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Season End

Titans Tower

After Talsein left with Arthur and Tetsip, the titans decided to take care of Brother Blood. Cyborg, Hikari, and Robin decided to take him to jail while Beastboy Terra and Starfire stayed behind to clean up the tower. Isamu was in the medical room with Raven healing his wounds; they were on the medical bed with raven patching up Isamu's wounds. When the fight was over raven went over to see if Isamu was all right. When she saw him covered in wounds and his clothes trenched in blood she gave Isamu an angry look, Isamu saw the look and knew he was in trouble with his girlfriend.

Isamu knew why she was angry with him; he promised her he would come back in one piece meaning no wounds or blood. So seeing him covered with the wounds and blood didn't help keep his promise. When they were alone raven punched Isamu in the arm.

"Ow careful Rachel what was that for?" asked Isamu.

"You're an idiot you know that, you promised me you would come back in one piece and when you do you're covered in blood and cuts, you idiot" said raven as she was bandaging up Isamu's right arm.

"Yeah, yeah I know I'm an idiot you've been telling that since we met and since I became your boyfriend" said Isamu trying his best to make raven smile.

"Well I wouldn't call you an idiot if you stop coming back from a fight without a scratch" said raven as she tighten the bandage making Isamu hiss in pain a little.

"Careful Rachel look I'm sorry I didn't come back in one piece like I said I would but in my defense it was that dogs fault, if she didn't get involved I wouldn't be in the condition I am in" said Isamu as he tried to convince raven it wasn't his fault.

When Isamu and Hikari came back they brought the puppy Nicki with them. Hikari wanted to keep the dog and was able to convince robin to let them keep the dog provided they take care of it. When Hikari put the dog down it tackled Isamu once again licking him in the face again. Isamu complained why the dog kept licking him receiving several smirks from the titans. Isamu wondered what was so funny and asked them; apparently Isamu wasn't the first titan to have a dog lick them in the face. They explained that the same happened to raven except it was with an alien dog.

"Don't blame the dog Isamu you're the one who wanted to save her from harm" said raven, she didn't like the dog since everytime it licked Isamu it would remind her of her experience with the alien dog.

"Fine it's my fault I got hurt happy I'm sorry?" said Isamu.

"No I'm not happy Isamu" said raven as she got off the bed and looked out the window with a sad look on her face.

Isamu felt bad he could tell raven was very worried about him. Coming back injured again didn't help her feel the way she did. "Rachel I'm sorry I shouldn't have made you worried, I promise the next them I fight I will try not to get injured" said Isamu as he got off the bed and put his arm over her shoulder to try and comfort her.

"Isamu it's not just that, when you confronted Talsein I was worried about you. I was afraid you would do something stupid and die infront of me" said raven as tears were forming in her eyes. "You're the best thing that has ever happened to me, I love you so much that if anything happens to you…I don't know what I would do" said raven.

Isamu remembered how he acted around Talsein. He knew if he fought Talsein in his condition he would have died, at that time he didn't care if he did. But after hearing his friends, his sister, and raven tell him to stop. He did stop and in a way he was glad he did. He didn't like the way he felt towards Talsein, he didn't like how he acted around his friends, his sister, or in front of raven. He gave raven a hug to try and comfort her, he was very glad nothing bad happened to his love ones.

"Rachel I promise you I will never do something that stupid again. You won't lose me and I won't lose you no matter what…I love you Rachel do you forgive me?" asked Isamu wondering if raven has accepted his apology.

Isamu then felt raven return the hug, Isamu looked down and saw raven smiling. "I love you too Isamu and yes I forgive you, even if your acted like an idiot" said raven accepting Isamu's apology. Isamu tried to kiss raven but she moved her face before Isamu could kiss her.

"Um what's wrong now I thought you said you forgave me" Isamu wondered why raven turned away.

"Because you smell like dog" said raven as she broke the hug.

"Ah come on you're going to let dog smell ruin a great moment like this" said Isamu.

"Take a shower and brush you teeth. If the smell of dog is still on you then we will have to postpone the kiss see ya" said raven as she left the room and headed to her room.

Isamu couldn't believe what just happened; a beautiful moment was ruined because of that darn dog. "I may be a dog lover but that dog is going to pay for this" said Isamu as he picked up his sword and headed towards his room as soon as he left the room he was once again tackled by the dog. "Damn it this is not the kiss I wanted" said Isamu trying to get Nicki off of him.

Moscow, Russia

Back in Russia Talsein Yamamoto, Arthur, and Tetsip arrived back at the mansion. During the time Arthur was given a chance to explain his actions, like US justice system Talsein would give Arthur a chance to defend himself and be judged. During this time Misa was given orders to heal Tetsip's wounds.

"How could you have let Arthur fool you like this Tetsip, you must be getting soft around Master Yamamoto haven't you?" said Misa as she cleaned Tetsip's wounds.

"I haven't gotten soft women, I merely let my guard down for a moment…it will not happen again" said Tetsip.

"Whatever you say Tetsip" said Misa as she finished cleaning the wound and was going to prepare to heal it. "So what do you think of the boy Master Yamamoto is interested in" asked Misa.

"The boy is strong; to be able to beat Chiasa in his bankai and elemental god form is impressive. But he still has a long way to go before he reaches Master Yamamoto's or my power" said Tetsip.

"Interesting I wonder if he will accept our offer" wondered Misa as she finished healing Tetsip.

