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A Dark Reunion

Few days ago

How did it all come to this, how could I the fire reaper have fallen for such an obvious trap? How did I end up buried here in this godforsaken place and was defeated by someone less superior than me? When I get out of here I will have to explain to my master of the events which led to me being buried and afterwards, still I can't believe I had fallen for his trap him of all people how could I have lose to Arthur.


I was on a jet plane heading to Jump city to complete a mission my master wanted me to complete in the city, I was suppose to go and test the titans strength by using Brother Blood a former headmaster of the H. academy till he was defeated by the teen titans. And the girl Terra who was a former titan before she betrayed them to Slade, till she turned against him and killed him but was turned to stone when she tried to stop a volcano from destroying the city. Thanks to my master we were able to bring her back so long as she serve my master if she didn't…well I would be the one to deal with her.

But before I could arrive Arthur contacted me and told me he wanted to do the trade somewhere else. I thought it would be weird to do this but decided to go with it since I never consider Arthur to be a threat. He was the business man for Master Yamamoto. His job is to make deals with people who he sees fit to help them in their quest of utopia, while he also deals with businesses with companies who would be valuable to master Yamamoto or would be a threat to him so Arthur would deal with them.

Once we arrived in the middle of the desert Arthur soon arrived without Blood or Terra. "Arthur where is the girl and Blood?" I asked wondering where they were.

"I left them in the city they are to wait there till I return" said Arthur as he approached Tetsip.

"Wait till you return? What are you talking about Master Yamamoto told you that I would be taking your place on this mission? He told you he needed you back to deal with some business deals with other companies" I told Arthur.

"Yes I know but I have a better idea Tetsip…more of a proposal if you will. I have studied these children the titans for some time now and I have to tell you, they don't have anything that to offer our master. My proposition is we you, me, Blood, Terra, Chiasa, and Yuu finish these kids off and take out the rest of the teen titans members. Once they're out of the way there will no longer be any young generation to stand in our way once we destroy the Justice League" said Arthur.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Arthur thinks he can disobey Master Yamamoto and kill these children without the master saying so. I will not allow him to do this. "Our master gave us specific orders not to kill the titans Arthur, I will not allow you, Chiasa, Yuu, or Blood to betray my master" I told him as I took out my sword.

"I'm not betraying Master Yamamoto Tetsip I am doing him a favor. You and I both know the Justice League will not join us. Even if we kill them these children will rise against us and ruin our plan. This is both smart and good business Tetsip you should see what I am talking about" Arthur said.

"No it's not business your disobeying him and betraying his trust by doing this. I still can't believe you got Chiasa and Yuu to agree with this ridiculous idea…wait unless you didn't tell them the plan didn't you?" I realize that Chiasa and Yuu were like me loyal to our master no matter what. I now know why Arthur told me about his plan. "You need me to convince Yuu and Chiasa about the plan don't you?"

"Yes that's right I need you to help me, killing the titans is just one part of my plan once their gone I will be able to start my next part of the plan" said Arthur.

"What next plan? Look I've had enough of this I am not going to allow you to ruin Talsein's plan I am going to kill you right here and now" I was done listening to him and decided to kill him now and explain the rest to master Yamamoto later.

"[Sigh] I wanted to give you a chance to help but now it seems you have left me with no choice Tetsip" Arthur took out something from his pockets I didn't know what it was but whatever it was I would be ready for it.

What he took out was actually a piece of short blank piece of paper. I seemed confuse I didn't know what he was planning but still remained cautious of what he may have plan.

"You have left me with no choice…good bye Tetsip" Arthur threw the paper over him I waited for something to happen. The paper exploded and the fiery bits of it came falling around me. I still didn't know what he was planning till it was too late. I saw the where the flames landed and saw that they were all forming something. It was a symbol I didn't have a chance to see what it was because I suddenly felt weaker. I looked around and saw where the flames landed began to glow and grow. I fell to my knees and began to have a hard time breathing. I didn't know what was going on, but knew whatever Arthur did was making me weaker by the second.

"What's the matter Tetsip feeling weaker all of a sudden? See the titans aren't the only ones I did research on, when Master Yamamoto created you four I did some research on all four of you and find out your weakness in case you ever disobey Talsein. That's right Tetsip I found your kryptonite and now you have lost" Arthur had a smirk on his face. He found out my weakness and I let him use it on me.

