Nobody's Love

A/N: Xemnas/Saix

Stirring, flowing blackness. Draping and gliding over silken skin. Forever darkness crawling and creeping, entwining around them. Binding them to each other. Binding soul to soul. Forever and a day.

Emptiness surging through blood red veins. Hurt. Sorrow. Pain. Pleasure. Nothing felt, not now and not ever. Tears with no meaning. Kisses with no passion. Emotionless love.

Glazed eyes. Fingers trace over soft skin. Fingers wipe away salted drops. Aching pains. Shaking limbs. Arms slip around naked flesh. Caressed skin, fingers tracing along scars, along the other's curves, along every dimple and dip in the slick skin. Every touch invoking a shiver, every pet bringing forth a pant, and every flitter along sensitive flesh causing a gasp.

Blood stained flesh. Red splatters sploch perfectly pale skin. Fingers smear, bloody fingerprints. Slide and slip. Like a child's finger-paints, hearts drawn in blood. Swirls, twirls, curves decorating heated skin.

Silence. Ragged moaning. Whispered words. Punctured breathing. All but silence to their ears. An unreal heartbeat rising within them. Faux wishes. Deceitful hearing. A desperate longing forever out of their reach.

Teary kisses. Bloody kisses. Meaningless kisses. Nobody's loveā€¦