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The next round

Titans tower

Back at the tower the titans were currently fighting Brother Blood's cyborg robots. So far everything was going well; blood's robots were getting creamed, even with the upgrades they were still easy to beat. This made blood very angry and Arthur knew why.

"You told me these robots would be better than the last one" said Blood to Arthur.

"I did say that, but it seems the titans are a lot stronger than the last time we observed them, interesting" said Arthur.

"What! Well then why didn't you tell me Arthur?" asked blood.

"Because I thought the performance of the green one proved that his team was weak because of his emotional attachment to Terra. But now seeing them fight to protect her has made them stronger…but will it be enough against us" wondered Arthur. "Blood do you know where Terra is hiding?" asked Arthur.

"I don't know, since this fight began I have been trying to get in her mind from here. But something is preventing me from doing so" said Blood.

"It appears that's why raven isn't here. She is preventing you from entering Terra's mind…Blood tell the men to fall back I will deal with these kids while you and your men get inside and deal with raven" said Arthur as he took of his jacket and tie.

"Very well minions enough" shouted Blood as the robots stopped and headed back to Blood.

"Giving up Blood?" asked robin with a confident look on his face.

"On the contrary my dear Robin, my friend Arthur here said he will deal with you four while I pay Terra and Raven a visit" said Blood.

"And we told you no one is getting in here" shouted cyborg.

"We will see now wont we" said Arthur as he slowly approached the titans.

"Guys be careful Isamu said that this guy Arthur is different than Blood so be on alert" said robin to his team.

"Relax robin I'll deal with this guy while you all take care of Blood's tin can soldiers" said cyborg as he charged at Arthur. Robin tried to stop his friend but it was too late.

Arthur stood his ground and waited for his move. Cyborg swung a huge punch, but Arthur gave a small smirk before ducking the punch and gave cyborg a kick to the gut sending him into the tower at high speed. The titans were surprise at what they saw, so was Blood he never saw Arthur fight before so to see what he did to cyborg with one kick was something to be impress about.

"Well that's one down three to go, whose next?" said Arthur waiting for the titans to make their move.


Back in the beach Hikari and Yuu were still fighting at the beach. Yuu has been dodging Hikari's slash with her trident. Hikari stabbed at her chest with her second sword but Yuu swiftly jumped backwards to evade it. Sensing a threat Yuu spun around and deflected two more swords as they came up behind her. The blades clattered to the ground but with a slight gesture of Hikari's hand they levitated into the air again, rejoining the other four behind her as the two stared each other down.

From the very first clash Yuu was on the defensive, dodging and parrying her attacks as she forced him to retreat. Yuu knew this fight was getting to her, she needed to end this fight soon or she would die.

Hikari had a smirk on her face; she knew this fight was hers to win. But knows she cannot let her guard down for a second. "What's the matter Yuu I thought you said you were going to end this fight" said Hikari.

"Shut up you brat this fights not over yet, you have yet to see my true attacks like this one Mizu ryū (water dragon)" said Yuu as three water dragons emerged from the water. "Now my pets attack!" ordered Yuu.

The water dragons charged at Hikari. Hikari used her sword and to cut through the first dragon and dodge the other two. She saw one of them coming up from behind her, she jumped over the dragon as it tried to attack her and she cut the dragon in half while jumping over it. The last one looked at Hikari and hesitated to attack her, she lifted her hand and told the dragon to come and get her. The dragon shot out water from its mouth which Hikari dodged the attack. Hikari then used flash step to appear behind the dragon and cut its head off causing the rest of the body to disappear into water.

Yuu couldn't believe how easy Hikari defeated her water dragons. The way she did it was like she was toying with them. Hikari looked back at Yuu; she could tell Yuu wasn't very happy with what happened to her dragons. Just then Hikari sensed something was wrong, she felt something bad was happening back at the tower. She knows she has to end this fight now before her friends get hurt.

"Yuu its time for me to end this fight my friends are in trouble so I think its time for me to end this fight" said Hikari.

"You-you little bitch you think you this fight is over think again I am going to be the one to end this fight so get ready for my best attack, Mizu uzu (water vortex)" said Yuu as a vortex over water began to form and shot out heading towards Hikari.

