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The Meeting

Titans Tower

It was two in the morning; everyone had headed off to bed earlier after a long night of fighting crime and trying to find this mystery hero. The only titan who hadn't fallen asleep was the leader of the team Robin. He was trying to find out who this mystery guy was but so far he found nothing. When the police took the robbers statements robin looked over them to find any clue to this guy. But again nothing, the men said they heard some noises and then nothing. Whoever this guy was he was quick and must be strong to take out all of these robbers.

Robin also looked over what happen to the van the robbers used. Cyborg looked over it and told him something punctured the engine. Something small but sharp, the driver said it was a sword, a katana. At first robin thought it was Bushido an honorary titan who helped them against the Brotherhood of evil. But when robin contacted him, he found out Bushido was still in Japan on a mission to locate some stolen artifacts.

Robin was running out of leads to follow. Ever since someone liberated the villains the titans froze in the Brotherhood of evil fight, the titans had to deal with their old enemies again only this time some have actually began to work together. This went on for several months since they came back from Japan. Then a month ago nothing, they just disappeared. They did have to deal with criminals like the H.I.V.E five, Control freak, and Cinderblock. But after they were arrested they disappeared again before robin could find out anything.

The strange part was that whoever did free the other criminals didn't free the brotherhood of evil. At first robin thought it was Slade who freed them, but they didn't find anything that pointed to him. Robin wondered who else besides Slade would be able to free all of these criminals and disappeared with them. Robin looked over the clock and saw it was late. He knew he needed some rest for tomorrow. Robin knew he and the titans still needed to find who it was that helped them catch the robbers and find out if he's and ally or foe.

Up on the hills

In the other part of time Isamu had just woken up, and decided to do some warm up before getting something to eat. After finishing up he went over to his bag to get out some money his master gave him and went out to get some breakfast, before he did he notice that his clothes were dirty and some were even tore.

Ah man that's the third clothes this month Hikari was right I really should buy some clothes for fighting and for normal days. Oh well I guess I should go buy some clothes and get something to eat. Isamu went over and he took his sword and headed off to the mall. As Isamu arrive he notice the mall wasn't open yet till then, he looked at his watch and saw that it was seven.

I arrived to the mall, I noticed that there weren't anyone around, I approached the door and saw it was going to open at nine, I looked at my watch and saw it was only seven thirty. As I stood there my stomach began to growl remembering that I didn't eat dinner last night cause of the robbers. I decided to come back another time and go find something to eat. Hopefully I would find a store that was open this early in the morning.

I continued to walk down the city looking for a place to eat. I finally found a fast food joint that seemed to be open. As I got there I saw the sign said it would open till eight. I looked again at my watch and saw that was fifteen minutes away. I waited outside the store near a bench and waited there. There was ten minutes before the store would open, and with every second that passes makes me even hungrier.

Then I hear a few people running away screaming nearby, I decided to check it out and find out what the commotion was all about. As I turn the corner I see like monster attacking the city.

In my mind, there's something you don't see every day. I see a giant goo monster attacking the city. It was big, not as big as the monsters I've dealt with before, I would say average size, it was uglier than the ones I've fought, and it made a shrieking sound when it roared. My ears hurt when it did, it sounded like a fat lady singing in an opera.

The goo monster roared as it threw cars, goo, rock; whatever it could get its hands on. In my mind I wondered, hmmmm should I attack this monster or should I let the titans take care of it. The rock monster threw a car at the fast food restaurant smashing the wall leaving a hole. On the other hand it's not wise to fight on an empty stomach besides I'm sure those titans will be here. As I turned towards the store I notice a strong spiritual pressure nearby as I turned towards where the source was coming from there I saw the titans arriving just on time.

"You know Cinderblock it's not nice attacking the city in the morning" said Cyborg.

"Yeah especially those who were enjoying a good sleep" said Beastboy.

Plasmious roared in a shrieking sound and charged at the titans "Titans Go!" shouted robin as the titans charged at the rock monster Cinderblock.

As the titans charged I decided to sit back and watch the show perfect now I'll find out who it is I'm suppose to protect let's see now if it's either that robot guy or the Goth girl.