"If he doesn't then he will die just like his parents. Thanks for healing me Misa I need to go now and see what's Arthur's faith is" said Tetsip as he got off the bed and headed towards the door.

"Is he cute?" asked Misa.

"What? Who?" asked Tetsip wondering who Misa was talking about as he stopped at the door.

"The boy of course I heard he's cute, is he?" asked Misa as she got off the bed and headed towards Tetsip.

"You like them young huh? I always thought you like older guys like me" said Tetsip.

Misa leaned forward and gave Tetsip a passionate kiss; this went on for only a few seconds before breaking the kiss. "I go both ways my love" said Misa as she opened the door and walked out the room.

Tetsip stood at the door smiling at the kiss he received. "Damn" was all Tetsip said as he walked out the room and headed towards the main hall.

In the main hall of Talsein's house, Talsein had just finished hearing Arthur's explanation. Talsein took a minute to decide on what to do with Arthur. After a minute passed by Talsein made his choice on the punishment "I have made my choice Arthur for your betrayal I sentence you to…death" said Talsein many of Talsein's followers were in the room and were surprise by Talsein's decision. Arthur has served Talsein for twenty years; he became the first follower of Talsein to be put to death.

"Have anything to say Arthur before the sentence is carried out?" asked Talsein as he waited for Arthur to say his last words.

Arthur stood infront of everyone adjusting his suit and tie. Removed his glasses and looked at Talsein in the eyes. "I just want to say Master that I am truly sorry for betraying your trust the way I did. But now looking around and seeing all of you people who are loyal to Talsein I have to say…you're all pathetic" said Arthur.

Everyone seemed surprise by what Arthur said about them. "Including you Talsein, you promised all of us that you would change the world and create a utopia for us all. Well where is it hmm where is this so called utopia you promised us you would bring?" asked Arthur as he threw the table that was infront of him to the ground.

"Your plan to make it happen will never work, my plan would have worked. Wiping out every single hero on this planet and its criminals the entire world would have fallen to our knees. Crime would disappear, war would be a thing of the past, and there would no longer be any conflict. My plan Talsein would have worked if you just listen to me for once in your pathetic excuse of a life" shouted Arthur.

Talsein didn't seem faze by Arthur's words. He stood there waiting for him to finish so he would tell him what he wanted to say.

"And you know what the worse of your plan is? Even if you accomplish controlling his powers they will never help you defeat the soul society. The minute you try something is the minute you fail. So go ahead Talsein kill me, because my death will show that his so called utopia is nothing more than a dream" said Arthur.

When he finished he looked around and saw many of the followers were still surprise by what he just said. Arthur cleared his throat readjusted his tie, pulled his hair back, and waited for Talsein to respond.

Much to everyone's surprise Talsein began to laugh, it was a quite laugh at first, but soon it became a loud laughter. Everyone wondered what Talsein was laughing about, so did Arthur who wondered the same thing. Finally Talsein calmed down a bit and decided to tell Arthur what he thought.

"A dream Arthur? No what I have plan is not a dream; it is going to be soon a reality. My original plan was to control his powers and recreate this world. But I found something better, you see with the power I hope to receive and combine this with another similar power I can not only recreate this world but I can mount an army large and strong enough to engulf the soul society in flames" said Talsein.

Arthur wondered what this plan was and how he didn't know about it. "But you see Arthur there is one flaw to it, I must battle an opposite of mine who will try and stop me. But if I can convert my opposite and make him surrender then I will be able to recreate the world" said Talsein as he approached the window near him.

"But who is this oppose…wait" Arthur realized who this opposite was and now knows why Talsein didn't want him dead. "Isamu Ishida is your opposite isn't he? Of course ying and yang, light against darkness, good and evil that's why you didn't want him dead and convert him" said Arthur as he figured out Talsein's plan.

"Correct my dear boy I knew from the moment I met him and saw him today that he was the one who I was destined to face. Once I convert him he will help me recreate this world and the earth will be reborn" said Talsein.

"But what if he refuses? From what I saw he won't join you" said Arthur.

"True but like I said he can fight me to stop me from transforming this world. But I doubt he will, from what I saw in his performance he is still weak against me. So either way my dear Arthur I will win in the end. Now then Arthur since it seems your done talking time for you to die" said Talsein.

Arthur saw three of the guards approach him. Arthur refused to die this way, he transformed and attacked the guards killing two of them and wounding the other. The followers moved out of the way so not to get killed. Tetsip came in and saw what was going on he tried to get through but saw his master give him a signal not to get involved.

"Talsein I wasted my twenty years of life on your dream. Now I know if I die I will take you with me" said Arthur as he expanded his claws and charged at Talsein.

Talsein took out his sword and striked. "Howl Kuro ōkami (black wolf)" said Talsein as his sword changed form and in high speed he cut off Arthur's head. Arthur's head fell to the ground rolling near the books Talsein had in his main hall. Talsein quickly put his sword back into his sheath before anyone saw it.

Tetsip approached Arthur's dead body and was disappointed that he didn't get his chance to kill and finish off Arthur. Though seeing him fall before his master was more than enough. "Tetsip get that pathetic carcass off my rug and my house" said Talsein as he headed out the door.

"As you wish my master" said Tetsip as he took out his sword and was prepared to incinerate the body.

"Just don't burn the rug it's brand new" said Talsein as he left the room with his followers.

Tetsip just smiled as his master left, he knew to get rid of the body and not leave any burn marks would be a challenge one he was up for.