Hikari sighted and knew she had to end this. "Now to end this, ignite Kyubi-no-Shirogitsune!" At Hikari's command every one of her swords burst into flame and circled around her head. As two of the flames leapt from four of Hikari's swords and homed in on Yuu and incinerating her causing her to scream in agony and pain, leaving nothing but steam.


Back downtown Chiasa and Isamu were in the middle of the street both with their backs turned against the other and were dripping in blood. Isamu had two cuts one on his right shoulder and the other on his chest. Neither one were deep they were more of small cuts that dripped out small bits of blood. While Chiasa had three deep cuts, two on his shoulders and the other on right rib side. Chiasa was tired and panting; he knew that this fight against Isamu had taken a lot out of him. He looked over his shoulder and saw Isamu wasn't tired he knew the boy was holding back during the fight.

Both men then sensed a strong spiritual energy coming halfway across the city. Isamu recognized the energy, it was his sister's energy and it looked like she has already ended her fight with Yuu. Chiasa couldn't sense Yuu's energy which meant one thing…she was dead.

"It seems your sister has killed Yuu" said Chiasa.

"I know…I'm sorry but I'm sure she didn't have a choice" said Isamu almost feeling bad for what happened.

Chiasa was silent for a minute, he never showed it but he did care for Yuu. To sense that she died is to him like losing a sister. "When we were brought into this world I always knew one day we would die just like every living thing on this planet" said Chiasa as he slowly kneeled down and grabbed a piece of rock. "Just like this planet, it will eventually die as well. At the rate you humans continue to abuse it, it will die which is one of the things why I hate about you humans" said Chiasa.

Isamu kept silence as he turned around to see Chiasa and listen to what he was saying. "Humanity's heart is a bottomless hole, no matter how many things you try to fill with into that hole it will never be enough for you. You pollute this planet with your industries, oil rigs, buildings killing plant and wildlife for your own greed. Humanity is a disease that will kill this planet and every living thing on it" said Chiasa.

"But that is where my master comes in. He says he vows to change this world, rebirth this planet and give it a second chance. To create a society without wars, crimes, and death, that is the future I want Isamu. That was the future Yuu wanted, and I will complete it for her" said Chiasa as he turned to face Isamu and took out his sword

"Believe me Chiasa whatever your master is promising he wont deliver. My friends and I are prove that humanity isn't about greed or money, we fight to protect this city from those who wish to harm it" said Isamu trying to reason with Chiasa.

"Your friends are liars and hypocrites Isamu; robin would do anything to catch Slade even if that meant lying and betraying his friends. Terra betrayed her friends to slade and tried to kill them. And raven destroyed this world for her demon father Trigon" said Chiasa.

"In the end however they made things right, robin returned to his friends and defeated Slade. Terra did the same and save the city by giving up her life. And raven saved the world by defeating her father" said Isamu defending his friends.

"It's not just them Isamu, every hero on this planet are just as corrupted as your friends. In fact in other dimension like ours your so called hero's betrayed humanity and enslaved it. Meta-humans are just as corrupted and are heartless as the humans they think just because they have power they are superior than others. Admit it Isamu deep down you and your master are afraid one day they will betray the humans and you all will be powerless against them" said Chiasa.

Isamu didn't say a word. His master Ronin did say he feared what would happen if hero's like Superman did betray humanity. He has tried his best to prove that will never happen but deep down he feared it may one day happen.

"My master wants to change the world and make it a better place without the need of these so called heroes's helping us. The world will be protected by people like me and my master. There will be no more crimes, hatred, and death. There will be finally a world of peace, a utopia" said Chiasa.

Isamu kept silence for a moment to take in all the information he has heard from Chiasa and knew what he needed to say. "Chiasa…that's a load of crap" said Isamu.

"What did you say boy?" asked Chiasa.

"A utopia? Are you kidding me, there is no such thing. Your master is a liar and a manipulator. He's just another false prophet who will kill anyone who gets in his way like Yemon who saw though his ways. I don't care who he is Chiasa I will never…EVEEEEEER join him!" shouted Isamu.

Chiasa stood silence for a moment, he didn't like what Isamu just said and it made him very angry. "That's it I don't care if my master wants you alive anymore Isamu, I will not let you end what I fought so hard to gain. Time to die Isamu, for you I shall show you my most powerful attack. If you're a man of honor you will do the same give me your best attack" said Chiasa as he prepared to attack Isamu.

