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I love reading these stories, and I've been dying to write one myself! So here is my (I think) second multi-chapter fic. I'm watching episodes online and researching the characters to make sure they're all in character. I'm paranoid about that kinda thing, since it's something I struggle with, so I often go over-board trying to research everyone. Now I'm babbling. ON WITH THE FIC!

"Will you all just settle down!" Mr. Lancer said, trying to regain control over the class. I looked out the bus window and sighed. We were parked outside of Fentonworks; my parents had offered to take my class on a field trip through the ghost zone. Whoopee.

Sam, who was sitting beside me, turned around and handed Tucker something. Then she turned to me and held out a fist, signalling that she had something for me too. I opened my hand and she dropped some Fenton Phones onto my palm. "Just in case we run into Ember," she explained, while putting a pair on. I shrugged and put mine on too.

Mr. Lancer finally gave up trying to keep everyone in line. "Let's just go already," he said and the bus doors opened. The class streamed out, running towards my house, where my parents stood on the front lawn.

I stalled getting off the bus. Tucker and Sam strayed behind me, bickering about who was more annoying: Technus, or the Box Ghost. I turned around and grinned. "I vote Box Ghost."

Just when Tucker was about to voice his opinion, my mom's voice rose above the sound my classmates were making.

"Hi hon! How's your day going, sweetie?" My mom stood on her tiptoes and eagerly waved at me. At least half the class chuckled, pointed and muttered "Mommy's Boy".

I groaned and ducked my head. One day in the ghost zone, a million chances to be embarassed. GREAT.

Tucker patted me on the back. "Hang in there dude. The field trip will be over before you know it."

"I hope so," I muttered,as we walked forward, joining the crowd of our classmates.

"Well, hello. I'm Maddie Fenton, and this is my husband Jack," Mom said, gesturing first to herself, then at Dad. "We're going to take you on a partial tour of the Ghost Zone today, so if you'll all follow me in single file down to the lab..." Mom turned and started towards the house. The class followed, and Dad was "blathering on about ghosts" to Mr. Lancer.

I had a bad feeling about this trip.

When I got inside, I turned to go up the stairs. Maybe I could make this trip a little less worrisome...

"Danny, where are you going, sweetie?" Mom called. Everyone turned to look at me. I cringed.

"I was just grabbing something out of my room. I'll be down soon!" Then I finished hurrying up the stairs to my room.

I opened the door and walked in. I had a bad feeling in the back of my mind about this trip, so I was gonna load up on ghost hunting gear without my parents noticing. I grabbed the Fenton thermos and a few smaller guns, like the lipstick- blaster. I stashed them in my backpack before I turned and hurried downstairs.

Sam and Tucker were waiting for my at the top of the stairs leading to the lab.

"What'd you get?" Tucker asked as soon as he saw me.

Sam elbowed him in the ribs. "Tucker, that's his business! Butt out!"

"Just ghost fighting equipment. I have a bad feeling about this trip." I nodded towards the lab door. "Let's get this over with."

Sam, Tucker and I headed to the door of the lab. We headed down the stairs and joined our class, which was over by the Specter Speeder. Only due to my dad's modifications, it was more of a Specter School-Bus.

"...and guns that automatically blast any ghost that comes within 5 feet!" Dad announced proudly. I froze and mentally counted out how many feet away I was.

"That's new." I backed up a step or two to be safe.

Sam leaned over to me. "If it can sense you, don't walk forward. You're only 6 feet away!"

Mr. Lancer looked over at Sam. "Miss. Manson, do you have something to say?"

Sam's eyes widened and she looked at the ground, then the Ghost Portal, my Mom, me, Tucker and back at Mr. Lancer as she stuttered out an excuse. "Um, I was just asking Danny, if he helped work on it?" Sam bit her lip.

Mr. Lancer blinked, then smiled. "An excellant question Miss. Manson! So, Mr. Fenton, did you assist your parents?"

It was now my turn to blink. "Ummmm...not much..." I glanced at my Dad and he grinned.

"Are you kidding? Danny helped me put the engine back together, and put the seats in!" Dad walked over and slapped me on the back. "That's my boy!" he cried, and I groaned. My classmates snickered.

"Alright, single file everyone, go straight on in, and DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!" Mom smiled as my class filed past her.