As Talsein walked down the halls of his house he looked around and heard some of his disciples whisper about what Arthur had said back in the main hall. He knew he didn't like what Arthur said the last thing he needed was another rebel causing trouble. But knew after what he did to Arthur and what he had in store for Isamu that would put to stop of anykind of rebellion in his formation.

Talsein entered in his room and ordered his disciples to go and rest. As he entered his room he went over towards the window and looked out into the night. Then he heard a soft creak behind him. "I take it you took care of our business deal down in Gotham" asked Talsein as a man wearing a dark robe, dark hood covering his face, and dark clothes appeared behind him.

The man bowed before him and responded in a soft voice. "I have master it took a while seeing as criminals like the Joker, Two-face, and Black Mask were hard to convince but after a little time alone with them I was able to complete the mission" said the hooded man.

"Excellent work, now that we have control over Gotham's criminals and thanks to our friend Lex Luthor we are a few steps closer to achieving our goal" said Talsein pleased to hear that his plan is going well despite what happened today.

"What is my next mission master?" asked the hooded man.

"I want you to go to keep Luthor out of trouble the last thing I need is him going to jail again" ordered Talsein.

"I understand master, I shall keep Luthor out of trouble" said the hooded man as he disappeared from the room.

Talsein stood alone in his room looking out the window into the full moon. Soon everything will go as I planned…I only wished you were here Hayami.

Titans tower

Back at titans tower most of everyone had headed off to bed after a long battle they just had. Hikari took Nicki to her room to sleep with which was okay with Isamu. It was around one in the morning and there was not a sound in the titan's tower. Around this time Isamu woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. He hated waking up in the middle of a good dream, and he was having a good dream before he was called to go to the bathroom.

As he left the bathroom he sensed a strong spiritual pressure. He knew who it belonged to and decided to confront this person. Isamu took the elevator straight to the roof and opened the door he stepped out into the roof and looked around to see there was no one here. Isamu kept his eyes opened he knows there is someone here and knew he was hiding somewhere.

Isamu finally knew where he was. "You know you used to tell me 'it's very rude to sneak up on someone unannounced from behind'…Master Suzuki" said Isamu as he saw his master appear behind him.

"Isamu Ishida I see you have been slacking off a bit. Before you would have found me when you entered the door" said Ronin.

"True but as you can see I'm not at 100 percent so you can't blame me for being off a little" said Isamu who was happy to see his old master again.

"That's still no excuse my young apprentice I used to fight an army of three hundred hollows and ten menos grandes and didn't make any excuse when I got injured" said Ronin as he told Isamu about one of his past fights.

"Well maybe my excuse is I just fought an elemental reaper and just met the man who killed my parents" said Isamu as he walked over to the edge of the roof and sat down.

"Oh I see well now that's um actually a pretty good excuse" said Ronin as he walked over towards Isamu and sat down next to him. Ronin knew Talsein made himself known to the titans but didn't know he confronted Isamu as well. "So I take it Hikari confronted him as well?" asked Ronin.

"Yeah we both did" said Isamu.

"I'm sorry Isamu I wished I was there" said Ronin.

"Master he told us the reason he killed our parents was because they refused to join him and because they wanted to bring him in to justice. Is that true?" asked Isamu.

"[Sigh] yes it is. Your father was part of my squad when I was captain in the soul society; in fact he was my lieutenant. And your mother was Talsein's lieutenant when he was captain of the soul society. Your mother looked up to Talsein because he was once a good man before falling to darkness" said Ronin.

"How did it happen master?" asked Isamu wanting to know the truth about how Talsein became what he was today.

"What did he do to become the monster he is today" said Hikari as she emerged from the door and into the roof.

"How long have you been there Hikari?" asked Ronin surprise to see Hikari at the door.

"I woke up to take Nicki out for the bathroom. I sensed your presence when we got back inside, I put her to bed before coming up here" said Hikari as she sat next to Isamu. "Can you tell us why a man mom used to look up to turn out the way he did?" asked Hikari.

"I suppose since your both here I should tell you. Talsein was the son of the first captain of the soul society. Talsein had so much potential when he began training to become a soul reaper, I know because I used to train him" said Ronin. Hikari and Isamu looked surprise to hear their master used to train the man who killer their parents.

"I asked his father to let me train him, I thought I could help this boy reach the potential he would need to be the man I had hoped he would be one day. At that time he did, he became the youngest soul reaper captain in history and became the youngest to have mastered his shikai and bankai, and kido spells. I was proud of him and looked to him like a son…in truth he did when he married my daughter Hayami" said Ronin as he told the kids about his daughter Hayami.

"She was my only child, when she was born her mother died. Her made me very sad, but to see my daughter was alive made me feel relief that a part of my wife still lived on in Hayami. She and Talsein fell in love when I began training him, I knew they loved each other and that made me try to make Talsein the man I wanted him to be. I wanted someone one day to find a good man so my daughter would marry. I knew one day if I died I wanted someone to take care of my daughter, someone to protect her from harm, take care of her when she would be ill, and be a good husband. So when Talsein proposed to her and she accepted that made me very happy and glad she found someone to be with. A year later their first child was born making me a grandfather to me that was the happiest time I have ever had" said Ronin almost sounding happy as he remembered the time when he was happy.

Isamu and Hikari felt happy that there was a time Ronin was very happy, but knew from experience that every good story had a bad twist involved.

