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Chapter 13

Booth took a large breath before entering the familiar building. He was late. About half an hour late to be specific. As much as he wished he could've been on time, paper work never does itself, so the past hour and a bit, Booth had been finishing up the case. It had just been a typical Jack killed John over Jane, of course with the exception of a tennis racket as the weapon. As interesting as the final wrap-up had been, it hadn't motivated him anymore than other cases when it came to the paperwork.

Despite the first week and a half back where he had been stuck on desk duty, life had been pretty good since the incident. Even Angela appeared happier, which he didn't think was possible. Then again, love could make anyone happier. He knew that from experience. He and Bones had been on several dates since the hospital and were officially considered a couple. As much as Bones fought it, she was his now. If he had it his way, she would be his forever. That being said, he was in no position to propose just yet. Maybe someday, but not yet. Who knew what the future held? Love worked in mysterious ways. Even Cam, who was against commitment, was happier now that she had Jeffy. He'd been driving back and forth between his home and hers ever since he'd asked her out that day. Despite the distance, it seemed to work well. Even Michelle took a liking to him, and it was rare that she approved of any men in Cam's life. So between the squints approval and the rare occurrence of Michelle liking the boyfriend, Cam was pretty happy. Of course, now that he officially lived in D.C. she'd probably be even happier...which was hard to imagine.

The great thing about Jeffy was, he had been accepted into the squint squad almost right away simply because he'd saved Booth's life. Turned out his job not only made him Booth's friend, but it allowed him to pass the squint test. Booth wasn't exactly sure when he passed it, but he knew it was a good thing he did. After knowing them for so long he was sure of one thing, the squints either loved you or they hated you, and knowing their capabilities, it wasn't a good thing to be hated by them. They could do things to you that you'd never recover from. Fortunately for Booth, he'd been on their good side ever since he'd joined up as liaison.

"Hey Booth! Over here!" He shook himself of his thoughts and attempted to locate the source of the voice. He glanced around the room until he saw a glimpse of Hodgins trying to pass a man twice his size. Booth chuckled as Hodgins reached him.

"Hey man, where ya been?" Hodgins asked him.

"Paperwork," he answered. Hodgins nodded his head as he began to lead them over to the table.

"I understand you completely." They carefully made their way around the large man who had been glaring at Hodgins ever since he first passed. Booth stifled another chuckle as he was taken to their usual spot. There at the table sat his squint squad, deep in discussion. He smiled as Bones chuckled about something one of the squints had said. Almost immediately, her gaze moved from Angela to him. She flashed him a smile as he made his way over to her. He gave her a quick peck on the cheek as he stole the seat next to her. He watched as Hodgins did the same on the opposite side of the table. Angela laughed as sent a smile towards Booth. Ever since the kidnapping, they'd been closer. Not in a romantic way, but they definitely looked out for each other more. They cared more. It was as if they were brother and sister, or close cousins, he didn't know the exact title for it.

"So Booth, what's up? I mean seriously, you were half an hour late. Are we not interesting enough for you to show up on time?" Angela asked. He laughed as he shook his head.

"Ange, you have no clue how much I wanted to be here. Unfortunately, since Bones dumped him for me, Hacker's taken a special interest in me. As great as it sounds, it's not. For him a special interest is waiting outside my office for the completed paperwork of the latest case. So, while you were all here enjoying yourselves, I was being spied on by Hacker which is not only creepy, but possibly illegal." Booth smiled at the sound of the squints laughter. He raised his hand to signal another round. The waitress came over and dropped off their drinks.

"So, where do you guys think the last case goes on the scale?" Hodgins asked.

"Wait, there's a scale?" Sweets asked from next to Brennan. Angela nodded as she took a sip of her drink.

"Oh ya, big time. We rate by weapon, how twisted the story is and how insane the style of murder was." Sweets sighed.

"No offense, but you all need some serious therapy. That's just twisted." Booth laughed.

"Hey, to have our jobs you have to be at least a little twisted. Besides, it's not like we're killing them ourselves."

"No, but you're complementing insane and morally wrong people for committing crimes."

"It's not like we go up to them and say 'Hey congrats on killing that guy! By the way, your weapon of choice? Totally awesome! I approve.'" Angela stated. The group chuckled.

"Well ya," Sweets said, "but still. It's kinda creepy."

"Ya?" Booth asked. "So is your girlfriend. Seriously. When I was in the lab the other day she was staring at me the whole time. You need to talk to her about that Sweets. It just creeps me out." Hodgins laughed.

"Why are you chuckling? She was checking you out too!" This caused Hodgins to gulp.

"Get a hold of your girlfriend Sweets!" he cried. "Otherwise I'll get Angie to attack her." Angela raised an eyebrow.

"What?" Hodgins asked. "I can't hit a girl." The group, with the exception of Sweets, burst out laughing.

"I feel as if I've missed something," a voice from behind them said.

"Jeffy!" Booth cried.

"Hey Booth. You ever just gonna call me Jeff?" he asked. Booth shook his head immediately.

"You'd miss Jeffy too much. Trust me." Jeff hesitantly nodded his head before making his way to Cam's side.

"Hey," she said as she rose to greet him properly. She gave him a quick kiss as they settled back down together. "I was wondering when you'd get here."

"I told Booth I'd be here around 9," he explained. Booth shrugged as they turned to him.

"You all knew he'd get here eventually. The time made no difference."

"You're just saying that because you forgot to tell us," Bones stated. Booth smiled.

"You know me so well. So you all moved in Jeffy?" She laughed at his attempt to change the subject. Jeff nodded.

"Ya, thanks for the help Booth," he responded sarcastically. Booth nodded, ignoring the tone.

"No problem buddy." Jeff rolled his eyes at Booth before changing the subject once again. This time, however, Booth wasn't paying attention. Instead of listening to the conversations that surrounded him, he began to look at the people. They had all been through so much within the past month, and yet here they were, happier than they'd ever been. Throughout all the drama, action, adventure and though he hated to admit it, the romance, life had seemed to straighten itself out. And now here they sat. Together again. A family. Booth had always hated that word growing up. Family. After his idiotic father ruined his childhood, he avoided getting close to people, but once Parker was born it wasn't possible to stay hidden from the world. He began to let people in again. After he met Bones, he finally understood the word family. He finally met his proper family. After all, there's more than one type of family. There's the family you're born with and the family you choose. Fortunately for Booth, he was blessed enough to be surrounded by both. One glance at his table would tell you that. After all he'd been through, he wasn't going to give them up for anything.

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