"It's so fucken hot, I can't stand it…" Lenne complained. Mitch sighed and tossed her their canteen of water.

"I can't stand it, either, but who knows what mess we'll get into next?" Mitch asked. "These Dress-spheres that the Gullwings gave us are coming in handy. And the Garment Grids, too."

Lenne nodded, tapping the pistol strapped to her hip. "I can't believe I'm able to use two pistols at once. I never used to be able to before. All I could handle was one, and that was hard enough."

Mitch nodded and the two headed further in their quest to find Damian and Alexis McKnight, the siblings whose relationship was more complicated than their own.

Lenne wiped her forehead and looked at her right arm. A tattoo was visible underneath her now-semi-transparent sleeve. She had gotten it spur-of-the-moment.

"A tattoo? Lenne's becoming a rebel?" Mitch asked.

"Yep. I like it, too." Lenne sighed. "I dunno… I feel like there's something calling my name. Or, at least, Salem's name.."

Mitch patted Lenne on the shoulder. "There, there, li'l Lenne. It'll all be good soon. C'est la vie."

"Yeah. C'est la vie." Lenne echoed. "Things are better left alone."

Mitch and Lenne walked through the Calm Lands. ("This place is smoldering.." Mitch complained, but who knew why?) They were headed for Macalania woods, the nicest place in Spira, by Mitch's standards.

"You're still carrying your laptop?" Lenne asked, confused. "Why?"

"I don't feel right without it." Mitch said. "That, and I can possibly hack any Machina that come our way."

"Still… C'est la vie. Things like that are better left at home."

"Golly, Lenne. You still don't know how to use that phrase properly."

"I like the sound of it. It sounds so… French."

Mitch sighed as the two walked through the woods. It was nice just to walk. And Mitch didn't really care about what Lenne did. It was her body. She was allowed to get tattoos if she wanted. But the tattoos reminded him of Elliot Salem, Lenne's favorite Army of Two character.

They found cover and changed into their summer uniforms, which they still had on hand for the blistering heat. Now Mitch could see Lenne's tattoos. They were similar in taste to those found on Elliot Salem, though now Mitch didn't know what to think.

"What? What is it?" Lenne asked.

"You have the same tastes as Salem." Mitch said.

"Oh, really?"

"Yeah. It's clear, on your arms."

Lenne looked at her arms. "Well, you're right… I just got these spur-of-the-moment. But I don't regret it. It seemed right when I did it. Just felt… like I've been needing these more than ever."

Mitch sighed. "Spur-of-the-moment, huh?"

"Don't judge me, baka."

"I heard that!"

The chapters for Reincarnation are short, huh? I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible. I'm bored now.