"Over time Talsein had begun to change however, he saw humanity as greedy, heartless, and empty creatures that are nothing but destroyers of this planet. Talsein saw many wars where people would kill for money, power, and control. He has seen civilizations destroyed by wars and conquest, he has seen people slaughter and murdered for no reason, and has seen things that can only come from one's nightmares" said Ronin.

"I had told him what humanity does is not our concern, but I knew he wasn't going to let that go. One day I found out he killed an army of soldiers during world war one. He saw the soldiers execute an entire village thinking they were supplying food to the enemy. Talsein had seen enough he hunted down the soldiers and killed them all without mercy. News of this spread to the soul society and Talsein was wanted for these crimes. Talsein escaped into the human world and hid for months. Hayami eventually found him and tried to convince him to come back and face his crimes. What she didn't know was I was following her and confronted Talsein. I pleaded with him to return but he refused telling me that humanity doesn't deserve to exist and that if he doesn't do something humanity would destroy this world. After several attempts Talsein refused to come back, I didn't have a choice I was a captain of the soul society and tried to take him back by force. We were both evenly matched and at one point he nearly killed me till…Hayami sacrificed herself to save me. Talsein's blade pierced through her and she died in my arms, right in front of his daughter who followed me and her mother. Talsein didn't say a word, he was shocked at what he did, and he killed the women he loved right in front of his own child. He looked at his daughter and back at me. At that moment I knew right there and then that he wasn't coming back. He murdered his own wife and knows that he can never return. He gave one last look at me and his former family and disappeared" said Ronin as he got off the edge of the roof and walked a little.

Isamu and Hikari were speechless; they never knew that the man who killed their parents was once an honorable man who their parents looked up to. "Master why didn't you tell us the truth, why keep it such a big secret?" asked Isamu as he and Hikari got up and went towards Ronin.

"I didn't tell you guys because I was concern, I didn't think you guys were ready to know the truth. I wanted to wait until I was sure you wouldn't try to kill Talsein out of hatred" said Ronin as he turned to face Isamu and Hikari.

"What do you mean hatred master Suzuki?" asked Hikari.

"Talsein once told me that humanity will do anything for money, power, and even vengeance. That they would seek out the person who harmed the people they love and commit the same harm to that person who had wronged them. My concern was if you two try to kill him out of hate you would be proving him right and fall down the same path as he did" said Ronin.

The two siblings looked at each other and Isamu knew what his master meant. "The thing master is I almost did when I confronted him. Talsein killed our parents and he was right infront of me, I wanted to kill him, and I wanted to make him pay for what he did, what he put us through" said Isamu as he tighten his fist out of anger.

"I felt so much anger and hatred building up inside me and I wanted to release it on him. But my friends, Hikari, and raven convinced me not to do it that vengeance wasn't worth it so I calmed down and let him go" said Isamu.

"I see well then there may be some hope after all. If you fight Talsein again don't fight out of vengeance but fight for something else. Like you did for raven when you protected her from her brothers" said Ronin.

"So your saying the next time we fight him it shouldn't be out of anger but to protect the people we care about" asked Hikari.

"Exactly Hikari just like I fight to protect you two and Hanako, you two can fight for your friends and the people you love and would protect" said Ronin.

Isamu thought for a moment and knew what Ronin said was true. He didn't just train hard so he would seek his vengeance on Talsein; he did it to protect his sister from harm. The same when he fought to protect raven and the others, he cared about them and fought to protect them no matter what.

"Well my children that's it that's all I can tell you about Talsein, anything else?" asked Ronin.

"No nothing thanks master Suzuki" said Hikari as she gave Ronin a hug.

"You're welcome little Hikari" said Ronin as he returned the hug. "Isamu not going to come and give your master a hug?" asked Ronin waiting for Isamu to give him a hug.

"Yeah master I'm 19 years old I think I'm a little old to be giving hugs" said Isamu trying to act cool.

"Well I'm not" said Ronin.

"All right fine just for you old man" said Isamu as he joined Hikari and Ronin for a hug.

"There we go now Isamu sorry I missed your birthday so Hanako and I got you your presents to make up for it" said Ronin as he pulled out two gifts from his coat. "The first one is from Hanako not sure what it is though, but when it comes to that girl who knows what you will get" said Ronin remembering all of the past presents he and the kids got from Hanako.

Isamu opened it and saw that it was a new pairs of black fighting gloves. "Wow thanks master their great" said Isamu as he put the gloves on and felt they were different than the last ones.

"Well like Master Suzuki said you never know what you will get with Master Hanako" said Hikari.

"Those gloves if I remember correctly can resist sharp objects like a swords and heat resistant as well so those will come in handy in the future" said Ronin as he explained to Isamu what the gloves could do.

"Master Hanako made them?" asked Hikari looking at the gloves.

"Yeah she made them several weeks ago when she visited the soul society" explained Ronin to Hikari.

"Thanks so what's the other one?" asked Isamu as he pointed to the other small present.

"Oh well this one is from me" said Ronin as he gave Isamu his gift.

Isamu slowly opened the present and was surprise to see what he got. It was a necklace with a wolf symbol carved in wood on it. "Huh well this is indeed new for master" said Isamu surprise to see what he got.

"I found it a month ago when I was visiting an old friend down in Japan I went to visit your parents…grave site to pay my respects" said Ronin as he explained to Isamu what he did.

