Heart of disgust

The Chilly Academic at his finest. The icy glare penetrated his victim, a burning glint illuminating his usually frozen eyes. A visible shiver ran across the academic's prey, leaving goose bumps in its wake. Vexen merely frowned with slight disgust. Or what mimicked disgust in the heartless shell of a human that stood before the frightened man.

A gloved finger gently tapped against the syringe, iridescent blue liquid eerily glowing within the fragile tube. Brown eyes locked onto the needle, watching it as it drew closer to his bare and vulnerable skin. The eyes closed, the pressure of the thick and cold metal device setting his nerves on fire. A moment's silence, a prickling on the skin, and the swift release of fluid into the bloodstream.

A strangled cry filled the stagnant air of the make shift laboratory. A ragged gasp for air punctured the scream. Droplets of sweat broke out on the man's deathly pale skin. Shredded nails on steel echoed throughout the dank room. And salty tears ran down hollow cheeks. Yet chilled olive orbs looked on with dissatisfaction. With hate and disgust, discontent and frustration.

"Pathetic." A single word spoken freely by the academic, a stabbing insult that infiltrated the already broken man. A last straw. The shattered man gathered the last of his willpower and courage, spitting angrily at the one torturing him without a second thought. Vexen didn't flinch. Nor did he even change the expression on his face. The same stone cold stare looked back at his victim.

Number four's left hand casually brushed at his cheek, his right moving for an object that lay amongst a pile of deadly tools. A quick flash as the light from the overhanging bulb glinted off the instrument, a sudden stinging on the helpless man's throat. A painful pressure that slowly worsened as Vexen dug the scalpel deeper into the defenseless and thin layer of skin protecting his neck. Blood seeped from beneath the metal, a sharp contrast against the snow white skin of his experiment.

A quick jab and unsettling scream later, Vexen glided promptly across the stone floor of the room and towards the door. He cast a terse glance back at the man convulsing on top his table, the scalpel sticking awkwardly out of the neck and blood gushing from the major artery just recently pierced. A twisted smirk played on four's lips as he flipped the light switch off and let the door slam shut behind him, leaving the other for dead in the freezing lab that he called his own.