Ash and Misty are a favorite pairing of mine. I've always wanted to write a fic for them, so here it is : )


Contains strong sexual material, not suitable for non-adults.

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Ash was on his way to his hometown for his 18th birthday which was in a couple of days, along with him were his long time friends Misty and Brock. Since there was still time, they decided to detour to a nearby city where a battle tournament was being held, almost a mini-Pokémon league. Of course Ash was convinced from hearing just that, but it was a plan for Misty and Brock to find him a suitable gift. While he was too late to enroll in the tournament, he was satisfied with watching all the other strong trainers and their Pokémon duke it out.

"Wow guys, I didn't think the view from here would be this cool!" Ash exclaimed. They were on a nearby bridge which could oversee the whole battle arena. The current fight was between an Alakazam and Dragonite.

"So…should we just tell him we're going to take a breather?" Brock whispered to Misty, seizing the chance to go do some shopping.

"Yeah, let me go tell him." Misty replied and headed over to where Ash was gawking. In the battle, Dragonite was charging a hyperbeam. The Alakazam defended itself with a psychic shield as the beam fired. The beam was scattered by the shield and parts of the beam shot everywhere away from Alakazam. Ash glanced over to his friends; he charged and dove at Misty.

Three months later…

Ash's vision was a fog, there appeared to be something circling above him, almost like a helicopter, but he recognized it after a few blinks…a ceiling fan. He tried to move his head but it was much slower going than he was going for.

"Ash!" A familiar voice yelled out. He immediately recognized it as Misty. She appeared above him with tears in her eyes, a drop met his face. He heard another voice, unfamiliar.

"Young lady, I need to check his condition, please step back." His vision then went black.

He awoke again, this time intent on staying up. It had only been a few minutes. The doctor informed him of his condition, he had been in a coma for the past three months. The doctor then stepped out, leaving the rest of the explaining to Misty. After she calmed down, she began.

"Ash, it was just two days before your 18th Birthday, we were watching a Pokémon battle, do you remember that?"

"Yeah...Alakazam vs. Dragonite. Then…a hyper beam, that's all I remember." Ash said, most of his memory intact.

"Ash, that hyperbeam was deflected by Alakazam and was going to hit me. But you…you pushed me out of the way and…and…" She couldn't make herself say the rest. Brock who was also in the room, finished the rest.

"The beam hit the side of the bridge. You were right next to where it hit and you got shotgunned by concrete debris all over, including your head, most of your injuries are healed now but the head injury put you in a coma."

"Damn…that sucks." Ash replied casually. It was only a couple of hours before they let him out of the hospital; practically all of his health was 100% now. They got into a cab and headed to Pallet Town. At his home, after his mother gave him a hug hard enough to put him back into another coma, they had an early dinner. Ash practically bit the table in half, not having eaten real food in months. It didn't escape his notice that Misty still looked a bit out of place. After dinner, he spoke with Brock.

"Hey, what's with Misty? Doesn't seem like she's convinced I'm fine."

"I think she's got a lot on her mind…you were out for 3 months and she hardly ever left your side at the hospital." Brock explained.

"I'll talk to her." Ash replied. He met Misty in the living room in private while Brock helped with the mountain of dishes. Somehow Ash's mom knew exactly how much food to make.

"So Misty…can't believe I'm back huh?" Ash said trying to poke at humor.

"Oh Ash!" was all she managed and threw a hug at him, burying her face in his chest. Ash was a bit speechless, not having expected that reaction.

"I can't believe you did that! How stupid are you? You nearly got killed and I…"

"Misty it's alright, I'm fine."

"You weren't fine for 3 months while I had to think everyday about what I would do if you were to…"

She looked up at him with tears in her eyes and sobbed once. He put his hand on the back of her head and kissed her forehead. Almost feeling insulted, she kissed him back, on the lips. Ash turned red and froze.

"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't kno…I have to go!" Was all she managed as she ran for the door. A minute later the others returned from their chore.

"Misty in the bathroom? " Brock asked.

"No…she had to leave." Ash said almost robotically. The next day, he went over to her place. He knocked on the door once. She half opened the door, looking out.