Paulina, who was standing in front of Starr, who was in front of me, turned to her blonde friend and squealed, "Maybe we'll see the ghost boy!"

Dad came up behind her and said, "If we do, I'll rip him apart molecule by molecule!"

I gulped. I was about to walk forwards when I realized I was almost at the 5-foot boundary. Taking a deep breath, I took another step forward. The guns sparked and twitched towards me, but did nothing more.

I sighed and countinued onto the bus. I was about to step on when I noticed who was sitting in the first seat.

"Jazz? What are you doing here?" I asked, as Tucker, Sam and I slid into the seats behind her. She turned around to talk to us.

"I volunteered to help Mom and Dad control your school peers. Seeing how it's starting today, and going on to tomorrow, and tomorrow being Saturday, my teachers had no objections. Mom and Dad were fine with me coming along. A group of young teens is sure to be scarred for life with just them around." Jazz stood up and yelled to the bus, " My name is Jazz, and I will be accompanying you on this trip." Then she turned and sat down again.

My parents and Mr. Lancer chose this moment to board the Speeder. Dad squished himself into the driver's seat, Mom sat with Jazz, Mr. Lancer sat across from Tucker, Sam and I, and we were off.

At first everyone oohed and awed over the Ghost Zone, but when that wore off, the class started to lose interest. At least untill a mechanical ghost flew up to the specter speeder.

"Whoa! We get to see a ghost up close!" Dash yelled from somewhere in the back, and I looked back to see him pressing his nose against the window.

"Hello Ghost child," Skulker said, smiling at me. "Your pelt is mine!"

"Pelt?" Mom cried, looking from me to Skulker. She blinked, and Dad yelled, "GHOST SCUM!"

I groaned and ducked my head. Sam patted me on the back.

"I have you now, whelp..." Skulker lifted his arm, gun popping out, and he flew forward a few feet... and promptly got zapped by the anti-ghost guns Dad had installed.

"YEAH! TAKE THAT SKULKER!" I jumped up, fists pumpiing the air, doing a little happy dance.

"Danny!" Sam hissed, and I looked around to see everyone staring at me.

I blushed and rubbed the back of my neck. "Heh heh..." I slowly sat down again.

Mom stood up and walked over to me. "Danny, honey, how do you know that ghost? And why did he call you Ghost child? And what was that about a pelt?"

"In order: I just do, I don't know, and he wants my "pelt at the foor of his bed." Gross, I know." I bit my lip and waited for my Mom's reaction.

Mom pursed her lips and put her hands on her hips. "Danny, I think you know the answer to the first two questions."

I sighed. "Later, OK?"

Mom frowned, but nodded all the same.

"Now, as we go through the ghost zone, you will notice floating doors every few feet. Do not ask me what they're for, as I do not know," Dad said, pointing out the window at a cluster of doors.

Tucker shoved me in the back. I turned to glare at him "You know what the doors are for!" Tucker grinned. "Tell the class!"

"No!" I hissed back. "If I admit I know what the doors are for, I'll admit I've been in the Ghost Zone, like, a billion times before!" I heard a loud gasp, and turned around to see Jazz staring at me with huge eyes.

"You've been in the Ghost Zone before, Danny?" she yelped, and Mom screeched, "WHAT?"

I turned to glare at Tucker. He shrrugged. "Not my fault you admitted it, dude."

"Daniel Fenton, HAVE YOU BEEN IN THE GHOST ZONE BEFORE?" Mom towered over me, and Dad was smiling in the front seat.

"That's my boy!" He chirped, and smiled wider.

"Wait, Fentino's been here before? Even before his parents?"

"Heh heh, well-" Before I could say anything more, the Specter Speeder blew apart, and everyone was sailing through the air in several directions.

I smashed into a door and slid down, holding my head.

I looked around, confused, when I realized I was sitting on a path-like thing. I stood up and my legs started shaking. They gave out and I smashed face first into the "ground". I raised my head, blinking dizzily.

"Urghhhh," I groaned, before I blinked again and shook my head. "Sam? Tucker? Jazz? Mom? Dad?" I got to my knees and started digging through the wreakage of the Specter speeder.

"Over here Danny!" Sam's voice called, and a hand with a black bracelet poked up through the remains of a seat.

"Sam!" I yelled, and I crawled over to help dig her out.

