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Chapter 7

Slowly I felt my body slip felt like I was dying for a minute but the feeling soon vanished "w-what the hell happened?" opening my eyes I was shocked to see the front of my house "i-it worked?" glancing around I was confused to see no one around, it seemed to be around 6 O'clock in the afternoon by the colour of the sky, a nice red, orange and blue colour spread across the sky as the moon was just rising with small twinkling stars accompanying it.

"Where is everyone?" looking around from my position on the floor, hardly any lights were on except the 6 street lamps which were lighting up patches on the pavement, picking myself up off the stony pathway I took slow steps towards the pale pink door, something in the back of my mind told me to reach into the plant pot to the left of me "hmm must be the key" reaching inside the pot my fingertips instantly grazed against something, grasping the object I retracted my arm back out "guess I was right ha" in my hand was a weird shaped key.

Unlocking the door my body began to shake in anticipation of been able to see the one person I call my world, taking a deep breath I pushed the smooth textured door open whilst running in with my arms wide open "I'M HOME!...MUM I'M BACK!" throwing my bag onto the couch, I couldn't see anyone in the living room or kitchen so I decided to check upstairs, rushing up the full 15 steps I burst into my room that was opposite me "w-what?" I couldn't believe it...what happened to my room!

Normally when I enter my room a huge double bed filled with Naruto plushies with either a smirk, smile or a cheeky smile would welcome me as I would step into the room, my huge collection of Naruto Manga and Anime would be stacked up like a tower beside my little computer desk that has my notebook and IMac PC placed on and my walls would be covered in a huge variety of Anime characters, ranging from the Akatsuki to One Piece "where's all my stuff!" I couldn't believe it, it looks just like when we first moved into the house, there wasn't a bed full of plushies or posters on the walls and most importantly no collection of Manga's or Anime's, there wasn't even any starry wallpaper pasted on the was just four blank walls, a window and a door.

"Where's all my stuff?" closing the door sadly I began my search again, passing two more doors I came to my mums lilac coloured door "maybe she felt sleepy and decided to take a nap" smiling happily at the thought I twisted the handle down and pushed it open "what in the world!...I've been saying what a lot lately haven't I" glancing around the room I was shocked and confused, a picture of me taken a few months ago was placed ontop of my huge collection of mangas, scattered around it were candles illuminating the room in a yellow glow.


Hearing the front door slam open and shut made me jump half a foot of the floor with my hands in the air "that's got to be her" smiling happily I dashed all the way to the top of the cream carpeted stairs...but who I saw wasn't my mum "S-Sasori-san...but how? why even?" pressing the palm of my hand to my forehead I began taking small steps backwards "Leader-sama isn't very happy you ran away brat" my heart began to race a mile a minute as his footsteps echoed around the hallway "J-JUST STAY AWAY FROM ME!" turning around ready to run I was stopped dead in my tracks as my right foot began to go numb "you look different brat" looking down toward the limb I was astonished to see one of his chakra strings attached to it.

"How could I have forgot he used those sneaky things?" smacking myself for being stupid I began tugging at my trouser covered leg "it's no use brat I'm taking you back whether you like it or not" suddenly my throat began to growl a low growl at the red head "WHY DON'T YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP PINOCCHIO!" I could see he didn't like been called that as he began to move my leg so I was walking towards him "FOR GOD SAKE! WHAT IS IT YOU WANT FROM ME? I'M A NORMAL TEENAGE GIRL WHO DOESN'T DO THE DISHES!" gritting my teeth together I closed my eyes, finally coming up with an idea I lent down and stuck my index and middle finger out curling the rest in and doing a scissoring motion I cut through the chakra strings "HAHA~ SUCCESS!" taking this as my time to escape I made a dash for my room, the window was directly above the shed we had underneath the kitchen window, I could easily make it down safely with out breaking anything too important.

"Why you little!" before I could make it past the door, the puppet boy jumped me making my loose my balance and fall face flat on the wooden flooring "ouch man that hurt like a swinub!" something seemed familiar about the weight on my back, it reminded me of when I was in Itachi's room back at the Akatsuki base "don't move brat or you'll regret it" his voice was alot deeper than before, it sounded serious for a change "a-and what will you do if I do huh? Make me into one of your puppets?" I was joking on the last bit but it seems he was taking it seriously which freaked me out a little "you're so beautiful Mikoly-kun" no it couldn't have been him back there, it just couldn't be "I make puppets out of beautiful things that should last forever and you're just what I need" my heart sped up its beating as his soft yet wooden fingers moved slowly over the back of my neck moving my hair out of the way "w-what are you d-doing?" I promised myself I wouldn't cry anymore not infront of these criminals I was just showing them that I was weak and naive.

"Hmm lost for words now, eh Mikoly-kun" gulping as his cold lips met my neck for the second time today, memories began to flash through my mind like no tomorrow "p-please" the kissing stopped but only for a couple of seconds before he began nipping at my flesh "p-p-please Sasori-san" this time he grasped my right arm and turned me around so now he was straddling my stomach "what did you say?...and open your eyes brat" I decided to close them when his cold fingers wrapped around my arm in a death like grip "I s-sai-d p-please Sasori-san" he chuckled as I repeated over and over again that sentence "stop what?" taking a shaky breath inwards I covered my eyes with my left arm "t-this...s-stop thi-s, I-I c-can't t-tak-e it anymor-e" my emotions got the better of me once again as I felt the tears sting my closed eyelids, letting my limb fall back onto the floor, I slowly opened my eyes "such a beautiful shade" I didn't open them fully, I only let them open halfway, just so I could see the redheads maroon colored eyes.

Feeling the tears finally fall I began to whimper, I was so scared "don't cry it doesn't suit you" he slowly began to wipe away the clear salty liquid away from my eyes, leaning towards me I shut my eyes in fright, his lips just ghosted over mine before his weight and presence was gone, taking deep shaky breaths I turned so I was on my side and clutched my hands to my chest, bringing my knees up I began to cry and scream in pain, my heart was in so much pain I just felt like staying here and dying...maybe fade away, my mum thinks I'm dead, I haven't got my best friend anymore...I just felt so alone in the world.

"MIKOLY!" hearing my name been called and three sets of footsteps rush up the stairs and across the landing made me cry even more...they were coming to take me away "oh my-Mikoly!" one of the set of footsteps rush to my side instantly "what happened hmm why'd you run away un!" I didn't respond I just laid there hiccupping every now and again while the clear liquid rushed down over the bridge of the nose and cheeks onto the damp flooring "what the fucks wrong with her?" I just didn't have the energy anymore to fight back I just stared into space as the three began to have a conversation "hey Deidara-san she looks like the girl in the photo I found whilst looking through her bag the other day" this seemed to have caught the attention of all of them "yeah I knew it was her from the start hmm, it said on the back her name and another girls name un unfortunately the other girls passed away hmm" I didn't know what to do anymore, I give up, I'm fed up of trying "take me home" I whispered the three words I've been dying to say for a long time.

"What did she say?" "Hn" hearing another set of footsteps near me I made an attempt to look up, I was looking into red Saringan eyes, but these eyes were full of sadness "take me home Itachi-san" and with that he scooped me up bridal style "why the fuck is he carrying her for I can carry her!" another set of hands pulled me towards a well muscled chest, smelling in the scent of blood and lavender I smiled a small smile "Hidan-kun" snuggling deeper into the man I slowly began to fall asleep, hoping that when I wake up I'll have forgot all of this ever happened.

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