"Oh, Ash!" She yelped and quickly shut the door. Ash was dumbfounded. The door opened again.

"Sorry, I…c'mon in." She said in a defeated tone.

"Misty, don't worry about yesterday, we're friends after all, it's not like…"

"Ash, that's the thing, I don't think I can be friends with you now…"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"After the accident, after all that…how about we sit down?" She led them into the living room. It was well furnished. They sat next to each other on the loveseat.

"Ash, what I'm trying to say is…I'm in love with you." She finally said. Ash stared, not quite sure how to react, a number of emotions flooded him.

"Well, I don't think it's that surprising Ash, I think you know too that I've grown to have many feelings for you, mostly mutual. I think after that accident that I finally realized it after coming so much closer to losing you forever. It's not like we're kids anymore. I believe these feelings are genuine."

"Heh, I guess I'd have to be pretty stubborn to not know it by now either." Ash said, laughing a bit nervously. Out of nowhere Misty again met him with a kiss, surprising him again. Startled, but not as much as the first time, Ash relaxed into it. Her lips felt soft, full of real feeling. He moved his hand to the side of her face and held it there. After a moment longer they separated.

Misty blushed and started "Ash, does…that mean you also…?"

"Misty...I've loved you for a long time, I think now I'm just a bit surprised that…you showed me your feelings now."

"Does that mean you still…?"

"Of course I still love you Misty!"

Misty was overjoyed, blushing and tearing up, she hugged Ash again. This time he was prepared and met her hug.

"You know, I'm still starving, how about we go get dinner? We'll call it our first official date." Ash said over her head.

"Well I suppose that was inevitable" she said in a still happy tone under him.

"But you can't just show up and do that! Let me go get changed." She said and hurried off. They left soon thereafter and went to a local restaurant, fancier than one might expect. They ordered their food and started talking.

"So…how long have you loved me?" Ash inquired with a grin.

"Well, probably for years now that I think about it, this wasn't the first time you risked your life right in front of me you know."

"I suppose that's true. But still, you surprised me earlier."

"I guess the only way you'll break these stubborn walls down is by being…yourself." Misty said looking down and blushing. They ate their meal and left the place. They returned to her home.

"Well… I guess I'll…see you later Misty."

"Wait…can't you stay a while?" Misty asked. Ash looked back with a smile and nodded. They entered her place and he relaxed on the sofa.

"I'll be right back" Misty said, leaving the room. Ash reaffirmed what was happening, which didn't take much thinking as he thought it would. It just seemed right. A few minutes later the room dimmed a bit and Misty reappeared, she walked into the room in a vivacious red dress. She poured them a couple glasses of saké and turned lit the candles.

"So…what do you think?" Misty asked.

"I like it, a lot." Ash said with a slightly naughty smile. They clicked the glasses together and drank.

"You know Ash, I've wondered to myself how and when I would finally get to be with you. I knew it was going to be embarrassing."

"Haha, I knew it too, though I actually thought it would be me doing the admitting first."

"I'm just glad it happened." She said, leaning in. Ash met her lips again. He was quicker than before to reach around to her head. His other hand went to her lower back, deepening the kiss. She leaned her back to the cushions of the sofa, bringing him along with her. She separated the kiss.

Ash recoiled "Going too fast?"

"Hardly, we're making up for lost time, I just want to let you know that there's a zipper in the back. I don't want this dress torn up."

Ash delighted in her answer and proceeded to unzip her back with ease. The dress came off, and there was no bra to remove.

"Oh you planned this."

"You bet I did."

"How did you know I would go along with it?"

"I know you a lot better than you think Ash Ketchum."

She allowed him full access to her chest. She had grown into a nice full C cup. He licked her right mound.

"Ah!" was her reply to the feel of his tongue, sending a spark of ecstasy down her spine. She arced her back thus pushing more of her breast into his mouth and he began sucking on her. He massaged the other with his other hand, not ignoring either of her gifts. After getting a good feel for them, he switched sides. Misty began to arc her back, her "Ah"s and "Yes"s encouraging him to go further. Ash let go of the one he was sucking on and came up to kiss her, still massaging her left breast. He took her lips, this time with a more passionate tongue-in-her-cheek approach. She closed her eyes and met his tongue with passion. She explored his mouth while he did the same with hers. She enjoyed his taste and didn't stop; neither of them did for a while, breathing in only with their noses.