Arthur approached me and grabbed my own sword and looked at it. The one thing I hated more than anything was no one touches my sword except me. "Tetsip it seems you let your pride get the best of you. You thought just because you have been granted the power of fire that you are better than me…wrong I am better than you good bye Tetsip" Arthur aimed my own sword before me and pierced it through my chest. I felt the air leave my body as Arthur has pierced my chest with my own sword.

Arthur released the sword and let me fall to the ground with my sword still attached to my body. After that everything began to go dark, and the last thing I saw was Arthur's ugly smirk looking down upon my body. After that nothing but darkness as I closed my eyes and I drifted into the darkness.

I began to wake up from the darkness and found myself in some pain. I tried moving my arms and felt something solid surrounding me, it was made of wood, it was a box I was in a wooden box at that moment I didn't like were I was. I could barley breath, I tried pushing on the surface of the box but couldn't. I came to the conclusion that Arthur has buried me, either alive or because he thought I was dead. I closed my eyes and began to gather what power I had left and forced it in my hand. As soon as I got enough I forced my hand through the box and crawled out of the dirt.

As I emerged from the dirt I grabbed what I felt was a snake in my hand. How ironic was it that the very snake I wanted to grab wasn't around so I incinerated the snake, I retracted my arm and grabbed my sword and blew away the dirt around me.

I looked around and saw that I was still in the middle of the desert and saw a grave sign behind me. "Damn that felt good I should be thanking Arthur for that dirt nap…in fact I should pay him a visit. I don't know what you're planning Arthur but mark my words I will make you pay for your disobedience and make you pay for betraying master Yamamoto or my name isn't Tetsip the fire reaper" I wiped the dirt from my clothes and headed towards Jump City and seek my vengeance on Arthur.

Titans tower

Inside the tower cyborg and brother blood were continuing their fight. Cyborg was still waiting for Blood to make his move. Just then they felt the entire area move like an earthquake.

"Whoa what was that?" asked cyborg as he felt the ground shake.

Blood looked around and guessed the earthquake must have been from Arthur. "It seems my friend Arthur is already taking care of your friends and once he's done with them your next cyborg" said Blood.

"Don't underestimate my friends Blood their a lot tougher than they look even beastboy" said cyborg.

"I doubt that cyborg, you haven't seen what Arthur can do believe me I know" said Blood remembering the first time he fought Arthur and it didn't end well.

"Whatever Blood are you going to make your move or do you want me to make it for you" said cyborg.

"Insolent child do you know who you're talking to, I am Brother Blood and I will not lose to a pathetic nobody like you cyborg" said Blood.

"Yeah this nobody beat your ass once and I will do it again, and if you won't come at me I will" said cyborg as he ran towards blood at a speed even blood couldn't see.

Blood tried to dodge cyborg but he wasn't fast enough. Cyborg emerged in front of him and kicked him in the chest sending him across the floor. Blood got back on his feet but as he looked at where cyborg was he was no longer there. He then felt someone behind him. As he turned around he saw cyborg behind him and deliver an uppercut several punches to the gut and grabbed his head and kicked him in the face with his knees. Blood tried to lay several punches of his own but cyborg dodged them all with his new speed. Blood missed with a punch and cyborg saw his opening he hit blood with a roundhouse kick and threw Blood towards the wall.

Blood was in a daze he couldn't believe at what was happening he was losing to cyborg. The very same cyborg he once beaten in the past was now not only beating him but humiliating him as well. "Damn it this can't be how can I the former headmaster of the once great H.I.V.E academy be losing to you of all people" said Blood as he tried to get back on his feet.

"You still don't get it do you blood, it's not the parts that make me who I am. It's the human part of me that makes me what I am today. That's the part of me that you can ever control or beat" said cyborg.

"Is that right Cyborg, I suppose that's the reason why I couldn't control you then because of your human side. Well it doesn't matter does it because there is no way you will beat me cyborg, your nothing I am smarted than you, I am superior than you, and more importantly I am…" Cyborg heard enough from blood and used his speed to deliver a huge punch to Blood knocking the wind out of him and knocking him out.

Cyborg looked down on his once great foe. "Looks like the student has once again surpassed the teacher Blood" said cyborg. Just then cyborg heard some noises coming from behind him he activated his sonic blaster and was about to fire. But as he turned around the person making the noise was actually Terra.

"Terra what are you doing here you're supposed to be in the safe room" said cyborg turning off his blaster.