Starfire and Robin began to attack Plasmious, starfire shot off starbolts at the goo monster but was unaffected by it as it launched its own goo at starfire one hit her and knocked her to the ground, robin threw a exploding disk at the monster but it only temporary stopped it as it launched a car near robin nearly hitting him.

Cyborg and beastboy tried a combo with beastboy transforming as a triceratops and cyborg hitting the monster with his energy cannon witch didn't work as well, with Plasmious simply spitting up acid on the ground which caused the duo to fall, leaving raven who used her powers to launched cars and debris at the monster.

I was disappointed that it wasn't the robot guy; I thought it would be fun to hang out with someone like him. But now I see this Goth girl must be the one, she has an interesting power and energy. Different than the ones I've felt before, in fact her energy is different than the hero's my master hangs out with. Well I better introduce myself to these guys and while I'm at it might as well play with goo boy there. Isamu got off the bench decided to step in and have a little fun of his own.

As Plasmious launched a wave of goo at raven she blocked it using her powers and it was halted, but then it began to reemerged from behind and was going to attack her till a it was cut in half and it retreated back to Plasmious, raven turned around to see a boy with a katana.

"Um who are you and what do you think you're doing" said raven who seemed surprise to see this guy come out and help her.

"The names Isamu Ishida and it looks like I'm here to help you fight that gooish monster thing" I said as I pointed my sword at Plasmious who looked angry as he launched a car near me. I wasn't worried and was about to counter his attack when the girl pushed me out of the way into the sidewalk with her powers.

"Hey what was that for" I said who was angry that the girl pushed me out of the way.

"Look kid this isn't a game just get out of the way and let my friends and I take care of this" said raven.

"KID hey first of all I'm no kid and second I just saved your life" I said angry that she called me a kid.

"Well I just saved yours so were even now so go away" said raven as she continued to block more of Plasmious attack.

I was angry when she told me to go away, two things that piss me off. One being treated like a defenseless child and being look down on like a weak person. I was going to respond to the girl but I notice she is busy fighting the goo monster. I wanted to prove to her that I'm no kid. I looked around and found what I needed.

Raven needed to end this fight once and for all. So she began to chant as her astral self launched at Plasmious to finish this fight. As her astral self was inside something was wrong. Suddenly raven stopped as she felt sharp pain in her head and began to see things in her head, images, and something worse. She pulled herself out of Plasmious body and back into her body falling limp to the ground.

Robin saw raven falling to the ground. He jumped over and got her before she hit the floor. The other titans went over to her as Cyborg and Starfire launched their blast at Plasmious pushing the monster back.

"Raven are you okay?" asked robin as he ran towards where raven was.

"Friend are you okay" said starfire as she kneeled down to check on raven.

Raven began to open her eyes; she gently got on her feet with robin and starfire's help. She felt her head was in pain she didn't know what happened but knew that this Plasmious wasn't the same one she and the others fought before.

"Friend are you all right?"asked starfire as she helped raven to her feet.

"I'm fine starfire" said as she got on her feet slowly.

"Raven what happened why isn't Plasmious down?" asked Robin.

"I don't know. There was something different about it. I could feel it was in pain, it was hurting. I don't know where he's been but wherever he was I can't shut him down" said Raven.

"Well then we'll do it the old fashion way, we'll kick his gooey butt" said Cyborg.

"Yeah we did it before and we'll do it again" said Beastboy.

"Friends who is that over near the Plasmious?" said Starfire as she pointed to the boy raven bumped into earlier. He was behind Plasmious and he seemed to be up to something.

I saw the titans were looking at me. I knew this was the perfect chance to show them what I could do, especially the girl.

"Hey ugly [whistle] over here you big ugly blob thing" I shouted as the monster turned to face me. I broke off the fire hydrant and gallons of water began to pour out. I used a tin lid to deflect the water and hit Plasmious. I could hear the monster shriek with the water, I then began to chant an incantation and then in an instant a bright light engulfed Plasmious, when the light dissipated my gooish monster friend was now frozen solid.

I turned to face the titans who seemed surprise by what I did. I wondered if I over did it with the spell. I decided to walk on over and introduce myself, I figure if I said something they may not think I'm a bad guy.

The titans seemed surprise by what they saw. Some guy pops out of nowhere and helps defeat Plasmious in a second. Robin decided to break the tension by speaking first. "All right who are you and what did you just do?" robin asked being the first one to speak.

