed his eyes at Zack. He knew he had a right to be angry, but he didn't feel like having another argument with him, not on their anniversary. Arguing was all that they ever did since Zack got his promotion a year and a half ago and to say he was sick of it was an understatement.

"I apologize for you being embarrassed about not knowing, but in my opinion, it's none of their business to know whether or not I used to date Sephiroth."

"And it's not my business to know either?"

"That's what I thought at first…" Cloud said honestly as he watched Zack stare at him blankly. He didn't think that it was none of Zack's business to know who he dated in the past. Zack didn't tell him his past lovers so why should he tell him his? Granted one of them was now his boss, but it didn't matter since he read in an article that Sephiroth was married as well and had triplet sons with some redheaded male that he'd never heard of before. He turned back around to finish the dinner he was cooking, not caring as he heard Zack walk out of the kitchen. Cloud stopped stirring the food and let his anger get the best of him and threw the frying pan on the floor before grabbing a notepad out of the drawer and writing a quick note before grabbing his car keys and cell phone and walking out of their apartment. He needed a drink.

"Hold up. Start over again. Why are you here at a bar with me on your anniversary night?"

"I'm tired of fighting with him every single day over dumb shit! Ever since he got his promotion he's been taking out all of his frustration on me! Granted, I know that he has a right to be angry that he found out that I used to date his boss when we were in high school from someone other than me, but I felt as though I shouldn't have had to tell him anything about my dating history and it's not like he asked me about it before we got married."

Reno nodded his head in agreement before drinking his beer.

"I agree with you. You see…me and Tseng follow a 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy."

"You also follow a 'Sleep with Whoever You Want to After Tseng Leaves on Business Trips' policy that you violate every night when he is home."

"Hey, don't be jealous! At least I'm getting some! When's the last time you had any?"

Cloud scoffed before grabbing his shot of vodka and downing it in one gulp. It has been months since he last had sex and to say he was sexually frustrated was an understatement. He was about to respond to Reno's question when he noticed that he was busy eyeing the woman that walked near him.

"Hold that thought Cloud. I'll…be right back."

"Yeah, more like see you tomorrow."

Reno grinned before getting out of his stool to find the woman. Cloud rolled his eyes before ordering another shot of vodka. He looked at the clock hanging on the wall and saw that it was going on 12. When the bar tender placed his drink in front of him, he was about to take it when a hand shot out and grabbed it from him.

"Hey! That's mine asshole! I need that more than you do!" Cloud said as he turned around to glare at the man who took his drink from him. His eyes widened when he noticed that it was Sephiroth.

"Now why would you have needed a shot? Life not going as well as you planned?" Sephiroth asked with a smirk after he downed the shot and placed the glass on the counter.

"Heh, I can ask the same of you… Why are you here? Don't you have a wife and children to take care of?"

"Don't you have a husband to make dinner for?"

Cloud scoffed before rolling eyes, making Sephiroth chuckle.

"Everyone needs to take a break away from home every once in a while…and mine was way overdue." Sephiroth said as he sat down in the bar stool that Reno was sitting on.

"I didn't say that you could sit next to me."

"And I didn't ask if I could…"

"Fine, but you owe me another shot."


As Sephiroth got the attention of the bar tender, Cloud gave Sephiroth a look over. He knew it had to be a sin for Sephiroth to be wearing that leather jacket without a shirt on underneath it and having his very muscular chest exposed for every female and male to drool over.

"A simple compliment would suffice more so than you staring at me."

Cloud looked up into amused green eyes and felt his cheeks become warm when Sephiroth chuckled.

"Well, it's nice to know that I haven't lost my charm…"

"Psh! The only charm you have is to make people become annoyed…"

Sephiroth laughed as the bar tender placed two shot glasses in front of him before passing one to Cloud.

"So…why are you here?" Sephiroth asked.

"Zack and I got into an argument…"


"Me not telling him that you and I dated in the past and him having to find that out from someone else."

Cloud didn't turn to face Sephiroth, who he knew was narrowing his eyes at him.

"I thought-"

"You and I both know that I wasn't going to tell him."

"… How did he take it?"

"If he took it well, I wouldn't be here…"

"But it's only one fight. Certainly you could've-"

"We've been fighting for a year and a half."


"Dumb shit like why I don't make something else for dinner, why I do I not work, why am I not ready to have kids, why don't I get a job, it's always about me! It's not like I'm sitting on my ass and the apartment looks like shit! Sure he pays the bills, but I take care of everything else! It's bullshit!"

Cloud glared at Sephiroth when he heard him snickering.

"What did you think marriage would be? Sunshine and rainbows?"

"No, but you seem to have no rain on cloudy days."

"I did when I returned here…"

"Oh my…what could've made the great Sephiroth, CEO of the greatest electric company in the world, have rain?" Cloud asked sarcastically.

"When I found out that the greatest treasure I left behind got married to my employee."