"I know I'm supposed to wait inside but I got a little worry when I felt the tower shake so I came out to see what the situation was. And from the looks of things I take it we won?" asked Terra looking around and saw Blood on the ground unconscious.

"Not yet Raven is taking care of the robots Blood brought in, and the other's are still I think are still fighting that Arthur guy" said cyborg.

"Should we go help raven then I mean she can't take them all down right?" asked terra.

Suddenly the two titans heard an explosion behind them and saw several robot parts falling near them. Out of the explosion came raven walking out of the dust.

"Raven? You took care of all of those robots by yourself?" asked terra.

"Yes I did but what are you doing out here Terra? You're supposed to be inside the safe room until it was over" said raven.

"I know but don't worry cyborg defeated Blood so now we don't have to worry about him controlling me anymore" said terra as she pointed to where Blood's unconscious body was.

"Not yet Raven is taking care of the robots Blood brought in, and the other's are still I think are still fighting that Arthur guy" said cyborg.

"Should we go help raven then I mean she can't take them all down right?" asked terra.

Suddenly the two titans heard an explosion behind them and saw several robot parts falling near them. Out of the explosion came raven walking out of the dust.

"Raven? You took care of all of those robots by yourself?" asked terra.

"Yes I did but what are you doing out here Terra? You're supposed to be inside the safe room until it was over" said raven.

"I know but don't worry cyborg defeated Blood so now we don't have to worry about him controlling me anymore" said terra as she pointed to where Blood's unconscious body was.

Raven seemed surprise that cyborg defeated Blood and he didn't have a scratch on him. "I guess Isamu's training paid off huh cyborg?" said raven who smiled at cyborg's success.

"Yeah I guess I should thank Isamu when he gets back…speaking of which heard anything from him?" asked cyborg.

"Hikari contacted me a ten minutes ago and told me she and Isamu took care of the problem and should be back soon" said raven sounding relief that Isamu and his sister were all right.

"Good now let's go help our friends deal with Arthur" said cyborg.

"Can I help too please" said terra as she wanted to go help her friends.

Cyborg and raven looked at each other and knew that it would be too risky to take her with them but knew they were going to need help against Arthur. "Fine just let me tie up blood first then we'll go" said raven as she used her powers to grab a metal beam and tie it around blood.

"All right y'all let's go kick some butt" said cyborg as he led the girls outside.

Back outside robin, starfire, and beastboy were still watching the fight between Arthur and Tetsip. So far the fight has been even between the two men. Tetsip and Arthur have been fighting for a while now and neither man is giving an inch. Tetsip and Arthur collided again with Tetsip's fire sword and Arthur's claws striking each other. Both men pushed the other off and both men landed far from each other and stared down.

The titans seemed surprise at what they were seeing they have never seen a fight like the one their seeing right now. Just then cyborg, raven, and terra came out from the door and saw the others were all right.

"Guys glad to see your all right" said terra relief to see her friends were all right.

"Terra what are you doing here your suppose to be back in the safe room" said robin.

"Don't worry about it I took care of Blood he's knocked out and tied up he won't be going anywhere and wont be controlling terra's mind anymore" said cyborg feeling proud at what he did.

"Dude you defeated Blood good job" said beastboy.

"Yes well done on the victory over Blood" said starfire.

"Thanks so what did I miss?" asked cyborg as he saw Arthur and some other guy fighting.

"Well the guy who's fighting Arthur his name is Tetsip. We don't know who he is but apparently he knows Arthur" said robin.

"And the reason we're not getting involved is because?" asked raven wondering why they haven't gotten involved in the fight.

"Arthur wants to kill us, while the other guy wants to keep us alive so we figure why fight when we can let them fight each other" said robin.

"Smart plan but what happens if this Tetsip guy fails?" asked cyborg.

"Well let's just hope he does enough damage to Arthur so that we can take him down" said robin.

"All we can do now is watch and wait then" said starfire.

"I don't like it but it seems to be the only thing we can do huh" said raven.

"Yep" said beastboy. As the titans looked on, this was the only thing they could do at that moment is wait for the right time to get involved.

Both Tetsip and Arthur stared each other down with blood coming down their arms. Arthur hasn't taken much damage but was getting tired and knew it wouldn't be long before he would run out of power to maintain this form. But knew Tetsip didn't have long either.