He slowly separated, leaving a trail of their saliva to linger a moment longer. He looked into her eyes for approval. She gave it in a heartbeat and he descended. He met a pair of red panties with a stain seeping through the bottom. He slowly reached behind her and lifted them off and over her legs. The view was fantastic. Misty was very wet and eager but as a reaction put her knees together, too embarrassed.

"It's ok Misty, it's just me." Ash said reassuringly. She nodded with a nervous smile and slowly allowed him access. He smelled her first, the scent of strawberries with a twist of Misty only he would ever know. He gave her a slow and deliberate lick. She gave a more pronounced "AHH!" than before. He took that to mean yes and continued. He teased her entrance with his tongue and met her clit which was the cutest shade of pink. He sucked a little of it and Misty gave out more yelps and cries of pleasure. He steadily increased his speed, licking and entering her only very slightly.

"Ash! I'm going to..!" She said in a squeaky and panicked voice. He held her bottom very gently as she rode the waves of pleasure, quickly lapping up any extra juices she offered. A moment later he came up to her.

"Well you're not a squirter." He said grinning a little too much.

"Remind me to hit you for that later." She said, grabbing him and pulling him in for a kiss. She then flipped him over.

"My turn." She said pulling his pants off. She saw the bulge stabbing through his boxers, ready to tear through them, causing her to blush once more. She pulled those off too and got a good look.

"Ah, that's a…" she stammered, speechless.

"I like your reaction" Ash said proudly.

'How in the hell is that going to fit?' She thought to herself. She got her mouth up onto his tip and started on his 10 inches. She sucked the head like a sweet lollipop, getting a taste for him. Ash leaned back but kept his face up to look at his long time crush who was giving him what he never thought he would get. She worked her way downward, slowly trying to fit all of him in. She picked up the pace and it wasn't too long before it all became too much for him to control. He relinquished his seed into her mouth and she swallowed all of it.

"Wow that was fast, like I thought!" Misty said with a know-it-all look.

"You know, it's funny when you say that with some still on your chin." Ash said almost laughing. Misty quickly licked it up with her tongue.

"Well, at least now the best part will last longer. Follow me." She said leading the way to another room. Ash composed himself and followed not far behind. It was a dream come true for both of them. How and when this day was to come neither of them knew, it was like how they met, just an accident.

"Misty wait, don't you think we're going too fast? I mean, I don't know how to explain…" Ash started.

"I know what you're saying Ash, but I have no doubts and I know you don't either." Misty replied.

"But if you want to wait, I can understand." She finished.

"No, it's not that, I know how much we want each other and I have no doubts. It's just how fast this all happened. I thought it would happen a little slower." Ash said reminiscing.

"…Remember that day we met? I fished you out of a lake, no introductions…you 'borrowing' my bike." Misty walked back to him.

"It was like we were meant to be you know? I'm just sorry that this couldn't happen sooner…" Misty trailed off.

"…What?" Ash inquired at Misty's hesitation.

Misty blushed, "Ash, your mom let me know too, that she thought we should be together. She's probably as tired of waiting as we are…or Brock for that matter, he knows all about us and probably before we knew it ourselves."

"We're that obvious huh?"

"Yeah, so what say we finally do this, not for them, but for us because we both want to be together and the only thing holding us back is our nostalgia for what our 'platonic' friendship was." Misty finished.

Ash finally realized what it all meant. It was nostalgia, for their innocence, for their childhood memories. He was going to miss what they had. But what he now understood was that it wasn't an ending to that relationship, it was…an evolution.

"Misty, you know exactly what to say to me, you always have." Ash said with the happiest face he'd made all day. Misty returned the look, knowing that this was not a mistake or a misleading of a horny young male; it was what both of them wanted, have wanted for a long time.

"C'mon, this way." Misty chimed. Her bedroom was also very well furnished; light pink bedding, red carpet, red curtains, and pink painted walls with a small fish design on the top thin stretch of wallpaper.

