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Chapter 1

I don't know how I got here but the only thing I remember actually doing before blacking out was that I'd gone and had a sharingan tattoo done, I remember asking someone very close to me if I could have it done, they somewhat disagreed but after a few more nags they finally caved and I got the Sharingan that Itachi has tattooed on my left hip about the size of a 2pence piece. After going through a lot of pain I said thanks, gave the money over the counter and slipped on my roller skater.

Memory Flashback

As I was skating down the street I could remember seeing someone watching me, it was creepy but me been me shrugged it off, reaching about halfway home I skated into the library, easily passing the librarian, who hated my guts just because I forgot to return a book...anyway as I skated down isle after isle I arrived at my destination 'the manga section' of the library, some of us anime loving kids persisted on getting a section just for us, after about a month of waiting the librarian announced that there had been a shipment ordered to be delivered the day after tomorrow, well we cheered and had a good laugh, I'm getting off of track again back to the remembering thing!

So as I scanned the shelves for the latest Naruto Shippuden I saw something move out the corner of my eye, quickly taking a look down the isle, I saw it was just another kid engrossed in a Vampire Knight manga seeing this I took no notice, shaking my head I began the search once again...I think it was about 5 minutes after that someone tapped me on the shoulder, jumping in surprise I glanced behind me to see a handsome looking boy "hey...what's up?" seeing him reach into his bag my body tensed, what if he's a pimp and wants me to be his whore or he's going to lure me with sweets into the back of his truck and take advantage of me! 'you're just been stupid you idiot...look he's already staring at you like you're mad' looking back up at his maroon coloured eyes I noticed he was looking at me weird "I was just wondering if you were looking for the newly released Naruto Shippuden Manga, I borrowed it the other day and forgot to return it" shaking my head in excitement he handed me the manga "thanks you, you don't know how much this means to me" going sparkly eyed on him as I hugged the comic closely "anyway I'll see you around" waving at him I stared at his retreating back a couple more minutes until he finally disappeared out of my eye range "he looked kinda cute" giggling I remember looking down at the thing I'd been searching endlessly for...but what made my eyebrows shoot into my hairline was that this wasn't the manga I'd been looking for, it had weird Japanese symbols everywhere and 2 sharingan eyes staring at me "THAT JERK GAVE ME THE WRONG FRIGGIN' BOOK" hushing as many echo's of 'shhhh' rang around the area I was in "sorry" I could feel my cheeks burn from embarrassment as I once again looked down at the cover, this time it looked like the eyes were moving from side to side then back up at me, putting as much distance between me and the weird covered book, I placed it down on the table in the middle of the section I was in and began walking back to the shelves full of Naruto manga's "maybe someone's put it in the wrong place" after another 20 minutes of searching I couldn't find the damn book anywhere.

"The library will be closing in 5 minutes" breathing out a sigh of disappointment I stopped searching to look around...it was quiet, too quiet for my liking plus there were hardly anyone around which made it worse "it's like what you see in a horror movie, like when the girl gets cornered and is all alone, then all of a sudden a dark figure crawls on the ground towards her like some demented creep" laughing at my vivid imagination as I gathered my stuff into my black and red Akatsuki bag I sat down on a chair not that far away form me and slipped my skates back on "best be getting home, mum will be wondering where I waltzed off to" placing the bag over my shoulder I skated back to the entrance.

When I got back I was shocked, scared even when I noticed the doors and shutters had been shut and locked "stupid people, aren't they suppose to search for anyone before they lock up I'm gonna' sue their asses!" freaked out as I heard my voice echo around the empty building I clutched my chest "it's alright just phone mum she'll know what to do" searching through my overly cluttered bag I couldn't find the item I was looking for "shit! Where is it? Where is it?" hearing Panic! At the Disco continuously ring through the air I picked everything I had thrown out the bag and stuffed them back in "I might have dropped it whilst I was skating" the air around me turned icy cold as I slowly skated down the same route I had taken when I was skating back towards the entrance, I wrapped my arms around myself in an attempt to keep my body warm "eep!" the lights suddenly shut off leaving me in complete darkness, I couldn't even see my hands infront of my face "this is just great all I need now is a friggin' camera with night vision and someone beside me calling out to the dead asking for things to happen...just great".

All that could be heard was my heavy breathing and the wheels on my skates rolling around on the red carpet as I continued following where the noise was coming from, but it seemed as though whenever I was nearing it, it must have had bloody legs because it would change directions "for god sake give me a break!" thinking where I was was a corner I turned right to bump into something "sorry" laughing as I apologized to the thing I though was a book shelve I turned round and began going the other way "it's alright" jumping in sheer fright as a low manly voice ripped through the dark, tensing my body I closed my eyes shut in fear calm down it's okay you're hearing things it's just the dark playing tricks on you' hearing shuffling coming my way I opened my eyes wide when I could feel breathing against neck, totally freaking out I took a back step/glide and began skating down the isle at a fast pace.