"You-you went to see them huh" said Isamu, he and Hikari's expression turned to sadness since it's been a long time since they visited their parents resting place.

"Yeah anyways while I was there I spotted a white female wolf and several others behind her. She looked at me and I knew who it was, it was the same wolf I encountered years ago when you were born Isamu" said Ronin.

"Wait what wolf master what are you talking about?" asked Isamu who seemed confuse on what his master was saying.

"See long ago before you were born your parents lived near some mountains in Japan. When your mother was going into labor I was asked to come and assist your parents in taking her to the hospital. But due to some unfortunate events I suffered before arriving I couldn't help your parents get you to the hospital" said Ronin smiling a little as he remembered what he did before coming to help Isamu and Hikari's parents.

"Sooo what did you guys do?" asked Hikari.

"Well we did what he had to do at that time, I helped deliver the baby aka you Isamu" said Ronin.

"Wait you helped deliver me, why didn't my dad do it?" asked Isamu.

"Well if I wasn't there it would have been up to your father to perform the delivery, but since I was there it was his job to help your mother go through with pain she was feeling trying to get a child out of her" said Ronin as he laughed a little when he referred the child to Isamu.

"Ha ha ha very funny master continue" laughed Isamu in sarcasim.

"Okay Isamu well we had to do the delivery inside your parent's house, it was snowing outside so we couldn't take the car. Anyways after you were born I heard some noises outside, I went outside and saw it was a young white female wolf. I seemed surprise to see the wolf, normally wolfs are with their packs. But this one was different, I don't know why but when I saw the look in her eyes I knew this wasn't a normal wolf. When your parents called me over I looked over to see where the wolf was, she was gone I didn't know where so I went back inside and your parents showed me something…on your right shoulder there a small wolf mark on your arm" said Ronin as he pointed to Isamu's right arm.

Isamu removed his sleeve and looked at the wolf mark. He always wondered why he had the mark and wondered if it had anything to do with this wolf Ronin talked about.

"I wondered what it meant the marking or wondered if the wolf had something to do with the mark. But since I never saw it again I decided to drop it, so seeing it again after all this time well you could imagine what I was thinking" said Ronin.

"So what happen with the wolf?" asked Hikari.

"Nothing it looked at me and I looked at her back, we did this for a few seconds till it ran off. A guy my age shouldn't be running so I walked over towards where it stood, and found the necklace. I picked it up and thought decided to visit the village where your parents lived to find some info on this wolf" said Ronin.

"Wa there?" asked Isamu wondering if there was something about the wolf.

"Well it turns out this wolf has been around for sometime, not as long as me of course but a long time. No one knows what the story is about her but the wolf has been known to help people who had goodness in their heart or helped bring them good luck. Well Isamu it turns out the day you were born was also the day the wolf was first born as well. I thought it was nothing till I found out its name…its name is Shiroi ōkami" said Ronin.

"Wait that's the name of my…" Isamu looked at his sword and soon he realized what this meant.

"That's right the name of your zanpakuto is the same as the name of the wolf. So in my mind a part of her was passed on to you" said Ronin.

"I guess so, thanks Master" said Isamu as he couldn't believe that a part of a some sort of spiritual wolf was inside of his zanpakuto…more of inside him actually.

"You're welcome kid" said Ronin as patted Isamu on the back slightly.

"That's so cool, master did the same happen with me then?" asked Hikari wondering if a white fox visited her when she was born.

"Don't know didn't arrive to see you until after you were born kid" said Ronin.

"Aww no fair" huffed Hikari, she seemed mad that a white spiritual wolf visited her brother and no fox visited her.

Ronin looked at his watch and realized that it was getting late. "Well I time for me to be hitting the old dusty trail see ya kids take care" said Ronin as he gave both kids another hug.

"Wait Master could you um tell Master Hanako I want to stay with my brother till Christmas and new year's please" said Hikari asking Ronin to tell Hanako she wanted to stay.

"Actually that's something I wanted to tell you, see after your performance yesterday Hanako and I decided to let you stay with your brother and the titans" said Ronin.

"You mean I can stay and be a titan like Isamu" Hikari was surprise that she could stay with her brother and her new friends. "Thank you thank you thank you Master I promise I will not let you or Master Hanako down" said an excited Hikari who was glad she was staying.

"No problem kid, Isamu I except you to take care of your sister now you hear" said Ronin telling Isamu to take care of his sister.

"Yes captain my captain" said Isamu as he gave a salute to his master.

"Good now if you excuse me I'm going to go get some breakfast" said Ronin.

"Um the stores aren't opened" said Hikari.

"Not the one I saw earlier see ya kids" said Ronin as he disappeared into the night.

"Well this week has become more interesting hasn't it [yawn] well I think its time we headed off to bed" said Isamu as he headed towards the door till he saw Hikari was still on the roof. "Hey it's getting late you should head to bed" said Isamu to his sister.

"Isamu Master Ronin never told us what happened to Talsein's daughter didn't he?" said Hikari remembering Ronin never said what Talsein's daughter's name was.

"I think he did Hikari don't you know who it is?" said Isamu.

"No who is it?" asked Hikari wondering who it is.

"I think you do know after all she did have his eyes" said Isamu as he headed down the roof.

Hikari thought for a moment to think of what Isamu meant. Then the answer came to her and she couldn't believe it. "Master Hanako is Talsein's daughter?" Hikari couldn't believe her own master was the child of the man who killed her parents.