"[Sigh] fine Chiasa it's like I say 'if you're going out, go out fighting'" said Isamu as he prepared his attack.

Both men powered up their attacks and got ready to fire. Both had tensions look in their eyes. They were focus and knew that this fight was going to end. "Isamu prepare to die. GO! Shinrin wa genso-shin (forest god elemental)!" shouted Chiasa as the earth began to shake violently. Isamu stood his ground and looked around to see where the attack was going to come out. He then saw something coming out the ground. It was around growing to be the size of a 50 foot, it was green, it looked like it was made of vines and plants, and its eyes were glowing green.

"A long time ago Isamu there used to exist creatures called elementals. They existed in different elements in the world, from water, fire, air, and earth. But since humanity took over they slowly began to diminish until there was none left" said Chiasa as he approached the forest god and began to bond with the forest god.

"But when our master created us, he bonded me with one of the last two forest gods he was able to locate. Now me and my forest god are one, now we will end this fight once and for all Isamu Ishida" said Chiasa as he was absorbed into the forest god becoming one.

Isamu took a step back as he saw the creature approach him. He knew he could beat Chiasa but would it be worth it. He knew if he did it would mean he would be killing not only a elemental…but a god of the earth.

"What's the matter soul reaper aren't you going to attack...oh I see you don't want to because if you do then you will also killing the forest god. Isamu if you're going to save your friends then you must make difficult choices like this one and sometimes those choices aren't always the right one…but if you don't make those choices then your friends and family will die" said Chiasa.

Those words helped Isamu remember what he was fighting for, his friends the titans, his sister Hikari, his masters Ronin and Hanako, and Rachel. He tightened his grip on his sword and powered up his spiritual energy. "Chiasa thanks for the talk now its time for me to end this" said Isamu.

"That's the spirit Isamu show me what you got. LET'S GO! Shinrin wa genso-shin!" shouted Chiasa as he ordered his forest god to attack Isamu. The forest god shrieked and charged at Isamu.

Isamu got into position he swung his sword and waited for the right moment to attack. As the creature approached him he attacked. "Good bye and I'm sorry, Urufufanguburēdo (wolf fang blade)!" shouted Isamu as five fang shape blades headed towards the forest god consuming it in a bright light and in a massive explosion.

The light began to disappear

Outside Jump city

Just outside the city was a truck. It stopped outside the city limit, there appeared to be two people inside. One was the driver who appeared to be Hispanic, while the other was wearing a dark hood over his face and looked to be sleeping.

"Señor estamos aquí despertarse" said the Hispanic driver trying to wake up the passenger.

The man woke up, rubbed his eyes and saw that he made it. "Gracias por el paseo amigo, si alguna vez correr en cada nuevo i otros devolverá el favor" said the man as he got out of the truck and removed the hood.

"Perdone señor, pero ¿cuál es su nombre" said the Hispanic driver.

The man stopped and told the driver his name. "Es Tetsip amigo recuerdo que se" said Tetsip as he closed the door and headed towards the city. I'm coming for you Arthur; I will have my vengeance on you one way or another.

Titans Tower

Back at titans tower the titans were having trouble fighting Arthur. During the fight brother blood snuck into the tower, before the titans could stop him Arthur intervenes and prevented them from stopping blood. The titans have tried every trick they know to beat Arthur, but everytime they tried Arthur would be one step ahead of them. All of this in 15 minutes and the titans were huddled up trying to think of another plan to beat Arthur and stop blood from getting to terra.

"Dude…how did we go from…beating up a bunch of cyborg look a likes…to losing to a four eye guy" panted beastboy he and the titans were exhausted they have tried everything to get through to this guy and still nothing.

"We must try…we cannot let Blood…hurt our friend terra" panted starfire.

"What if beastboy and I distract him…while you and starfire stop blood" suggested cyborg to robin.

"No way he's too fast and he'll stop you guys before me and star get a chance to get inside" said robin.

"Robin what if we you know use the moves Isamu showed us" suggested beastboy.

"If we use them then we would exhaust our strength and would not have enough to stop Blood" said robin.

