Disclaimer: That's so Raven is so not mine

"Mom, dad," Raven said, "can I talk with you"

"Sure honey," Tonya said, "What's on your mind?"

"I think," Raven began-

"Uh-oh," Chelsea teased, "that's dangerous"

Raven threw her friend a look.

"Sorry," Chelsea said, "just kidding"

"Yeah well quit picking on me," Raven said, "I don't find it funny"

"Anyway," Victor said, "You were thinking…"

"So I had this idea," Raven said, "and I don't know if you'll like it or not"

"Great sales pitch," Chelsea said sarcastically

"Okay what is with you Chelsea," Tonya asked, "You've been really mean to Raven lately"

"Well she got mad when I pulled that prank on her," Chelsea explained, "and I thought it was funny"

"Yeah well I didn't," Raven said, "I was terrified and I don't find it funny to be terrified. Anyway mom… dad… I was thinking that it would be a good idea to adopt Sydney."

Tonya and Victor exchanged a look.

"Why do you think we should do that," Victor asked gently

"Dad she's a foster child. She bounces around from home to home faster then you would on a trampoline. I love her. This… this is really important to me."

"Sounds like a good argument," Tonya agreed, "what do you think Victor"

"I'm all for it," Victor said, "But we need to talk with Cory first"

"Why," Raven asked

"Bringing a new child into the home is a big deal," Victor explained, "It has to be a family decision"

Nobody asked me my opinion about Cory, Raven thought.

Cory was surprisingly cool about it.

"I would love to have a little sister," he said.

It was arranged. They would foster her until the adoption process was complete and then they would adopt her. Sydney was so excited.

It took some time to adjust at first. Sydney wasn't used to the rules. It took patience and consistency. Cory often didn't understand why Sydney got away with things that he didn't. Six months later the Baxstar family was approved to adopt Sydney.

"You're not going to believe this one," Tonya said that day, "I just found out I'm pregnant again"

Sydney's eyes filled with tears.

"Does that mean you're going to get rid of me," she asked.

"Never," Tonya said gently, "you're my child every bit as much as this baby is"