"Whoa that's both cool and spooky" said Hikari now remembering what her Hanako meant by she knew what Hikari was going through after her parents died.

Paris, France

Hanako had arrived to her hotel room two hours ago. She went towards the balcony of her room and looked out into the beautiful city of Paris. She remembered her time in Paris after her mom died. It was the same place her grandfather took her for her sixteen birthday. She was twelve when her mom died and everytime she thought about it, it made her cry. But when her grandfather took her to Paris it made her feel a little better since her grandfather gave her the best birthday she ever had. Even if it was fourteen years ago she would come to Paris to feel a little better.

Hanako felt someone behind her and knew who it was. She lifted her dress slightly and grabbed a small knife she had tied to her leg and used flash step to come behind the intruder holding the knife to the intruder's neck and had one of its arm behind its back. Hanako knew who it was and didn't like it when he tried to sneak up on her.

"You know my grandfather says it's rude to sneak up on people unannounced…Slade" said Hanako as she held the knife close to Slade's neck.

"True my dear but I figure you knew I was here the moment you walked into the room, or have you gotten soft on me dear" said Slade.

Hanako tighten her grip on Slade's arm. "Don't push it Slade if I wanted to I would break your arm, slit your throat and castrate you Slade…does that sound like I have gotten soft?" said Hanako as she slowly tighten Slade's arm.

"Well you sound a lot like your father don't you little girl" said Slade mocking Hanako.

Hanako cut a bit of Slade's neck making him bleed and causing him to hiss a little in from the cut. "Never, EVER compare me to that bastard again got it Slade. Now what do you want" asked Hanako wondering what Slade was doing in her room.

"If you let go of me I will tell you" said Slade trying his best to calm Hanako down.

"Fine but don't you try anything" said Hanako as she used flash step to reappear at the balcony. "So talk now or die again" said Hanako threatening Slade.

"I came to talk to your grandfather, but since he's not here I will have to deliver my message to you" said Slade.

"Fine what's the message Slade?" asked Hanako wondering what Slade wanted to say to her grandfather.

"Tell him that Talsein has killed Arthur leaving only Tetsip, Misa, and his mystery warrior as the generals of Talsein's forces. Also he stole some ancient scrolls from an old abandon church outside Gotham City. I found out that the scrolls he stole were related to Trigon" said Slade.

"So that's Talsein's plan to bring Trigon back into this world" said Hanako.

"Actually word is that he killed Trigon and took his powers" said Slade who sounded happy that Trigon is dead.

"Wait Talsein killed Trigon and took his powers? That's impossible Trigon is the source of evil how could Talsein have beaten a monster like Trigon" said Hanako who couldn't believe her father defeated Trigon.

"Not sure how he did it, but it seems Talsein has become more powerful and now with Trigon's powers he will soon become powerful enough to kill your grandfather and his old man as well" said Slade.

"Even if that's true having his powers won't be enough what else is he planning with those powers and the scrolls?" asked Hanako.

"Not sure that was all I could get. Talsein said he would tell me more if I joined him in his conquest" said Slade.

"You did say yes did you?" said Hanako.

"Not yet I still need to know from your grandfather that he will keep his end of the deal if I do it" said Slade.

"I don't know why he even made this deal with you of all people Slade, especially what you've done to the titans and helped Trigon destroy our world" said Hanako.

"True I did all of those things but by helping him and giving him the information he needs he will be able to give me the one thing I want…a pardon for all my crimes" said Slade.

"That's if you keep your word which I doubt you will provide. Guys like you Slade will do anything to get ahead in this world" said Hanako.

"Maybe but I'm not like those men Hanako. I refuse to serve someone like Talsein or help him in his little conquest for peace. Without chaos and crimes I would have no choice but to retire or go insane and besides I already serve someone once I don't intend to do it again" said Slade.

"So that's it that's all you came here to do. Because if it is get out and I will deliver the message to Ronin" said Hanako as she pointed towards the door.

"That's fine, I need to head back to Jump City anyways so many things to do so little time" said Slade as he headed towards the door.

"One more thing Isamu and Hikari are in the city joining the teen titans. If you harm them in anyway I swear to you I will hunt you down and use my hands to rip your F*cking eyes out" said Hanako as she threaten Slade with her knife.

"Don't worry Hanako I won't lay a finger on your little kids, though the same can't be said about Terra. Since she is no longer with Talsein I have permission to kill her now and if your kids get involved well…" before slade could finish Hanako used her flash step and held her elbow to slade's throat, her knee to his groin, and had the knife near his side.

"If you come near them or their friends Slade then you will die, very, very, slowly" said Hanako as she pushed her knee deeper into Slade.

"Fi-fine I guess I will have to find someone else to take my vengeance out on" said Slade.

"Don't care who just not any of the titans or the kids" said Hanako as she slowly let go of Slade.

"Whatever you want Hanako I hope the next time we meet it's on a better circumstances" said Slade as he existed the room and left.

"For your sake Slade there better not be a next time" said Hanako as she locked her door and headed off to the shower.

Titans Tower

It has been three weeks since the fight and the titans were getting ready for Christmas. It's Wednesday the 24th of December and most of the titans were in the living room getting everything ready for tomorrow. Beastboy and Terra were in the living room getting the Christmas tree ready while Hikari and Robin were setting up the decorations with Nicki helping move the box of decorations towards the two. Starfire and Cyborg were getting the food ready in the kitchen. Raven was sitting on the couch reading her book, while Isamu sleeping with his head on raven's lap. Raven couldn't blame Isamu for being tired, he was up all night with Starfire, Terra and Hikari helping them pick out gifts for their secret Santa's.