"Danny, I need your help!" Tucker's voice called, and I looked over to see Tucker trying to lift a bench off of Valerie's, Paulina's and Jazz's legs, arms, and backs.

Sam and I stood up and ran over to Tucker. We all grabbed a corner, and when Sam said "One, Two, Three!" we lifted the bench off of them.

Jazz gasped and pulled the arm that was crushed out from under Valerie. "Ow!"

"What's wrong?" I asked, kneeling down beside my sister.

Jazz sighed, and fixed a fake smile on her face. "It's nothing, Danny."

I raised an eyebrow, not completely believing her. "Jazz..."

"Danny, I am FINE. Now, does anyone know what we hit?" Jazz stood up, and grabbed her arm again.

All around us, kids were digging themselves out of the wreckage. I walked over and lifted a ghost gun off of Kwan, who stood up, shoved me to the ground, and ran off to find Dash.

"I don't know what it was, but-" I stopped and gasped when a wisp of blue vapour streamed out of my mouth. I turned around to see Skulker hovering behind me, smiling big.

"Hello again whelp," he said, the biggest gun I had ever seen sitting on his shoulder. "This baby took care of your vehicle nicely, didn't it? Like the upgrades?"

"No, not really," I growled, taking up a fighting stance. I reached towards my back to get the thermos out of my backpack, but of course, that would have been to easy. My bag wasn't there.

"Looking for this?" Skulker reached behind his back, and pulled out my bag. He aimed the gun at it and it burst into flames.

"Come on!" I yelled, my eyes unknowingly glowing green. "That was my homework!"

"What are you going to do about it ghost child?" He said, grinning widely. Skulker laughed, aimed the gun at Sam, and blasted feet. She flew several feet into the air, then came crashing down onto Tucker. The two of them seemed to be knocked out cold. Jazz gasped and ran over to them.

I was beyond angry now. "THOSE ARE MY FRIENDS!"

"Do you think I care, ghost child?" Skulker swooped down and hovered in front of me. I glared back. He was going DOWN.

Mom ran over to my shoulder from wherever she had been. "How do you know him? Why does he call you 'Ghost child'?"

"Who cares? He just shot my best friends!" I leaped at him; I didn't have any weapons, how else was I supposed to keep my family/friends/classmates/teacher safe?

It's not everyday I, as a human, leap at him. So, due to the element of surprise, I knocked him out of the air.

I leaped up, and then came crashing down onto his arm. A couple of the circuits sparked, and for some reason, that upset Skulker (go figure), who retaliated by punching me into a door. With a sickening crunch, my left arm snapped. Note to self; when fighting ghosts as a human, I don't have the same durability I do in my ghost form.

...And that's when my mom, dad, and sister started freaking out.

"DANNY!" the three of them yelled, running over to me. I jumped to my feet, ignoring the throbbing pain in my arm.

"I'm fine!" I yelled back, then I threw myself at the mechanical ghost again.

(A/N: I'm no good with fight scenes; please excuse my lack of skill in the followin paragraphs!)

I flipped over his head, and landed in a couched position, my arm craddled against my chest. I could feel my healing abilities already repairing it. Skulker spun around, arm outstretched and with yet another gun whipped out. I dove under him and slip ander his legs. Good thing he was floating.

"YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THE GHOST ZONE'S GREATEST HUNTER!" Skulker growled, and he turned around to face me again.

"Have before, will again!" I dove to the side to avoid his gunfire, and then I noticed a large boulder. I ducked behind it. There I found smaller boulders, big enough to damage some tech, but small enough to lift. I hefted one into my good hand (my left hand was almost done healing) and rolled out from behind the rock.

"Hey, ghost zone's biggest IDIOT!" I screamed, and Skulker appeared infront of me. I jumped to my feet, onto the boulder then into the sky. I timed it just right and landed on Skulker. I started to pound his suit with the stone I held, while he flew around trying to get me off.

In the end, I damaged his jet pack enough we fell back to the odd, path like ground. Then I grabbed teeny tiny little Skulker out of his suit and looked around for some place to stash him, without the thermos available.

Sam and Tucker rolled a boulder aside and dug a shallow pit underneath it. I walked over dropped Skulker in, and helped my best friends roll the boulder back over him.

I dusted off my pants with my right hand, my left hanging limply by my side when I realized everyone was staring at me. Once again, go figure.

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