"I was expecting blue…but I like this more." Ash commented. Misty then motioned him over to the bed. Before he could react, she pinned him down in the middle of the bed and met him face to face.

"Now let's get those off again." She said while pulling at his boxers once more. Upon unveiling his rock hard member once again, she felt a pang of unease. The size meant that it would be harder for her to force herself onto him, and she didn't want to rush things. Ash noticed her reaction and didn't hesitate; he flipped her over so that he was on top.

"Don't worry, I'll do it slow." He then pulled her panties off again and positioned himself at her entrance.

"Ah, wait Ash, don't you think we'll need some…you know…"

Ash rubbed her entrance with the tip of his member. He rubbed it up and down, covering it with her juices.

"Nah, I think 100% natural is more than enough here" he said with a smirk. He then pushed in a little at a time, she moaned when just the head had made its way in. He slowly inched himself closer and closer inward. He was then met with a barrier. He looked up at her and was met with a nervous yet most confident look which gave him permission. No words were needed at this point. He broke through and to her relief the pain was only the equivalent of a brief pinch.

"Are you…alright?" Ash made sure.

"Mm hmm" She nodded to him. He then slowly fit the rest of his 7 inches in, his tip kissing her cervix at the end of it. Her tightness gripped him with a pressure of ecstasy that surely would've sent him over already if she hadn't taken the first shot from him earlier. She gave him a couple squeezes to let him know it was alright to move. Ash started a slow pace, pulling almost completely out then moving back in.

"Ah, that's perfect Ash…" He then quickened the pace steadily, she lubricated him more and more, which didn't at all hinder how much tighter he felt her getting. She put one of her arms from his back to the back of his neck and motioned him down to her in a small hug. As an added effect, her moaning closer to his ear while feeling her hot breath and excited voice made him nearly lose it all right there. The pace quickened.

"Ergh, Misty…I'm gonna cum!" He was hitting her with his fastest and hardest. He was about to motion to pull out when she crossed her legs behind him.

"M..Misty, do you know what that means..?" He started to panic, unsure what to do while so close to the edge.

"Ah! I want…all of you Ash. If I was to get…then I would only want to have yours!" With those words, Ash leapt over the edge.

"Misty!" He let loose his seeds in a wave of energy all directed to his lover. Misty accepted all of him, which simultaneously sent her over as well.

"Ash!" she cried out as he finished, she locked her arms and legs down as hard as she could, not wanting any of him to escape her. He then quickly flipped them over so that he was on the bottom, not wanting to crush her.

"That was…amazing." He commented finally. She nodded in agreement and lay on top of him, putting her mouth near his neck. She felt a remaining stiffness still inside her.

"You're…all ready…already?" She gasped.

"What can I say, that's the best feeling I ever had, up for seconds?"

"Of course!" She said in delight while sitting back up.

"Mind if I'm on top this time?"

"Not at all." Ash said, she started moving slowly up and down, with her hands behind her on his legs for support.

'What a view' Ash thought to himself. He then bent up a little to massage her breasts. The feeling intensified for her immensely and in return, for him as she squeezed down on him tighter. He then sat up along with her and placed his hands on her bottom and started thrusting more powerfully, letting her enjoy it all and letting him do most of the work. She then kissed him quickly and before separating completely, pushed back with her hand on the back of his head to deepen it. The feeling of his moist tongue combined with his thrusting proved too much and sent her over the edge once more. She separated to cry out in his ear. The spasms shook her upward and pulled him up with a force great enough to make him erupt straight up into her again. After calming down a bit, he laid her down and lay himself down next to her. Misty rolled to his side and lay back on top of him.

"Ash…do you want to get married one day?" Misty asked innocently.

"Yeah, to you."

"I…didn't think you would want to, just like that."

"It doesn't take another trip around the world to know that what I need, I already have."

"I love you Ash."

"I love you too."

With that the two fell asleep in each others arms, with a new future to look forward to, together forever.

I've always wanted to write a story for these two, a childhood pairing come to fruition.

Feel free to leave your thoughts.