Since everyone in the tower we're a couple except for Hikari and Cyborg, they decided they could get the other a gift. Robin was getting starfire, beastboy was getting terra, Hikari was getting cyborg, and raven got Isamu.

The reason Isamu had to go with the girls was because they needed to know what to get the boys. Raven went with the boys earlier so that they know what to get their girls. Although for Raven it didn't take long for the boys to get the gifts…however for Isamu it took hours and he had to carry them all from the mall to the tower.

"All right y'all the Christmas dinner will be ready soon" said cyborg as he set the ham down.

"So long as you made some tofu for me" said beastboy who came into the kitchen to find there was no tofu around. "Dude I said no meat for me where the tofu I asked you to make?" asked beastboy.

"Oops silly me I must have thrown it in the trash by mistake oh well" said cyborg sarcastically.

"Dude I told you I don't eat meat why is it everytime I try to make you eat some tofu you throw it away" said beastboy arguing with cyborg.

"Because you're the only one who eats it and no one else likes tofu" sad cyborg arguing back at beastboy.

"Well I wouldn't if somebody tries it" said beastboy as he tried to get cyborg to try one of his food.

"Get that fake food out of my face" said cyborg trying to get beastboy's tofu away from him.

While beastboy and cyborg argued Hikari and Terra sat on the couch to watch the boys fight. Hikari convinced terra that watching the boys argue and fight was more entertaining than watching TV. "Five bucks says their argument leads to a food fight" said Hikari.

"You're on" said terra agreeing to the bet.

Just as Hikari predicted beastboy threw cyborg's ham at him causing cyborg to throw the pudding at beastboy. This led to the boys throwing food at each other before starfire and robin stopped them.

Raven looked on and saw the commotion that was going on in the kitchen. She saw robin restraining beastboy, while starfire had cyborg in a full nelson lock. While Terra giving Hikari her goggles while they continue eating their popcorn while watching the commotion, raven seemed used to seeing this to her it was a normal holiday evening.

"You enjoying the fight?" asked Isamu as he woke up from his nap.

"Not really it's always the same thing around this time in the holidays" said raven as she closed her book.

"Huh so it's a tradition, the only tradition me and Hikari had around this holiday is me and her having a snowball fight" said Isamu remembering some of his snowball fights against his sister.

"Sounds like you two had a lot of fun" smiled raven.

"Not really at first we did it out of fun then Hikari would go all commando and turn a harmless game to a war. Word of advice never play snowballs with her she will massacre you" said Isamu.

Raven didn't seemed surprise since her time with Hikari she has known that inside that nice girl act lays a dangerous and evil child that she has come to love and respect.

"So you excited for Christmas tomorrow" asked Isamu.

"Yes look at me happy happy joy joy" said raven in a sarcastic tone.

"Wow this is the happiest I have ever seen you" said Isamu returning the sarcasm.

"Not really into the season like some people I know" said raven as she pointed to her friends who have calmed down and were cleaning the mess.

"Well since you're not interested in the season I guess that means you don't get the special present I got you" said Isamu trying to get a reaction out of raven.

"Really what kind of present did you give me?" asked raven raising an eyebrow wondering what Isamu got her.

"Not going to tell you until tonight" said Isamu as he got off the couch stretching.

"Why tonight?" asked raven.

"You'll see my dear" said Isamu as he gave raven a kiss on the cheek and headed out the room.

Raven sat there wondering what Isamu had up his sleeve. Whatever it was she would need to wait until tonight, something she felt she couldn't wait for.

Terra walked over towards raven and sat next to her. "So raven I take it Isamu has some big surprise for you tonight huh" said terra.

"Do you know what he's planning tonight Terra?" asked Raven.

"Maybe I do but unfortunately I cannot say a word since I promised him I wouldn't" said Terra.

"Well whatever it is I'm sure I can wait for it tonight…by the way what happened to your goggles?" asked raven as she noticed the goggles terra wore for battle was no longer with her.

"Oh well I spend the last of my money on beastboy's gift and I made a bet with Hikari and since I didn't have any money I had to give her my goggles until I get the money" said Terra rubbing her head in embarrassment.

"That is why I don't make bets with her she always seems to know what will happen" said Raven as she went back to reading her book.

"I know it's weird it's like she can predict the future something I thought you could do" said terra.

"I can't see into the future but Hikari who knows" said raven as she continued reading her book.

"Sooo I was wondering if you could…" terra was interrupted by raven who knew what terra was going to say.

"I'm not lending you five dollars; you lost the bet so now you have to earn the money to pay Hikari back. And don't bother asking anyone else if you borrow money from them chances are you will owe them and you will have to pay them back as well" said raven.

"Fine I'll take a look around the couch there's got to be some loose change or some missing money near there" said Terra as she walked towards the couch leaving raven to read her book.

Later that night around eight the titans had just finished eating their Christmas Eve dinner which since they ruined their dinner from the food fight they ordered pizza instead. The titan were full since Hikari ordered the pizza and ordered too much, the titans were all full, except Hikari as she was still eating pizza.

"[Burp] excuse me is there anymore?" said Hikari as she tried to look for some more pizza.

"Dude how can she still be hungry she finished eleven pizza boxes" said beastboy.

