By BookThief99

Chapter One

You would have thought that Tristan and Yvaine's first daughter would have grown up in Stormhold, wouldn't you? Well, you'd be wrong. Alice Vivian Thorn grew up in the village of Wall, although her parents were still on the other side of it. She would have grown up on the other side of the wall, in Stormhold, and learnt about witches and lucky flowers and the like, if it hadn't been for Victoria stealing her away because she was jealous of Yvaine being Queen when it could have been her. As you can imagine, it was not an easy childhood for Alice being looked after by someone who was jealous of her real parents. And so it will not surprise you to learn that Alice always wanted to know about what was over the wall. She would often get in trouble with her "Mother" for coming home with torn and dirty dresses being dragged back by the wall minder for trying to get over the wall and after this she would be sent to bed without any supper. A school had opened in the village and Alice didn't do very well as she was always too busy daydreaming to pay much attention except when they were doing creative writing as it let her use her wild imagination. Nearly every day she would be kept after school and then have to rush home and ask if she could go out to the fields. If she was allowed, which she rarely was for she was always getting into trouble, she would rush out into the fields towards the Wall.

On one such day when she found she was allowed into the fields after the usual scolding for being late home she found that the wall minder was not there without giving it a second thought, ran over to the wall and jumped it. She ran across the field and into Stormhold.