"Robin what if three of us distract the Arthur and one of us go inside to assist raven against Blood" suggested starfire.

"Star's right there's no way he can stop three of us and stop the fourth one from getting in on time" said cyborg wanting to go with starfire's plan.

"Sounds good but which one of us should go?" asked robin.

"Cyborg you should go you kicked Blood's butt before and you and do it again" said beastboy.

"Yes cyborg should be the one to go" said starfire.

"All right what do you say cyborg got enough to make it inside and handle Blood?" asked robin.

"Oh yeah I kicked his butt before and I will do it again" said cyborg.

"All right on three we attack" said robin as his team all nodded.

Arthur wondered what the titans were up to, he knows they will try to make a break for it to the tower and he wasn't going to allow that.

"All right ready…..three" said robin as he threw an exploding disc at Arthur who cut it in half with a knife he had up his sleeve. As the disc exploded starfire shot him with her eye beams and he dodged it. But as he did beastboy transformed into his beast form and tackled Arthur sending him towards a nearby boulder. Arthur was surprise by what just happened he then saw cyborg heading towards the tower. As he tried to get up and stop him robin threw another disc this time freezing Arthur and preventing him from stopping cyborg who made it inside the tower.

The titans regrouped and were glad their plan worked and now they knew that if they were going to beat Arthur they would need to fight him seriously. Which meant it was time to show Arthur what their time with Isamu gave them.

"Well now congratulation children you outsmarted me, but now that you're tin metal friend is gone how are you suppose to stop me" said Arthur.

"You see that's your problem Arthur you think you know how strong we are because of our battles with guys like Slade, Brother Blood, and the Brotherhood of Evil. But you see in the last few years we have been together we have all learn new moves, powers, and have gotten stronger from our encounters with those criminals…and in our time with Isamu he has showed us some new moves and helped us get stronger as well" said robin.

"Really so thanks to Isamu you little children have gotten stronger…how exactly?" asked a curious Arthur.

"Like this dude" said beastboy as he transformed into his beast form and let out a loud roar and disappeared and reappeared in front of Arthur. Arthur had only a few seconds to dodge beastboy's claws and moved out of the way. He saw the claws went through his expensive suit.

"And like this" said starfire as she powered up her starbolts and threw them at Arthur who dodged them but as he did starfire appeared in front of him as well and deliver a huge punch which launched him towards several boulders and into the water.

Arthur emerged from the water and got back on land. He looked around and saw beastboy and starfire looking down on him. Wait where's robin? Arthur looked around and didn't see where robin was.

"Behind you" said robin as Arthur turned around and saw robin behind him delivering a swift kick to the chin sending him across the ground. Arthur flipped and landed on his feet still dragging through the ground.

He looked up and saw that the titans were back in fighting position. He knew that these kids were different than before and knew that this changes everything he thought about them.

"See Arthur even with all of your knowledge about us you fail to see that even teens like us can still learn a trick or two" said robin.

"Even with all of your skills you will not stop me I guarantee it" said Arthur as he took out two swords from his sleeves. "Now then lets try this again shall we" said Arthur.


As the dust cleared both Isamu and Chiasa in his elemental forest god form stood with their backs turned. Both stood this way for a few moments till Isamu fell on one knee with blood coming down his right shoulder. Chiasa looked back and saw Isamu bleeding; he smiled and knew this fight was over. "Well done boy it looks like you won" said Chiasa as his entire left and right chest began to bleed and soon he fell to his knees and hands.

Isamu knew it was over and yet he felt terrible for what he has done. He looked at his sword and saw it was cover in green blood. He looked behind him and saw that the blood coming out of the forest god. But what he also saw was where the blood was spilling was flowers, plants, and grass was growing. He got back on his feet and walked over towards Chiasa. He saw Chiasa had separated from the forest god and was lying on the creature as the forest god began to disappear.

Isamu saw the wounds on Chiasa and knew he was dying; he wanted to help him but knew without he couldn't save the forest god. "I'm sorry" was all Isamu could say to the forest god.

"It's not your fault boy, you did what you had to do and for that I don't blame you and I'm sure he won't blame you either" said Chiasa as he pointed to the forest god. "Listen to me boy there is something I want you to have" said Chiasa as he took out something out of his coat. It was a egg size jewel. "Inside this jewel is a piece of the elemental forest god…I want you to have it and protect it" said Chiasa as he presented Isamu the jewel.