"She has consumed more pizza than Silkie did last time" said starfire as she looked over and saw her pet Silkie full after eating pizza.

"Isamu does your sister ever get full?" asked terra.

"What this is nothing she once ate all the food of a Wal-Mart, my mistake was making a bet with her that she couldn't eat for 24 hours. Well she won and she ate every food we had in our house…the only problem was she wasn't finished and we had to go to a nearby Wal-Mart where she ate all of their food before she finally getting full. The people of that city never knew it was her but to this day they called the incident the 'Wal-Mart food massacre'" said Isamu in a dramatic way.

"Hey! That a lie, I only ate half that's store's food…damn lobster bit my finger when I was trying to grab it and the darn security guard saw us so I knocked him out and had to go home before we got caught" said Hikari as she came back to the group with two boxes of pizza.

"Uh Hikari maybe you shouldn't eat so much pizza it may cause you nightmares" said robin trying to get Hikari to stop eating.

"But I'm still hungry" said Hikari as she had a slice of pizza in her hand.

"I agree Hikari it is not good to consume much of the pizza" said starfire agreeing with robin.

"Fine since is the season I suppose I will save these for later" said Hikari as she went to put the boxes in the fridge.

"Soooo can we open our presence early then?" asked beastboy.

"I agree technically robin it is Christmas just take the Eve out and you got Christmas" asked cyborg as well.

"It is almost Christmas robin" said starfire agreeing with the others.

"Fine everyone can open their presents" said robin as he decided to let his team open their gift early. "But first I have a gift for Terra and Hikari" said robin as he approached the girls. "Here you two welcome to the titans" said robin as he handed both girls their own titan's communicator.

"Wow so that means Terra and I are now teen titans that's so cool" said Hikari as she began to look over the communicator.

"So this means you guys trust me again" asked Terra who seemed surprise that robin gave her, her old communicator.

"You two earned them, Terra even though you did betray us in the end you risked your life so save the city and us, that is enough for us to give you our trust again. And Hikari even though the first time we met it wasn't on good terms, you did help us and this city for that you earned your place among us" said Robin.

"Th-thanks guys" said terra she was happy that her friends trust her again.

"This is very cool though I wonder if I can change the color of my communicator so I don't get mind mixed up" asked Hikari.

"Sure just tell me what color and I will do it" said cyborg.

"Thanks cyborg I appreciate it" said Hikari as she gave cyborg a kiss to the cheek making cyborg blush a little.

"All right everyone enough of the sappy talk let us go and open our presents" said Isamu the titans all agreed with him and went over to get their presents. Isamu stopped raven and pointed to the door. Raven knew what Isamu wanted to do. She used her powers to grab his present and followed him. They reached the roof where the moon was full giving Isamu exactly what he needed to make this night perfect.

"So what's the big surprise you wanted to show me?" asked raven wondering what Isamu had up his sleeve.

"Well first my present to you, merry Christmas Rachel" said Isamu as he handed raven his gift to her.

Raven ripped open the present and was surprise to see what it was. It was a deep blue long sparkle dress; with it was a blue silk scarf. "Wow Isamu its beautiful where did you get this?" asked raven as she took out the dress and scarf and looked over them.

"Well last week when you and I went to see the kids Melvin, Timmy, Teether, and the bear Bobby" said Isamu remembering his trip with raven to visit the kids.

"Yeah I remember why?" asked raven. She and Isamu had to go check on them because of some unusual disturbance around the area where the kids lived.

"Well when the kids were asleep and you went to talk to the monks I went into a nearby town and found the dress and scarf. I had to hackle with the guy and do him some favors but I was able to get you the dress and head back before anyone suspected I was gone" said Isamu.

"Is that why you smelled like you were working in a farm" said raven remembering that Isamu smelled weird when she went to check on the kids.

"Yeah not one of my best time but it was all worth it to get you that dress" said Isamu.

"Th-Thanks Isamu I love it really" said Raven as she set the dress aside and picked up Isamu's gift. I hope he likes it. "Isamu here merry Christmas" said raven as she gave Isamu his gift.

Isamu opened the gift slowly and opened the box. He was surprise to see what he got it was a picture of his family when he was young. The original picture Isamu had was crumbled and had some torn marks on the sides, but now he has a perfect family picture. "Rachel I-I don't know what to say" Isamu was speechless he couldn't believe at what raven did for him.

"There's more look" said raven as she showed Isamu there was more inside.

Isamu looked in the box and saw another picture this time it was a picture of him, his sister, their new dog Nicki, and their friends. He remembered this picture was taken three weeks ago after the tower was fixed. Isamu never saw the picture so he forgot about it.

Raven could tell Isamu doesn't know why she gave him the picture so she decided to tell him. While Isamu was distracted with the picture raven approached Isamu and gave him a kiss. She pulled away from the kiss for a moment to tell Isamu why she gave him this picture. "In case you're wondering I gave you this picture to show you that you have you and your sister are no longer alone. You have a family Isamu a weird but good family" said raven smiling.

Isamu smiled back and returned the kiss lifting raven while he kissed her. Raven put her hands behind his head and returned the kiss. The two stayed this way for a moment before Isamu stopped the kiss. "I love you Rachel Roth" said Isamu.

"And I love you too Isamu Ishida" said raven as the two continued kissing under the full moon of Christmas Eve. The two didn't want this moment to end, when they stopped kissing they didn't let go, they stayed on the roof enjoying this moment for as long as they can.

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