Enjoy! LoganXCamille...

Logan's POV

"I don't like her!" I yelled for the last time.

"Yeah you do. Denial's a bad thing Logan." James said, edging me on.

"So is depression." Carlos said. I look at him with a weird look. 'Is this kid serious?' I thought to myself. Where the hell did depression come from.

Kendall shrugged, "True... But that's beside the point. It's obvious you like Camille, Logan."

Well, it is sorda obvious... Wait! I don't like her... No, no, no, NO! I wont and never will.

"No I-." I was cut off by Kendall.

"- YES YOU DO!" He yelled. Bad thing was he was right next to me.

"Um, ow? That was my ear moron." I said pushing him away slightly. Do these guys ever seem to freakin stop. I said I don't like her, they should just drop it. It's not a big deal... It's not.

I saw Camille walking toured us. "Guys, hide me!" I said.

"Okay..." Carlos said and sat on me.

"No like that idiot!" I yelled pushing him off.

"LOGAN! I NEED TO TALK TO YOU NOW!" She yelled. 'Dammit, what the hell did I do to get her mad?'. I got up from my chair and followed Camille.

"Okay, what did I-." I was cut off by a pair of lips on mine. They were soft and smooth. We continued for a minute more and we both pulled back.

I was speech less. I kissed Camille... Well, she kissed me but still... Wow. I could feel myself grinning like and idiot. Yeah, I guess I do like Camille.

A lot.

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