"Bu-but I thought you said that this was one of the last ones in existence" said Isamu who thought the creature he fought was the last one.

"I found it ten years ago, I was going to present it to my master but decided to keep it for I feared he would have used it to harm others" said Chiasa.

"But why me?" asked Isamu.

"I really don't know…I guess after what you just did I believe if anyone can change the world it will be you…just promise me once you do change it to give this one a home" said Chiasa as he handed Isamu the jewel.

"Chiasa I give you my word I will give this one a home" said Isamu.

"Thank you boy…good bye" Chiasa soon closed his eyes and began to disappear into the sky. Isamu looked around and saw the entire streets and buildings were covered in plants, grass, and flowers.

Just then Isamu sensed someone coming he turned around and saw it was Hikari. "Big brother are you okay?" shouted Hikari as she ran towards her brother.

"I'm fine Hikari just a little tired" said Isamu who was glad to see his sister was okay.

Hikari frowned her eyes and knew Isamu was lying. "Brother your bleeding from your shoulder, head, and hands. How is that mean your fine?" asked Hikari.

"Oh well um…" Isamu was stopped when the dog he saved tackled him and began to lick his face. "Ahhh get off me" said Isamu trying to get the dog off him.

"Awww a cute little puppy I didn't know you had one Isamu" said Hikari as she picked up the puppy and it gave it began to lick her. Hikari laughed when the puppy was licking her face.

"Damn dog nearly got me killed get rid of it" said Isamu as he tried to get on his feet.

"Buuut Isamu it's a puppy we can't let it go into the streets we should keep it" said Hikari.

"No way the last time you and I had a pet we had to let it go because we couldn't take care of it" said Isamu remembering the last pet they had.

"Isamu it was a tiger of course we couldn't take care of it…everytime it chased us it would get tired because we were too fast for it. Secondly I wanted a bear their more fun than a tiger" said Hikari.

"Wait we had a tiger I thought we had a lion as a pet" said Isamu.

"No we got the tiger first then the lion came next…then we had to let them both go because of the little accident we saw them do" said Hikari slightly blushing remembering what her and Isamu saw the tiger and lion doing when they were kids.

"Yeah I think we became the youngest kids to ever learn the whole 'birds and the bees' thing…that and that was the first time I ever saw a lion and tiger do it" said Isamu as he and Hikari shudder remembering the horrible traumatic childhood experience they suffered.

"Who lets kids have a tiger and a lion as a pet anyways?" asked Hikari realizing that her brother and her were the only ones who had those kind of pets at that young age.

"I guess we do…anyways again no to the puppy and that's final" said Isamu.

"[Sniff sniff] please big brother [sniff sniff] he's all alone without a family [sniff sniff] cant we keep him pleaaaaaseeeee" said Hikari as she gave began to form tears in her eyes and gave Isamu a puppy eye look.

Isamu knew he couldn't resist the look, Hikari always did this to him and it never failed. "Arghhh fine we'll keep the puppy" said a defeated Isamu giving in to his sister.

"Yay you hear that Nicki you're staying with us" said Hikari as the dog barked back.

"Wait why do you get to name it?" asked Isamu.

"Because we both agreed if we get a pet and it's a boy you get to name it…but if it's a girl I get to name it. And Isamu I think its clear she's a girl" said Hikari showing Isamu that the dog is a girl.

"Whatever lets go then I'm sure the others need our help soon" said Isamu.

"Okay well before we got let me close your wounds then we will go" said Hikari.

"Fine lets hurry I sense our friends need our help" said Isamu as he sat down and let his sister heal his wounds.

Titans tower

Inside titans tower Brother Blood found where Terra was being held. He ordered his men to try and break down the door to get to where terra is being held. So far the doors are holding but not for long. Raven saw what was going on and knew it was her turn to stop blood.

"Terra stay in the room I'll be back, don't come out no matter what" said raven.

"O-okay just be careful raven" said Terra.

"I'll be fine" said raven as she left the room and headed towards were blood and his men were.

