Heart of Rage

He felt confused, consumed by something he didn't even have. A heartless emotion that mimicked rage flowed through his veins, pumping the blood out of the cuts on his fists. His golden-orange eyes observed the room, the destruction that the Superior had caused upon his own Castle.

Before him lay the crumbled pieces of the keyhole portals that once led to the rooms of the nobodies that formed his Organization. Only four stood, the tablet before each door shining a bright blue, the dim light coming forth from them lighting the room he stood in. Heavy steps moved Xemnas forward to face the last one in the bottom row. Two keyblades were stamped on the lit tablet, indicating the room as Roxas'. Infamous Number XIII.

The faux emotion burned inside him once more, and he lashed out at the open portal, slicing the keyhole doorway in half with the red energy sword that materialized in his hand only moments before. The flowing blue portal that screened across the stone doorway flickered and dimmed, leaving only the bottom half of the destroyed entryway lit. The tablet below his feet, though, still blazed brightly.

He breathed deeply, an emotionless tear sliding from his eye and down his tanned cheek. He brushed it away without a thought, without even a clue as to what it could possibly mean, and turned to leave Proof of Existence.

As he took a step through the circular door that led to his own room, the blue gleaming light on his left blinked out, and was replaced with that of a burning red. A red that resembled what he was experiencing that moment. The light matched the others in the room that lay before the broken portals. Without a thought, he brought both energy swords to his hands again and leapt at the undamaged keyhole that just turned red. A resounding crunch and clatter as stone hit stone bounced off the marble walls of Proof of Existence...and then silence blanketed the room again.

Moments later, the ragged breathing and heavy footsteps of the Organization's Superior faded away as he left the area through the circular archway the led up to the Altar that overlooked Deep Dive City, and Kingdom Hearts that he coveted so...the heart that mimicked rage within him...