Cloud's eyes widened and he turned away from Sephiroth.

"You said that you didn't want to spend the rest of your life with me…"

"I had to tell you something so you wouldn't beg me for me to take you with me when I knew I couldn't. I know it wasn't the best choice of words, but it got the desired results."

"You could've-"

"Could've what? Told you to wait for me even though I had no idea if I would be able to return to Midgar and if I couldn't, leave you here waiting endlessly for me? I know I'm a prick and all, but I wouldn't cause that type of pain on anyone. It was…bittersweet seeing you marry Zack, but I knew that someone was going to give you what you deserved so I did what I had to. I moved on."

Cloud narrowed his eyes at Sephiroth. He was relieved to finally know the reason why Sephiroth left him the way that he did, but he was also pissed. He knew that Sephiroth meant well, but his decision left him with the shitty end of the stick.

"So, you think I deserved to be yelled at about what I chose not to do on my anniversary?"

Sephiroth frowned at him.

"No, but-"

Cloud cut Sephiroth off by wrapping an arm around his neck and pressing his lips against his. He pulled away and noticed that Sephiroth's eyes were wide with traces of lust flickering in them.

"Then show me what I deserve…"

Cloud gasped when he felt Sephiroth lean in closer to him before he felt his tongue lick the outer shell of his ear.

"You're playing a dangerous game…" Sephiroth whispered in to his ear. Cloud moved his head to stare into Sephiroth's eyes. Though he may regret his decision in the morning, he needed this...now.

"I know." Cloud said before he pressed his lips to Sephiroth's once again.


Cloud didn't know why sex with Sephiroth always felt as if he was on ecstasy. Not saying that Zack wasn't great, but where Zack was great, Sephiroth was phenomenal. He always had been, even with their first time together when they were sixteen in the back of Sephiroth's small car. He was incredible then and proved that he was still just as good, if not better, now as he continued to slam him into the wall of the bar's bathroom stall with vigorous force, nailing his sweet spot with every strong thrust. This was what he'd been craving for so long…too long…to feel that same high that Sephiroth used to deliver him at least three times a day whenever and wherever he chose to… This was something that Zack tried to give him, but his wasn't enough, especially since he didn't give it to him everyday and chose to do it whenever he felt like it, which wasn't often. Zack could go a long time without sex, as Cloud couldn't since Sephiroth had spoiled him with it since he turned sixteen. Needless to say that he and his vibrator became very good friends and stayed good friends for the past ten months, which he wasn't ashamed to admit to Sephiroth when he went to prepare him with his fingers and natural lube, which made the silverette laugh. Though Cloud knew that he was making him and Sephiroth violate their vows, he couldn't help but feel…happy. He hadn't felt this way ever since Zack got his promotion and changed. When he felt Sephiroth kiss his neck repeatedly, he knew that Sephiroth wanted to mark him, but they had agreed to no scratches or bruising that couldn't be explained through a good lie and he knew that Sephiroth's bite marks could never be explained with a good lie. Though he knew that biting was Sephiroth's thing that Cloud, too, enjoyed to no end, he made Sephiroth give his word to resist from doing so. He heard Sephiroth groan, a sure sign that he was about to cum. Cloud tightened his legs around the slim waist and clenched his inner muscles around Sephiroth as he sped up his thrusts and fell out of the rhythm they had previously set. It only took a few more minutes until Cloud screamed Sephiroth's name as both of them came at the same time with Cloud splattering his seed on his and Sephiroth's stomachs. He kissed Sephiroth's head in appreciation when he leaned against him, panting heavily as he still held him tightly to prevent him from falling onto the toilet. When Sephiroth tried to pull out of him, Cloud clenched around him again. He smiled at Sephiroth when he stared at him in confusion before rolling his hips as a gesture that he wasn't finished with him yet. Two more rounds couldn't hurt…

Cloud stumbled into his apartment around four in the morning and groaned at the delicious pain that shot up his spine. He noticed that the kitchen floor had been cleaned and shrugged before making his way to the bathroom to take a shower. After he dropped his clothes into the hamper that was in the bathroom, he turned on the hot water and got in the shower and sighed contently. As he was washing is hair, he wasn't surprised to hear the glass door to the shower open.

"…where have you been?"

"Reno and I went out to his favorite bar that he'd been meaning to take me to."

"That's it…?"

"Yeah... That's it."

"Then why are you taking a shower at four in the morning?"

"He threw up on the floor and I smelled like it. Would you rather me get into bed with you smelling like that?"

He felt Zack stare at him before sliding the glass door shut. Cloud was a tad bit surprised that he didn't feel a pang of guilt when he heard Zack's voice but he decided to muse over what he'd done tomorrow. All he wanted to do now was finish showering and get to the sleep that he knew was going to be the best sleep he had in a long time. As long as Zack didn't see him limping to bed, he could care less about anything else at the moment.

End of Chapter.

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