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"oooo Bella what about this one! it's your colour and Edward would love it on you!"

"Alice I still don't know if this is a good idea" I mumbled.

"Bella! We have talked about this your coming!" Rose ordered.

"But guyssss" I whined.

"No excuses Bella! I already have picked out dresses for you to try on" Alice smiled.

"Urghh is it really necessary to try on about 20 dresses?"

"YES! gosh Bella i dont know what you would without me!" I rolled my eyes giggling.

Today me Alice and Rose were trying on dresses for prom. It was in a month but apparently Alice insisted we must buy our dress's before hand, which sucks. I have been here for ages going through torture as Alice and Rose tried on clothes, i decided to text Edward.

To: Edward

From: Bella

Edward! Alice and Rosalie are torturing me!

Apparently trying on dresses means about 20 odd!

I'm missing you loads I can't wait to see you later

Love you :)

Your Bella :D xxx

Rose then exited the dressing room in a stunning Red dress, I gasped she looked amazing! It hugged her in all the right places strapless and floor length with black sequins.

"Rose you look amazing!" She smirked.

"I do don't I ! Alice I think this is the one!" Alice giggled.

"That is sure to drive Emmet mad!"

"Your right Alice Emmet's gonna be drooling all night" I agreed.

"Thanks guys" Rose went back in to change out of the dress.

To: Bella

From: Edward

I wish i could save you love but there's no stopping Alice!

I bet you look beautiful in all of them wanna send me a few pics of some?

I miss you more Angel I hate being apart from you

Your Edward xxx

P.S I love you always...

I smiled Edward and me have been as close as ever recently I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him. I have been so distracted with Edward that I haven't even asked him if he would come to Arizona with me yet! but I already knew the answer...I couldn't wait till Edward meets Renee. I smiled to myself...

"Urgh! I can't choose between the yellow or green...Bella!" I looked up.

"Huh?" I asked confused from my day dreaming, Alice glared.

"Which dress!"

"Ummm what about trying that purple one on Alice" I nodded to the back and she turned around.

"I dont know Bella..."

"Just try it Alice" Rose came out of the dressing room.

"Fine" she sighed dramatically.

To: Edward

From: Bella

You know Alice will kill me if I took pic's

Apparently I have to make a grand entrance

Even though knowing me I will fall flat on my face :(

And I'm so lucky to have you...again why are you with me?

Your Bella xxx

Suddenly Alice stepped out of the dressing room looking stunning! The dress was a rich purple just above the knees hugging her in at the waist, then spreading out. Alice looked amazing! she threw herself at me squealing loudly.

"OMG BELLA ! I love it ! You have the gift" she awed me...the what?

"Alice I only asked you to put it on because it was your colour" I rolled my eyes smiling.

"Bella your coming shopping with me more often your my lucky charm!"

Maybe Emmet was right about the lepricorn thing...

"I'm gonna go pay! be right back then it's your turn!" Alice winked walking towards Rose.

To: Bella

From: Edward

Isabella! What have I said about doubting yourself!

You silly girl

You don't have to worry i will always catch you my love now

I'm off with Emmet and Jasper will meet you at the diner

I'm counting down the minutes till I next see you...

Yours Always Edward xxx

I smiled happily quickly replying.

To: Edward

From: Bella

Ok have fun! will be thinking of you see you soon.

Yours Forever Bella xxx

I looked up as Rose and Alice walked towards me evilly with loads of dresses, I groaned as they rushed me off into the changing rooms.

An Hour later and I finally found the dress I wanted which was the first I picked out! but apparently i needed variety. I scoffed. My dress was just below my knees dark blue with ruffles and sleeveless, it hugged me in all the right places. I beamed I hope Edward will like it

"Wow Bella you look hot!" Alice shouted making me blush.

"You wait till Edward see's you" Rose winked.

I went back in the changing rooms got changed, then headed towards the till paying for my dress. Walking out with Rose and Alice we all headed for the car when I remembered the bookstore.

"Hey guys go on without me I will meet you at the diner. I need to get a book from the bookstore"

"Are you sure Bella? It's getting late! And Edward-"

"Its fine it's not far away tell Edward I won't be long!"

I handed Alice my dress which she put in the car giving them both a hug then they drove away, I walked towards the bookstore.

It was quite quiet as I scanned the shelves looking for an interesting book when I found one of quilitene legends, I decided to give it ago a look at Jacobs heritage. I went up to the cashier and bought my book, walking out the door suddenly noticing how dark it is. I hugged my jumper closer to me as I started walking down the road towards the diner.

Everything seemed that much spooky in the dark for some reason I had a really strange feeling someone was watching me...but I carried on walking.