Back outside the door Blood was growing impatient he didn't like waiting. "Hurry up you stupid machines I want that door opened soon" said Blood.

Suddenly the machines behind him exploded, blood turned around and saw a sonic blaster heading his way. Blood dodged the blast and saw who it was. "Well, well if it isn't my old student cyborg how did you get through Arthur I wonder?" asked Blood.

"Don't worry about your four eye friend he's being taken care of. Just like I'm going to do with you blood just like before" said cyborg.

"Oh really well the last time I don't know how you beat me, but this time I am ready for you. There won't be another miracle for you Cyborg" said Blood as he ordered his men to encircle cyborg and surround him.

"What's the matter Blood can't take me on your own so you have your friends help you" said cyborg as he held his position and watched out for anything these robots had planned.

"Oh no I just want to make sure you don't run away cyborg and have any of your friends get involved in this fight. This time we end things here cyborg once and for all" said blood as he entered the circle and the robots closed where he entered.

"Let's end this then" said cyborg as he shot Blood with his sonic blaster. Blood dodged the blast; cyborg charged at blood and tried to hit him. But as their last encounters blood has dodged all of cyborg's attacks. Cyborg tried to lay several punches on Blood, but he simply dodged them and gave a couple punches back himself. The last one pushed cyborg all the way back to some of the robots who pushed him back towards blood who kicked cyborg in the gut, delivered a uppercut, and kicked him in the back causing him to fall face first.

Cyborg slowly got up and saw Blood waiting for him to get up. "I must say cyborg you have been slacking off since the last time we met haven't you cyborg? Pity I thought you would have gotten stronger since the last time we met" said Blood.

"I haven't been slacking off I'm just getting warmed up" said cyborg as he got back on his feet.

"Good to hear then cyborg I would hate to kill you if you weren't fighting seriously" said blood as he waited for cyborg to make his move.

"Kill me? I thought you wanted to find out why I couldn't be brainwash" said cyborg.

"Well cyborg I realized something cyborg since our last encounter why have an army of little children when you can have an army of machines like these boys. Sure their not good and ready against hero's much like yourself but once I kill you I will take your dead carcass back to base and give them some upgrades from you" said blood.

"Wow sounds like you still haven't change since the last time we met then blood. Doesn't matter cause I will not lose to you Blood I'll take you down and then your little tin friends here" said cyborg.

"Funny cyborg cause if I had it my way I would have my friends here eliminate you right now. And if by some miracle you survive them I will kill you myself…in fact lets put that to the test shall we" said blood as he commanded his robots to attack cyborg.

Just before they could attack some were engulfed in a black aura and exploded. Blood, cyborg, and the robots looked at the direction where the robots exploded and saw raven coming out of the wreckage.

"Raven what are you doing here? I thought you were supposed to keep an eye on Terra" said cyborg.

"From the looks of things it seemed you guys needed my help, besides Hikari contacted me and told me her and Isamu took care of the situation down in the city and are heading back. So I decided to come and help you deal with these robots while you deal with blood" said raven.

"Sounds like a plan so Blood it looks like it's just you and me now" said cyborg.

"Even with your little friend raven helping you, it will take more than that to beat me" said Blood.

"We'll see about that, see Blood while you were in prison I have been training hard so in case you get out I would be ready. But it still didn't felt enough, then a couple of months ago we added a new member to the team who helped me not only get stronger but learn some new moves" said cyborg.

"New moves huh well then let's see these new moves cyborg and as for you raven I will deal with you as soon as I'm done with cyborg here. Robots attack and terminate raven" said Blood as ordered the robots to attack raven and he waited for cyborg to make his move.

Raven moved away where cyborg would be fighting and used her powers to block the blasters from the robots. Cyborg got into fighting position as did Blood. Both men stared down at each other and waited for the other to make a move.

Blood seemed very confident that he would win. He had a cocky smile on his face and knew he would win this fight. "So cyborg this friend of yours who helped you get stronger tell me what exactly did he teach you that would help beat me" said blood.

"He told me that a great warrior's power doesn't lie in once strength but in one's other skills like speed and agility…unfortunately that is something I didn't have because of all this armor. But thanks to him let's just say your not the only one who made some upgrades" said cyborg as he closed his eyes for a moment.