Tetsip was panting he was tired he still hasn't healed from his wounds. This fight wouldn't last long and he knew there was one thing left to do. "Arthur you betrayed Master Yamamoto because you felt that these children aren't worth to us, but my master wants them alive so I will do whatever it takes to keep them alive" said Tetsip as he raised his sword.

Arthur knew what Tetsip was going to do and knew he couldn't let that happen. "Not this time Tetsip" said Arthur as he used his speed and snuck up behind Tetsip slicing him across the bag with his claw.

Tetsip fell to his knees in pain. He knew he should have waited till Arthur was caught off guard. "Now then I think this time I should finish you off with my own two hands Tetsip" said Arthur as he expanded his right claw and brought it down. Just as Arthur was about to strike down on Tetsip something grabbed him by his arm, Arthur thought it was the titans interfering in his fight. But as he turned around he was shocked to see how it was.

"Ma-master Yamamoto" said a surprise Arthur seeing his master Talsein Yamamoto behind him.

Talsein stood before Arthur wearing black pants, shirt, and a dark cloak covering his body. "You have disappointed me Arthur attacking my General like this when he can't defend himself" said Talsein as he pulled Arthur away from Tetsip.

"My master I, what-what are you doing here my master" said Arthur as he returned to his human form and bowed before Talsein.

"You never returned to base and Tetsip didn't respond to my calls. I had Misa track him down and she found some of his spiritual remains near a grave site in the middle of Death Valley. The rest I guessed when I sensed your spiritual energy rise fighting the titans…who you wanted to kill without my permission" said Talsein.

"But-it's just that-master I was just thinking of what was best for our plan" said Arthur trying his best to explain to Talsein about the situation.

"Enough Arthur we will talk more back at the base in the mean time you will shut your mouth or I will personally remove it slowly" said Talsein in a threatening tone.

"I understand my master" said a defeated Arthur knowing there was nothing he could say that would change Talsein's mind.

Talsein helped Tetsip on his feet and wiped the dust off his clothes. "How you feeling Tetsip?" asked Talsein in a comfort tone.

"I am fine…I am sorry master I failed you" said Tetsip who didn't want to look at his master in the eye for feeling like he failed him.

"You weren't at your best if you were then you would have had a better chance. For now we will leave and heal your wounds" said Talsein, he looked back at Arthur and knew he needed to be punish. "I will also let you deal Arthur's punishment" whispered Talsein to Tetsip.

Tetsip smiled a bit and liked the idea of hurting Arthur. "Thank you my master…but master just so you know the titans have defeated Blood and Terra is with them" said Tetsip as he pointed to Terra who was behind beastboy and starfire.

Talsein saw Terra and knew what Tetsip was referring to; he let Arthur stand on his feet alone. "Wait here I'll be back" said Talsein as he walked over near the titans. "So you must be the teen titans I have heard so much about. I have to admit I thought you all were just a bunch of children playing hero's but after your performance over Slade, Brother Blood, Trigon, and even my old friends the Brotherhood of Evil well I must say bravo dear titans bravo" said Talsein as he gave small claps to the titans.

"Who are you?" asked robin as he was being cautions on who this guy was.

"Oh where my manners of course introductions are meant to be made, my name is Talsein Yamamoto and I am the master of Arthur and Tetsip here" said Talsein as he gave a small bow to the titans.

"So you're the guy who sent these wackos on us" said cyborg.

"Well actually I sent Tetsip to test you titans, but I didn't know Arthur was here to kill you all my mistake. But to be able to force him to his second form well I would like to say you passed the test" said Talsein as he gave another small clap to the titans.

"What test are you talking about?" said raven wondering what Talsein was talking about.

"To see if you all have what it takes to join me and I will say this all of you passed with flying colors" said Talsein.

"Listen Talsein we're not interested in joining you in fact were going to arrest you for what you have caused today" said robin as he took out his staff.

"Now, now robin first of all there is no need for violence and second what are you arresting me for in my view I saved your lives if I hadn't arrived Arthur would have killed Tetsip and all of you. I don't see anything I did was illegal" said Talsein.

"Oh yeah what about brainwashing terra, releasing the criminals we caught back in France, and sending that Yemon guy to try and kill Isamu" said beastboy.

"Hmmm those sounds like a lot of serious charges indeed but if all of them were true. First of all Terra swore her allegiance to me she wanted to forget about what she did I didn't force her to forget it was of her own will, I released her from her stone prison and gave her a new lease on life. Second you have no prove I release such criminals but whoever did it I'm sure will be caught and be punished for such a serious crime" said Talsein in a sarcastic tone.