I figured it would be the bird boy who would say something. "Oh sorry where's my manners the name is Isamu Ishida and you must be the Teen Titans right?" I said as I introduce myself to everyone.

"That's us I bet you have heard about me right Beastboy" said beastboy knowing he and the others were very famous especially when they helped save Tokyo.

"Not really I only know two of your names robin and starfire, the rest I don't know sorry" I said, making beastboy feel bad that I didn't know who he is.

As I finished introducing myself to the titans, Robin and the others introduced themselves, robin laid out his hand and introduced himself "my names robin and I'm the leader of the teen titans", I took robin's hand and shook it.

"This is cyborg, raven, and beastboy" said robin as he finished introducing his teammates to I approached each one and shook their hands. But when I got to starfire I got more than a hand shake.

"Hi I'm Isamu nice to mee…." before I could finish my sentence starfire gave me one of her famous killer hugs I've heard much about from kid flash.

"Hello Isamu I am Starfire please tell me, what is your favorite color, where are you from, what is your favorite food, and will you be my friend?" said starfire.

I mustered up whatever words I could say before she killed me. "Um white…I'm from Japan…sushi…and yeah sure whatever as long as I don't die first" was all I could say before I could feel my face turning blue.

"Oh I am so sorry friend, I forget how fragile you humans are" said starfire as she let go of Isamu who was trying to regain his breath,

I made a mental note to never let her hug me again. I saw cyborg giving me a hand to get up. "So what brings you here to our good city" said cyborg.

I knew I couldn't tell them why I was really here. I doubt they would believe me if I told them why. So I did what my master would do, I improvise. "Well I came here to offer my services."

"You're services?" said robin.

"Yeah I heard so much about you guys and what you did at my home country of Japan, since then I have been wanting to join you guys so what do you say" I wanted to sound convincing to them, the titans seemed surprise by my request not that I could blame them, a stranger coming by wanting to join a bunch of superhero's.

"Could you give us a minute" said robin as he and his team huddle up, while this happen I decided to over where he the bench was and rest there until they give their decision.

"So what do you guys think" said robin as he asks his teammates of what they think they should do.

Well he did help us beat Plasmious and he doesn't seem dangerous so I say we let him in" said cyborg, "He seems nice and I think he could help us so yes we should let him join our team" said starfire, "I think he should join our group after all he did keep us from getting goo on us so I'm in" said beastboy, all was left was raven, "whatever" said raven.

"So it's agreed then he will join the team, hey Isamu" said robin, which turned the titan's attention to Isamu who was sitting on the bench.

"Well the team and I agree that you have some talent so we will let you join our team, but before we let you join the titans you will have to go through some test to see that you can do and if you have what it takes" said robin.

I was glad they wanted me to join, but I didn't like the whole me showing what I could do, it's not really my thing to show off…unless I wanted to. But if it was the only way for them to let me join why not. "Hmm like a test of some kind huh…sure why not I suppose its natural you guys would like to see what I can do so sure."

"Well now that that's settle let head back to the tower for some breakfast who wants waffles" said cyborg, all agreed and headed back tower.

I headed off to follow the others till I felt something. It was a strange feeling like someone was watching us. I tilted my head around slowly and saw nothing, in my mind I could have sworn I saw something, huh strange I thought I felt someone watching hmmm… maybe it was just my imagination I thought, as I took off to the titans tower.

As Isamu took off, three shadowy figures looked on from one of the buildings that were overseeing the battle. The one on the left had a long black hair; the middle had a brown jacket covering much of his face, while the one on the right had short hair.

"Interesting, how a mere mortal could use a powerful spell to beat that goo monster like that huh" said left figure.

"You think he will be a problem to our plan" said the right figure.

"If he is then we will kill him beforehand, but for know no, this mortal is no threat to us", said the figure in the middle.

"Besides if the titans couldn't beat someone who had the powers of scathe, then a mere mortal shouldn't be a problem as well, so for now we will continue to observe and let the titans enjoy their time because in twelve more days we would show ourselves, so until then let them enjoy these last few days of happiness because when we show ourselves to them then the daughter of scathe and her friends will die" said the figure in the middle.

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