The singing and vibrating was getting closer as I tried to turn a corner "I'm scared, scared, scared~" I couldn't help but repeat the word scared over and over again as the song was getting closer with each stride I took, all of a sudden books fell around me, causing me to loose my concentration "shit!" putting my hand in front of me as I slammed down onto the carpet, a throbbing feeling took over half of my face and arms as I gradually pushed myself back up, my breathing increased as a set of footsteps approached me from behind "is she the one?" not even noticing where I was going I began feeling around, stopping in my tracks as I saw a light shine not that far away from me "please be help, please be help" skating like my life depended on it I ignored the hurried steps behind me and the throbbing pain surging through my body as I eventually reached where the light was.

"Huh?" bending down I noticed it was my phone, smiling in relief as I picked the missing object up I noticed on the screen it said '20 missed calls' and '24 new messages' sliding the device up, I noticed it was mum who had left all the messages and who had called as well, hurriedly punching in her number I put the cool machine to my pierced ear.



"Ri- Mikoly (mi-ko-li) where are you?"

"Mom I'm scared...there's someone here with me, watching me...following me" my voice broke halfway through as I whispered in a hushed voice, hurriedly turning my head from side to side, even though I couldn't see I could feel things moving around me.

"Mikoly, honey just tell me where you are!"

"I'm at the library...they've locked me in I don't know how long I've been h-here but I'm scared, it's dark and I hear footsteps coming closer" scooting back as the footsteps grew nearer, placing my hand over my quivering mouth trying to get my breathing and heart to slow down.

"Who's following you Mikoly? Listen I'm calling the police I'm coming over right now stay calm and just keep talking to me honey" hearing shuffling around me my breath caught in my throat as the shuffling stopped just behind me "I'm going to have to put the phone down and call you back okay and whatever happens just remember I love you-BEEP" sliding the phone down I pulled my knees to my chest as quietly as possible, after a few seconds I shakily put the phone in my pocket "mom said everything's going to be fine and I believe her" the hairs on my arms and neck stood on end as I heard a conversation not so far away from me pierced through the dark "where is she? We've looked all over, I'm not a patient person brat, leader wanted the girl at the base around 4 hours ago" 'I've been here for over 4 hours it feels like an eternity to me' "Danna I-"

I chime in with a haven't you people ever heard of closing a god damn door no!~my breathing quickened as my phone blasted out another Panic! At the Disco song "shit" quickly as possible I pulled the phone out and stood shakily "Mikoly, I'm here at the doors with someone who'll open the doors, when I tell you to, I want you to run, run as fast as you can!" taking a deep breathe I waited for her signal "ready...GO!" holding the phone close to my ear I positioned the bag that was around me so it was behind me and began skating towards what I thought was the way to the front entrance.

"THERE SHE IS GET HER!" my legs were on fire as I kept skating like my life depended on it, the footsteps behind me quickened as I neared the front door I could clearly see two silhouettes shine through the glass covered doors "I'm safe, I'm safe I'm-" "gotcha'" my face for the second time met the carpeted flooring making my body ache at the impact "GET OFFA ME!" I kicked and screamed but the grip that was around my left ankle only tightened "MIKOLY!" my body was been dragged back as my mum screamed, clawed even punched the door violently trying to get in and help me but it was no use, I knew I was captured and I had no way of getting out "MIKOLY I LOVE YOU WE'LL GET YOU OUT!" hearing keys jingle around on the other side of the door made my kicking and screaming increase "shut up brat!" my other leg was lifted as well stopping my from kicking but I kept screaming "MOM HELP ME!" "CAN'T YOU OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOR ANY FASTER YOU BASTARD MY DAUGTERS IN DANGER YOU PRICK!" If I wasn't in the situation I was in at the moment I would have laughed my ass off at mum's swearing, she never swore only when put under stress or telling someone off and if I was that person beside her I would have been shitting my pants.

"She's one noisy bitch hmm" digging my nails into the carpet desperately trying to buy the man/woman who was jingling with the keys some more time but one of my capturers somehow must have noticed what I was doing as his husky voice through the air around my clawing figure "don't even try to escape or you'll be facing consequences when we return" shaking my head from side to side as the tears spilled from my greenish brown eyes, falling gracefully onto the rough red carpet beneath me "I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE WITH YOU FREAKS GET OFF OF ME...MOM!" screaming her name as a foot came crashing down on one of my arms, feeling the warm red liquid cover my whole arm I screamed in utter pain "GET YOU'RE HANDS OFF MY BABY, WHEN I GET IN THERE YOU'RE GOING TO GET THE BITCH SLAP OF YOU'RE LIFE, ARE YOU FUCKING DRUNK GIVE ME THE BLOODY KEYS!" silently screaming as the pain shot up and down my body as their foot came crashing back down, hearing a loud cracking noise my eyes widened in shock 'they broke my arm...the bastards!' I didn't care about what other injures they would be inflicting on me as I continued to shout and scream for my mum.