Suddenly I saw two men down the road I froze. They seemed to be laughing and off balance obviously drunk, I gulped turning to cross the road.

"Hey pretty girl!" I heard a wolf whistle I walked faster.

"Stay a chat gorgeous we don't bite...much" They laughed ignored them...just get to the diner Bella.

I started to notice they wouldn't stop following me, so I decided to try and take a short cut by going down an ally. I walked a little quicker until decided to take my dad's advice. I grabbed my phone scanning my contacts Edward.

I heard it ring a few times then finally Edward picked up.

"Isabella where are you!" Edward growled. Uh oh...

I heard the men's footsteps behind me and started to shake in fear.

"E-Edward" I whispered desperately.

"Bella what's wrong?" Edward asked immediately. His voice laced with concern all anger forgotten.

"Hey sugar haven't seen you around here before" I gasped.

I turned round to see a man who stank of alcohol. He came up to me grasping my chin with his hands. I was froze in shock.

"Want to make me feel good" he chuckled.

Bile rose in my throat. He was disgusting pulling me to him, I decided quickly to put my dad's self defence skills to the test. I quickly kneaded him in the groin he shouted in pain collapsing to the floor as i ran as fast as i could hearing shouting and footsteps behind me.

"You little bitch!" he shouted.

I kept running for what seemed like forever, turning a corner and bumping into someone. I looked up noticing it was the two guys from early.

"There you are pretty girl" one winked.

I back away suddenly noticed the guy from early come from behind.

"You're a feisty one but I will break you" I started to shake in fear. I'm gonna die!

"N-No please d-don't" I begged.

"To late precious"

The man grabbed me. I screamed then the man punched me in the jaw, I felt the blood trail down my lip. I started to sob.

"This should be fun boys!"

They all circled me groping as I tried to fight them but I wasn't strong enough I screamed...when suddenly I heard a car screech to a halt. I prayed it was help but who was I kidding.

I screamed as a man grabbed my hair.

That's when i heard it...

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF WHAT'S MINE!"...Edward? am I dreaming?

I felt the man drop me to the floor, I gasped for breath sobbing.

"She was ours first go find your own slut!" I flinched.


Suddenly I heard shouting and punching, the screams of the men were blood curling. I covered my ears shaking as i backed up against the wall of the ally curling up into a ball.


"SHES MINE! AND THEY! THEY! TOUCHED HER!" The voice was tortured and mad.

"Edward! I know I want to kill them too but think about Bella she needs you! here not behind a cell wall"...Jasper?

Please god tell me that's them and not a hallucination...omg I'm probably been raped and left dying oh god no please no I screamed.

"Bella baby I'm here everything's gonna be ok" I felt someone touch my arm.

But I flinched back sobbing harder.

"P-Please d-don't touch m-me!" I begged.

"Oh god no no no! Jasper she hasnt? has she! was i to l-late?" I heard Edward's voice crack.

"We need to get her to a Carlisle"

Where are the men?

Will they come back?

I feel so dirty so disgusting!

"Bella Baby it's me Edward I'm here they won't hurt you know love. I have to p-pick you up now and take you to Carlisle"

Edwards here...he's here I'm not dead! I swear I heard Edward cry which broke my heart even more.

"Emmet you can drive" Jasper instructed.

I felt Edward scoop me up and I flinched, grabbing hold of his shirt burying my face in his chest crying.

"P-Please don't let them h-hurt me" I begged.

"Oh god Baby I'm so sorry" He sobbed.


I was sat in the car with Bella shaking in my arms I felt tears run down my face as i looked at my Angel who still wouldn't open her eyes. Her face was tear stained and she had a cut lip her clothes were rumpled but seemed to be intacted, but still I hated myself right now. I should have come quicker! I should have saved her I'm her boyfriend! I'm supposed to protect her!

The men that touched her should have been dead tonight! if it weren't for Emmet and Jasper that might of been the case. she's bloody mine! And they...touched her. I growled hugging her closer to me.

When I saw her screaming and sobbing mess on the floor of the ally, I felt my whole world crashing down on top of me. Then when she flinched away from me I felt my heart break.

"Edward" she whispered.

My eyes widened immediently as i looked down stroking her hair away from her face.

"I'm here baby I'm here open your eyes angel" I begged kissing her nose.

She peeked one eye open she looked like a terrified little lamb. I smiled trying to comfort her pulling her against my chest.

"Edward I'm sorry" she sniffled.

"Don't be sorry Angel! I should of got there sooner it's my job to protect you..."

She just held me tighter as I rocked her back and forth, wiping the blood from her lip and chin ignoring her flinches as i kissed her forehead.

We parked up at my house the lights were on so I knew my parents were home, Bella stayed deathly quiet as I got out the car taking her in my arms.