Blood stayed on guard he knew the last time he underestimated cyborg it cost him his fight. This time in his mind he knows he cannot underestimate him for anything.

Cyborg opened his eyes and knew that this time he would beat Blood. "Blood get ready here I come" said cyborg as he charged at brother blood. Blood didn't seem impress he didn't see any changes in cyborg and knew this fight was as good as done.

Cyborg knew all of his hard training with Isamu was about to pay off. Blood saw cyborg was about to punch him he prepared to duck the punch and deliver a punch of his own. But then something happened that left blood shock, just as cyborg was about to deliver the punch he gave a small smile and then disappeared.

Blood looked around and tried to see where he was. He then felt someone tapping on his shoulder. Blood turned around and got punched in the face sending him across the room and falling on his butt. Blood clenched his face and saw who punched him, it was cyborg and he still had the sly smile on his face before he disappeared.

"How did you get behind me? I didn't even see you there" said a surprise blood.

"Like I said blood you still haven't seen anything yet, ready for round two" said cyborg as he got into battle position again.

Back outside the tower Arthur was having similar problems with the three titans as well. Starfire used her new speed and strength to dodge Arthur's blades but to also deliver some punches and kicks of her own. Beastboy used his beast form to out fast Arthur and send him towards several rocks. Robin used his staff to block Arthur's blades and used his speed to deliver some right hooks and left uppercuts.

Arthur got away from the titans and knew this fight was becoming very difficult. He couldn't believe these children's were causing him so much trouble. He knew what he had to do, he didn't like it but he refused to lose to a bunch of children.

"Ready to give up Arthur?" asked robin.

"Yes are you going to surrender or shall we deliver more of the butt whooping" said starfire.

"Heh you children think you have won, but guess what I haven't been fighting with my full strength I have only been fighting with half my power" said Arthur.

"What you mean you haven't been fighting us seriously?" said a surprise beastboy.

"I was, but I didn't want to use my full power on you three weak children now I have no choice but to use my full power. Be honored now only a few people have had the privilege to see my full power" said Arthur.

Suddenly Arthur's body began to change, he began to grow, his skin was turning began to change to a gray dark skin, his body began to grow a little with his muscles expanding a little, his hair began to grow till it reached down his lower back, his eyes changed to dark black, and two claws emerged from his wrist.

The titans stood there shocked at what their seeing, Arthur changed from a human to a monstrous form. "Now then children shall we continue" said Arthur in a deep but soft voice. The titans got into battle position and waited for Arthur to make his move.

"And Yemon used to say my form was ugly, yours looks like a reject Halloween costume" said a voice behind Arthur.

Arthur turned around and was shock to see who it was. "You-you can't be here, I-I killed you" said a shocked Arthur.

The titans looked over and saw how Arthur was talking to. The man looked to be around seven foot tall, had red eyes, red hair, wearing black pants, shirt, and shoes. They didn't recognize him but knew whoever he was Arthur knew him.

"How can you still be here Tetsip" said Arthur revealing who the man was to the titans.

"You thought you could try to kill me the loyal servant of Master Yamamoto, bury me in ten feet of dirt in the middle of Death Valley, and think you could get away with it" said an angry Tetsip.

"I told you to join me in my quest to change this world; the way our master wants to do it will take too long. But my way would help us achieve our goal faster and better" said Arthur.

"If our master's plan requires time then we should accept it, but not your way Arthur. Our master has some use for the titans and I shall not allow you to harm them" said Tetsip as he took out his sword.

"You remember the last time we fought don't you Tetsip…I won" said Arthur as he expanded his claws.

"You took me by surprise but this time I don't intend to hold back on you observe, ignite my Hi no kami (god of fire)" said Tetsip as his sword ignited in fire and the area around him incinerated in flames.

"Very well then I shall finish what I started then" said Arthur as he got into fighting position. Both men stared at each other and waited to make their move. The titans were planning to get involve but decided to let Arthur and Tetsip fight it out. They moved away from the battle field and moved near the tower's entrance. There was silence in the air no one made a noise or sound. Arthur and Tetsip waited for the other to make a move. Finally when beastboy took a step back he snapped a twig causing both men to charge at each other and collide with a strong explosive wave, causing the island to shake and engulf in a bright light.

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