"I've had enough of this brat" their foot stomped rather painfully on my other arm again and again as I screamed loudly as another cracking sound erupted around us, whoever it was had broken my other arm "YOU BASTARD!" the salty tasting tears were leaking out of my sore eyes as I continued to scream and shout at them, they started dragging me again and this time I knew I wasn't getting out of it, I had tried and I had failed that's all I was in life, a failure I wasn't smart, pretty or skinny I was just you're average girl who just wanted to stay in her room for the rest of her life, thinking back more tears escaped as I let them drag me towards the back of the library.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared, I was petrified, I've told people bad things happen in the world and to be frank, I never wanted to be apart of it I had no confidence, no friends, no one to really care for me except mum, she's helped me through thick and thin trying to help me get over my many phobias "I did try mom and I'm just so sorry for putting you through everything...I love you don't ever forget it because I surely won't" closing my eyes I continued crying silently until my whole body went numb from the crying and blood loss "leader-sama's going to be mad if he sees her in this state un" "don't you think I know that already brat!" "MIKOLY! WHERE ARE YOU?" opening my mouth ready to scream I noticed no sound came out only air, my voice must have worn itself out with all the crying, screaming and shouting "MIKOLY!" my capturers just laughed whilst still dragging me, my eyes slowly began closing as I mouthed the words 'I'm sorry' over and over again, just hoping she'd forgive me, my eyes finally shut as my whole world went black.

End of Memory Flashback

So here I am with two broken arms wandering around what seemed to be a forest, but it all looked too animated the tree trunks didn't look anything like they do where I live, it just seemed too peaceful for my liking "You lost her!" glancing around the area I saw my capturers having a heated argument not far from where I was skating.

"It wasn't my fault my hand slipped whilst we were in the portal un!" looking around me I could just make out two huge gates standing with pride on the other end of the forest, taking my chances I picked up speed as I skated through the forest "there you are un!" looking above me a huge cream coloured owl like thingy was not to far behind with one of the capturers standing on his back, after taking in his appearance I gasped at the black cloak he was wearing it had the same red clouds which were outlined in white like what the Akatsuki in Naruto wear "I can't be in Naruto! NOWAY!" having what strength I had left I pumped my legs faster towards the gates I had seen not a while back "You're not getting away that easily un!" if I was in Naruto and the thing chasing me had the Akatsuki cloak on he must be "Deidara!" sensing the bird getting nearer I began to use the environment around me as obstacle course.

"KATSU!" looking around I noticed some clay spiders of his had attached themselves to a nearby tree, dodging the blast was hard seen as I'm not a ninja or anything some of the explosive had scorched the back of my shirt causing it to tear as I bent forwards dodging 5 kunai he had thrown my way "you cheater! I'm wounded and you still persist! Damn you karma!" my arms started killing as I skated around many trees and roots that was protruding from the lush earth around me, looking down at my arms I noticed they were turning a weird blue colour, if I didn't get help soon I'm sure I'm going to be armless for the rest of my life.

Jumping over a fallen tree trunk I didn't notice the other Akatsuki member beside me "ARGH!" loosing my balance once again I stumbled forward but didn't fall over like I did a couple of hours ago, looking down at my side, I thought I was going to throw up when I saw all the blood flowing down my hip and across the Sharingan tattoo I had done "look what you've done now! my Sharingan's all messed up!" something sharp and steel pressed against the front of my exposed neck "I hate Uchiha's and those eyes of theirs" looking down I saw it was a kunai pushed against my skin, glaring at the metal piece of work I took a side glance I could clearly see Deidara's blonde hair and his one visible blue/grey eye burning with hatred "I'M NOT AN UCHIHA YOU DICKWAD!" lets just say been slapped by an S-Ranked criminal with mouths on their palms isn't the best experience I've ever had, when his hand made contact with my cheek the mouth on his hand had ripped some of the skin away from my face causing me to scream in pain.

"Watch you're mouth around me kid un I could easily kill you hmm" seeing his partner walk forwards I noticed it was Sasori but he was in one of his many puppets I couldn't be bothered to memorise the names of "Akasuna no Sasori" Deidara pushed the kunai further into my skin "how do you know Danna's name hmm?" hearing a low chuckle come from the puppet our heads snapped towards the noise "leader-sama wasn't joking around when he said she knew things other didn't...knock her out brat" "HEY WH-!" my world once again turned black

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