Jasper and Emmet got out looking at Bella pity and anger in their eyes at the men who could of done this to an innocent girl.

And I saw it on all their faces only if we got there sooner...

"I will call the girls" Jasper pulled out his phone.

"Why was she on her own!" I growled sudden anger rushing to me.

Bella flinched but I ignored it.

"I don't know Edward but I'm sure there is a good reason"

"There better be! Cause I swear to god if not she isn't going out with them again!"

I walked towards the front door with Bella in my arms. I walked in to see my father and mother in the kitchen cooking they both turned around big smiles on there faces suddenly turning to horror when they looked at Bella. Carlisle ran over.

"Son what happened!"

"S-She was attacked" I choked I couldn't even think about it I felt so sick.

Carlisle jaw dropped I looked at Bella and she was staring off into nothing she was really scaring me.

"Edward come with me Emmet call the police we need to fine whoever did this"

"No!" Bella suddenly shouted making us all jump. "-No you can't Charlie I cant...he can't find out I"

"Shhh sweetheart" I whispered in her ear soothing her softly.

Walking towards my bedroom with Carlisle behind me. I placed her on the bed she immediately tightened her hold on my collar there was no way i was going to let her go so I sat down with her. Carlisle walked off to go fetch his medical kit as i pulled Bella to my chest.

"Please don't tell Charlie" She whispered causing me to sigh.

"Baby he needs to know so those monsters can get what's coming to them and protect other women from them"

I waited a few moments as Bella processed my words finally she nodded just as Carlisle walked in smiling softly at Bella.

"Bella is it ok if i take a look at your lip dear?" Bella nodded leaning up so Carlisle could examine her.

He cleaned her face as i ran a soothing hand up and down her back she seemed to relax but was still quiet.

"There you go Bella all done now how are you feeling?" Carlisle asked kindly.

"I'm ok thank you Carlisle" She whispered...so brave was my Bella.

"Thats fine dear Emmet has called Charlie he's arresting those vile men as we speak and i have also convinced him to let you stay over tonight if you want?"

Bella smiled for the first time tonight nodding. Carlisle smiled back at Bella kindly then looked up at me giving my shoulder a squeeze before exiting the room.


As Carlisle left the room I felt myself sigh in relief I was safe I was here with Edward in his bedroom no one can hurt me now.

I turned to Edward who was staring at me warily like i was an animal ready to bolt. I also saw angry grief and sadness in his eyes, i sucked in a large breath of air making my way towards him climbing ontop of his body leaning my head on his chest. I felt Edward freeze before wrapping his arms around my waist holding me too him.

"Thankyou" I kissed his chest.

"What for?" Edward asked confused.

"For saving me" Suddenly Edward scoffed.

I felt myself frown as i turned my head up to look at Edward resting my hands on his chest so i could look down at him my expression confused.

"I'm confused" I declared.

"Bella how can you thank me for saving you when i should of been there with you to prevent this happening in the first place!" Edward sighed raking a hand through his hair in frustration.

"But you did save me! if you didn't come when you did...i don't even want to think what could of happened" I shivered.

Edwards hold tightened on me his jaw set tight.

"Don't even think about it love what happened you today will never happened to you again I promise"

"How can you be so sure?" I whispered.

"Cause from now on I'm not letting you out of my sight love"

My eyes widened down at Edward's.

"Edward you cant-" He growled protesting.

"Bella someone tried to take avantage of you today! He was trying to make you his! Your mine Bella he tried to hurt you..."

I opened my mouth but no words came out, i was speechless. Edward's face turned to anger then to agony in seconds, whilst i have been in almost a dream world Edward has been here comforting me whilst i was a sobbing mess. Then it hit me he has been blaming himself my silly adorable possessive Edward.

I stroked Edward's jaw as he tried to compose his face fighting back the tears i leaned down kissing his lips softly.

"I love you so much" I whispered.

"I love you too" Edward sighed kissing me back.

"We will get through this" I stroked Edward's hair.

He practically purred nuzzling my neck with kisses. I pulled his face back to mine kissing him with as much passion as i could give, Edward flipping me over so he was on top of me fitting every curve of my body perfectly. Suddenly i winced as Edward put slightly to much pressure on my lip he pulled back instant his expression worried.

"Are you ok?" I nodded yawning.

"Sleep my love i promise i will protect you from now on" He whispered.

I smiled sleepily snuggling into Edward's chest as he leaned slightly over me my head in his neck and his arm wrapped protectively around my waist pulling me closer.

"Will you be here when i wake up?" I whispered warily.

I felt his kiss my forehead softly

"Always my Angel now sleep love"

I nodded slowly falling asleep in the arms of my protector, the man i love, my Edward Cullen.

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