"And third you have no prove I send this Yemon man who came to harm Isamu. So my children you see I haven't committed any serious or such crime "said Talsein.

The titans knew Talsein was right, they didn't have prove that he did anything illegal all they were told from Yemon was he was send by his master but never said it was Talsein, nor have prove he released the criminals or that he hurt Terra. It was Blood and Arthur who hurt her. Still they weren't going to allow him to take Terra even if she did pledge her loyalty to him.

"Speaking of terra I believe you are still abiding by our contract which said you would pledge your loyalty to me so long as I released you from you rocky prison and gave you a new life. So my dear it's time for you to come with me and join my covenant" said Talsein.

"But I don't remember making such a deal" said Terra.

"Of course you do my dear don't you lie you do remember and you gave me your word you would join me" said Talsein.

Terra did remember but she knew at that time she would have done anything to be free from her stone prison. She didn't want to go anywhere with someone who tried to control her. She wanted to be free and stay with her friends.

"Terra my dear come with me now or else" said Talsein in a threatening tone.

"Terra's not going with you" said beastboy standing between terra and Talsein.

"I agree she belongs with us she's our friend" said cyborg as he activated his sonic canon.

"We will not allow you to take our friend" said starfire as she powered up her starbolts.

"Terra swore her allegiance to me if she won't join me then there will be severe punishment" said Talsein.

"She's not going with you Talsein" said raven defending terra much to terra's surprise.

"She's staying us, if you want her you'll have to go through us" said robin. As the titans surrounded terra vowing to protect her. Terra was surprise by what she was seeing; her friends were willing to protect her with their lives, even after all she did to them they are willing to fight for her and protect her. She felt happy that her friends not only trusted her again but were willing to defend her.

"Very well then if you kids which to stand in my way so be it" said Talsein as she took out his sword.

"Not so fast Talsein you're ours" Talsein looked up and saw a white blast heading his way. Talsein moved out of the way as the blast hit where he stood. Talsein looked up and saw two people appear before the titans. It was Isamu and Hikari and they appeared before Talsein still in their bankai form.

"Well it's been a long time hasn't it Isamu Ishida" said Talsein as he smiled seeing Isamu again.

"Finally after ten years of searching we finally found you. The man who killed our parents Talsein Yamamoto" said Isamu. The titans seemed surprise by what they just heard that Isamu and Hikari's parents were killed by Talsein.

"Come now Isamu are you still mad at me for what I did to your parents. The deaths of your parents were their own fault they died because they refused to join me and now their death is on their own blood" said Talsein.

"You killed our parents because they didn't want to join your stupid covenant" said Hikari who couldn't believe that was the reason her parents died.

"Well that and your parents wanted to bring me in to the soul society. I couldn't let that happened so your parent's death was their own fault" said Talsein.

"Talsein, Hikari and I vowed we would avenge their death and that's exactly what we will do" said Isamu as he powered up his zanpakuto.

"Well now if that's what you want to do bring it on Isamu show me the power you have learned in these last few years" said Talsein as he backed up a little and waited for Isamu to make his move.

"Isamu wait you shouldn't attack he's up to something" said Hikari trying to stop Isamu from attacking.

"What are you talking about?" asked Isamu what his sister meant.

"Listen I want to make him pay for all he did too, but we're still not at one hundred percent after our fights with Yuu and Chiasa maybe we shouldn't fight him" said Hikari.

"And let him go I don't think so" said Isamu refusing to let the man who killed his parents go free.

"Isamu I agree with your sister don't fight him" said raven trying to calm Isamu down. She could sense the anger and rage inside him and knew if he attacked he would get hurt or worse.

"Don't do it dude" said beastboy trying also to keep Isamu from fighting.

"Please don't attack him out of anger" said starfire.

"Isamu revenge isn't worth getting killed over believe me I know" said robin understanding what Isamu was going through.

Isamu didn't want to let Talsein go, but what his friends were telling him was true. If he fought Talsein now he wouldn't stand a chance. He was tired and knew he wouldn't stand a chance.

"Big brother don't do it please I want to make him pay too, but you and I both know we're not ready against him" said Hikari trying to stop her brother from fighting Talsein.

Isamu decided to listen to his friends and sister. He lowered his sword and decided to let his anger go for now. "Fine your right…Talsein I won't fight you, but as for Terra she's staying and if you want her you will have to go through all of us" said Isamu.

"Your pathetic boy, you're just as weak as your parents and Ronin. What makes you think I won't kill you, your sister, and your little friends?" said Talsein as he prepared to pull out his sword.

"Because I know you want me alive right? I know you want me and my friends alive for some reason. I don't care what the reason is my friends and I will never join you so if you want Terra come and take her" said Isamu as he lifted his sword and waited for Talsein to make his move.

Talsein didn't say a word he knew he could knock these children out and take the girl. But he knew if the boy and his sister would be difficult to knock out, which to him would require using his zanpakuto. If he did Ronin or a soul reaper would sense his presence and stop him. He looked over where Terra was and knew what he needed to do.

"Very well Isamu you may keep the girl for now at least. As for you the titans you will join me one way or another including you Isamu. You will see things my way soon but for now since the holidays are upon us I give you and your little friends your time of peace. But next time we meet we will settle this score my way" said Talsein as he put his sword away.

"The next time we meet Talsein I will finish this but not out of vengeance but for my friends and family" said Isamu.

"Ooooh very scary Isamu now I really do hope we meet again because I believe our fight will be not only great but legendary. Well until then see you all later and have a happy holiday" said Talsein as he walked back towards Tetsip and Arthur. Talsein looked back at Isamu one more time before disappearing into thin air. Isamu and the others all gave out a sigh of relief they were glad it was over…at least for now.

Paris, France

Meanwhile in the middle of Paris, France was the Eiffel Tower. On top of the tower was a women wearing a black dress, had her hair tied, and was looking out the city view. "Hello Ronin it's been a while hasn't it" said the women as she saw Ronin Suzuki emerge from the shadow wearing his soul reaper clothes.

"Hello Hanako how have you been?" asked Ronin as he approached Hanako.

"Fine just came from a dinner party with the French ambassador. I guess it's true about French politics their real dull" said Hanako.

"That's why I gave up being a soul reaper captain it's always politics with those people. Their laws are so harsh and the homes for souls who come to live in the soul society…[sigh] sometimes I just want to find a place where I don't have to worry about this crap" said Ronin.

"I agree but I suppose once we find Talsein and bring him to justice we will finally be able to find that place and live out the rest of our lives in peace" said Hanako.

"What you need to do is find yourself a man. There is no point in staying with an old guy like me" said Ronin.

"I will find a man when you find yourself a beautiful woman to be with" said Hanako laughing a little.

"Please like there is any women out there who would go out with an old guy like me" said Ronin.

"What about that woman you met on Themyscira I heard you and her had some good times in the past" said Hanako.

"First of all I was drunk and young and didn't know what I was doing. Besides it was more of a one night thing with her it didn't mean anything" said Ronin.

"Right whatever you say old man" said Hanako punching Ronin on the shoulder softly.

"Whatever anyways I got to go I was suppose to got see Isamu and give him his late birthday present" said Ronin as he was going to leave.

"Grandpa I know Talsein was in Jump city, Captain Kuchiki told me. You don't have to keep lying to me grandpa" said Hanako looking back at her grandfather Ronin.

"I'm sorry Hanako I just don't want you to looking for him again and become like him…I lost my wife, my daughter, and my best friends. I don't want to lose my granddaughter, Isamu or Hikari" said Ronin.

"Don't worry Grandpa I won't. While you're there visiting give this letter to Hikari and my gift to Isamu" said Hanako as she gave Ronin a letter.

"Please tell me you didn't get Isamu another puzzle game" said Ronin remembering all the presents Hanako has gotten for the kids were puzzle games. Hikari would figure them out easily but Isamu took him days to figure it out.

"Not my fault my apprentice could figure them out before you're…anyways no it's not a puzzle game but it's something for him to use in the future" said Hanako.

"Fine got to go if I'm going to catch my plane…you going to be okay then Hanako" asked Ronin.

"I'll be fine grandpa don't worry about me" said Hanako reassuring her grandfather she would be all right.

"Okay then well bye for now and take care" said Ronin as he left to the elevator and headed down.

Hanako looked out into the city again and sighted. One day we will meet again Talsein and I will make you pay for what you have done to my mother. Hanako looked at her necklace and held it in her hands. We'll meet again soon…father.

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